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Back To School (Sequel to Undercover Cover-Up)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #3
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 21873
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): BDSM, Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Crossover, Established Relationship, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Crossover Shows: JAG
Summary: It's been a few weeks and Tony is starting to relax and get complacent, thinking he's seen the last of the house. Big mistake...

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Back To School 5/?



As Tony was slipping into his jacket and tugging his backpack onto his shoulder, Gibbs stepped close to him, grinning lightly, and the younger man knew something was up. He had to wait until Ziva and McGee had said their goodbyes and gotten on the elevator before he discovered exactly what his Dom had in mind. The easy grip on his bicep had Tony immediately focused and listening intently.


"We're going straight from here to the House. Leave your phone and pager locked in your desk with your gun. The pack can stay in my trunk until you need it again."

"The House. Sir, I'm doing fine. My emotions are under control, I'm dealing with my insecurities about us..."

"Relax, Anthony. The House isn't always about therapy or training. Remember Mikhail?"

"The blonde guy. He said... he wished it could have been a fun night instead of you needing to heal. So... no tears or throwing up?"

"Not the second one, anyway. You may end up shedding a few tears before the night's over... but only if I tease you too long before I let you come."

Tony's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to question that statement, but Gibbs tightened his grip a little and the young man took the hint to make a different inquiry.

"The others?"

"I know A.J. will be there and he'll probably bring Harm. Clay, you never know about. The way the world is today, he's almost always busy, but if he's in the states and home... yeah, we'll probably see him too."

"God... okay. I trust you, I trust them... I can go with the flow here, I really can."

"I know you can. C'mon. Lock up your stuff and let's get going. The timing is a little more casual tonight, but we still don't wanna make 'em wait too long. Knowing A.J., he'll start without us..."



"Steven. Looking good." Jethro complimented the other man, handing back the sign-in book.

"Thank you, sir. Welcome back. You do have your key card?"

Gibbs pulled out his wallet, extracted a gold plastic square with a magnetic strip and handed it over. It was plugged into a machine, updated so that it would operate the elevator they were headed for, and returned. "You're set for tonight, sir. Elevator two. Enjoy the evening."

"I plan to. Thanks." Gibbs replied with a chuckle as he replaced his wallet and led Tony away down a nearby hall.

"Elevator? I mean... I knew there was a second floor, you can see it from outside, but I never thought about..."

"You'll get all your answers in a minute. Just breathe and try to stay cool." Gibbs advised as they stopped in front of the closed elevator. Jethro waved the card at a reader, the doors slid open before them and he guided Tony into the small space. Gibbs now pulled out his keys, chose one, inserted and turned it. A motor began to rev faintly and the car purred upward, stopping a few seconds later. Retrieving his key, he led the way out into an enormous room. Tony followed, dropping to his knees and staring at the carpet, despite being incredibly curious about the apparently VIP only section of the House. Gibbs smiled down at him, caressed his hair and face then touched the nape of his neck. As he'd been instructed, Tony rose to his feet and waited for further commands from his Dom. He was mildly surprised to receive another stroke in the same spot, releasing him to do as he wished.


"This is a play-date, Anthony. We're all here to have fun, give each other pleasure... do what we feel. The basic rules still apply..."

Gibbs deliberately paused and Tony took the cue to recite what he'd been taught.

"Respect the Doms, respect myself, respect you by telling you immediately if anyone makes a move that doesn't have that right. Trust the people you trust, trust myself enough to fall if I feel safe to do so, trust that I'm strong, not weak. No intentional lies, no breaking promises and agreements, no betrayal in any form, no being reckless with my health and safety."

Jethro grinned ear to ear. His gaze swept over Tony's face, taking in every feature and line, as his hands followed suit.

"Perfect. God, what a blessing I've been gifted with. Can you remember your affirmations?"

"Everything I was belongs to you. All I am at this moment is yours. All I will ever be I pledge to you."

"Yes... and I swear the same things, Anthony. Forever. Let's go find our other playmates, hmmm?"

"Sounds good, sir."

The two men strolled hand in hand further into the room, discovering Harm and A.J. huddled together on a large sofa, murmuring soft words and feeding each other ice cream by spoonfuls. Clay was standing at a full sized refrigerator near the back wall, pulling out a bottle of water. When he sensed Tony and Jethro approach, he turned with a half-smile.

