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Coffee Angel

by: Soul Music (Send Feedback)

Series: English Rose #2
Chapters: 004 Word Count: 2686
Rating: YTEEN
Character(s): Ensemble
Category(ies): General, Suspense
Pairing(s): - No Pairing -
Summary: "Did I leave that there. If I've ever left coffee before, Gibbs took it, so how did that get there?"

Author Notes: I (sadly) do not own any of the characters, names, cars, places (but I would never mind living in DC rather than the sunny spots of England)...ect....ect....yada yada. I do this for fun, it has no profit involved in it. Enjoy.
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Coffee Angels

Coffee! I need caffine! I seem to live off coffee, but I'm obviously not the only one. It does keep me awake, but its better than Red Bull, it'll only kill me slowly, or something like that. I dunno and I don't really care. I am on a caffine low and I think I know what to do about it, it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist does it?

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs stepped off the last of the steps on the staircase and walked into the empty bullpen. He glanced at the clock, remembering he'd let his team leave at the reasonable hour of half six. It had been a slow week. Hell, it had been a slow month! Just paperwork and sometimes nothing to do at all. It was an odd thought to think that even DiNozzo didn't have any paperwork left. They'd been leafing through cold cases, trying to find something to occupy them. No luck so far.

Gibbs walked over to his desk and sat down before he noticed the cup of coffee gently steaming in front of him. That was odd, he hadn't gotten it, he'd been in MTAC for the past hour or so. He pulled the Starbucks cup towards him and unclipped the lip. Black from the smell and the look. Looking slightly like drainage water without the lumps. Gibbs took a look around the bullpen. Yep, definatly empty. It was still hot, so it couldn't have been sitting there long.

He put it down carefully, pushing it into the trash bin. Mystery cups of coffee appearing out of the blie weren't something to just drink. Anything could happen to a cup of coffee in an hour.

Gibbs forgot about the mysterious cup of coffee, powered down his computer and left NCIS Headquarters.
Special Agent Caitlin Todd waited for the elevators to ping open and made her way to her desk. The first thing she noticed was the steaming cup of coffee sitting on the egde of her desk. She glanced at the three other empty desks. She shrugged, thinking someone had come in early. It wasn't unusual for Tim to bring a cup of coffee in from the Starbucks down the road. He didn't usually bring one in for Gibbs, who seemed to visit the Starbucks a few dozen times a day.

Kate seated herself behind her desk and picked up the warm Starbucks cup and took a drink. Exactly how she usually drank it. How thoughtful. She fired up her computer, ready for another dull day of searching through cold case files.

Special Agent Timothy McGee was next to step out of the elevator and make his way across the bullpen to his desk. The cup of coffee on his desk was a pleasant suprise. He raised his eyes to see Kate engrossed in yet another paper file of a file that had been closed some time ago.
"Thanks Kate." He called over, picking up the coffee cup and taking a taste. He didn't really think to ask just how Kate knew how he took his coffee. Kate looked up from her file.
"For what?"
"The coffee." Tim replied, indicating the cup in his hand. She frowned.
"I thought you got them."

Both looked down at the cups of coffee just as the next member of the team entered, setting his bag down on the floor next to the chair. Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo seated himself on said chair and picked up the Starbucks cup of coffee. He swallowed the first mouthful and grinned.
"Which of you angels do I have to thank for the coffee?" He asked, looking from Tim to Kate and back again. They both turned to him.
"Neither." Kate replied, looking down at her own coffee. Tony raised an eyebrow.
"Well it had tp be one of you, because I doubt Gibbs would do it."
"Do what? DiNozzo?" Gibbs entered, unheard and unseen from behind and sat down behind his desk.
"Morning boss." Tony replied, picking up another of the case files.

Gibbs looked across his desk at the Starbucks cup on every desk. Kate ventured forward.
"You didn't get the coffees did you?"
"Nope." Gibbs replied not looking up from the piece of paper on his desk.
"Then who did?" Tim wondered allowed, voicing everyones thoughts at the moment.
"The Coffee Angel." Tony replied, recieving a look with raised eyebrows from the rest of the team.

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