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All Quiet On The Front Lies

by: Soul Music (Send Feedback)

Series: English Rose #1
Chapters: 012 Word Count: 10729
Rating: YTEEN
Character(s): Ensemble
Category(ies): Action/Adventure, New Character
Pairing(s): - No Pairing -
Summary: "I hate airplanes, I really do, so why am I really on one. Oh yes I remember, instructions: Go to NCIS HQ, give letter, how dull."

Author Notes: First Fan fiction whatchamacallit, so sorry if its rubbish, just something I made up. I do not (unfortunatly) own any of the characters, places, episodes, cars (although I wouldn't mind a black sedan) that occur in the story as well as the television program. Madisyn Kyran is a figment of my imagination, I will make no profit from this yada...yada...ect...and its just for fun!

Enjoy! Reviews and comments welcome.

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Back So Soon?

I don't know why and I'm not even sure what the point is, but if someone asks you to you do, don't you? Or at least you should. Especially if its actually written into someone's will, well not written into their will but left in the suicide note. If you're going to inherit loads of cash, why not use it to go on Holiday somewhere interesting. America seemed like a perfectly good idea, so why not use the cash your given and go see the person left in the note. So that's what I'm going to do, that's what I'm doing. Hopping on the first plane to DC, and I'd like to see anyone stop me.

Tim McGee's eyes stayed glued to the computer screen, flicking through data files and databases, trying to find anyone linked to the disappearance of a young Petty Officer. So far they were having no luck. Caitlin Todd wasn't exactly looking pleased in her seat across the diagonal from him, her eyes also glued to the screen, but with more of a death glare. Tim glanced up at her before opening another file.

The elevator door pinged on its arrival to the floor of the occupants choice and the doors slid open. Leroy Jethro Giibs stepped out into the bullpen, his cup of coffee held in his hand. He put it down on his desk and looked up at his two agents, typing away. His blue eyes moved over to the empty desk and he raised an eyebrow. "Where is DiNozzo?"
Kate looked up and over at Gibbs just as Tim did the same. They exchanged a look. Gibbs continued to stare Kate down, demanding an answer without words. "Hasn't come in yet." She answered, breaking the staring match as Gibbs' phone rang. "Gibbs." He answered on the first ring, glancing at the caller ID flash up with 'DiNozzo'. Before Gibbs could make one of his 'why the hell are you late' comments, Tony replied.

"Boss, I was held up at security, there's someone here to see you."
"Why didn't they just come up? Bring them up." Gibbs hung up before Tony had a chance to finish his sentence.

A few minutes later the elevator doors hissed open and Anthony DiNozzo walked out, unslinging his pack from his shoulder. Kate looked up from her desk. "I though you were bringing someone up." She commented, watching Tony as he tossed his bag across his desk. He shrugged. "When I asked her if she wanted to come up, she said no and ran."
"Not suprising if it was a 'she'." Kate muttered, going back to the file she'd opened on the computer. Tony seated himself behind his desk and powered up his computer. Gibbs walked passed, heading for the stairs and calling back: 'I'll be in MTAC."

Hours drifted by without incident. To be exact two and a half. Gibbs still hadn't come down from MTAC, and the rest of the team hadn't been able to find out anything useful. Tim double clicked on another file with a sigh. The fifteenth one since the long morning had began. He rubbed his tired eyes and stiffled a yawn. He glanced over at Kate and Tony, both still reading through either the paper files piled on each of their desks or trawling through the databases. He looked back at his screen, not really noticing the elavator as it clicked open. It was such a usual thing to hear the elevator no-one paid it any attention. People came and went at NCIS, coming in or coming out. The soft footsteps were masked by the usual hustle and bustle of voices, computers and shuffling paper. Tony looked up from his computer and stood up, recognising the visitor who had almost fled out of the building.

