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Cup of Coffee

by: GetMeBeforeIGetYou (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 006 Word Count: 25215
Rating: TEEN
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo
Category(ies): Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: After "Leap of Faith" Tony does his very own leap of faith. Will he get more than he has bargained for? Spoilers for S05E05

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Title: Cup of Coffee

Author: LovelyLadyLooks

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: pre-slash (can be read as slash), slight OOC for Gibbs

Spoilers: Season 5, Episode 5 Leap Of Faith

Disclaimer: Not mine, everything becomes CBS, Belissario & Co

Author’s Notes: Just a little something I came up with after having watched Leap of Faith. I almost wrote something Gabby but as a devoted Tibbs/ TonyGibbs fan I just couldn’t. lol. Hope you like it. Feel free to leave reviews.hehe ^.^

Cup of Coffee

Tony knew the moment he saw the car driving up to him that it was either being hit and ending with possibly lethal injuries or jumping over the wall and hoping for his backup to be in time to pull him back up. There was no other way this could turn out. Not with the speed the car had and Tony was willing to bet that their maul wouldn’t have any qualms to run him over.

He also knew that it was irrational to call out for his boss, for Gibbs to save him since McGee was his backup.

Still he couldn’t prevent crying for help from his supervisor. It had always been Gibbs who had saved him or pulled him out of tight spots. The most prominent of all times probably was when he was locked in the sewer with Atlas. He could still remember the smell of death and decay surrounding him. And he still could remember the feeling of relief when he heard his boss’s voice. From then on it was only a matter of surviving until Gibbs found them. And find them Gibbs did.

Funny how all these thoughts come up when you’re on the brink of death again. Just that he couldn’t really laugh about it. He had to save his energy and hang on to the wall because he really didn’t want it to end like this. Not at all.

When McGee finally made it to level 7, Tony’s arms were aching and he knew he wouldn’t have lasted much longer. Granted, he was not one for giving up but his body, as fit as it was, could only take so much strain. When he felt the probie’s hands on his arm and jacket to support him and pull him up he almost sighed from relief. There was no way he would ever make fun of his colleague again. He would have died without him.

“I love you McGee. I Promise never to give you a hard time again. You’re alright.” was all he could bring out. Adrenaline and exhaustion were pouring over him in waves and he had a hard time catching his breath. He was sure that his life expectancy had decreased another 5 years because of that stunt alone.

Back at home after having left the office he immediately placed Abby’s back rose in a vase and stared at it wistfully. He knew why Abby had given it to him. It was not only because she still loved him, as she claimed when she had handed over the flower.

No, it was also to thank him for staying with NCIS. Just like Abby he too had gotten multiple job offers during his carrier and had he considered them in the first year, he now dismissed them immediately.

For NCIS and his team he had given up on his usual style of changing jobs every two years. One morning he had woken up and wondered how much longer it was until his 2-year-limit and had found that he was already 7months overdue. With a warm smile he had gotten up and ready for a new day at work.

True, people like Fornell would welcome him with open arms and even Homeland Security had voiced its interest but he had denied them all. He couldn’t leave his back up, his team, his family. He needed them and he liked to believe that they needed him too.

“Would he miss me if I go?” he sang softly. He wasn’t a musical buff as much as a movie buff but this one line had stuck with him ever since he heard it. He couldn’t deny the feelings it portrayed but he could always hide them. At least at work.

With a heartfelt sigh he headed to the bathroom and after a quick shower he fell into bed.


The security guard didn’t deem it unusual for Tony to come in at 5h30 in the morning. In the beginning it was found slightly suspicious but after days, weeks and months passed in the same fashion the staff just got used to it. Gibbs’s reputation was well-known so the coming in early and leaving late wasn’t as surprising as it would have been for a member of a different team.

Getting started wasn’t difficult. He was practically the only one in the large office room and all alone in Gibbs’s bullpen. Work wasn’t hard to find. Their boss had sent them home after having wrapped up the case. Reports were the only remaining things to hand in and Tony saw his chance to get ahead in the time he was alone and could fully concentrate on the happenings of the previous day.