"There you are. Nice to see you again, Anthony."

"You too, sir." Tony replied readily.

Clay's smile broadened.

"He *has* made progress. Water?"

"No, thank you, sir. Maybe later."

"If this play-date goes the way most of them do, that maybe will be turning into a definitely." Clay assured him, closing the fridge and turning to face the pair fully, his open dress shirt swinging around his bare torso. Tony blushed faintly, drawing a chuckle from Clay, who walked to within a foot or two of where the young man stood then looked to the other Dom.

"Permission, Jethro?"

"Of course."

Clay switched his gaze back to Tony, studying his face much as Gibbs had a few minutes before. Then he leaned in and placed a brief kiss on Tony's mouth.

"You're sweet... and incredibly beautiful. I'm afraid A.J.'s got me committed for the first few hours, but... if I asked you to be my playmate later tonight... would that be alright with you?"

Tony breathed deeply and finally managed to settle his stomach, return the smile and respond.

"Thank you, sir. I... I'd like that. As long as you're aware that I haven't... Jethro and I haven't..."

"Understood. We all get there at our own pace, kid. How far have you gone?"

"Uhhh... touching, licking... he sucked me off... and I've masturbated in front of him... twice."

"Hmmm. You haven't been at this long, so it sounds like you're right on track. Maybe tonight will see you take another step or two forward, but don't think for a minute that we expect it, okay? Whatever makes you comfortable tonight, that's as far as you go."

"Yes... sir."

"Good." Clay told him, dropping another, slightly longer kiss on Tony's cheek before he moved off to join A.J and Harm on the couch, tossing a final "Have fun you two..." over his shoulder. Gibbs tugged Tony over to a large hammock, suspended from rings and straps attached to the ceiling, and gestured him into it. Once his young lover was settled, Gibbs carefully stretched out beside him, wrapping his arms around Tony and letting one foot drag on the carpet, pushing off to set the hammock gently swaying.

"You're handling everything great, so far. I'm proud of you..."

"Yeah, well, I haven't been blitzed by any major surprises yet. We'll see how I do as the night goes on."

"Hey. What happened to respecting yourself... believing in your strength?"

Tony sighed.

"Your voice and mine aren't the only ones in my head... and they aren't even close to being the loudest."

"If I thought it would help I'd try and convince you that your dad can't hurt you anymore. We both know that'd be a lie and I'll never lie to you. I will tell you an important truth, though. You're not that child that he tore down and stepped on. You're an adult, you hold the power over your life... and he'll only continue to damage and control you as long as you let him."

Tony sighed again, more deeply, laid a hand over the arms tucked securely around him and didn't respond. "He's been in touch recently, hasn't he?"

"This morning... before I came in to work." Tony admitted finally, his words barely audible. "There's some company retreat next month. He said I'd better show up, prepared to become part of the family business, or he didn't want to ever see my face again. According to him, what I do is disgusting, low-class and nothing a son of his should be anywhere near. He demanded I give up my little "cops and robbers fantasy" as he called it... and come home. I tried to tell him I am home... that I've found the place I belong and the person I belong to and with... but he just kept talking and talking, so... I hung up."

Gibbs set the hammock swinging again and touched his lips to Tony's throat.

"Good for you. Sometimes the best and only option is retreat, Anthony. Is he off your heart for a while?"

"Yeah... I mean, yes, sir. It felt better telling somebody... telling you. I know you'll help me handle and work through all of that... just not tonight. Tonight is about relaxing and having fun..."

"Nail on the head. A.J. never had any problem with that concept..." Gibbs commented wryly, nudging Tony's head to direct his gaze across the room. The younger man's half-closed eyes snapped fully open and his breath momentarily caught in his throat. "Easy... no yelling, okay? Just talk to me quietly..."

"He's... Harmon, he's... oh my God, how does he do that?!"

"The same way you get to Carnegie Hall. After a few tries you can learn to let your throat relax, open up. Not everyone can do it. The gag reflex is just too strong in some people... but obviously not in his case. Damn...."

"Look at A.J.s face... you can see everything he's feeling. That... is just too hot..."

