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Overcoming (Sequel to Back To School)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 011 Word Count: 19405
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): BDSM, Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Angst/Drama, Established Relationship, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: Jethro chooses to tackle one of Tony's big issues in an unusual way.

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Overcoming 8/?



"Couple six? Your turn!"

Gibbs smiled broadly, gazed over at Tony and grasped his hand.

"You ready?"

Tony swallowed and returned a shakier version of the grin beaming at him.

"Yeah. I-I think so."

"I told you the decision was up to you. If you're having second thoughts..."

"I'm not. Ever since you told me about the ceremony, I've been thinking about this. The playdate... you and I never really had much time together. Not with everybody else's attention on us, anyway. And now the lessons this weekend... I want the chance to show other people how much we love each other. I need to try."

Jethro kissed him softly and gazed deeply into his eyes.

"I do love you, Anthony. More and more and more..."

"I know." Tony responded, choking up slightly. "Sometimes my feelings are so strong, I swear people must be able to see it pouring out of me or... or hear it like music."

"Anima bella... I see, I hear. That's all that matters. C'mon..." Jethro said as he rose to his feet.

Tony's eyes widened in shock, but he quickly joined him.

"Hold up, since when do you know Italian...."

"Since I fell ass over tea kettle for one. Let's go, or they'll give away our spot."

As they approached the MC, he reached out and clapped Jethro on the shoulder, keeping the wireless mike at his side and his voice, while joyful and enthusiastic, modulated so that the crowd wouldn't hear.

"Dom Gibbs! I was thrilled to see your name on the list, my friend. I'd begun to think we might never see you again. And... oh my. This exquisite creature must be your sub."

Gibbs looked at Tony and the younger man coughed and spoke up for himself.

"Errmmm... yes. Anthony DiNozzo, sir."

"Wonderful to meet you, Anthony, and welcome to the community. Don't be too anxious or nervous about the game, alright? That's all it is, really. The idea is to have fun, so no pressure. Plus, you'll find that when things get difficult we're a compassionate, supportive group as a rule. If you need a boost or a nudge and your Dom doesn't mind, just ask and anyone here will jump right in to help. Ready to begin?"

Tony grinned and nodded. "Splendid." Marcus praised, lifting the mike back up. "Ladies and gentlemen. Attention, please! Half of our next couple is a long-lost familiar face, at least for most of you, and the other half is brand new to us. Please give your wholehearted applause and a warm welcome back to Dom Jethro Gibbs... and the proper appreciation for his stunning new sub Anthony. The game board is yours to pick from, you two. Enjoy yourselves. I'm sure we're about to..." Marcus joked, stepping back. Jethro quickly led Tony around the dance floor, allowing him to read the directions in every square.

"Okay. You decide where to start." He told him. Tony frowned slightly, but only for a moment, then walked over to the left side of the board and stepped into the second section. "FRENCH KISS. I really hoped you'd go there, but I wasn't about to exert undue influence." Jethro laughed. When he met Tony's gaze, however, he sobered instantly, enraptured and compelled by the desire he found there. A few of those at the closest tables, recognizing what they were seeing, emitted quiet gasps and then began to whisper and murmur, passing the information back to the ones not near enough to perceive fine details. After a few moments, the room quieted again, went utterly, expectantly silent in fact, and Tony flushed and chuckled under his breath.

"We're on..." he said. Jethro took his hands and nodded.

"For damn sure."

"Better start the show then." Tony replied, leaning in and lightly pressing his mouth against his dom's. As the kiss deepened, he pulled his hands away and brought them up to frame Jethro's face. The older man slid one around Tony's lower back and let the other rest just below his shoulders, the fingers gently clutching and massaging the muscles. Neither man ever completely closed his eyes, choosing instead to observe and absorb the other's reactions to a brush of tongue or a nibbled lip. When they finally separated, both panting just a bit, the room erupted in a brief round of clapping and shouts of 'Bravo'. Marcus got back on the mike, fanning himself with his unencumbered hand.

"Lord above... if that's the opening act I may not last until curtain call! Doesn't mean I want you to stop, though! Next move, gentleman!"

Tony hesitated, gazing around at his choices, then decided to continue their trek across the center, stepping forward onto a space where the paper read FREE: PLAYER'S OPTION. Jethro's eyebrow arced upwards, but before he could speak, Tony laid a finger across his lips, clearly asking for permission to do as he liked. Favoring him with a gentle, intrigued smile, the other man silently consented.

"Thank you, sir." Tony murmured into Jethro's ear before placing a light kiss on the high point of the appendage. Efficiently working his way down to the lobe, with kisses only, he then pulled back and studied Jethro's expression. "Nothing, huh?"


"No problem. I have a couple other ideas. Hang on tight, just in case..."

Bracing his hands on his dom's shoulders, Tony now began a slow series of licks along both sides of Jethro's jawline. The gradually building tension he felt under the spots he was gripping told him what he wanted to know this time, but he still withdrew and checked his progress. "Uh-huh. Better... but still not what I was hoping for."

"Anthony..." Gibbs chuckled, with only the barest hint of warning underlying the pleasure.

"One more. Please, sir?"

"You can keep going 'till doomsday if you feel like it. I'm just letting you know where you are in this little game of Hot and Cold you seem to be playing..."

