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Back To School (Sequel to Undercover Cover-Up)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #3
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 21873
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): BDSM, Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Crossover, Established Relationship, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Crossover Shows: JAG
Summary: It's been a few weeks and Tony is starting to relax and get complacent, thinking he's seen the last of the house. Big mistake...

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Back To School 4/?

AN: The aborted story of Jethro's adventure will be coming soon as it's own one-off piece, I promise. I wanted to keep this focused on Tony...



Squinting at his screen, Tony frowned, backspaced and re-typed the word he'd just misspelled. Nothing made him more tense than completing reports, but the higher-ups believed they were necessary, so he grudgingly complied. Rolling his neck to relieve stress and pain in his shoulders, he growled faintly and turned back to the computer monitor, mentally cursing all forms of bureaucracy and the red tape that came with them.

A few moments later, he felt a firm hand grip his shoulder and relaxed into the touch, taking full advantage of the opportunity to briefly close his tired eyes. He knew instantly who it was and keenly anticipated the soft words that greeted his ears.

"You about done?"

"Getting there, boss. A couple more lines..."

"You can leave that 'till morning."

"I get to go home! Thank God... I was ready twenty paragraphs ago. Here I come, my beautiful car..."

"I'll be taking you home, Anthony. Just not yet." Jethro corrected, sliding the hand on Tony's shoulder down to his upper arm. The younger man reacted immediately, adopting a relaxed, but attentive posture.

"Yes, sir. What did you have in mind?"

"Some training in the gym."

"Training... or *training*?"

"A little of both..."



Dressed comfortably in sweat pants and t-shirts, their shoes left by the door, Jethro and Tony strolled into the shadowy gym side by side. Tony was slightly apprehensive about what his Dom had planned, but he knew he wouldn't be hurt, so he surrendered what little trust and faith he had and went with the flow. Once they reached the mats, Gibbs stopped and turned to face Tony.

"Right there is good."

"Should I kneel? I mean, this isn't..."

"Not this time. Can you show me how to stand at attention?"

"Uhhh... sure." Tony replied, arranging his body in the requested position.

"Not bad. Straighten the back a little more... palms in, hands flat against your thighs. Feet tight together... heels too. Eyes forward... eyes are always up and forward. Nice. Now... stay exactly like that and give me a blow by blow of what you did today. Start with breakfast."

"Breakfast... okay. I, uh... I had cocoa crunchies with sliced strawberries. Then I showered, got dressed and headed to work..."

Gibbs kept Tony going in this vein, with only occasional prods, for nearly thirty minutes, correcting verbally or with his hands when the young man slumped or shifted position even slightly. Finally, the strain became severe enough for Tony to speak up. "Then I... I sat down to do my report on yesterday's arrest... Sir, I'm really starting to ache. Can I please stop?"

"You can go to parade rest. Feet shoulder width apart... that's right. Hands up behind you... one under the other, resting in the small of your back. Perfect." Gibbs told him, smiling as he watched relief flood Tony's face. "Okay. Tell me about your top three college memories. Third best to number one."

With some of the pain easing, this task was much easier for Tony, but after another half hour, even the more relaxed position began to have its problems. Gibbs watched carefully, intervening only when he believed Tony had reached breaking point once more. "Good man. Let it all loose, now... shake, stretch, whatever you need to do."

Tony groaned quietly as tight muscles were released and relaxed.

"Thank you, sir."

"Save that for later. It'll mean more."


"I want you to crouch."

Tony hesitated only for a moment before acceding to Gibbs request. "Good. Straighten up some instead of hunching over... better. Eyes forward, remember. No moving unless you start to lose your balance. Let's see... gimme the five best vacations you've ever taken."

This time Gibbs let Tony go a full forty minutes before he stepped in.

"... I'd never been... to the Bahamas before... the water is... it's just like in the br... brochures... blue-green... clear and warm... Sir, please..."

Kneeling behind him, Gibbs stroked his hair and massaged his shoulders.

