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Putting The Pieces Together

by: Ace (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 001 Word Count: 1536
Rating: CHILD
Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Abby Sciuto, Ziva David, Timothy McGee, Caitlyn (Kate) Todd
Category(ies): Action/Adventure, Character Study, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery
Pairing(s): Abby/McGee, Tony/Ziva
Summary: My English paper that I wanted to see what other people think.I know that Gibbs has lost his wife so this isn't really accurate to the N.C.I.S story line but it's set years before so oh well. The title is just the title of our 'project'.

Chapters: 1

From Abby
Wot r u on about, *hlp000call*?
From Ziva
Dear diary,
I should have known immediately that something was wrong, Abby always texted back straight away.
Criminal On The Loose
At around 2:30pm the 4th June 2008 Abby Sciuto age 16 was found raped and murdered in a desolate alley in Traralgon.
If anyone knows anything please contact Police at 55637429.
A reward will be offered for any information that leads to an arrest.
Dear diary,
Tony came over today, he wants to help he just doesnít know how. Mean while Iím trying to make McGee feel better. Today I have to go to the Police station to tell them when I saw Abby last since so far Iím the last one to have seen her.
Police Report
4:15pm Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs attending:
Gibbs: So; when did you see Abby last?
Ziva: About midday we had lunch and went shopping.
Gibbs: About?
Ziva: Well sorry! I didnít exactly look at my watch and go its 12:05 and Iím leaving Abby alone at the mall.
Gibbs: Donít give me attitude! Iím sorry for youíre loss but...
Ziva: NO! Youíre not *sob sob* youíve never lost anyone before have you?
Gibbs: Well; not exactly, no.
Ziva: Well then donít tell me how to feel. You can take youíre fake apology and shove it up youíre.....
Gibbs: Thatís quite enough!
Ziva: Iím leaving
Gibbs:No oneís keeping you here!
End report 4:17pm

Dear Mr and Mrs David,
I am writing in relation to your daughter Ziva. I understand that loosing her best friend Abby canít have been easy but she just sits in class and looks out the window. I would highly recommend that she sees a councillor.
Signed Mr Anthony DiNardo

Dear diary,
I havenít written in 2 weeks but everythingís just been so hectic with Abbsí funeral and all. Apparently McGee and Tony got pretty much the same letter. But I donít need counselling!
I got over Kateís death and Iíll get over this!
Criminal On The Loose
At around 2:30pm on Saturday the 3rd of June 2007 Caitlin ĎKateí Todd age 15 was found raped and murdered in a desolate alley in Traralgon. Police ask that anyone with information contact the Police at 55637429. A reward will be offered to any relevant information that leads to an arrest.
Dear diary,
Iím training for my black belt in Karate. The more I think about Abby and Kateís death the more they seem to have in common. (I wonder if that Special Agent Gibbsí has worked it out yet.) I mean the time, the place even the cause both strangled and raped. I swear if I ever get my hands on the guy who did this Iím going to shoot all his ball and socket joints and wait for him to die of blood loss and if that doesnít work Iíll shoot him in the throat so heíll definitely bleeds to death!
Black Belt Certificate
This certifies that Ziva David is a black belt in Karate.

RChase JMicheals
Robert Chase Jillian Michaels
Program Co-ordinator Trainer

Dear diary,
I FINALLY got my black belt in Karate! My trainer, Jillian said Iím one of the strongest people sheís ever met. Lifeís gong on but McGeeís permanently sad or angry. I just wish that everything could go back to the way it used to be. Everyone one happy and more importantly, alive!
Dr Allison Cameron
Prescription for: 5HT
Guardian chemist Traralgon
Dear diary,
I saw McGee taking pills today at lunch when he left I looked in his bag I mean if heís on drugs Iíve got to help him. But itís worse then I feared, heís on Bi-polar meds. Iíve been debating ever since I found out on whether to tell Tony, heís always made fun of McGee, though Iíve got to admit it is rather funny or at least; was. I talked to McGee he said that he knew he was Bi-polar but only slightly but Abbyís death caused it to surface, majorly!

