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Back To School (Sequel to Undercover Cover-Up)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #3
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 21873
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): BDSM, Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Crossover, Established Relationship, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Crossover Shows: JAG
Summary: It's been a few weeks and Tony is starting to relax and get complacent, thinking he's seen the last of the house. Big mistake...

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Back To School 7/?


With the blindfold securely in place, Harm guided Tony closer to the table and helped him hop up onto it then stretch out on his back. He gently reclaimed the pair of scarves Tony still held and separated them from each other, laying one on the edge of the table and running the other through his fingers as Tony had done earlier.

"You still okay?"

"Yeah. Fine. The anticipation is intense, but in a really good way."

"You expected it to feel otherwise?"

"No, not with you. Someone I didn't trust, who I wasn't sure would stick to what they said..."

"I know. Been there, done that, never doing it again."

"Sounds like I'll be doing as much listening as talking when we go to dinner."

"Maybe." Harm replied quietly, stepping up to the head of the table. "But that's later. Right now... we need to be in the moment. Exist here, Anthony. Live only for the next stroke of my fingers... the next erotic word. Forget your eyes and let your other senses take over... let them drink in everything they can possibly hold. Nothing else matters but your body and the pleasure it's capable of giving you..."

Tony gasped as Harm gently gripped his hands and tugged his arms above his head. "Easy. I'm going to use a scarf to keep your wrists together, but I won't secure them to the table. If you feel like you have to bring them down again, you'll be able to do it."

"No... no, I need to believe I'm safe... believe in you. I can handle the... the loss of control."

"I'm not stripping anything from you. I wouldn't do that. Try and think of it as willingly surrendering the control instead. Every day people depend on you to get justice for them... sometimes even to save their lives. Now you can let that weight go... forget the person you are in the outside world and focus on who you get to be in here."

"Anthony... I'm Anthony..."

"That's right..." Harm confirmed, reveling in the shiver he induced when he ran his fingertips from Tony's now lightly bound wrists down his arms to his inner elbows. "...and tonight this part of you is allowed to be a sensualist. In this space, for these few hours, Anthony is allowed to only think about what he needs and to ask for whatever that is. So..."

"I... I need to be touched... and like you said, I'm new to this, so I need to learn new techniques... things I can take back and expand on in session with Jethro."

"I can handle those with no problem. Just understand that I won't be *trying* to teach you. Anything you learn will be a side benefit. This isn't a session... it's play." Harm assured him, moving back to Tony's left side and letting one end of the remaining scarf drift across the younger man's collarbone.

"Ooooh. That's... interesting."

"God, I hope I can get stronger language than that out of you by the time we're done." Harm laughed.

"It's my collarbone, not my... yow! Nipples!" Tony cried out as Harm rubbed the silk firmly over the small dark circles.

"Yow is a little better. Still not what I'm looking for, though... How much control do you have tonight, Anthony?"

"I... I don't know. Normally my stamina's pretty good and I've already... I've been there once tonight, so the edge is off... but with all the new sensations, and the blindfold, I'm just not sure."

"That's okay. I want this to last... for you to get all the pleasure you can in the time we have. Do you want the ring?"

Tony opened his mouth to answer, but his brain was still processing so he closed it again. A few minutes of deep contemplation later he finally responded.

"I want it to last too, so... yes."

"You've had experience with it?"

"Once. It was seriously intense..."

"That's the point. It takes the bliss to a whole other level... helps you put control right out of your mind. When you don't have to constantly fight with your dick over who's in charge... your focus switches to where your partner's hands are... what his mouth is doing. I've been with A.J long enough now that I don't really need it anymore, but sometimes... it's fun to go back to it." Harm told him as he retrieved and lubed the cock-ring. "Okay... here we go. Hold tight..."

"Oh... your hands are so warm... and soft. Except the... the fingertips. God, calluses are so sexy..."

"Wait 'till your first all-nighter with Jethro. I'm sure working with hand tools would produce a lot more rough spots than playing guitar. Lift up a little for me... good. There. Secure. Now we can really get started. So what is it you were discussing in the hammock?" he asked lightly, picking up the scarf once again and letting the soft material slide randomly over Tony's cock and inner thighs.

"Damn... uh, we were... talking about you and A.J... how you sucked him off. It... it looked impossible, but... Jethro said it just... jeez! ... takes practice..."

"He's right, for the most part. Some people's gag reflex is just too sensitive. I'm lucky. It only took one or two tries and some instructions for me to learn. Now... I have no problem with it. Sometimes, A.J. doesn't even have to ask. I just know when he needs me to take him in and I do it gladly... anywhere, anytime. I love the feel of his flesh slipping into my mouth and down my throat... I love how he tastes... I love looking up and watching him go crazy when I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock." Harm mused, letting his thumb gently start to circle in that exact spot on Tony.

