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Back To School (Sequel to Undercover Cover-Up)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #3
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 21873
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): BDSM, Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Crossover, Established Relationship, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Crossover Shows: JAG
Summary: It's been a few weeks and Tony is starting to relax and get complacent, thinking he's seen the last of the house. Big mistake...

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Back to School 6/?


"A.J. said it was alright?"

"It was his suggestion, sir. As usual, the choice was mine whether or not to take the advice."

"A suggestion isn't a rule or a command."


"I'm glad you decided to approach. You're welcome to join us. I'll even leave the choice of equipment and toys up to you. Within reason."

Harm bit his lip slightly and twisted to briefly look around the room and assess what was available. When he looked back to the pair in the hammock, he had a sweet smile on his face.

"Is anal play acceptable, sir?"

Gibbs felt and heard Tony's breathing speed up, but his young protege offered no protest and asked no questions. Knowing what a measure of trust that silence was, Jethro honored it in his response, while still leaving the door open for his sub to gain a touch of experience.

"Gentle play, yes. With Anthony, there's to be no penetration whatsoever."

"Understood, sir. Bondage?"

"As long as it's very light and all the safety rules are explained to him first... I think he can handle that. Anthony?"

"Me? I... I get to say yes or no?"

Gibbs chuckled and kissed Tony's cheek.

"Always, love. Always. Can you answer the question?"

"Ummm... I've never even thought about... being tied up. I don't know anything about it."

Harm's smile broadened as he rose to his feet, holding out a hand to Tony.

"Let me show you? Nothing will happen until and unless you feel safe. Alright?"

After a fleeting moment of hesitation, Tony nodded and accepted Harm's assistance to rise from the hammock. Gibbs was close behind. Harm led Tony to a cabinet similar to the one he'd seen on his first visit. This time, however, it wasn't locked and Harm simply swung the double doors open. Tony's reaction to the contents was much the same as it had been before, but he pushed the anxiety aside and leaned on his fledgling capacity to trust, certain Gibbs would never allow Harm to go beyond the boundaries he'd agreed to a few moments earlier.

"Here..." Harm murmured, reaching to retrieve something lying on a shelf. "... these should be perfect."

When he turned to face them again, Tony realized he was holding silk scarves. "Go on. Touch them. You need to be sure about this."

Hesitantly, Tony accepted the soft lengths of fabric, running them slowly through his fingers.

"Can... am I allowed to ask what could be a... really personal question?"

"Absolutely. Go ahead."

"Everybody must have different reasons why they get into this life... will you tell me yours?"

"Why do I submit, you mean?"

Tony nodded. "That's a huge question. We can get in depth over drinks and dinner some day, but... the simplified version is that I discovered I needed it. In the outside world, I take on massive amounts of responsibility. The lives of men and women are literally laid in my hands every day. A.J. helps me step away from that... submitting to him means being able to just shake all the weight off my shoulders for a while. I can sleep, eat... that makes me more effective and better at what I do. 'Course, the fact that we love each other doesn't hurt either..."

"When did he tell you that? Actually say the words?" Tony asked, finally looking up and meeting Harm's eyes.

"The first night. After we talked about everything he was offering me, he reached out and ran one finger down my face... just one. That was all it took. I slid out of my chair and down to my knees in front of him. He got on the floor with me, took me in his arms... and whispered that he loved me. In that moment... I knew I'd never really believed those words from anyone else before. Not deep inside, where it mattered. Right then and there... I was his completely."

Tony flushed, scowled faintly and refocused on the scarves. "What?"

"It's not that easy. I want it and I can feel it happening..."

"... but too slowly?"

"For me, not Jethro." Tony admitted with a weak smile. "He swears he understands, that I have to go at my own pace... Clayton said the same thing when we came in tonight. I just... I feel like I should've been able to do it the way you did. Know and trust that it's right... and give Jethro everything. I say the words and it's not like I'm lying. I mean it and I want so bad for it to be real... "

Harm chuckled gently and took Tony's face in his hands.

