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Tease Revisited: I'm Not Laughing

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 003 Word Count: 4605
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Tobias Fornell
Category(ies): First Time, Fluff, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo, Gibbs/OMC, Gibbs/Fornell
Summary: A bet leads to some intense action between Tony and... ummm... Fornell. Gibbs walks in and we go from there.

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3

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Tease 3/4


"You're asking me? The way you both were talkin' I thought it was pretty much a foregone conclusion."

"Hell no. To make long, slow love to you... that's what I want. Only fair that I give you a chance to change your mind. You need to really think about this, Jethro. The pleasure, the intensity Toby described, that's all real, but..."

"I'm a Marine, Tony. I've been blown up twice. And shot."

Tony laughed quietly and stroked Jethro's face.

"Yeah, and I almost died from the plague. Doesn't mean my first time was a breeze. There won't be a lot of pain, I promise you that. Still..."

"I can handle it. For more of what I just got... anything."

Tony studied Jethro, seemingly found what he was looking for and turned a suddenly stern gaze on Tobias.

"You know what your job is here, Toby. Getting into what you're seeing is fine, but you can't ignore him in the process. You help him through it... give him whatever he needs as soon as he needs it."

"I understand, DiNozzo." Tobias declared softly. "Last time I'll get to be here for either of ya like this, right? Gotta make the most of it... leave with good memories, not regrets."

Gibbs cringed mildly and stretched up a hand, which Fornell grasped.

"Toby, cmon. That martyr shit doesn't suit you. Give Tony and me a chance to figure things out... settle in. Maybe after some time passes and we're solid with each other... then we'll be ready to invite you back. Okay?"

"Yeah. I wasn't... it's just been so damn long since..."

Tobias shook his head a little, as if rejecting and throwing off dark feelings and thoughts. "Here, gimme that other hand, Jethro, so we can get goin'. I'm sure Nutso's gettin' a little frustrated..." Fornell taunted lightly, though his expression didn't quite match. Tony shot him a wild grin more than worthy of the nickname he'd just been tagged with and slid off the bed onto his feet.

"Martyr shit... nice, Jethro. Pretty much what I was thinking, you just beat me to it. Watch me now... watch everything I do. Switch on that attention to detail you're so famous for... let the first time I undressed you be scorched into your brain. Shoes... nice ones, by the way. Someday I'll play shoe-shine boy and polish them for you... I'm pretty good at it, actually. Then I'll show you the *other* thing I do really well while I'm kneeling at your feet. Socks... mmm, nice feet. Strong, great shape..." he mused, slowly massaging Jethro's left instep and heel then switching to the right.

"That feels really good... but you tickle me and it's over before it even starts."

"Another time, maybe. Better you laugh during sex than cry."

"Depends what you're laughing at."

"Too true. Feel the fabric of your pants sliding down your legs, Jethro. Concentrate on the sensation... remember this. The cotton of your briefs... whole different touch against your skin."

"How about *you* touch my skin? And why the hell are you still holding my hands, Tobias?"

"Guess Nutso's not the only impatient one. You just focus on him right now. You'll see why I'm doing this in a little while..."

Jethro looked down the bed and chuckled weakly when he saw Tony crawling towards him.


"Shhh. Relax... relax. Nothing's gonna happen that you don't know about well in advance, okay? I want you, Jethro... more than I ever thought it was possible to want somebody." Tony admitted, finally moving back within kissing range. "What happens tonight and when is up to you, though. You tell me to move faster, I do it... you tell me to back off, I do that, too. Your wish, my command..."


"Yeah. Talk to me, Jethro... what do you want me to do, huh? Don't be nice about it, either... I wanna hear every dirty word you know... want it growled right in my ear. C'mon, Jethro... tell me."

Gibbs groaned, let his eyes slip closed and felt his hips rock up and forward almost involuntarily.

"Contact..." he finally said. "... rub yourself all over me, Tony, please... touch me, taste me... anything..."

"Hot... but not really very dirty." Tony countered, grinning around an extended tongue that was painting Jethro's throat with warmth and moisture.

"Hell... Tony... "

"I know... but you can do it, Jethro. I'm not asking for Shakespeare. Just tell me what you like... what I can do to make it incredible for you."

"Kissing... I love kissing my partner while... you know."

"Yeah, got the jist of it. Absolutely no problem there. What else?" The younger man asked huskily, now suckling and lapping his way down to Jethro's chest.

"God... I-I..."

"You what?"

"I can't think when you're doing that!"

"Whoops." Tony apologized, offering Jethro a shameless, unapologetic smile. "How about this... if you *don't* like something, then you speak up. Easier?"


"For me too. Means I probably won't hear much outta you, but that's nothing new." He snarked, creating a damp trail down to Jethro's navel and briefly dipping his tongue into the slight depression.

"Ahhh! Jeez..."

"Happy mental note... belly button is sensitive."

"Enough foreplay, damn it! I'm already hard again and the second one may be all I have left tonight... please."

"As strong as you are, I doubt that... but I understand. Need the lube, Toby."

Fornell passed over a small plastic container and received a sweet smile in return. "Remember... whatever he needs."

"I know."

Rising up onto his knees once again, Tony slicked his hand with some of the glistening fluid from the bottle, allowed it to warm for a few moments, then stroked Jethro once, firmly and slowly.

"No... Tony, c'mon..."

