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Tease Revisited: I'm Not Laughing

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 003 Word Count: 4605
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Tobias Fornell
Category(ies): First Time, Fluff, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo, Gibbs/OMC, Gibbs/Fornell
Summary: A bet leads to some intense action between Tony and... ummm... Fornell. Gibbs walks in and we go from there.

Author Notes: A thread on my NCIS list got this bunny hopping and chattering... God help me. This is an expansion of a long-ago drabble that came from God only knows where.

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It's not my fault, really... blame these two... three... blame whoever it was that started this up again and convinced my muse that Jethro had to be involved.


Tony DiNozzo lay back, sweat dripping off every inch of skin, and
smiled wearily. He'd just experienced two hours of the most
incredible sex he'd ever known and from the slack expression his
partner wore, he knew he'd given as good as he'd received. Gently he
reached out and stroked a hand through his lover's silver hair,
bringing the other man partially out of his post-coital stupor.

"My God... you're incredible... where the hell do you get that kinda

"Youth and a lot of practice. Time to pay up..."

"I guess you did keep your end of the bargain."

"In spades. Now c'mon, Fornell. You said if I took you to bed you'd
prove you know how to pronounce my last name right."

Tobias gazed up at him with a wicked smile.

"I say it the way a real Italian would. The double Z should sound like a T..."

"No, no, no." Tony laughed. "Half the time you say DiNutso like you want everybody to think... well, okay, maybe a couple times I did earn that, but only in the process of saving lives or closing a case or..."

Fornell leaned up and planted a powerful kiss on Tony's lips, effectively ending the babble.

"You need t'spend less time around Sciuto."

"Oh, yeah? If it weren't for her, neither of us would be here."

"This... is true." He agreed, letting his desire show clearly through the gaze that raked up and down Tony's body.

"You up for one more round?" Tony asked hopefully.

"I wish. Not as young as I wanna be, DiNozzo..."

"Or as I wish you were. I can wait 'till you're rested up. It'll be worth it. You're no slouch in the bedroom yourself, Tobias."

"I've got a good memory."

"And fantastic hands... and an amazing mouth... you know, you could just lay back and let me take over... you wouldn't have to do anything..." Tony offered, licking his lips. Tobias' eyes widened and his breathing sped up, but his achy, weary body swiftly expressed its pessimistic opinion of his chances. Just as he was about to give Tony his regrets and make a counter-offer of a few hours of sleep, a new voice, coming from the direction of the bedroom doorway, had both men's heads swiveling in that direction and instantly got their attention off their libidos.

"Son of a..."

"Boss!" Tony yelped, frantically trying to pull the tangled sheets over to his side and around his body.

"Gibbs, what the hell..."

"Damn it, we had a deal, Tobias. If the kid made a serious proposition, you were supposed to tell me!" Gibbs growled.

"That was two years ago."


"So you never found the courage you said you were looking for. So Tony gave me a chance and I took it. I wasn't gonna hang out in the background forever, Jethro..."

His heart feeling like a crumpled piece of paper, twisted up and tossed aside when the words on it were deemed unworthy, Gibbs stared at Fornell for a long time before finally swallowing and quietly speaking a truth that shocked Tony utterly.

"Tell the truth... I was counting on it."


"It's okay, Tony. None a'this is your problem. Couldn't expect you to wait on me. I'll... see you at work on Monday. Have fun..."

"God... Gibbs, wait! Fun is all this was. He's fully aware of that and he's just using the situation to yank your chain." Tony grumbled, smacking Fornell in the shoulder. The other man looked utterly unrepentant. "I *have* been waiting on you... and waiting and waiting. Are you telling me you're finally ready to take a step in my direction? Ready to come out and tell me what you want?"

"Should I have to, DiNozzo? You can't look in my eyes right now and figure it out?"

Grinning lightly, Tony held out one hand. Gibbs hesitated for a moment, suddenly unsure he could go as far as Tony might be about to take him, but eventually he did move closer to the bed. Tony and Tobias both eased him down to sit on the edge of the mattress, but it was DiNozzo alone that shifted over to stare intently into Jethro's face.

"There. Much better. Now I see it... wow. Powerful stuff, Jethro. You staying? No obligation, no pressure."

"I want to..."

"I promised Tobias the night, so once he rests up, if he decides to join in, I'm not trying real hard to stop him. You okay with that?"

"Just tonight? You were serious about that?"

Tobias laughed.

"Hell, this was a romp, Jethro. Tension relief. If it got you to open your eyes and your mouth, though... even better. Go on, Tony, show him some a'those tricks you wore me out with. I'll just be over here, catching my breath."

"You're gonna watch?" Jethro asked, a bit incredulous.

"Hey, part of my FBI training was how to be a good observer an' you know what they say... use it or lose it."



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