"You looked the same way when I first took you in my mouth... sucked you in and drank down every drop you could give me. Your expression was open and free in a way I'd never seen it before... if I hadn't already been in love with you... experiencing that would have done it... no question..."

Tony twisted his head back to look Gibbs in the eye.

"I hope you know how much I regret the way that happened. I'll do better next time, I promise. I was just so shocked when you took me in all at once, control never even crossed my mind..."

"Control wasn't the point. If I'd wanted it to last it would have. Your thick cock pulsing in my throat... your come flooding over my tongue for the first time... believe me, I got exactly what I was trying for that night."

"Then you weren't disappointed in me."

"Not then... not now... not ever." Jethro told him, punctuating his words with lingering kisses.

"I'll make sure it stays that way. The one thing I want most in the world is to keep making you proud..."

"Shhh. I know that. You like watching them, don't you? Just laying back and observing..."

"I... I think I do." Tony confessed quietly, turning his eyes back to the trio on the sofa. "I didn't know... I mean, it's never come up, so how could I? But being allowed to look... knowing that here, in this time and place, it isn't forbidden... like I said, too hot."

"I can tell." Gibbs replied, sliding one hand down to firmly cup Tony's growing erection through his jeans. Tony drew in a quick, shaky breath and released it on a soft moan. "Love the sounds you make... that's what makes me hot, Anthony... your face, your voice, the need and desire you show me so willingly..."

"Yes... please..."

"Please what? Don't be afraid to ask for what you want, love..."

"Touch me... open up my pants, pull out my cock and stroke me until I come... please, sir. I need your hand on me..."

"You do realize we're being watched, too, right? Are you ready for that? Can you be as daring and confident as they are?"

Tony's resolve wavered for a few terrifying moments, but he swiftly shored up his courage.

"They've already seen everything I've got, sir... Clayton and A.J when I was tested with the ring, Harmon when I had my own session. Besides... there's the rule I forgot about earlier. I need to be able to reveal my body when and where you ask me to... and believe I have nothing to be ashamed of."

"That's right, you don't. But they haven't seen you come... they haven't heard you groan and cry out as your orgasm completely takes you over. Orgasm is second only to actual love-making... in being the most intimate physical act anyone can witness. Can you handle that, Anthony?"

"Yes... I can. Please, just touch me now..."

"Your wish, my command. Hold on and keep watching them... let them inspire you, love."

As Gibbs finally lowered Tony's zipper and drew his hard flesh out into the relatively cooler air, the younger man whimpered faintly and struggled to keep his eyes open and focused on the other group. Clay had moved in behind Harm and was reaching underneath to stroke and caress him even as Harm was avidly working A.J over with his mouth. Tony shouted more loudly and pushed his hips forward as Jethro ran a thumb around the head of his cock. Clay looked in their direction and threw them a languid smile. "See that?" Gibbs whispered. "He really does think you're beautiful, Anthony. I can't wait to watch the two of you together later. The things he knows... the tricks I've seen him use, you've never imagined. If anyone's gonna make you cry tonight... it'll be him... but they'll be tears of sheer joy. You'll be crying because you've never felt so cherished... or felt like such an absolute, total sexual being. The first time he and I got to be one on one... that was the moment I truly understood what love-making was supposed to be... the best it could be. Every lick, every touch, every movement was dedicated to my pleasure... to making me feel worthy and desired. He took me to heights I never knew existed... he'll take you there too if you let him..."

Tony laughed and moaned out a broken response

"S... so that... that's where you... learned to make me... feel th-that way... I... I'll have to... th-thank him later..."

Gibbs heart swelled and he released a single, joyful tear of his own. Despite his assurance and confidence in front of Tony, he'd had moments when he wondered if he'd done a good thing starting the young man down this path. Knowing that Tony had no doubts about his intentions or his love made Jethro's insecurities vanish in a burst of delight and intense affection. Seeing the others were close to completion, he sped up the slide of his hand and brought Tony to a shuddering, roaring orgasm, murmuring pride and sweet words in his lover's ear. A few minutes later, just as Tony was beginning to recover and slow his breathing, Harm, now naked from the waist down, walked slowly up to the hammock and dropped to his knees, gazing hopefully at Jethro.

"They wanted some time alone. May I join you?"



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