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Tony Noticed...

by: Chrate (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 011 Word Count: 8934
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Abby Sciuto
Category(ies): First Time, PWP
Pairing(s): Gibbs/Abby
Summary: Tony was a good investigator. Gibbs was about to find out just how

Author Notes: I'm writing this story because I don't think Gibbs or Abby would ever take action left to their own devices, but I think it's pretty obvious they should. I don't own the characters (more's the pity - Donald Bellisario is a GENIUS), and I'm writing this for fun, not for profit. I will be making no headway in my checkbook or career due to this piece.

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Tony Loves a Good Show

Tony Noticed...

Chapter 1: Tony Loves a Good Show

Agent Tony DiNozzo was bored as he sat at his desk and attacked, one sheet at a time, the six-inch tall pile of paperwork sitting on the corner of his desk. During the heat of investigation, he had the habit of simply throwing anything not immediately relevant to the task at hand into this pile. With no open cases, and knowing that mixed in with the facsimiled offers of cheap vacations, doodled-on banner pages and other items due for shredding or recycling were required forms that the Director had demanded six times in the last week, he no longer had an excuse not to do this.

He started writing a reasonably accurate description of his actions in the recently closed Lariczek case. At the same time, he crumpled up a page urging him to make millions playing the stock market and expertly aimed it at the side of McGee's head. It rebounded as McGee startled upright from his own paperwork, rolled off the side of McGee's desk and fell neatly in the waste basket.

"And a rebound off McGee for two points and the crowd goes wild!" he announced.

"Why two?" Ziva asked. "You only got it in the basket once."

"Well, you see, here in America, we have this game called 'basketball,' Ziva," Tony explained in a playfully condescending manner. "And in basketball, getting a basket is worth two points."

Ziva initialed a requisition form and muttered under her breath, "Why? Why not make it worth one?"

"Because..." began Tony, before realizing he really didn't know the reason for that. "Ow!" he said suddenly, because McGee had just hit his ear with another balled-up paper. Grateful for the distraction, Tony grabbed another sheet in order to retaliate.

"Sounds like a ridiculous game to me," Ziva announced.

Across the room, Tony watched as Gibbs let out a deep breath and got up from his own desk, striding purposefully for the elevator. The escalating war with McGee forgotten, Tony quickly got up and followed his boss. He had a good idea where Gibbs was going, and if he was right, it would give him a chance to move things along a bit, and maybe even earn him quite a bit of money.

When Gibbs reached the elevator door, he turned and gave Tony the famous "Gibbs Stare." Tony, though not entirely immune to its effects, smiled innocently and asked, "Where ya going Boss?"

"To see Abby. There something you need, Tony?"

"No. I'm going to see Abby, too. I need some details on a result of hers...for my paperwork."

"Alright, DiNozzo. I'm getting coffee first. I expect you back at your desk with your results and out of Abby's hair by the time I bring her drink," Gibbs said and headed for the elevator. Tony followed, and Gibbs pressed the 1st floor for himself and the basement for Tony.

Ever since he started working for NCIS, Tony had not failed to notice that no matter how tough and gruff he was with his agents, and even with his old friend Ducky, there was one person to whom Gibbs was unfailingly kind. As he entered Abby's lab, he considered just how he was going to investigate his boss's feelings for his lab rat, knowing that despite Gibbs's order, he really had to be there when Gibbs returned. He was sure he was right about his boss being in love. He was also sure he'd have to act on his findings soon, for many reasons.

He walked right up to Abby and started playing with her hair, not really saying anything, but knowing he needed to stay his playful self. He put full concentration into it.

"Tony, what are you doing?" Abby asked with her usual squinty glare that gave away she was suspicious. Tony rewarded her with one of his most charming smiles.

"Abby, I have been informed by the boss that I am to be out of your hair by the time he gets here. Now, how am I supposed to do that if I'm not in your hair to begin with?" And he ran his hands all the way from her forehead to the end of her bangs before she finally batted him away.

"Okay, but why are you here?" she smiled.

"Oh, I came down to get some details from something, which I could have called about instead, but I would rather break the monotony of my day by visiting my favorite girl for a bit."

"Ah, how sweet. Which case?" She headed for the cabinet where she kept her court files, since everyone was fully aware that if Gibbs had told him he better out of here when Gibbs arrived, she better at least look as if she were looking for something for Tony.

"The Lariczek case. The blood spatter. Where was the point of origin?"

"You could have called her for that, DiNozzo, and why didn't you have that in your file already?" Gibbs stormed in, walked right up to Abby and pressed himself against her back while he held the drink in front of her. She squealed in delight, grabbed the drink and stayed right where she was against Gibbs while she took her first sip.

This was not lost on Tony. It never was. This was the show he'd come for. He was going to win a lot of money when Gibbs retired just he could get it on with his favorite forensic scientist. Yes! But even more importantly, it proved to him that he should push this along, because it had been an awfully long time they'd watched this dance, and life was too short. He'd learned that with his latest undercover assignment. He'd had his heart broken-he shouldn't stand by and watch while two more people wasted their lives.

"DiNozzo? You need something else?" Gibbs was advancing on him.

"Yeah, Boss. I need to say, you two should get a room whenever you drink caffeine," Tony smirked, and then turned tail as fast as he could, but hoping Gibbs would take the bait. He was not disappointed.

The next thing Tony knew he was slammed up against a wall, Gibbs having taken a firm hold of his lapels.

"Aw, you two play nice. Abby is too young for such violence." Abby interjected, and then turned to work on her computer again, stealing regular glances their way.

To her surprise, Gibbs completely ignored her and continued to stare in a threatening manner at Tony. She wasn't sure what to think of this side of Gibbs. Over-protective? Defending his own honor? Defending hers? Hmm...this was a fun side...well, it could be if utilized properly.

After an awkward few seconds, Abby cleared her throat. "Um, Gibbs...I think you might have forgotten that you just slap him on the back of the's the bad guys that get slammed into the wall," she stated, ever helpfully. She had approached the two and was waiting for Gibbs's typical obedience to her. She got it.

Gibbs released Tony, but motioned him to the elevator. Time for one of those talks...

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