"Is Special Agent Gibbs here?" She asked in a distinctive English accent. Kate and Tim looked up from thier desks, eyeing the newcomer. Kate was the first to reply. "No, but can I take a message for him?" The English girl turned towards her, brushing back her long brown hair. "Could I wait for him?" She didn't exactly answer the question, but it seemed like a 'no'. Whatever she wanted to say, she seemed to want to say it to Gibbs in person. Kate glanced over at Tim and Tony. Tony smiled and offered his chair, pushing it out from behind his desk. "Here, I doubt he'll be long." Kate rolled her eyes at Tony's flirt. Did he ever stop. The stranger accepted the seat with a smile and crossed her jean clad legs, shrugging off her green jacket and hanging it over the back of the chair.

Again time passed. Every now and then, one of the agents would look up over thier computer moniters at the stranger who sat perfectly calmly reading a book. She was young, yearly twenties with long brown hair she kept in a pony-tail. Her dark brown eyes skimmed across the page, every so oftern glancing at the empty desk. Tony pushed back the chair he'd borrowed from a nearby empty desk and crossed his ankle to his oppersite knee, stretching his stiff shoulders. The newcomer looked over, startled by the noise after the reletive silence. Tony flashed her a smile and she replied with a less confident one of her own. More friendly than Tony's flirt. Kate looked up as footsteps echoed down the stairs behind Tony's desk. Gibbs stopped to over look the office where his three agents sat. Kate met his gaze before looking back down at the file. Gibbs entered the office just as the girl closed her book, folding down the corner to keep her place.

"Special Agent Gibbs?" She asked, standing up and flicking her pony-tail over her shoulder.
"Yes, and you are?" He asked, sitting down behind his desk.
"Madisyn Kyran. Everyone calls me Maddie." She replied. Gibbs looked at her, non-plussed. She continued.
"Do you have a Doctor Mallard working at NCIS?" She asked, playing with a strand of brown hair absentmindedly. The team looked up.
"Yes, he is a Medical Examiner." Gibbs replied shortly, fixing Madisyn with his cool blue gaze. She nodded, thinking of what to say next. Gibbs stare didn't help much as she pulled a crisp white envelope out of her bag and handed it to Gibbs. He took it and looked glanced at it. The team cranned thier heads to get a look. Gibbs turned the letter over and looked at the flap. "McGee." He called. The young agent got up and walked over. Gibbs handed him the letter. "What is that?". Tim looked at the flap closely, frowning. "It looks like a digital strip lock."
"Open it." Gibbs continued, glancing over at Zaph as she settled back into her seat, watching the scene infront of her. Tim looked at his boss. "B...But its adressed to you. And I'll need Abby." Gibbs raised his eyebrows and nodded. Madisyn watched Tim hurry passed her to the elevator. The office was plunged into the silence of people wondering what was going to happen next. After a half hour Gibbs rose from his seat. Tony and Kate watched as Gibbs walked to the young English girl and fix her with a gaze that could've had a flower withering. Why he used that look neither agent knew, but they were both sensible enough not to ask. Gibbs stepped passed Madisyn and walked to where the elevator door had just opened, Madisyn followed. Kate and Tony shared a glance. Most people waited for an invitation before following Gibbs into an elevator.

The elevator ride was silent and short. Madisyn eyed Gibbs a few times before the doors opened and Gibbs strode out down the corridor. Abby's lab was easily big enough for the four of them. Abby looked up with a huge smile as Gibbs entered. "What you got Abs?" He asked, looking over the Goth's shoulder as she poked the letter with a gloved hand.
"Nothing dangerous in there, just a piece of paper." Abby told him and looked over at Madisyn. "Mystery Post-Woman?" She asked, standing up and flicking back a pig-tail. Gibbs didn't answer the question but pushed another.
"Opened it?" Abby nodded. "Sure have! Was just about to call you." She peeled off the flap, the digital strip lock flickering a pale green before the light went out. Abby pulled out the single folded piece of paper and opened it, reading out what was written in neat script.

"Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
You will not remember me or my daughter, Madisyn, for you have never met us, or heard of us. But I wish for your help. Madisyn needs her father, and you know where he is. Find him and let me rest in peace. Let my daughter meet her father, Donald Mallard.

Your sincearly,
Jennifer Kyran.

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