"Closer to the Sahara than the Arctic?"

"Hell yes."

"Good to know. Here's hoping third time's the charm..." he said, running the tips of his fingers upward over Jethro's throat, almost not touching the skin at all. When the older man's face showed definite encouragement, Tony drew his hands down again, but a little more firmly. Again, he saw only positive reactions when he gazed up, so he moved on to his final tactic. Leaning in, he ran his tongue up over Jethro's Adam's apple, then shifted sideways, lingering on the pulse point in the artery. After pausing a moment to gather his courage, Tony added his lips to the spot, sucked once, gently, and retreated. Just to confirm what Jethro's face was telling him, the younger man briefly stole a glance at the Dom's nether regions. He looked back up with a wicked smile, which was quickly tempered into something he prayed was more appropriately humble. The single word he spoke next, however, was closer to the first smile than the second.


"Boy, did you ever." Jethro responded, swiping at his brow. "If my control wasn't so good... Okay, moving on. Next square?"

Tony stepped forward again, but when he read the paper on the floor, he frowned in mild confusion.

"Ummm... the words I think I get, but..."

Jethro read the instructions for himself and grinned.

"HAND JIVE is pretty straightforward, yeah. A double-headed arrow means it can go either way. I can give to you..."

Tony shook his head. "You sure?"

"I am. If you are..."

"Of course. Always with you. Go for it, baby..."

Tony turned away a little to hide his reddening face and mumbled a question. Jethro motioned Marcus over and repeated the request and a condom was discreetly pressed into the dom's hand a few moments later. Working carefully, to avoid a potentially painful zipper accident, Tony eased his dom's cock free of his jeans, opened the small packet and deftly rolled the slippery latex tube into place. "Hmmm. One thing I don't have to teach you, obviously..."

"True." Tony chuckled softly. "Learned the basics not long after somebody first told me what one was, where it went and why."

"God... that feels so good, sweetheart. Your hands are the perfect size... like you were designed for me."

"I've wondered about that myself. Tell me what you like... how to please you, make it last..."

"Doesn't matter. Like you said... just you being close, touching me... that's enough to drive me wild. Do what you'd want from me... show me what turns you on."

Tony choked the emotions threatening to overwhelm him, leaned in and whispered in his dom's ear as he sped up the motion of his hand.

"The confidence you give me... is the biggest turn on I've ever known."

"Anthony... oh hell... you're..."

"That's it... just let go... let go. Yeah..."

As Jethro caught his breath, Tony kissed his brow over and over and murmured to him. " *So* totally cool, sir..."

"Actually... it was pretty damn hot..."


"Ask Cody later."

"Guess you should clean up, hmmm?"

"After we finish. One more square for a prize."

"Let's see... oh. Oh crap."

Jethro turned and glanced at the final paper, ORAL EXAMS, and discovered why Tony was suddenly a bit pale.

"It's okay, love. No pressure, remember? Marcus' prizes are usually pretty good, but it's not a million in gold and jewels. You don't have to."

"I... I want... there's another arrow. If... will you take over? Are you okay with that?"


"Okay. Good. I just..."

Tony let the sentence drift into silence as he quickly did a visual search of the room. When he saw the person he wanted, he beckoned with his eyes and his head and Mama Katherine quickly strode to his side.

"How can I help, child?"

"Ummm... I want to do the last one in the row, but it's... awkward."

"Let me look. Ah. Understood. Taking or giving?"

"I'll be receiving, but still..."

"... a little extra courage would be welcome."

"More like essential."

"Then I'm at your disposal. Whatever I can do."

"Thank you so much, Mama." Tony breathed, relief suffusing his face.

"Of course. Supporting my little ones is my greatest joy. Here... turn and face him." she instructed, wrapping a hand lightly around each of his biceps. "Close your eyes and breathe slowly... excellent. Drink in the feelings... he's easing you free, now. Breathe... yes, very nice. Don't let it overwhelm you yet. Time for that at the end. Don't hold the words and sounds in.... let him hear how wonderful he makes you feel."

"Ohhhh... good, good, *good*... Jethro... need you... love you..."

"He knows. He can see it... we all can. Your passion makes you even more beautiful, Anthony. If you're close, tell him, little one... ask for what you need to help you take the last step over the edge."

"Nnnhhh... under, Jethro, please... just one lick, a little pressure... please..." Tony ground out. Jethro complied and was soon effortlessly swallowing every drop of his sub's release. Mama Katherine held the younger man steady until the tremors from his orgasm diminished and he seemed to be recovering.

"Anthony... that was splendid. Just tremendous. What an extraordinary young man Jethro's found... " Katherine praised.

"That... that's what everybody keeps saying. Gonna... take me a while longer to... believe it."

Jethro tucked Tony away, but didn't zip him up, and got up off his knees slowly.

"Wow..." he added, kissing Tony briefly. "Everything I expected, love. Extraordinary doesn't half cover it. Clean up time."

"Prize?" Tony reminded him plaintively, surprising a bright laugh out of Mama and the audience members close enough to hear.

"Not like we'll be in the bathroom for the rest of the night, kiddo. Trust me, Mama won't let Marcus give 'em all away before we get back." Jethro insisted gently, tugging Tony towards the restrooms. Reassured, the other man went along with good grace, displaying a pleased, slightly goofy smile.



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