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Overcoming (Sequel to Back To School)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 011 Word Count: 19405
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): BDSM, Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Angst/Drama, Established Relationship, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: Jethro chooses to tackle one of Tony's big issues in an unusual way.

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

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Overcoming 2/?


As sleep gradually released its grip on Tony the following morning, he grinned lightly, enjoying and savoring the slow realization that the warmth and weight settled against his back belonged to someone who truly loved him and had committed to him, and to his welfare, for the long haul. As good as that knowledge felt, however, he knew he hadn't yet fully accepted the reality of the promise they'd made to each other. Being utterly new to the deep, sustained, balanced give-and-take relationship Gibbs was offering, Tony readily admitted that he was struggling, but the confession had so far remained in his head. Part of him still insisted he would be summarily rejected if he gave voice to his worst fears and doubts.

In the midst of Tony's intense ruminations, an arm slid around his waist and warm lips briefly caressed the sensitive nape of his neck before shifting up to murmur softly in his ear.

"Hey. You're thinking too loud."

"Sorry. Got a lot going on in there. Wondering about this weekend, anticipating the next weird and wonderful aspect of my new life... working out why I keep fighting when you ask me to fall, even though I understand the concept, now. And those are barely the tip of the iceberg. Right now, there are several hundred hamsters having coronaries on their wheels just to keep things going in my head..."

"Mmmm. Like I'd expect anything less from you. That's why you have trouble sleeping sometimes. Your brain can't shut down and let things go long enough for you to rest."

"Yeah, maybe. Right now my stomach's the one in control."

"Again, not a surprise, but it'll have to wait a little while."

"A test? Before food?" Tony asked plaintively, turning in Jethro's embrace so they faced each other.

"No tests." The older man chuckled, dropping a light kiss on Tony's mouth. "Just some questions I need honest answers to."

"I know the rules. No lies, especially calculated ones."

"Good man, but that's not what I meant this time. You may be tempted to shade your response to put rose-colored glass between us or because you think you're protecting me. Unacceptable. Clear?"

"Clear, sir."

"Alright. Deep down, what really scares you the most when you think about making love on stage?"

Tony spent a few moments staring into Jethro's eyes, carefully pondering his reply, before he actually spoke up.

"At first... it was the pain. I'm sure my first time will hurt, at least a little. I was worried about getting tense and shutting down on you... not showing you everything I'm feeling, good and bad. Then I remembered what you described to me in the shower at work that night. I know you'll be gentle and slow... and if there's any hurt, I'll barely... What?" Tony questioned when Jethro's eyes widened and his eyebrows shot up. Propping himself up on one elbow and reaching out with the other arm, he stroked two fingers across Tony's brow and down his cheek.

"You want the ceremony to be your actual first time?"

"I thought... isn't it SOP?"

"No... it isn't."

"Oh. Well... we can do it, right? It's not against a rule or something, is it?"

"Not that I know of."

"Then... do you have some reason for not wanting it, sir?"

"Not at all. Of course we can do it if it's what you really want, it's just... the night will already be so important for both of us. That you're willing to share such a special moment with the community... that just takes it to a whole other level. God, Anthony... I didn't think I could love you any more or be any prouder... boy, did you just shoot that theory to hell." Jethro praised, leaning in and initiating a much deeper, more passionate kiss. Tony moaned into it, relaxed and let his dom have total control. When Jethro finally pulled back, he was pleased to look down into glazed eyes and a goofy smile. "That good, huh?"

"Always... next question?"

"If the hurt isn't what scares you now, what does?"

"The crowd. I get panicked thinking I'll react wrong or... or you'll ask me to please you and I'll mess it up. Then I'll look out at the audience and they'll either be pitying you or laughing at me... probably both."

"You haven't really met anyone in the wider community yet, so I can understand why you might feel like that, but it's not true. It just won't happen. When you do start to socialize a little, you'll see I'm right."

"You really think they'll just accept me? That it'll be that easy?"

"Not easy, no... but they will take you in, I guarantee it. You're beautiful outside, inside and upside down, Anthony... the way it shines from you, how could they *not* see?"

"Just because you do... doesn't mean they will."

"Just because you don't, doesn't mean I'm wrong."

Tony smiled and nuzzled his face against Jethro's shoulder, knowing that continuing the argument was useless.

"Next question?"

