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Overcoming (Sequel to Back To School)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 011 Word Count: 19405
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): BDSM, Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Angst/Drama, Established Relationship, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: Jethro chooses to tackle one of Tony's big issues in an unusual way.

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Overcoming 4/?



Clean and having downed most of a glass of water, Tony now sat cross-legged on the living room floor, a soft cushion underneath him to protect his bare skin from the slightly chilled hardwood. At least on the surface, he'd been waiting patiently for several minutes, keenly anticipating what new experience Jethro would offer him next. Inside, however, he was beginning to feel edgy and jumpy.

Finally, he heard his Dom's slow footfalls behind him and craned his neck around to smile at him and try to get a glimpse of what he'd gone down to the basement to retrieve. He was thwarted by strong fingers wrapping lightly around the crown of his head and returning his gaze to the front.

"Ah-ah. None of that. This isn't a movie theater and I don't do coming attractions. You'll just have to go with the flow."

"Follow your lead... got it."

"Good man. Close your eyes."

Tony complied, frowning uncertainly when he felt Jethro stretch a band of cloth across his face and secure it behind his head.

"Um... if you're going to ask me to find my way through the house... have a first aid kit ready."

"Don't worry, it's nothing like that. For this exercise I want you depending on your other senses. Visual cues are easy. I smile, you smile back. I lick my lips, my eyes get dark... what you see gives your brain the message that I want you and your body responds. Figuring things out just by touch and sound and smell... that's a little harder."

"Wow... okay. I'll... give it a shot."

"Glad to hear it." Jethro responded wryly, dropping onto his own pillow a few inches in front of Tony, his legs stretched out and open instead of tangled together. "Relax... breathe slow and deep. Good. I want you talking to me all through this, okay? Tell me what you feel, what you're thinking... everything. Don't hold back a single word."

"Just like earlier."

"Pretty much. Go on, now..."

"Yeah... here goes. No correction for unintentional eye pokes, right?" Tony asked, stretching out his hands.

"No... but take it slow and careful and there won't be any."

"We can hope. Damn... your skin is so soft! I never would've thought... I mean..."

"It's okay, Anthony. No correction for being surprised, either." Gibbs replied, suppressing an urge to laugh. "Keep talking."

"This is so cool." Tony murmured, running his fingers lightly across Jethro's forehead. "I can... wow, I can feel the lines! Your hair... oh man, you don't know how long I've dreamed... It's thick and it feels so good. Right there... I swear this is the spot on your neck where it throbs when you get really ticked off over something at work."

"You sure?"

"No..." Tony conceded, using both hands to confirm his thought. "... but this *is* the left side and it only does it over here. This jaw is a piece of granite... solid and strong. Major contrast, here. Your lips are... God, I can't think of a good word, I just love touching them. Throat... silky and warm. Swallow for me?"

Gibbs flushed and complied, smiling when Tony jumped at the sensation of slight movement under his fingers. "That was... fascinating. It reminded me of..."

"What? No censoring, remember."

"I don't know. I've heard women talk about the first time they felt their baby move. Just a little tickle, barely there at all... it was kinda like that."

Gibbs tried to reply, but couldn't make any sound emerge past the lump in his throat. Tony interpreted the silence as rejection, swiftly covered with humor and tried to move forward, but gentle fingers laid against his lips halted his words. "Right. Visit my website, for more ridiculous things I let come out of my mouth at totally inappropriate moments. Let's just keep..."

"Stop that, damn it. You just choked me up a little, that's all. The analogy was really beautiful and it took me back... into a memory that's not easy on me."

"I didn't mean to. I was trying to do what you asked. The memory..."

"Not now, okay? I swear to you, after the ceremony... we'll stay up for hours and any secret you ask for... I'll give you."

"Me too. Anything you want..."

"I'd be honored. Back to the exercise?"

"Oh yeah. Shoulders... damn, hell of a scar. That's from him." Tony stated cautiously, knowing the associated memory would be just as difficult for Gibbs as the previous one. "Another discussion for later." He conceded and received a stroke through his hair as a reward for his patience.

"Lots of those. Might take us more than one night."

"God, I hope so. Moving on..."

As gentle, tentative fingers ghosted over his collarbone and down to his chest, Gibbs reveled in the intimate touch and had to hold his breath for a few seconds in order to maintain control. "Oh. I expected the hair to be coarse here, but it's light... and soft. Gotta say, I love this. Still can't believe I'm so close... that I get to know you this way. It's amazing..."

A moment's brush of fingertips over his nipple forced a hiss out of Gibbs and Tony's brow furrowed with momentary concern. "Sir? If I caused pain..."