"Easy. Breathe, Jethro. No more waiting, okay? Here we go... just gonna touch, get the crease done first... now for the big deal. Not going in yet... not 'till you relax a little. There... feel that?"

"Yeah. Strange... but good... warm and light."

"This is almost my favorite part, you know? Feeling the muscle start to surrender... opening to my touch. Mmmm... better and better. Maybe just the tip of a finger now..."

As Tony eased his hand forward a bare fraction, Jethro groaned and closed his eyes.

"Hell... what's with all the teasing and the prep? Toby said you just... went in."

"Not quite. I stretched him too, but seeing as he's not a virgin to this, he didn't need as much help. I'm not taking any chances on hurting you your first time. God forbid, you might never want it to happen again..."

"He's what? Tobias?"

"Later. Focus, Jethro... focus."

Tony pushed a tiny bit deeper and rotated his finger, leaving his lover no choice but to obey the directive.

"Nnnnhhh... damn..."


"No... not even close..."

"Good to hear. Take a deep breath, hold it for a five count and release it nice and slow. Yeah... slowly. Perfect... room enough for another finger, now..."

"I don't think so..."

"Actually... it'll probably take three."


"Relax, Jethro. I told you I'd back off if you said that's what you want."

"No... I just..."

"I'll go slow and careful, I promise. You'd be surprised what your body can do. A few hours and a really experienced partner... a whole fist will fit. Part of the forearm, too."

Eyes fully open and eyebrows nearly touching his hairline, Gibbs stared, but didn't comment. Tony grinned lightly, slid his finger out a bit and then back in. "Right. Not a topic we should be discussing. Back to business..."

"Mmmm... yeah. Better than flapping our gums any day..."

"You're not getting out of talking completely. I need to know when you're hurting."

"Not so far..."

"One finger usually doesn't. Two, on the other hand..." Tony cautioned as he suited words to action. This time, Jethro's groan wasn't all pleasure.

"Damn... see what you mean... but I'm not backing off... I've wanted this too much to let it... let *you* go."

"I feel the same way. Take another of those deep breaths... slow release... perfect..."

Less than twenty minutes later, Tony was working three fingers in and out fairly easily and had demonstrated, though only once, that a prostate was worth having, no matter what issues it might create later on in life. Noting that sweat was plastering his lover's hair even closer to his head than it usually sat and his expression was a study in tension, Tony finally relented.

"Okay... we're about ready, I think."

"Think?! You better be sure, DiNozzo! You're killin' me over here..."

"I know, you've held on long enough." Tony responded gently as he extracted his hand. "Tobias..."

"Got it." he said quietly, handing over the condom he'd pulled from the drawer several minutes earlier. Tony opened it and quickly rolled it on then slicked himself down heavily. Leaning in, he tenderly eased Jethro's legs up and back, positioned himself in the space he'd created and murmured against the other man's jaw.

"I'm gonna make love to you, Jethro... Not fast, hot monkey sex, not grinding bodies... making love. We're about to create something... and it'll be strong and lasting and perfect... tell me you're ready..."

"I am... God, Tony, please..."

" Let me inside... just a little.... yeah. Breathe, gorgeous... breathe for me..."

At first, it was impossible for Gibbs to obey Tony's soft request. No matter how hard he fought, his lungs seemed frozen, unable to expand. As he began to adjust, however, his chest unlocked and his body reacted to the fresh oxygen by easing up, allowing Tony to nudge in a bit farther. "There... so good... you feel incredible, Jethro..."

"It is... is good... more... I need more... get all the way in..."

"I will... I'll get there soon... won't hurt you..."

Looking down with a half-smile, Tobias tightened his grip on Jethro's hands and offered quiet reassurance.

"Just this once, let him take the lead, Jethro... Tony'll show you the way... close your eyes an' give in... give yourself to him totally. There... there ya go. Feel his strength... his heat... burns you up inside, but you only want more. Show him how bad you need him... say the words you think you can't. Go on..."

Jethro grunted and tipped his chin up until his neck was stretched tight, but he finally surrendered.

"Gahhh! Tony, move! Please... do it... make love to me, now... can't stand it much longer... have to feel you all the way inside me... want every inch and every drop of sweat and every scream... love me, Tony."

His throat far too constricted to speak, Tony chose instead to respond with a deep, powerful kiss. As the younger man began to thrust with exquisite slowness and control, Jethro groaned deeply and felt a tear track down his face. He longed to wipe it away, to hide the evidence of his emotions, but he needed Fornell's staunch support too much to even think of letting go.

Gradually, as Tony's movements became stronger, faster and more erratic, Jethro found his body rising to meet the downward pushes, matching the other man's rhythm and pace. Frantic for air, he broke the kiss just slightly and panted out a few choked, gritty words.

"Yes, Tony... yes... finish it... finish me..."

"Right now... gonna do it right now..." his lover replied, voice just as husky and fractured. "Feel me... feel the fire, Jethro... s'happening, baby... yeah, squeeze down tight... take everything I have... love you, Jethro... love you..."

Gibbs cried out, brief and hoarse, and achieved his own release, covering his belly and Tony's with warm, sticky fluid. Tony, struggling to catch his breath, held very still for a long moment then eased out and away, barely managing to fall sideways and not directly on top of Jethro. The knowledge that he needed to get the condom off and both of them cleaned up appeared in his mind, but exhaustion swamped him before the thought could take root and he swiftly succumbed to the darkness.



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