"Anthony, take a breath. Slow down. Okay?"


"Good. You're not me. I never had to go through your pain, so I came to A.J. from a very different place."

"You... what did they tell you? How do you know..."

"Nobody had to tell me anything. I can hear it when you talk. The hurt drips off every word."

"If he... I keep thinking that if he has to put too much effort in, he'll... he'll get disgusted and decide I'm not worth it... that if he can't bring me around, nobody can."

Gibbs struggled with the urge to step in and reassure Tony, having to force his feet to stay in place. His heart and body screamed that he needed to hold and touch the man he loved, but rational thought finally overrode that craving. Tony was soaking up consolation and wisdom from an experienced sub, but one who he still perceived to be on his level, and Gibbs knew this was far more important at that moment than physical comfort from his Dom.

"Renovating a soul isn't like slapping up drywall and paint in a house, Anthony. You've obviously been lied to... told that you were loved when the person spitting out the words didn't give a damn about anything except what they could drain out of you before they threw you away. Damage like that doesn't heal like magic... even once you find someone who means every word they say. If you can just hang in and give Jethro time... he'll prove that he genuinely loves you and he's with you for the long haul, no matter what."

"I want that... I want to do that."

"Desire is the first step, but it's not enough. If you're sitting back on your heels and waiting for him to drag you up to each new level..."

Fire flashed in Tony's eyes briefly, a change Harm was pleased to finally see.

"I'm not. He knows I'm trying. I meet him more than halfway, I do whatever he asks, even if I'm not sure or it's beyond what I think I'm capable of..."

"And you keep achieving the goals he sets?"



"Because he's doing it for me, not him. If he asks me to do something, it's to help me become stronger or braver or more confident. Seeing me do well makes him happy and builds my trust more... and the more secure I get, the closer we are."

"That... is probably the best definition of true love I ever heard. Now, are you ready to go have some fun?"

Tony bolstered his fragile grin and responded with a bit of real excitement.

"Yeah. Let's go."

"Hold on a minute. I've got a few more things to grab. Where is that thing... I wish this room was exclusive so the toys and equipment wouldn't get moved around... but all of us together couldn't afford to even make an offer... Ah, there it is. Now I need one of these... that... okay. I'm all set."

Turning with his hands full, Harm gazed curiously at Jethro. "Do you want anything before I close the cabinet, sir?"

"Not right now. Later, when Clayton takes over with Anthony... then maybe you and I and A.J. will see if there's anything in there that piques my interest. For the time being... I'm perfectly happy to watch you two play."

"I'm looking forward to it myself. Are there any restrictions beyond what you already laid out for me?"

"No. You both have free rein. If I see anything I disapprove of, trust me, you'll know."

Tony turned a questioning glance on his Dom.

"Free? I can... touch and kiss... whatever I feel like I have courage enough for?"

"Whatever. I'd especially love seeing him give you a lesson or two on what were talking about in the hammock... but it's up to you."

Tony blushed again, deeply enough this time that he could feel his skin heat up, and turned his face away.

"God, I wish that would quit! I feel like such a baby..." he grumbled.

"When it comes to this, you are, but that's nothing to get twisted up over. So you've got a lot to learn, still. Better to be inexperienced and willing to change than too ashamed to admit what you don't know. People stagnate with that attitude. They don't grow or ever get anywhere." Harm told him, smiling broadly as he headed off toward another section of the huge chamber.

"I know..." Tony responded, closing his eyes for a moment before he followed. "I'm dying to learn... about this and everything else I possibly can. I'm just glad courses in new crime scene technology don't have to be taken in the nude."

His hands still full, Harm stopped in his tracks, turned and stepped close to Tony, sliding one leg in between the other man's and rubbing his hip lightly against the younger sub's still exposed cock, which, in his emotional turmoil, Tony had utterly forgotten about.

"Mmmm, me too. Everyone else in the room would be crawling all over you... and then A.J. and Jethro would have to kill them. As good as I am, not even *I* could get them acquitted. Better that you only get naked with the four of us..."