"Oh, God... yes..."

"Better and better. Now you're starting to sound passionate... like your desire and lust are finally taking over."

"Rub harder... just a little bit harder..."

"I will if you really want me to. Do you want to go there now?"

"I do... but I want this to keep going, too... it feels so good..."

"Then be strong, okay? I swear, later on, when you absolutely can't stand it anymore, I'll take the ring off and suck you in so deep... and you'll sob when you come... partly because it's such a relief and partly because you don't want it to end. "

"Yes... okay... anything... do whatever you want... just do something, please..."

"Uh-uh. It's what you want, Anthony. You tell me what to do next."

"God... my chest... touch my chest again... that was so amazing..."

"Yeah... your beautiful nipples... stiff and aching to be twisted and licked. Let's see how much more mud we can get you to throw on your language..."

"Why? I don't... understand..."

"Because you're afraid of it... afraid that if you just let go and yell out all the dirty things you want me to do that you'll be punished. It won't happen." Harm assured him as he wrapped the scarf loosely around one hand then pressed that hand against Tony's stomach. "You're free here, Anthony. Free to feel and taste and scream whatever you want, as loud as you want."

The hand glided up and began to rotate directly over one of Tony's nipples. The younger man groaned and made incoherent sounds of pleasure, but couldn't quite bring himself to speak the words that were swirling and sparking in his brain. Harm acknowledged the strain in his partner's face and backed off the pressure a little. Instead of continuing the intense stimulation, he used the silk mitt he'd created to stroke Tony's face and upper arms.

"Okay, relax for me, Anthony. Relax... that's it. Good. Easy. Let's try this... tell me what you love about your Dom's body."

"I've really... mmm... only seen it once and... like you said... I was focused on other things..."

"Picture that night in your mind. See Jethro standing in front of you. He's just walked out of the dressing chamber... tall and proud and completely nude. You can't take your eyes off him, can you?"

"No... but I feel like... I should... like it isn't right to be... ogling him that way..."

"Now you know better. He loves you and he wants you to know him. Freeze that image and look all you like. Study his body... and tell me what you think."

"God... he's nothing like I thought. He hides so much under the clothes he wears at work. His arms are all muscle... and his chest.... but it's not blown-up bodybuilder hype. It's... real, like he did hard work out in the world to earn what he has. His legs are incredible... defined and solid. My hands are itching to just reach out and touch..."

"It's your imagination. Go ahead and do it."

"I can't... couldn't. Even before he explained all the Dom/sub stuff... I knew that. I knew he'd have to make the decision... that he'd have to choose me."

"And does he? Run the movie for me..."

"In my head, I'm begging and pleading for him to see me... feeling like I'll either cry or implode if he doesn't look at me in the next few seconds... and finally he smiles and strolls over to where I'm waiting. He runs a hand through my hair and... I just can't help but lean into his touch. He holds out his other hand, I take it... and he pulls me to my feet, telling me how much he always wanted me... how he can't wait to make love to me. We're so close I can feel the heat of his body... so powerful it feels like it's pounding and clawing its way through my skin. I can't think or talk... but I don't have to. He knows what I feel, what I want and need. Then he kisses me, long, slow and deep... and the room is gone, the world is gone... he's all there is for me. My Dom and the bond of trust and love we've built are the only things that matter now..."

His expression tight with the emotions Tony's recitation was arousing in him, Harm turned his gaze briefly to Jethro, as if to ask why the hell he had waited so long to take such an amazing young man into his heart and his bed. Gibbs simply smiled and shrugged and Harm could almost hear the unspoken reply:

{I'm an idiot.}

Harm briefly covered first one ear and then his eyes, indicating that Jethro had also been deaf and blind. The older man grinned, minutely tilted his chin down in acknowledgement, then gestured at the other sub to get back to work. Harm returned the smile and complied.

"Yeah... I've been there. A.J... sometimes, at the end of a really tough day, he pulls me close and kisses me over and over, without saying a word... and it just drives everything out of my head until I finally unwind and relax. Other times, he'll talk to me between kisses... and suddenly I'm more focused than I've ever been in my life. How about Jethro, hmmm? Is he still talking to you?"

"No... now he's just... staring at my body... up and down. I'm blushing so hard it feels like somebody set my head on fire."

"You're a dream for him... of course he wants to take his time instead of just jumping right in. The real thing is still watching us, you know... standing over there a few feet away. His eyes have barely left you since we started... "

"That intensity... it scares me sometimes. Nobody's ever made me feel like he does. I don't always know how to take it..."