"You've done beautifully, Anthony. Just beautifully... go ahead and drop to your knees..."

Tony collapsed forward with a mixed cry of pain and respite, tears of relief running freely down his cheeks. Knee-walking around to face his sub, Jethro eased him from his knees down onto his side then over onto his stomach. As he began a slow, gentle massage, he calmly questioned the young man.

"Talk to me, Anthony. Tell me about what you just went through."

"Standing at attention... it wasn't so bad at first, but then... my shoulders started to burn... and it spread to my whole upper back. I never knew anything could hurt like that..."

"And when I said you could move?"

"It felt... incredible. Then the aching started again... in my lower back this time... and my forearms... it was so amazing when I finally got to stretch."

"The crouch..."

"My legs were on fire. I wanted to scream... but I couldn't. I thought... I'd let you down if... if I gave in... then you said it was over and I could kneel... I swear I've never known a feeling like that... never..."

Finished soothing and un-knotting Tony's muscles, Jethro stretched out beside his lover and whispered in his ear.

"Now you understand, love. Now you know what falling is supposed to be. It should feel good... like everything has just dropped off your shoulders. Falling has nothing to do with pain, fear and worry... it's just the opposite. Falling is the ultimate, complete and total release."

Sitting up slowly, Tony embraced Jethro, head dropping to rest on his Dom's shoulder as he murmured his response.

"I do understand. Thank you, sir..."

"All part of the service. Session over, baby. Let's go get you a shower..."

Once in the locker room, both men stripped and moved to the large open shower area. As Tony stepped cautiously under the warm stream, water diverging into narrower sprays around his slender body, Jethro was forced to suppress a momentary flash of envy. He had long ago come to terms with the fact that the physique he'd once possessed would never again be his, but there were still rare moments when he allowed himself to wish for his youth back. Pushing his maudlin thoughts aside, Gibbs moved up behind Tony and wrapped his hands around his lover's hips, contenting himself with the thought that, even if he no longer had the perfect body, he had a sexy young lover who was willing to share his and that was more than enough. "How about... I do some of that dirty talking you mentioned back at my place? How about I tell you exactly what it is I dream about doing with you, hmmm?"

"Please. I'd love that..."

"Then touch yourself, Tony... stroke your hard cock and just listen..."

"Yeah, talk to me... love your voice..."

"First I'll lay you on your back... on silk sheets the color of a summer sky at straight-up noon... on the perfect cloudless day. Then I'll crawl up over you... and rub our nude bodies together until you wail and beg for me to give you more. I'll kiss you while I ease one slick finger into your body... then move down to lick and bite your nipples when I add a second finger... and when the third finger slides in beside the other two I'll be driving my tongue into your navel and you'll be moaning my name over and over. I'll pull my hand away and you'll sob like a child because you think I've left you... but a second later you'll scream out your joy when I fill up the emptiness with my cock. Once you're used to me, I'll start thrusting... pulling out so slow you curse my name, stealing every ounce of air in your lungs when I push back in the same way. I'll tease you like that until neither of us can stand it anymore and then I'll speed up and speed up, and when the moment is perfect we'll orgasm together, Tony... you and me, one body, one heart, one soul..."

"Uhhh! Oh, God... Jethro!"

"Come, Tony... do it... I'm with you..."

It took several minutes for the pair to catch their breath, but eventually Tony lifted himself away from his reclined position against Gibbs' chest, turned and kissed his Dom lingeringly.

"Mmmm... getting late." Gibbs mumbled regretfully.

"Yeah. If you wanna go get dressed first, I'll clean up in here..."

"Okay. But I'm buying dinner. I love you, Tony... way more than I'll ever be able to put into words."

"The ones you threw out there a minute ago said it pretty effectively. You better get moving..."

Gibbs left, reluctantly, and stepped back into the locker room just as his phone rang. Scrambling his locker open, he grabbed the cell and flipped it open.

"A.J.? It's going great. He's making real progress. Ready... yeah, after today I think he is..."



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