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Tease Revisited: I'm Not Laughing

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 003 Word Count: 4605
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Tobias Fornell
Category(ies): First Time, Fluff, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo, Gibbs/OMC, Gibbs/Fornell
Summary: A bet leads to some intense action between Tony and... ummm... Fornell. Gibbs walks in and we go from there.

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3

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Tease 2/2


Tony leaned in and softly kissed Gibbs, but just briefly. He repeated the process three or four times, backing off after a few seconds to give the other man a chance to adjust and think.


"Mmmm. What? That better not be it."

"Just checking in. You seem to be okay..."

"I'm fine. Be better if you kiss me again. Like you mean it, this time."

"This *isn't* it, you know. I've been wanting this so long... if you leave it up to me, we're gonna be here a while and you're gonna go home sore in places that never crossed your mind before tonight."



"Okay, it's up to you."

Tony grinned and gently began nudging Jethro backwards until he was stretched out, his upper body supported between Tobias' now sheet-covered legs. The smaller man leaned forward and planted his own light kiss on Jethro's mouth.

"Have fun, Leroy. I know I will..."

"You wait your turn." Gibbs told him, his tone not entirely good-humored.

"You sayin' I'm gonna get one?"

Gibbs swallowed hard and looked up and back at his friend.

"Not right now, but later... maybe."

Turning his gaze back to Tony, Jethro had to fight down a gasp at the repressed irritation and jealousy he found in the younger man's eyes.

"Right." Tony snorted " *If* you can still think when I'm done... and *if*, at that point, you decide you want anybody but me. I'm betting... the answer'll be no on both counts."

"Pretty sure a'yourself, aren't you Dinutso?" Tobias asked. Tony slowly raised his eyes until their gazes locked and grinned wickedly.

"Is this you complaining?"

The bob of Fornell's Adam's apple was only slightly less forceful than Jethro's.

"Not on your life."

"Didn't think so. Now can you quiet down and enjoy being a human headboard for a while, huh?"

"Yeah... yeah, I got no problem with that."

"Good." Tony responded, focusing intently on Jethro again as he untangled his body and braced himself over the older man. "Hey there."


"You ready for this? Once I get going it might not be easy for me to stop... but I will if you need me to."

"No... no stopping, no backing off. Go on."

"God, do you even know how good that sounds?" Tony murmured, shifting up to his knees and beginning to unbutton Jethro's dress shirt. "Feels like centuries I've been waiting to hear it. You want me to touch you... run my fingers over your skin and remind your body what it's been living without for so long."

"I haven't been celibate, Tony."

"Yeah... neither have I. You saw that when you walked in. I'll admit, I've had some laughs... I almost always enjoy myself in bed. This... this is different." He countered, sliding the halves of Jethro's shirt apart and greedily drinking in what he'd uncovered. Both hands dropped down and made contact, providing a background of sensual massage as he continued to speak. "This is gonna be about passion... desire... and need... the craving to taste every inch of you at once and the discipline to go slow, make it the absolute best for both of us. When I finally wrap my hand around your cock, you'll be dripping with sweat... driving my name through your clenched teeth... and begging me to finish... to slick myself up and ease inside your body, inch by inch, until we're skin to skin... waiting to move until you tell me, until the only words in your head are 'I want'... and the feeling is so big and release is so close... then you'll feel my heat inside, my strength, as I let go... and you'll come all over both of us."

His eyes suddenly dark with yearning and his mouth slightly open, Jethro stared up at Tony and breathed deeply as he worked enough saliva into his mouth to allow him to speak.


"Yeah?" the younger man asked, momentarily suspending his rub down.


"You don't hesitate, Jethro. Not when it's serious. Whatever it is... just say it."

Jethro swallowed once more and reached out to cover Tony's hand with his own.

"Not just tonight... not just for fun. You and me...we last."

"Yeah. Whatever I have to do, we last."

"And you never say those dirty things to anybody else."

"Like I said, if Toby wants to have some fun later, he's welcome, but after tonight... those dirty... nasty... hotter than hot words are only for you." Tony agreed, sealing his promise with a long, deep kiss. "Speaking of our human headboard..."

"Yes?" Fornell drawled.

"You could grab the lube and start winding him up on top while I explore a little lower... if you wanted to."

"Rather do it the natural way."

"I'm not giving up my spot, so unless you're a contortionist..." Tony chuckled.

"I mean like I did it with you."

"Ohhhh... yeah, that'll do nicely. Just start slow, okay? Don't know if he's ever had anybody try it before."

"Try what?" Gibbs inquired cautiously. Tony leaned in close and whispered in Jethro's ear.