"Did being tied with those scarves really do anything for you?"

Tony's expression became slightly unsure as he looked up to find Jethro sporting a wicked grin of his own.

"Uh... wow. Wasn't expecting that..."

"Obviously. Answer?"

"I... I can't get this wrong?"

"Not possible."

"Okay... they did something. I'm just not sure what. Harm was doing other things, he was talking to me... it's impossible to know how much of a part the... the tying up played in how intense my release was."

"More intense than usual?"

"Oh yeah."

"Are you open to finding out the truth?"

Tony hesitated only a few moments before repeating himself, this time with a decisive hitch in his voice.

"Oh yeah."

Jethro touched Tony's face once more then tossed back the covers, rose up to his knees and straddled the younger man's hips. Grasping his sub's wrists lightly, he leaned forward and gently pressed them to the pillows above Tony's head. He was rewarded by watching Tony's eyelids lower to half-mast and his skin begin to flush.

"Mmm. That's a good sign." Jethro commented dryly.


"You're getting hard... and I haven't even *thought* about touching you yet."

"God, I hope that doesn't last long..."

"I guess the experiment is a success, hmmm? Light restraint is definitely a turn-on for you..."

"Definitely. God, I never thought... I'm changing so fast... everything's changing..."

"And you're not scared." Jethro replied, his tone leaving no doubt that the words were a statement, not a question; not commanding an emotional shift, but merely confirming what he saw in the young man underneath him.

"No... not with you leading me. Please, sir..."

"Easy... easy, Anthony. I won't leave you hanging, you know that. Tell me what you're feeling... why this excites you."

"I... I don't have to try... don't have to make things happen... it feels so amazing to just let go... let you be who you are... so I can be who I am... finally..."

"And who are you?"

"A submissive... your submissive, always. Willingly and gratefully."

"Not at the beginning." Jethro teased gently.

"I would've been if I'd known... I didn't understand."

"Now you do. I've seen it over these past few weeks. You're happy?"

"I'm valuable, but not breakable... protected, not bubble wrapped... loved, not smothered. Of course I'm happy. I couldn't have it any better, I know that. "

"Neither could I." Jethro affirmed. "I have to touch you, Anthony. When I let go leave your hands where they are."

"Yes, sir."

Bracing himself on his fists, Jethro leaned down and planted a lingering, smoldering kiss on Tony's mouth. At the same time, he pushed his knees back and slowly lowered his weight onto the younger man's body. As Jethro broke the lip-lock, Tony gasped and began babbling.

"Oh... oh God, I feel you... we're... Oh God, oh God, oh God..."

"Love it when you get incoherent... one more question."

"Ahhhh... an-anything..."

"Can you hold out until I ask you to come?"

"Try... I'll try..."

"Okay... the first key is to breathe slower. Faster equals less oxygen equals less sensation. Ease up... there. Better. Now look at me... open your eyes and look right at me. Perfect. Focus on what you see there... the desire... the pride... all the love I have for you... and hang on tight..."

Slowly, Jethro began shifting forward and back, grinding their hips together.

"Ohhhh... oh, Jethro... it's..."

"I know. Breathe... look at me, Anthony..."

"Sir... God, you feel so good... never... been like this..."

"Hang on a little longer... just a little... breathe slow... feel my cock sliding against yours... I'm as hard and ready as you are... that's what you do to me... your brains, your heart, your spirit... the more you give me the more I want... yeah, that's it... push up... push against me..."

"Sir, please!"

"Count to ten, Anthony... out loud, nice and slow... then we'll both come together... you can do this, I know you can..."

"Ten... nine... eight... seven..."

"Great... perfect. Almost there... lift up... push hard."

"Three... two... one..."

Tony loosed a bright, powerful cry as his release finally overtook him. Jethro groaned his sub's name and stilled his deliberate motions, wanting his lover to feel only the uncontrolled trembling and muscle contractions his orgasm had imposed on him.

"Anthony... God, you are amazing... completely, utterly amazing. Everything I ask, you say yes... every challenge I put in front of you, you find a way to conquer."

"I do my best, sir..." Tony wheezed faintly, still caught in a swirling, giddy descent from the heights Jethro had guided him to. "Food now?"

"Shower first, then breakfast. After that... the day really gets going."

Tony groaned and laughed as Jethro dragged him out of bed and toward the bathroom.



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