McGee: Ziva *pant pant*
Ziva: McGee, are you ok?
McGee: I, just need someone to talk to.
Ziva: Iíll be right over!
McGee: NO; no..... I *pant pant* I just canít do this anymore. Abby and I we just *beep beep beep*

Dear dairy,
I donít know what to say except, another one bites the dust. McGee hung himself, with his lucky tie too. (Not so lucky anymore.) Life lately just seems to be a series of down hill slopes. Itís just Tony and I left.

Ziva: Tony
Tony: Yeah
Ziva: Mc....Mc....McGee hung himself *sob sob*
Tony: Se...Seriously?
Ziva: Tony; everyone we care about is dieing! Tony, I love you so much! Never leave me.
Tony; I wonít Ziva, I promise.

Dear diary,
McGeeís dead. I donít usually write a diary but it just seems like I should. Zivaís not coping well at all she always seems to be the last person to talk to our dead friends behind her sadness is a great amount of guilt, survivorsí guilt. I just wish I could help her. Sheís one of those people who builds brick walls around themselves to protect them but itís hurting her. Not letting anyone is killing her inside. Her spirit, and itís killing me watching her self destruct. If she goes like McGee I......I donít honestly know what Iíll do.

1st June
Dear diary,
Iím trying to stay focussed but in 2 days itíll be 2 years exactly since Kate died and in 3 days 1 year since Abbsí died. Every now and then I see something and I go and turn around to tell them something but theyíre not there, I know that, theyíre buried in Pine Boxes in the Hazelwood cemetery! Abbyís case went cold just over 3 months ago now, I swear if I ever meet the guy who did this to them I will shoot him, but not in the heart, no, Iíll make him suffer! But why should I bother living Iím just wasting resources, air, food, water. It just seems like Iím a Ďwasteí.

Dear diary,
Ziva has been so spaced lately. She ignores everything I say and the suddenly breaks into tears. Itís painful to watch, really painful she needs help. Iím afraid of whatíll happen if she doesnít get the help she needs!

Dear diary,
I just canít focus anymore. In one day in one stinking day itíll be 2 years since Kate died. Itís one of those things that just suddenly hitís you in the face that people youíve known since you could remember are dead, and I just canít shake the feeling that itís my fault! Why them, why not me? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why did this happen to such, such lovely people?
Dear diary,
Today Tony and I laid flowers for Kate. It was hard and another reminder that Tony and I are alone; forever. It feels like Iím getting stabbed in the heart, permanently.

Dear diary,
Today we laid flowers for Abby. Not only is she dead but we donít know who killed her, or Kate. I wish we could lay them to rest. I donít know if I can survive this. It just hurts even more everyday. Maybe the pain shouldnít go away but, it shouldnít get worse!

Tony: Have you seen Ziva she just ran off after lunch?
Zivaís mother: No, she said sheíd be spending the rest of the day with you. thanks anyway.

Dear diary,
I ran off after lunch. Tony he, he, I just couldnít be with him. I ran off into an alley and this man appeared, he said his name was Ari, Ari Haswari. He attacked me luckily Iíd been wearing the spiked bracelet that Abby gave me. Together with that and my first year black belt skills I hurt him, bad, he told me, he told me everything how heíd killed Abbey and Kate. He left alive but only barely. He left in a critical condition, at least 10 bones broken and internal bleeding. Tony found me I wish he hadnít Ari was half dead when Tony showed up he said that I shouldnít lower myself to his level but I could never be as low as him, no one could ever be as low as him! Tony convinced me though, he alwaysí had my back, heís such a good friend. But at least now I know what I want to be when I grow up, a special agent. So no one can ever do this again! Special agent David has a ring to it. I wonder if my partner could be Special agent DiNozzo.

Chapters: 1

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