"Toby's gonna play with your nipples... rub 'em, twist 'em a little, 'till they stand up high and tight... and ache. That ache shoots straight down through your belly to your cock... before you know it you're harder than you've ever been. Sound good?"

"Yeah... yeah, it does." Jethro panted.

"Then say it. Tell me..."

"I want... want it bad."

"Mmmm... that's gotta be true. All my senses tell me it is. You smell like pure hormones... your muscles are trembling under my touch... I love watching your eyes go dark, your skin flush... hearing your voice get rough and your breath speed up. Guess there's just one left to test. Anytime, Tobias..."

For a long moment, Gibbs couldn't identify the next sound to reach his ears, but when Fornell laid a hand over each of his nipples and began to caress wet, slow, vaguely circular patterns, the truth hit him: the noise had been the other man licking his palms. Briefly, Jethro's brain tried to focus on that thought and find some reason it was disgusting, even a lame one, but then the sensation Tony had described began to build and suddenly his brain was hardly functioning at all.

"Oh... ohhhh f-..."

"Yeah, go on and say it. Dirty words don't phase me, Jethro..." Tony encouraged as he slowly began to lower Gibbs' zipper at last. His newest lover's growled response, however, stopped Tony in mid-seduction, leaving him convulsed with laughter.

"F... frog legs! Freaking, frazzled, flipping out... for God's sake, get with the program, Tony!" the older man grunted.

"What the hell..." Tobias managed, also momentarily lost to guffaws.

"I won't. That word... should always be the last resort... of a smart man..."

Tony chuckled, shook his head and resumed the task he'd briefly abandoned.

"Okay... as long as you can tell me what you need and want, it doesn't matter what words you use. There..." he soothed as he finally brought Jethro's cock out into the air. "... feel better?"

"Yeah... much. God, your hands are so warm and strong... drivin' me crazy... Shi-... nnnhhhh, Tobias, what're you..."

"Rub and twist, remember? Just relax into it, Jethro... shut your eyes, shut off your brain and just feel... let your body be all there is tonight, okay? Give yourself this gift..."

"Yeah... been too long since I did. Tony... more... please, more..."

The young man pulled away from the spots he'd been licking and grinned up at Gibbs.

"Where? Tell me where to go, love... c'mon, you can do it. Just give up one of your hot spots, Jethro... just one to start..."

"B-behind the head... a little pressure... but be easy. I don't wanna... lose it too soon. Takes too long... to recover."

"I can wait, trust me. After running through my paces with Toby, I pretty much have to. Let me do this for you... relax you for what comes next. Mmmm... you taste so good... red wine, salt and chilies. My new favorite combo..."

Gibbs hissed in a short breath and arched slightly, bringing pleased chuckles from both of the other men.

"I owe you *big*, DiNozzo." Tobias murmured. "Never thought I'd get to see him this way..."

"But you've always wanted to." Tony replied heatedly.

"You kidding? Button-down, high and tight Leroy Jethro Gibbs, moaning and begging while somebody plows his ass... hell, I've fantasized about that for years."

"Dreams do come true, Toby... you just have to believe." Tony assured him just before he took Jethro completely into his mouth. Gibbs cried out and clutched the sheets tightly, doing everything he could to stave off his release a little longer. Tobias knew that wasn't what he needed, and it definitely wasn't what Tony had in mind, so he started talking directly to Gibbs again, hoping to convince his friend to relax and let go.

"It's okay, Jethro... ease up, buddy... ease up. C'mon, damn it... you can't feel this like you should if you're all tensed up... there. Better, hmmm? Bet you're glad the kid knows how to do something with his tongue besides talk. Is he swirling it around the head of your dick right now... huh, Jethro? Is he? Is he runnin' it up an' down the underside... while he sucks real slow and gentle? He did that to me... not ashamed to admit, he pulled tears outta me. Then he went to the power suction and, man... I lost it right then and there. Gave him every drop I had. He took it all so easy... drank me right down and let me stay 'till I was ready to pull out... then, after I'd caught my breath, he flipped me over, lubed me up and slid into me... God, that was so incredible... there you go, Jethro... let him have it... don't fight, he can take it, trust me... yeah... perfect, Jethro... perfect. Okay... breathe deep... good..."

Gradually, after he'd retrieved what residue he could find, Tony slithered back up Jethro's body and clasped his new lover's face in both hands.


"Yeah... I am. As a kite..."

"Cute. You really okay?"


"Ready for the million dollar question?"

"Mmm-hmm. More than..."

"What's next?"



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