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Way To Kill

by: SemperFi (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 18073
Rating: TEEN
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ducky Mallard, Abby Sciuto, Timothy McGee, Ensemble, Caitlyn (Kate) Todd, Tobias Fornell
Category(ies): Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst/Drama, Crossover, Friendship, General, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Suspense
Pairing(s): - No Pairing -
Crossover Shows: Supernatural
Summary: Crossover with SPN. Summary inside :D

Author Notes: First time crossing NCIS and SPN. Feedback is wonderful!!

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Case or Hunt?


RATING: At the moment, PG-13 but probably will go up.

SUMMARY: Special Agent Jethro Gibbs knows how to solve crimes, but what happens when a meeting with a strange young man involved in an even more bizarre case aims to prove that maybe science can’t explain everything?


GENRE: Crossover, Crime, Supernatural

NOTES: This was in response to a request, basically, “Can you write a NCIS/SPN crossover”. It’s pre-Season One for Supernatural, not a specific season for NCIS, simply sometime during the seasons Agent Kate Todd was present, so early years NCIS, most likely somewhere between Seasons One and Two. No spoilers that I know of.


Chapter One

"Bobby. yeah, what's up? Nah, just finished off chasing that goblin clan down. Yeah, messy little bastards. Nah, no problems. Seriously, didn't even need the hospital. You got somethin' for me? Shapeshifter? Nah, Dad reckons we'll get more done if we're split up most of the time. Yeah, should be able to handle it fine. You know me. Haha, whatever old man, yeah, I'll let ya know when it's done"

Dean hung up the phone and leaned back onto the motel bed, which, for once, wasn't saggy or stiff, but just firm enough to be comfortable, and sighed. It was true the last hunt's results didn't require a hospital, but only because Dean hated them and had done his best to patch himself up. He might have been a passable medic on others, but stitching and wrapping yourself was always awkward, and, when ribs were involved, painful.

It didn't matter how tough you were, or how many broken, cracked or bruised ribs you'd had before, they always hurt like a bitch. Arms too high and burning pain, twist a little too much when you walked, bump the brunette waitress as you walk past to your booth in the corner... the list was endless when it came to jarring injured ribs.

Normally a hunt involving a shapeshifter was something for someone with a partner, but Dean never did do 'normally' well. Plus, he'd handled one before. Sorta. It ended up dead and Dean figured that counted as a win.

Three hours rest later, Dean was packing the last of his gear carefully into the Impala and slipping the trunk shut with a soft thud.

Sliding the keys home into the ignition, Dean brought his baby to life with a low, almost sexy rumble of power and cleared the parking lot, turning onto the road and gunning the engine.



Gibbs turned to his team, who were gathered, (some eagerly), around his desk awaiting details on their newest case. They hadn't had much excitement lately and were itching to get their teeth into something new. Gibbs, however, didn't share their enthusiasm. In his experience, quiet work always meant a storm was coming.

"Morning Gibbs" Abby greeted cheerfully as she handed him a coffee; a reversal of his normal role of getting her a drink. Accepting it with a grateful nod, Gibbs sipped the hot beverage before returning the greeting, "Morning Abs."

"So, whadda we got?" Tony asked almost chirpily.

"Multiple homcides with what appears to be ritualistic symbols on the latest victim to-be. She claims someone saved her from to quote 'the beastly thing that tried to attack her'." Gibbs said, not needing to look at his copy of the file and passing the others their own copies, complete with crime scene photos.

"She's alive?" Tony asked. Wasn't too often they had almost-victims. Members of the victims family and suspects, sure, but not almost-victims.

"Boss, why are we getting this case now? I mean the Feds were on it before, why hand it over to us?" Kate asked curiously, flipping casually through the file.

"Supposedly because the latest 'victim' is a Navy employee" Gibbs said in a tone that made it obvious he didn't accept the reason.

"Maybe also because the Feds couldn't solve the case?" Tony said, posing his theory half-question, half-statement.

Gibbs nodded, "That's more like it but the director made it clear it was our case, for better or worse. So let's get to it. Abby, I want you to run down those symbols-

"Don't need to" Abby said, interrupting and laying out the photos of the symbols in question. "See this one here?" the young forensic scientist said, pointing to a five pointed star surrounded by a circle, "That's a pentacle, it's most commonly used by witches-"

"Isn't it the sign of the devil?" Tony asked.