"None of us do at first. You get used to it. Just keep telling yourself that it means we're loved and wanted."

"I know. That's why he's doing this for me... with me. If he didn't love and trust me I never would have been invited into this world. I think... I hope the rest of you will come to trust me too..."

"Done deal. Time to start revving the engine again, hmmm?"

"Yes... please. I want him to see... to know that I'm willing to do whatever he asks."

"What do you think he's asking of you tonight?" Harm asked quietly, working the silk back down over Tony's upper chest.

"To... to be open about my pleasure... be proud of my body... and trust you to take good care of me because he trusts you."

"Wow. Pretty big goals for a beginner to accomplish in just a few hours. How about we focus on just one for right now? Let's just keep working on that first part, okay?"

"Mmm... yeah... okay... I, uh... I really like how this feels. I thought maybe I'd be... scared... but I know I'm safe... so right now... it's all good. God... that's so weird... I had no idea my... my chest was so sensitive..."

"Your what?" Harm teased lightly, tweaking and twisting with gentle fingers.

"Ohhhh! My nipples! My nipples are sensitive!"

"They sure are. Not used to talking during sex, are you? To asking for what you want. You like to just get on with making your partner feel good... and let your pleasure happen on its own schedule."

"Y-yes... I try to be... considerate."

"Considerate is good. I hope nothing ever hurts you badly enough that you lose that... but just for tonight, we're changing your routine. Talk to Jethro. Fantasy or real, it doesn't matter. Just tell him what you want... where you love to be touched."

"I want your smile... the one you gave me when we came in tonight. It says I made you proud, pleased you... did it right. I never knew, never understood... but now I live for that smile. Part of it... is that I know your hands won't be far behind... stroking my face, holding my arm. That touch... it burns right through to my soul sometimes... and makes me so hard I wanna cry. You keep talking about how it'll feel when you finally make love to me... and every word makes me want that day more and more. I imagine your fingers and tongue and lips and skin... and the heat of your body when you lay on top of me. I want all of that and I want it now... but I know I'm not ready yet. I have to be patient... have to trust you to tell me when the time is right..."

"That's fantastic, Anthony. You're doing so well. Now talk to him about what's happening to your body. Make him feel it, even though he's all the way over there..."

"Oh! Ohhhh... he's... he's stroking my balls... squeezing... just l-lightly... I... ahhh hell... I'm on fire right now... every inch of skin feels... like it's coated with... wet pop rocks... sparking, tingling... driving me higher and higher... oh God, Jethro... it's incredible...
Ahhh! Now he's fisting my cock... oh, finally... skin on skin, sliding up and back... slick and easy and slow... it feels so good... but I need to come... I want you to see me come... I can't stand the waiting much longer..."

"Just another few minutes, Anthony, I promise." Harm assured him, moving away to retrieve one more item from the floor. "I just want to show you one more thing, alright? Here... put the sole of your foot against my shoulder... that's right, like that. Now the other one on this side... don't be afraid to brace or push a little. I'm strong enough to handle it..."

"Wait... I thought you... Jethro said..."

"I won't be breaking my promise. I just need you a little more open and accessible... so I can show you something amazing. Relax for me... good... good man." Harm soothed, switching on the vibrator in his hand to its lowest setting and touching it to Tony's inner thigh. The younger man jumped, trembled and finally let loose with some of the strong language Harm had been trying to coax out of him

"Shit! What the hell..."

"Vibrator. Hang on... it gets worlds better..." he chuckled, moving the toy down to drag it gently along the side of Tony's cock.

"Oh my God! Now! Please take the harness off now! I have to come... have to come..."

"I hear you. I'll take it off in just a second. One more shift of position first... try and stay in control until I can get my mouth over you. I want every drop you can give me..."

Harm notched the intensity on the toy up one level and then pressed the shaft against Tony's exposed entrance. Before his young partner's scream of shock and ecstasy had begun to fade, the ring and harness were removed and, as Harm had vowed, Tony's cock was swiftly engulfed by the other man's mouth and throat. Long minutes later, when Tony's breathing had slowed and he was once again stretched out prone, Harm moved back to stand by the head of the table and removed Tony's blindfold and bindings. The young man blinked and smiled wearily, his eyes quickly adjusting to the subdued light. What he saw when he pushed up to one elbow, however, turned his grin to an expression of astonishment, brought a deep flush to his cheeks and made him pull his gaze away. While he'd been unaware, his audience had grown from one to three, all of whom were pleasuring each other and avidly staring at him.



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