"Did it sound like I was hurt?"

"Sort of. Wait, you mean... you like that, sir?"

"Very much."

"Huh. I guess if women... then guys can be... huh. Should I do it again?"

"Not right now. I'm walking a tightrope at the moment. Your touch..."

"Wow. Seriously? I've... I made you..."

"I could sink pilings into solid concrete."

Tony chuckled nervously, but it only lasted a second or two.

"Um... so... you want me to..."

"In time. Work your way there. I can hold on, believe me."


"The pain will be more than worth it. Finish the exercise."


Over the next half hour, Tony talked and caressed his way around the rest of his Dom's body, legs and feet included, prudently avoiding the critical area.


"Almost. First we go through all your available senses one by one. Start with hearing. And don't forget I know how powerful your ears are."

"Right." Tony snarked faintly, amused as always by the amount of things his mentor observed and understood "You're trying to control your breathing, but I can still tell. There's just this tiny hint of strain. If you relaxed right now... I think you'd be panting and groaning loud enough for people on the sidewalk to hear."


"I can smell it... like nothing I ever... damn. That is just so... I know your arousal now... what it smells like. I could pick you out of a hundred other people. Strong and musky and... God, who knew you could smell heat? It's more than sweat... that's in there too, but this is... warm."

"Good... great work so far. This next I need you to be honest, now. No sugarcoating to make me happy."

"Sugarcoating is lying, lying is breaking a rule. I love you, so I wouldn't do that."

"I love you too, Anthony. That's what all this is about. Open your mouth just a little... trust me. That's perfect... alright. Tell me."

To Jethro's immense relief, Tony seemed to be intently savoring the trace he'd been offered. The younger man's verbal response didn't appear to match the delighted smile on his face, but Gibbs knew which one to believe.

"Bitter, sharp, salty... you. Totally amazing. Don't think I'm ready for more than that little bit yet... but I will be. Someday, I wanna know you that way too, Jethro..."

"Yeah... someday. For now, we need to get to the last sense pretty damn quick." Gibbs laughed, his voice shaky as he guided one of Tony's hand down between his legs and laid the other on his abdomen. "You've done this before, it shouldn't be scary."

"Not blind I haven't." Tony joked back, though he was also trembling slightly.

"The point is to focus your other senses, remember?"

"No way I could forget. Solid... man, your skin is soft everywhere. So hot... whoa! I can feel your pulse! That is so cool! The feel of your... it's silky under my fingers... like lotion. I never thought about... oh man. You're ready to..."

"How do you know?"

"The tension up higher. The muscles sort of... knot up. I get that way too, just before I..."

"Sounds like I... need to work on your... vocabulary... a little faster, Anthony, please... and firmer... mmm, that's the ready..."

Once Jethro's release began to wind down, he leaned in close, kissed Tony deeply and stroked him to his own orgasm. Gradually, the kiss softened and the pair pulled away from each other slowly, faces still shining with happiness and passion.

"Sir.... Jethro... you didn't have to..."

"Just say thank you, Anthony."

"Thank you."

"You're entirely welcome. Keep your eyes closed for a minute after I take the blindfold off. Then open them a little at a time."

Tony blinked until his vision normalized then focused expectantly on his Dom's face.

"What next?"

"We share a shower, we eat a good meal, you sleep."

"That's all?"

" 'Till after your nap."

"I don't get to know?"

"You'll find out when it's time. Go on, head for the bathroom. I'll be there in a minute."

Still pouting faintly, Tony rose lithely and strode off to do as he'd been asked. Gibbs got to his feet more carefully, cautious always of his knees. Just as he was about to follow in Tony's wake, the phone rang and he detoured to answer it.


"Jethro, good to hear your voice again. It's been too long."

"Cody? Hey, buddy. I didn't think you were out on this coast anymore."

"Been back for a little while. Look, Marcus has an event planned for tonight. Guaranteed to be a blast, as usual. I was hoping..."

"Where on the visual spectrum?"

"Strictly light and bright."

"Fun for all ages?"

"Absolutely. Mama Katherine is in charge of security, and you know how she is about the little ones staying safe."

"I remember... all too well. Okay. Tell them both we'll be there."

"We? Got a new chick under your wing?"

"I do, but this one's not leaving the nest."

"Oh my God. You said you never would."

"I know. When you meet him, you'll see... you'll understand."

"Lord above, now I'm really chomping at the bit. See you at the usual place. Six-thirty is cocktails and a light supper, games start at eight."

"Okay. See you later, then."



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