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Back To School (Sequel to Undercover Cover-Up)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #3
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 21873
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): BDSM, Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Crossover, Established Relationship, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Crossover Shows: JAG
Summary: It's been a few weeks and Tony is starting to relax and get complacent, thinking he's seen the last of the house. Big mistake...

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Back To School 9/?


Clay and Tony had another half hour, spent lightly touching and talking in near whispers, before any of the others felt they could tear themselves away from the remaining trio. Tony evaluated the weight and pace of the footsteps, made a silent guess as to who it was and turned to confirm, smiling when he found he was right.

"A.J..." he murmured happily, stretching his neck up and forward a little when the older man kissed him briefly on the pulse point.

"Anthony. Having a good night so far?"

"Oh yeah. It's been amazing. Intense and draining... but fantastic. I just hope... I've never done this before, so I have no idea if..."

Tony halted, obviously censoring himself, dropped his head and blushed faintly. A.J. chuckled and sought out Tony's eyes with his own intent gaze, drawing the other back to look at him again.

"You're doing fine."

"Thank you." Tony responded with such sincerity and genuine gratitude that A.J. had to swallow to clear the lump from his throat. Clay saw the reaction in the other dom's face and laughed quietly.

"I know. I'm not ashamed to admit it got to me too. He's like nothing I've ever known, that's for sure."

A.J smiled sadly, stroked Clay's face and kissed him gently on the cheek.

"I have, and someday, when you're ready to re-discover that man... I'll give you what you need."

Clay now found a lump of his own blocking off his response, but he didn't try force words past the obstruction, acknowledging that the older dom knew him well enough not to require an answer. "It's alright, Clayton. You know I understand... and I can be as patient as you need me to be."

Turning back to Tony, he took the young man's hand. "Well... is it my turn to discover the wonder that is Anthony DiNozzo?"

"Whatever you ask, sir... I'm willing. I just have to warn you that I've already had three... three tonight. If that's what you want, I may not have anything left..."

"You never know with nights like this, but it probably won't end up going there."

"Ummm... that's what Clayton said when we started and I still ended up doing a pretty accurate impression of Old Faithful."

Both doms laughed as A.J. tugged Tony onto his feet and responded to the concern the young man had expressed.

"Given enough time, four isn't beyond the realm of possibility. You might not produce much more fluid, but the physical and emotional feelings can be just as powerful. More so, sometimes."

"Like I said, this night has been incredible... so anything you want, I'm in."

"Good man. C'mon..." he said, heading for the sofa and pulling Tony gently along. The younger sub hesitated, watching with curiosity as Clay approached a seemingly blank section of wall and pressed a button, dropping a well-camouflaged Murphy bed down to the floor.

"Huh. I guess I just assumed... the last couple times Jethro and I slept on the mats. I thought about there being a bed, but not like that..."

"There's another one still hidden. Harmon I will probably join Clayton at the end of the night and you and Jethro can take the second bed."

Tony blushed lightly once more and grinned as he began to follow A.J.'s lead. "What?"

"I, umm... maybe you could... stay with us instead? I'd... it'd be cool to know what that's like."

"Again, not beyond the realm of possibility. Here..." he offered, gesturing to the couch. "... lay down. That's right... good."

Relaxing deeply, Tony released a long, quiet breath and let his weary eyes slip closed. "Stay just like that. I'll be right back."

Several minutes later, A.J returned with a tray covered with a variety of dishes and bowls. Setting it carefully on the large end table near where Tony's head lay on the arm of the couch, he nudged the other man into sitting up a little and claimed the empty space, resulting in Tony's shoulders and upper back resting across the dom's knees. "You alright with this?"

"Mmmm. It's fine. What're we doing?"

"Indulging your hedonist side a little more. Plus... it's one of my favorite sensual games." He replied, plucking a pineapple chunk from a dish and offering it Tony, who accepted it readily. Once he'd swallowed, he directed a wary expression and a cautious question up at A.J.

"You heard that?"

"We weren't that far apart and you and Clayton weren't using telepathy or anything."

"True. We didn't disturb you did we?"

