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Bagpipes on Mars

by: Azar (Send Feedback)

Series: Rebel Yell #2
Chapters: 001 Word Count: 155
Rating: CHILD
Character(s): Abby Sciuto, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Crossover, Drabble, Friendship, General
Pairing(s): - No Pairing -
Crossover Shows: Doctor Who
Summary: What happened on Mars.

Chapters: 1

The door of the TARDIS banged closed as Abby and the Doctor fell against it, both out of breath, both grinning like maniacs.

The Doctor looked at his companion. "Well. That was fun, wasn't it?" he asked cheerfully.

"Surprisingly, it was." Abby smirked back at him. "Good thing you know how to play the bagpipes, though, or it might not've been."

He laughed and sprang to his feet, helping Abby up then practically skipping over to the control console with her at his heels. "Yes, who knew bagpipes could be such an effective sonic weapon against Ice Warriors? I'll have to remember that in future."

He threw a couple of switches then looked up at her again. "So. Where to next?"

Abby laughed. "Bagpipes and Martians all in one afternoon? You really think you can top that?"

The Doctor's eyes took on a knowing, mischievous gleam. "I know I can."

"In that case? Surprise me."

Chapters: 1

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