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Talented hands 2: The Exchange

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #2
Chapters: 003 Word Count: 3826
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): Disturbing Imagery or Content
Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Abby Sciuto, Ziva David, Ensemble, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst/Drama, Crossover, First Time, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Tony/OMC
Crossover Shows: CSI
Summary: Six months are alomst over and Tony is anxiously awaiting his flight back to Vegas and the man he loves, but he's not the only one who's got an
adventure in his future...

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Talented Hands 2: The Exchange 1/?

AN: Just a shorty to start, but ya'll know me better than to think anything that follows will stay that way... lol.



Seated half on and half off Tony's desk, Abby swung one foot and laughed softly at the joke her colleague had just made. Uncharacteristically, she'd allowed Tony to maintain his silence about exactly what happened on his long-ago weekend in Las Vegas, sensing that whatever he'd gone through, it wasn't something he would accept being teased about. If she pushed him, he would have shut down and stopped talking to her all together. In the past few days, however, he'd been growing increasingly distracted, nervous and excited and she'd finally decided it was time to change her policy, before he left for half a year and all her chances at getting the truth out of him flew away with his plane to Nevada.

Letting her gaze roam over his desk, which was considerably more messy than usual, a gleaming corner of metal caught her eye and she pounced, digging it out from under a pile of file folders. Focused on his computer screen, Tony didn't realize how much trouble he was in until Abby spoke up and by then it was far too late.

"When did you get an MP3 player?"

"Huh? Is that what it is? I had no idea..." Tony lied smoothly. "It probably doesn't even work."

He reached out with a smile and false casualness, but the younger woman easily evaded his grasp.

"Yeah it does... boy, whoever owns this is up to his neck in love with somebody. Wow... nice song selection, too. Mix of country, pop, soft rock... and not your usual choices..."

After scanning through the song list for another few seconds, Abby turned and stared at Tony, a barely-there smile gracing her lips. He waited for her to speak, but soon realized she wasn't about to. Finally, he sighed, surrendered and rose to his feet, followed swiftly by Abby.

"Conference room."

"The real one or Gibbs' ?"

"Gibbs'." Tony decided after a brief hesitation.

Once in the elevator with the emergency stop button engaged, Tony dropped down to sit on the floor and Abby joined him, once again fiddling with the player.


"It's mine, okay? A gift... and yes, I know how it works."

" 'Right Here Waiting', 'Get Here If You Can', 'It's Now Or Never'... your picks?"

"No. Theirs."

"Boy, she really knows how to say "I miss you", huh?"

Tony stared at his hands then turned a tense smile on Abby and employed her 'I'm *not* going to say it out loud, damn it, but I know you get it anyway' technique to perfection. Eventually, her eyes widened. "Oh... so you... so it's not... wowww."

A moment later she grinned ear to ear and popped him in the shoulder with a loose, easy fist.


"Details, DiNozzo! Let's go, give it up!" she demanded joyfully.

Her smile drew a resigned, wistful echo out of Tony as he leaned back against the wall and half closed his eyes.

"His name's Warrick Brown. He's a CSI with Vegas PD. God, he's so beautiful... and such an amazing human being in general."

"Beautiful is way too vague." Abby insisted. "I want descriptions."

"You would... okay, okay. He's tall... maybe got an inch or two on me. He has this perfectly trimmed beard... really light though, not thick and heavy. And his eyes... you just wouldn't believe."

"Oh, yeah. Eyes are really important." Abby responded seriously.

"His... they're this color I swear I've never seen before. Sometimes it's more green, sometimes it's closer to gold. Hazel just isn't the right word... it isn't enough. Oh, and his smile... when he wants it to, his smile is so sweet it could convince Osama to become a practicing Catholic. I could tell though... he could use it as *such* a freaking powerful weapon if the need was there. He never did it in front of me, but one look and you just know... you know?"

Abby laughed and dropped her head down onto Tony's shoulder.

"Like I said, up to your neck in love." She murmured, slipping the MP3 back into his hands.

"I am. You wouldn't think I'd be so sure. I mean... I've never been there before. Up to my ankles, maybe... I love the way his mind works. Instead of just e-mailing me about what song made him think of me that particular day... he sends me the artist, album title and track number and I have to go look it up to find the individual tune."

Abby sighed, the sound half regret and half joy.

"How did you ever manage to wait six whole months?"

"Keeping in touch with him two or three times a week... plus, I had no choice. Gibbs tried, but he just couldn't get Madame to back down."

"She can be such a putz sometimes."

Tony laughed brightly and stretched his head back, tears of sheer happiness pricking at his eyes.

"Not sure if that's quite the right word, Abs... but I'm with you on the sentiment."

"Damn..." she exclaimed suddenly, picking her head up and checking the time. "... we need to get the elevator going again."

"I guess so. I told you how much I'm going to miss you, right?" he asked as he stood and punched the button once more.

"Every other day. I think I'm the only one you've told, though." She mildly reprimanded as he rose to stand by him, grasping his hand tightly.

"Nobody else is gonna much care, Abs, you know that."

She frowned and punched him again.

"Oww! Will you quit that?"

"I was wrong, *you're* the putz! How can you think Timmy and Gibbs and the rest don't care about you?! Not to mention the hundred other people in this building you've touched and helped and-and just made laugh and feel better..."

"Okay, okay. I'll make sure our team all get special goodbye messages." He said, hugging her briefly. "Just promise me no parties, alright?"

"Nothing? At all?" she countered, pouting slightly.

"I've got too much to think about and get done these next few days. I just don't have the time."


"Abby. I know you too well. Promise me. Right now, young lady..."

"I swear, no huge party. On my honor."

As the doors slid opened on their floor again, he snuck a peek behind her back to make sure no fingers were being crossed. Satisfied, Tony drew her out and back to his desk, where he'd hidden a picture of Warrick the other man had snail-mailed to him. "Ooooh. You didn't do him justice!" she enthused. "He really is gorgeous... and you were right about the smile!"

"Wish you could see it in person..."

Hearing the others approaching, Tony shooed her out of the bullpen and replaced the picture just in time.

"Get it in gear, DiNozzo. Got a case." Gibbs announced moments after he appeared. Tony gratefully stowed the player in a desk drawer, locked it, gathered his things and followed his boss and the other two back toward the elevator.



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