"No, not at all. I only caught snatches and words here and there. That just happened to be one of them. You were right, you know. It's not a bad thing." He said, feeding Tony a piece of apple coated in cinnamon sugar then licking his own fingers clean. He laughed to himself when he realized the other was avidly watching the process as he chewed. Playing on the interest he saw, A.J.'s next selection was a spoonful of honey. He pulled the utensil back slowly and swiped at a drip on the corner of Tony's mouth with the tip of his pinky. This time, however, he didn't move to do anything about it himself. Eventually, Tony's eyes moved from the finger up to A.J.'s face.

"Can... I mean, do you want me to..."

"I'd love it, but only if you want to."

Tony nodded and the older man laid the digit against the sub's lips. Tony's tongue flicked out briefly and stroked over the sticky flesh. The action was followed swiftly by a sub-vocal moan. "Anthony?"

"Wow... just... wow. More?"

Of course." A.J. chuckled. Tony barely took the finger between his lips, but it was clear he was enjoying the sensation, reluctantly surrendering it only when he could taste no more sweetness.

"I... I've never felt anything like that. The taste was so weird... but I really liked it."

"I could tell. You like chocolate too, I hope?"

Tony's eyes lit up.

"Sometimes, more than life itself."

"Dark or milk?"

"Dark. It's stronger, deeper... got more character than the lighter kind. Quality milk chocolate is good if I'm just in a mood for a really rich treat... or something with a filling like raspberry or cherry. It's almost like it *needs* another flavor to make it worth the effort. Milk is for bad days... when I'm feeling unsure or I need stress relief. Dark, though... dark chocolate's good enough to stand up on it's own. When I shine at work and I know I was confident and strong, I pick up something dark. It's a reward. Like... I have to earn the right to eat it."

"Well... it's definitely a dark chocolate night, then."

Tony thought for a long moment before he accepted.

"Okay. I am kinda proud of myself."

"You damn well should be." A.J. agreed, popping a small square of dark Belgian into Tony's mouth. "I know you don't see it yet, but your luck in finding a master dom like Jethro goes both ways. He's needed you for so long, Anthony... needed someone worthy of his formal claim and his mark, the time and love he puts into training... worthy of holding onto forever. He's felt you were that person for close to a year, now. He just couldn't get past the fear that if you found out about this part of his life you'd run from him."

Tony turned his gaze down and responded very softly.

"I almost did."

"Tell me." The older man said, laying a gentle hand on Tony's head, the fingers sifting through his hair.

"The night he started showing me my place in all this, telling me how things worked and what responsibilities we have to each other... I was standing outside his house and trying to convince myself that I was doing the right thing. The fear was so damn strong, though."

"You trust him."

"Most of the time, without question."

"Then why?"

"In the office that afternoon... he wrapped a hand around my bicep and all of a sudden I could only hear him. The background office stuff, all the noise and music that usually fill up my head... they were just gone. Then he said close my eyes and I didn't hesitate. I just... did it."


"Yeah." Tony confirmed, taking a spoon of vanilla pudding dusted with nutmeg and pausing to swallow before he continued. "It totally freaked me out that I gave up control so easily. I didn't know it was supposed to be a good thing. That night I was back-pedaling, about to take off for good, when he opened the door. He said he knew how I was feeling, but I had a choice to make. I asked him to explain that sensation... the falling, but he wouldn't say anything else and I knew if I wanted my questions answered I had to choose to go inside. So I did."


"Not a single one. He told me everything I needed to know... and he made me believe that he loved me and would never hurt or force me. It's always my choice."

"That's right."

"I made a good one." Tony said quietly, but with conviction. "I got Jethro... and he gave me the gift of all of you. Couldn't ask for a much better return on the faith I put in, could I?"

"We're the ones who got the gift, Anthony. If it kills me, I'll see to it that you get that through your head someday."

"You can crack me in the back of the skull, like Jethro does. He'd probably tell you it doesn't work, though..."

A.J laughed and reached for the spoon again, but Tony minutely shook his head.

"Fingers again?"


"You are amazing..." he replied, bringing the dish of honey towards him instead. Dipping two fingers shallowly into the dish, he fed them to Tony one at a time, uncaring of where any drips landed as he was fairly certain he'd get to be heavily involved in any eventual clean up. "Slow... go slow, now... good... so beautiful... God, I'd pay to be there the first time you go down on Jethro... he may not survive this mouth."

Tony blushed again, but he didn't retreat or let his anxiety dictate to him, though he felt the need to express it.

