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Back To School (Sequel to Undercover Cover-Up)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #3
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 21873
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): BDSM, Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Crossover, Established Relationship, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Crossover Shows: JAG
Summary: It's been a few weeks and Tony is starting to relax and get complacent, thinking he's seen the last of the house. Big mistake...

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Back To School 8/?


Chuckling, Harm touched Tony's shoulder with a gentle hand and spoke close to his ear.

"Anthony... it's okay. More than okay, actually. What you just accomplished is something that hasn't happened to A.J. in years."

Tony marginally raised his eyes to acknowledge Harm while still trying to block out the sights and sounds of the men a few feet way.


"You turned him on so much he *and* his partner of the moment both ended up focused on a third person instead of staying totally locked into each other. You don't know what a compliment that is."

"I... wow. I still can't look yet. God, am I ever gonna get used to everything that goes with this life?"

"It'll get easier, yeah. What you'll learn to do is adjust to the surprises that are waiting around every corner."

"G... Jethro wouldn't ever let me get hurt."

"No, he wouldn't. You've got a fabulous Dom, Anthony. According to A.J, he's one of the best. Loving, dedicated, protective... but he's also got a sense of adventure that'll shock you. I agree, you'll never get hurt, but I guarantee... the scariest most exciting amusement park ride you ever took is a carousel compared to where Jethro can take you. You just have to be willing to follow..."

"I'm trying... God, I'm trying. I keep getting bogged down and tripped up by my doubts and fears..."

"Anthony, look at me. No, all the way... right in my eyes. That's better. Now listen close. You need to stop being ashamed that you're human. I've been with A.J. for a year now and I still question, still get afraid. The day you stop connecting so powerfully with your emotions is the day you start worrying. Get it?"

Tony grinned and shook his head.

"Got it."

"Good. Now... if I'm hearing right A.J., at least, is almost done. Will you turn around and watch with me?"


"Trust me, they want you to watch. When you were in the hammock with Jethro, the rest of us knew you were looking and it just made it hotter. C'mon... yeah. That's it... watch Clayton especially. When a really intense orgasm hits him... God, he's a sight to see..."

As he watched A.J. bring Gibbs off with an expert touch, and Gibbs do the same for Clay, Tony felt heat slowly creep up his face and his body try valiantly to respond to the incredibly stimulating scene, though he knew nothing much was going to happen so soon after his own release. Turning his face away once more, he murmured something almost inaudible, causing Harm to grin and request a louder repeat.

"I said... I've only heard about circle jerks. Never thought I'd actually *see* one..."

When a strong hand dropped onto his shoulder a moment later and Clay's warm laugh sounded close to his ear, Tony jumped slightly and turned to face him with a rueful smile.

"Sorry if that was crude, sir. I don't know any other way to describe it..."

"Neither do I, so it's no problem. You recovered yet?"

"I've got my breath back, sir. Getting another... that may have to wait a few minutes."

Clay leaned in and spoke softly, but decisively, savoring Tony's shiver at the warm breath touching his skin.

"Say the word."

The younger man swallowed forcefully and did as he'd been commanded.

"An erection. Getting another erection may have to wait."

"It can, for as long as it wants to. That's not what I'm after tonight. Turn over and stretch out on your stomach for me."

Tony paled and gazed swiftly from Gibbs to Clay and back, his expression slightly drawn and concerned. Jethro spoke a few quiet words to A.J. then moved immediately to his sub's side.


"I... I'm sorry, sir. I had a-a moment of panic, but I'm fine now."

"Panic. Over what?"

"Something I was asked to do. Clayton hasn't... I just wanted to be sure the same understanding we had before is still in effect. If it isn't, I can deal with that... I mean, it won't be easy, but I'd do it if you asked me to..."

Reaching out, Jethro gripped Tony's bicep and spoke firmly to him and the other instantly responded by falling silent, closing his eyes and listening intently.

"Anthony. Calm down."

Tony drew a deep, shaky breath, held it for a moment and expelled the air more smoothly before replying.

"Calm, sir."

"Good. Tell me what you were asked to do."

"Lay on my stomach. I jumped to a wrong conclusion, I know that now, but in the moment..."

"... you were afraid. I understand. Clayton... since we're on the same level I can't demand anything of you... all I can do is ask. The agreement I made with Harmon was that very light bondage and anal play were in bounds, but penetration was out. Will you honor that arrangement?"

"Of course I will. You're the one who knows him, knows his limits." He agreed easily then addressed Tony. "I wasn't trying to scare you, Anthony. Push you a little, but not scare you. I'd really like to play... but you know it's always up to you. Can you trust me?"

"I do. This wasn't about... in my head I know how patient Jethro is being with me... how slow he's going for my sake. It's just that... sometimes it still seems to be happening way too fast and that kick-starts my issues... I'm sorry, sir. I trust you. I'm ready... I'll do whatever you ask."