Abby grimaced, "That's a common misconception made by the narrow minded and uneducated. The pentacle is the most common symbol for protection, used, like I said, by witches and other magic and occult groups. There's nothing evil about it. This one here? It's the runic symbol for protection, those three are the old alchemical symbols for silver, also commonly used for protection- lots of evil supernatural stuff is harmed by silver, so their symbols give some protection as well. That one there is one I haven't seen used like that before- it's a combination of symbols, but from what I can see, united they're obviously meant to protect as well. Whoever laid this down knew their stuff- and wanted to keep that lady safe as houses" Abby said conclusively.

Gibbs stared down at the symbols a moment longer before flicking his eyes to the young gothic scientist. He didn't doubt her knowledge in the weird and occult for a moment. "So this guy the woman told the police about, he was using... occult symbols to 'protect' her? From what? He thinks there's some monster out there doing this?" Gibbs asked skeptically.

"Oh Gibbs, you big cynic, just because you didn't learn it in the marines doesn't mean it's not true. Millions of people all over the world hold belief in the supernatural, from Santa Claus to the Devil to faeiries, goblins and angels. Thousands of cultures for thousands of years have given tribute and sought protection against supernatural entities." Abby said in a slightly scolding tone.

Tony and Kate stared at Abby. "You believe in all that?" Kate asked, eyeing the younger woman.

"Uh, hello, Goth?" Abby said, waving at her black clothes and jewelry, "I might not practice the craft but I don't not believe either"

"Have you ever seen a supernatural entity?" Tony asked, eyebrows raised.

"Well, my aunt once swore she had a ghost in her house, but I didn't see it. That's like asking have you ever seen the wind. Just because you didn't see it doesn't mean it's not there" Abby said.

"Nooo, but I can feel the wind" Tony answered.

"You can feel cold spots left by spirits too" Abby pointed out.

"Alright kids, break it up" Gibbs said, intervening before it got too far. "Abby, I want you to come with me. And yes, Kate I know it’s not protocol but I don’t think any of us are capable to spot anything ‘weird’ like those symbols, so I’m taking Abby" Gibbs added, Kate’s mouth opening and closing.

Normally Abby wouldn’t go out in the field, being a forensic scientist and not a special agent, but Gibbs had a weird feeling about this case, those symbols tingling his intuition and Abby was all things weird.

"Where are we going?"

"To pay a visit to our latest victim" Gibbs said, grabbing his coat and heading for the elevator.

"Cool, see ya guys" Abby called over her shoulder as she ran after Gibbs.



"I really can't thank you enough, Dean" said the striking middle-aged woman as she plonked into a chair, handing a mug of coffee to the young man sitting at her kitchen table.

"Oh letting me hide out here and not giving me over to the cops is thanks enough, Ms. Sabene" said Dean Winchester with a warm smile. Since saving Mary from becoming his latest hunt's next victim, the pair had gotten on like a house on fire, Mary sharing the same fiery nature and sense of humour as Dean.

"I still don't understand why you wouldn't want to go to the police..." Mary said, voice trailing off as the pair turned towards the sound of the door knocking.

"That could be the police again, mind if I hide?" Dean asked with a grin. Mary had insisted he stay with her while running the case and, against his better judgement, he had given in. It also helped she'd accepted the whole 'evil exists and will rip you to shreds' and had actually asked him to help 'evil-proof' her home and car. That and the woman loved ACDC almost as much as he did.

"Sure" she answered with a grin, "my bedroom good enough?"

Dean grinned back "Well, Miss Sabene, I do declare, that might endanger your maidenly virtue" he drawled back in his best 'southern gentlment accent'.

"My maidenly virtue was struck off the endangered list years ago young man, now get into that bedroom before whoever's at the door comes bursting in here like some gung-ho saviour. Speaking of gung-ho saviour... that reminds me of someone..." Mary teased as she pushed Dean towards the bedroom.

Ducking into her bedroom (The nearest room and least likely for someone to go into. Why people though hiding in bathrooms was a good idea was beyond Dean; someone almost always needed to go and they were the first place searched), Dean slipped the door closed just as Mary opened her front door.

"Mary Sabene? I'm Special Agent Gibbs, this is my assistant, Abby, we're from NCIS. The case has been handed over to us as of now. If you could spare the time, we have a few questions we'd like to ask you?"


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