"I hope you understand I'm not trying to seduce you, sir, or make any moves I'm not supposed to. This just feels right and natural and I... Jethro said if I felt comfortable I was allowed to do whatever I could find the courage for..."

"Shhh. Easy. Of course you can. Take your time... anything you'd like to try is acceptable."

Sitting up, Tony half-turned and scanned the tray quickly then looked back to the dish A.J. still held.

"You don't like honey?"

"I do... but not as much as some of the other choices."

"Okay... apple?"

"You choose, Anthony." A.J. reproved mildly.


He gently took the plate with the honey and replaced it, picking up a bowl of cherry pie filling. Scooping out a small amount, he shyly offered it to the admiral, who accepted it with a relaxed smile. Tony then swept the residue off his chin and fed him that as well.

"Mmmm. One of my favorites. I was hoping you'd take that one."

Tony opened his mouth to reply, but found no words available, so instead he bit his lip lightly and let his eyes roam slowly over A.J.'s face. Sensing a bit of encouragement was needed, he spoke up in a gruff, heated voice that he believed reflected what they were both feeling. "You want something, go for it."

The young man shivered, but he took the advice and leaned forward, kissing the dom tentatively. When an arm came around his waist, holding him in place, he hummed in surprise and pleasure and pulled back a little, breathing faster. A.J. looked from the bowl to the tray and Tony obligingly put the cherries back, barely able to tear his gaze away long enough to be sure it wouldn't drop to the floor instead. When the dish was safely placed, he dove in for another kiss, which A.J eagerly returned, his arm involuntarily tightening across Tony's lower back. It was several seconds before either man retreated this time.

"Wow... you are one hell of a kisser, sir."

"You're no slouch, yourself, Anthony. Not by a long shot..."

Abruptly, Tony realized that, just as A.J had predicted, his body was preparing for one more orgasm. He turned his face away briefly, gathering his courage, then dared to peek and find out if the other man was in the same state. His suspicion confirmed, he frowned and began to apologize, but the admiral forestalled it.

"Ah-ah. What did I tell you earlier?"

"Anything I'm brave enough to try is okay."

"So what is it you want?"

"I... to touch you. To do what the three of you were doing to each other before."

"We can definitely handle that. Do you need guidance or would you rather just explore on your own?"

"Ummm... I understand the mechanics, but... knowing what you like would help."

"Other than a firm touch and a willingness to talk to me... it's all good."

"What do you want me to say?" Tony whispered close to A.J.'s ear as his hand slid hesitantly up the other man's thigh and into his lap, pressing and rubbing. He gasped and his hand stuttered momentarily when A.J. began to stroke him as well, but he recovered swiftly.

"Tell me how it feels, Anthony... how *I* feel..."

"Hot... and damp with sweat... bigger every second... I can actually feel the changes, just like when I masturbate... that is so incredible..."

"More, sweet boy... more words..."

"Mmmm.... you... you're leaking so much... makes you slick... makes my hand move easier... I think you're... you're almost ready to..."

"I am. Just a little faster... that's it... so perfect..."

Both men found release seconds apart, though, also as he'd predicted, A.J. produced far more than Tony's body was able to. The young man couldn't find the energy to care or be embarrassed, however, as he shook and panted in the admiral's embrace.

"My God..." A.J. finally breathed against Tony's forehead, "... you are utterly intoxicating. Jethro and I are definitely negotiating a private session with his sub sometime in the near future."

"You too? I'm gonna end up in the hospital..." Tony joked.

"Clayton asked did he?"

"It was more like a demand... but I'm okay with that. He needs me."

"I imagine he does. He's been very lonely. I'm proud of you, Anthony. We all are. You did so well tonight... open, strong, willing to learn and try... everything Jethro asked of you and more."

"I did my best... that's all." He answered sleepily. A.J. laughed gently, slid his arm under Tony's legs and rose to his feet, cradling the exhausted man in his arms. As he moved toward the wall with the beds, he found Harm and Jethro just releasing the second one. Once the covers were pulled back, he tucked a now soundly sleeping Tony underneath them and turned to his own sub.

"Are you okay sharing just with Clay tonight? Tony asked..."

"Of course love. Go ahead. See you in the morning."

A.J. hugged him long and fiercely before releasing him to slide in next to Clay. Turning, he took up the space Jethro had left him on the near side of Tony, settled the blankets around him to his satisfaction and closed his eyes.



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