Clay spent a few minutes simply touching Tony's hair, face and hands and studying the young man with a purposeful expression. Only when his examination seemed to be finished did he speak again.

"You are so strong and beautiful. You need to understand that I want you... bad. It won't happen tonight, but I promise you that someday... when enough time has passed and Jethro tells me you're ready... I'll take you somewhere for a long weekend and you and I will lock ourselves away from the world. We'll make love over and over, until neither one of us can move... then we'll sleep, I'll feed you breakfast in bed and we'll start all over again."

Recalling Jethro's vivid description of what it was like to be the sole focus of Clay's attention, Tony blushed scarlet, but this time found the courage to hold the other man's gaze as he responded.

"Yes... sir. And tonight?"

"I have a few ideas... but we'll see how it goes."

"Understood." Tony told him, rolling over onto his stomach and pillowing his head on his crossed arms. Clay stroked his back once then turned to Jethro. "You can go see what the other two are up to, now. Anthony and I will be fine."

"I know. He's the one you had to convince. Nice job, by the way."

"Thank you. Have fun." He chuckled as Jethro stepped away.

"Yeah, maybe in a half hour. I don't exactly make an instant comeback either...especially after a session with Admiral magic hands."

Clay laughed.

"Magic everything else, too. Relax, Anthony. I just need to grab my massage kit and I'll be right back."

"Massage? Cool..."

By the time Clay returned, Tony had consciously surrendered the majority of the tension he'd built up since the misunderstanding with the smaller Dom. The first stroke of warm, oiled hands over his shoulders did the rest of the job. When Clay remained silent after several minutes, Tony became curious and spoke up.

"Aren't you... mmm, wow that is so good... aren't you gonna ask me any... oooh... questions?"

"No. It's your turn."

"Me? Hmmmph.... I can ask anything?"

"Anything at all. Just know that you may not get an answer."

"Okay... have you always known?"

"That I was a Dom? I knew I had the personality to command and lead, but living this life... I didn't find out about that until my early twenties. I was lucky to be taken under the wing of a very good man. He was a lot like Jethro, come to think of it. Strong, but incredibly compassionate... smarter than almost anybody I've ever known... plus he had a wicked sense of humor *and* he was gorgeous. The man was sexy as hell... there wasn't anything about him I didn't love."

"I hear sadness..."

"We're still the best of friends... but we weren't meant to be soulmates. That, he found right under his nose at work. He's been in a committed relationship for almost two years now."

Something of the deeper emotions the memory engendered must have leaked out, even though he didn't intend it to, because Tony slowly sat up, turned back over and impulsively hugged Clay around the neck. It took a few seconds for him to realize that what he'd done could be a serious breach and to abruptly pull back, a look of mild horror on his face, but Clay swiftly reassured him. "It's alright. Just tell me what brought that on."

"I could hear how much you want and need someone like that in your life. Felt like you needed comfort. I'm sorry I disobeyed..."

"You didn't." Clay murmured, drawing Tony back into a full hug. "Your heart is so amazing, sweetness. Don't ever apologize for following it when you think someone else is hurting..."

"I *knew* you were." Tony countered gently, pulling back a bit. "I won't ask, I swear, but whatever it is you do for work.... I think you consider it more important than being able to have full-time love in your life. I can't imagine how much that must hurt sometimes..."

Clay's fingers slid up to cradle the back of Tony's neck while his thumbs caressed the young man's face slowly.

"It does... but you're right. What I do is very important. If I'd ever found someone as special as you are, though... who knows how different things might be?"

"Hey, whenever you're home, and as long as Jethro's willing to share once in a while... I'm here for you. Just ask. Like you said, we'll take a weekend, go somewhere private... and I'll help you pretend."

Clay grinned softly, tightened his grip a little and leaned in to drop a light kiss on Tony's lips.

"God, just knowing you had the courage to offer that to me... thank you, Anthony."

"You're welcome, sir."

"Turn back over and let's keep going with your massage."

Tony complied readily and Clay, adding more oil to his hands and warming it, resumed his work. Lost in their own thoughts, both men were silent as Clay worked his way from Tony's upper back to his lumbar area. The moment he reached this threshold, as he anticipated, Tony tensed. "Easy... take it easy. Nothing to worry about... your ass is as much muscle as any other part of your body and it can benefit just as much from massage. Relax..."

"I know. It's just I'm already... recovering and..."

"You're what?"

"Right... I meant to say that I'm hard again. I just don't understand why everybody wants me to talk dirty tonight..."


"Yes, sir. He... he said he wanted me to talk like that because I'm afraid of it... afraid I'll be punished for speaking up... saying what I really wanted him to do."

Clay kept silent and eventually Tony sighed and added to his comment. "He could be right."

Clay laughed and replied in the softest, most seductive voice Tony had ever heard.