Tony drew in a quick breath and moaned two words over and over as he exhaled

"Be vulnerable, be vulnerable, be vulnerable..."

With a swift kiss on Tony's neck, Harm laughed and moved away again, leading the way to an enormous padded table in the center of the room and placing the items he held on the carpet.

"I'm glad you remember that advice."

"It's helped a lot. I can open up my heart easier to Jethro... and the naked thing."

"Baby steps, Anthony. That's all you're expected to take right now." Harm assured him, stroking his hair slowly. "Like I said, I can see how badly you've been hurt in the past... but that's over. You're safe now. Safe... and loved... and valued. Time I showed you that. You ready to get going?"

"Yeah. Ready willing and able."

"Okay. First tell me your safeword."


"Sketchbook. Got it. If anything is painful or you just get scared beyond what you can tolerate, use that immediately. No hesitation. I'll stop and we'll work out the problem before anything else happens. Clear?"


"Do you have an intermediate word yet? One you can use if you just need things to slow down?"

"No. We, uh... we haven't gotten that far. Gimme a second... Francis. That'll work."

"That means something to both of you?"

"Dick Francis. One of my favorite authors. Jethro's too."

Gibbs chuckled and responded wryly from his vantage point on the floor a few feet away.

"We'll discuss how you know that when we get home."

"I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation." Harm mused as he unbuttoned his shirt and stripped it off. Tony watched him with well-disguised interest, and a bit of jealously at the ease with which he did it, then nervously began to follow suit. It took several minutes, but eventually he stood naked before his fellow sub. As his gaze slid unhurriedly over Tony's body, Harm grinned wickedly and whistled.

"What?" Tony protested mildly. "You saw me before. Nothing new under the sun..."

"I had a job to do that night. Yeah, I was aware you were naked, but I didn't get to focus on the details. Man, am I glad tonight is different..."

Tony kept his hands at his sides, though it was a battle, but he also turned away. Harm swiftly moved to stop him, gently holding him in place by the shoulders and looking intently into his eyes.


"I know. Can we talk later? Go to dinner, like you said... and really talk?"

"Anytime you want."

"Okay." Tony replied, visibly relieved, despite the anxiety still hovering at the edges of his expression. Though his heart ached and he longed to sit Tony down on the carpet and have that conversation immediately, Harm knew it wasn't the time or place and he followed the young man's lead, vowing not to let too many more days go by before they got back together.

"Now for the safety rules. The first I already told you about..."

"Don't be ashamed to use my safeword if something's seriously wrong, or the intermediate word if I just need to slow down."

"Right. Always play safe and don't let anyone take that option away from you, no matter how much you trust them. Second; ask for what you want. If I'm doing something you enjoy, there's nothing wrong with speaking right up and asking for more. If it's the opposite, ask me to stop or go back to something you liked."

"That's a safety rule?"

"If you can learn to talk when it's feeling good, you'll be more likely to do it when it's painful or frightening. That keeps you safe."

"Oh. Makes sense. The third?"

"If I ask you to do something to me and you don't think you can handle it, tell me. Doing something you're not comfortable with just because you think I'll be angry or disappointed if you don't... that's not acceptable. You always have the right to say no, Anthony. Always. Those are the only major rules."

"So basically... they all boil down to me *not* keeping my mouth shut. What a difference from the rules at work..."

Gibbs grinned and shot back a curt reply.

"Oh, you are so lucky I can't reach the back of your skull from here..."

Harm looked concerned about the comment, but Tony reassured him.

"It's not what you think. I'll explain later, okay?"

"You better. All set?"

"Yeah. Let's go..."

"Brave man. Take a deep breath and stay relaxed, Anthony. This spooks some people the first time..." Harm warned. Reaching out to where he'd laid the things from the cabinet, he retrieved a blindfold and slid it over Tony's face. "Okay?"

"Uhhh... for now."

"You can't see?"

"No. Nothing."




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