Hearing the elevator come up and open he looked up surprised. It was still only 5h45 and official work wouldn’t start for another 2 hours. Shrugging his shoulders he moved to go back to work when he recognized that it was Gibbs who got out of the elevator.

“Hey boss. You’re early. And two cups of coffee? Must have been a short night… or a long one depending on the point of view I guess.” It was obvious that Tony was in a good mood and Gibbs couldn’t help but notice the soft smile in his subordinate’s eyes.

“That’s where you’re wrong DiNozzo. This one,” he said upon slightly shaking his second cup of coffee and placing it on Tony’s desk, ”is for you.”

Looking from the cup now standing on his desk to Gibbs and back again he couldn’t help but wonder if all this was real or one of his more tame fantasies involving his boss and supervisor. Deciding to just go with the flow he took the coffee and smelled at it.

“Mmmm Boss, thanks. That’s just the thing to get the day started properly.” One sniff was enough to tell him that this was the good stuff. Not some cheap drive-in coffee but the home made version with a rich and delicious flavour.

The first sip confirmed his thoughts. The taste was slightly bitter but not overly so. He took another sip, this time trying to truly taste the hot liquid that rushed into his mouth.
Creamy whipped cream hit him first, with its notes of vanilla and sugar. The flavour was quickly followed with an intense rush of chocolate and a light taste of hazelnut - both perfectly tempered by the smoothness of milk. Underneath it all lurked a hint of strong bitterness, but in surprise, Tony realized that the contrast actually served to make the other flavours all the richer and sweeter.

It was divine.

“Wow” was all he could say.
“I take it you like my version of mocha with double chocolate, hazelnut syrup and whipped cream?”
“That’s gotta be the understatement of the century. Why do you always drink that sludge you call coffee when you can make something… something gorgeous like this?”

Gibbs just had to laugh. He knew it was out of character for him but seeing Tony’s adorable expression he just couldn’t keep it in. He already wanted to pay the younger man a visit yesterday evening after the events at the parking house but his conversation with Rachel took longer than expected. They had never met before but they had connected over her brother’s tragic death. Both had now found some sort of closure, something he admittedly had needed desperately.

“I simply prefer the other kind. That’s all. Doesn’t mean it’s the only type of coffee I know. You like the fancy stuff, I’m the down to earth type.”

“Truer words, Boss.” Without thought Tony toasted to his boss and since it was curiosity that killed the cat it was only a few second later that he asked the question that had been on his mind from the very beginning. “Thanks again. I appreciate it but how did I earn it?”

“I could probably show you better than I could tell you.” was the cryptic response Tony got.

What was his boss talking about? If he didn’t know better he would say that Gibbs was coming on to him. And that couldn’t be true, now, could it?

“Speechless DiNozzo?” the smirk on his Boss’s face spoke volumes and he just knew that his boss was flirting with him.

Gibbs. Flirting. With me. Wow.

“When and where did you have in mind?”

Never let it be said that Anthony DiNozzo was passing up opportunities and this one was too good to be true. He knew with a hundred percent certainty that his hero crush on Gibbs had evolved to love quite some time ago. It hadn’t happened over-night, no but it had happened nonetheless. He liked the other man’s attitude, his smiles, his take on life and his determination and thoroughness. And this was his chance to get the whole package.

“Tonight, dinner at my place, 2000? Sounds ok?”

“It’s a date.”

“Is it, DiNozzo?”

Tony could practically hear see the doubt in his boss’s eyes. He never would have judged the other man as insecure but Gibbs’s nervousness made him all the more adorable.

“It’s Tony when we’re alone. And yeah, it really is a date. In every sense of the word.”

The smile he got was reply enough and Gibbs’s shoulders lost the slight tension he had detected earlier but not thought about further. Tonight they would talk and see where this would get them. He would go with the flow and hopefully they would work out.

The future suddenly looked brighter than it had when he had gotten up this morning


P.S.: If you like the coffee-description, credits go to Jennavere ^.^

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