"There's a big difference between dirty and erotic, Anthony. Worlds of difference... if the right person's doing the talking."

"And, umm... you'd be... willing to give me an example? Sir."

"Possible. Let me finish with this side and we'll get you turned over."

"I'm ready. Go ahead."

Again, Tony momentarily tensed, but gradually he relaxed into the warmth and expertise of Clay's hands, the faint scent of the oil and the minute-by-minute knowledge that the older man really wasn't about to make any unwanted advances. Once again, silence reigned as Clay made his way down Tony's thighs and calves, but the Dom found himself fighting off an urge to ask what the hell had happened in his past to cause the level of fear, uncertainty and mistrust he'd witnessed over the past few weeks. He held back because he knew neither the inquiry nor the possible answer had any place in a session meant to be light and joyful, but he swore he would convince Jethro and A.J. to help him coax the truth from Tony on some future night.

Once he began to firmly stroke Tony's ankles and feet, he was rewarded with a sigh and a quiet groan.

"Never had your feet massaged, hmmm?"

"I have... but it's been way too long. God, how could I possibly forget how massively *good* this feels..."

"You haven't been pampered enough, sweetheart. Jethro will take care of that, trust me. Time to roll over."

Languidly, Tony complied, hoping for facial and scalp massage as well. When he'd settled in, Clay granted his unspoken wish.

"Mmmm... fantastic."

"You're a little hedonist, aren't you?"

"If it means getting treated like this... hedonism can't possibly be a bad thing."

"No... as long as you know how, where and when it's appropriate to indulge it."

"Like... now for instance?"

"Yeah... like now." Clay agreed, his hands sliding down to caress Tony's neck and the underside of his chin. "Jethro wants more than your body and your willing obedience, you know. He's been looking for you for years, Anthony... looking for the one with a soul that called to him. Finally claiming you, allowing himself to believe he had the right... that was probably the hardest thing he's ever done. I mean... accepting that *anyone* could be his second chance, never mind a gorgeous young man with a strong, open heart like yours... he fought seeing it for a long time. Then your office was invaded and he got so lost... it forced him to finally look at how much he needs you. Your love, your spirit, your strength, everything. Of course now that he's into your body a little bit... going slow in that arena is an even tougher job."

Clay now shifted to Tony's upper arms and shoulders, stroking firmly, and the younger man squirmed for a moment, though he was still grinning softly.

"Mmmm... you'd never know it. He makes patience look so easy..."

"Like I said, he loves all of you. It's not just about the physical act, although as talented as Jethro is... your first time will be burned into your memory for eternity, trust me. When he makes love, he literally *makes* love... creates something you can almost see. You feel it, sense it... smell it like a subtle perfume hanging in the air above the bed. You talk about patience... kid, you won't see the true depth of his patience until you decide you're ready to surrender your body to him completely. It could take hours... hours of touching, teasing, laughing, talking. He'll have you so desperate you'll be crying and pleading... then he'll soothe you and calm you down, kissing you again and again and whispering the most incredible, loving things you've ever heard... and then, when he's sure everything is perfect and you're both at the absolute peak of passion... then he'll finish it. You've never known anything like it, Anthony. That moment when you feel him go still... and then the liquid fire and the rhythm of his pulse shaking you apart from the inside..."

Clay now pressed his warm, oiled fingers around Tony's nipples. The touch, combined with the intense language filling his ears, caused the young man to arch slightly away from the table for a moment and cry out.

"Ahhh! Please... please go easy... I'm really s-sensitive there... and I'm so close..."

"I know. You need to come, just do it... don't hold back, sweetheart... let it happen..."

"Oh... oh God... can't..."

"Yes, you can. You deserve it and you're allowed. Show me how beautiful you are when you come, Anthony... that's it... show me... twist, scream, push your hips up... come, Anthony... let it fly everywhere... cover me in it... you are such a beautiful man..."


It took several minutes for Tony's breathing to calm and drop back closer to a normal rate and while he recovered Clay continued to lightly massage him, gliding over his abs, down to his thighs and back up.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. Boy, do I get that difference now... erotic is definitely better."

Clay laughed softly, leaned in and murmured in Tony's ear.

"I usually prefer it... but not always. When we fulfill that promise we made to each other, you'll get to hear a lot of both. I can't wait to find out which one drives your RPM's higher..."

Tony slowly sat up and reached out to touch Clay's cheek, pulling back at the last moment. The other man smiled, gently grasped Tony's fingers and laid them against his face. "Go on. I can see you need to say something."

"I... I don't think it'll be either one."

"Uh-huh. So what *will* it be?"

"I'm just figuring out that what really turns me on is being sure, in my heart and my head... that the person I'm with actually gives a damn about me."

Clay drew Tony's hand down to his lips for a brief kiss and sighed ruefully before responding.

"Me too, kid. Me too..."



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