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Back To School (Sequel to Undercover Cover-Up)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #3
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 21873
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): BDSM, Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Crossover, Established Relationship, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Crossover Shows: JAG
Summary: It's been a few weeks and Tony is starting to relax and get complacent, thinking he's seen the last of the house. Big mistake...

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Back To School 2/?



Tony stood outside his boss' front door, struggling to decide whether to knock. Gibbs' earlier demonstration was still deeply agitating the younger man and his knotted emotions were keeping him from understanding what had actually happened. He knew he had utterly surrendered himself, but not why. What bothered him even more was how, with only six words, all his determination and resistance had so easily been swept aside. If he stepped over Gibbs' threshold tonight, it would happen again and he wasn't sure he could handle that until and unless he had the answers he was missing.

Tony felt rising acid briefly touch the back of his throat and he grimaced, swallowing to ease the burning. A moment later his mind suddenly jumped on the panic bandwagon as well, urging him to flee. Shaking his head, he stepped back once, then again. His retreat ceased, however, when the door opened and Gibbs was suddenly staring at him.


"Gibbs." Tony croaked, his voice cracking slightly due to the trace of fire that still lingered. "Look, I..."

"You're confused and scared, I understand that. You also have a choice to make."

"Back at the office... what was that? What's it supposed to mean?"

Gibbs stayed silent and Tony realized he would hear nothing more until he decided one way or the other. Fighting against the way his knees were trembling, he took a deep breath and strode forward again. He expected Gibbs to move aside and allow him to enter, but he got a firm hand pressed against his chest instead.


"From now on, this house is no different for you than *the* House. You walk in, the same rules apply."

"You mean... I have to..."

"That's the deal."

Tony clenched his hands into fists momentarily, slowly pulled in another big breath and released it, then nodded. The hand on his torso moved up to caress his cheek. "Safeword."


"Good man." Gibbs praised, finally backing out of the entrance. "C'mon in. Leave your shoes by the door."

Before he obeyed, Tony gazed searchingly into the powerful, transfixing blue eyes of his friend, lover and mentor. His expression grave, he asked a hushed question, unsure which response he really wanted.

"This will change us... change *me* forever. Right?"

"Depends. The way you reacted today, I think this is something you've always been, so no, that's not changing. You're acknowledging it... accepting. As for your perspective on the world... yeah, that's about to shift radically."

Tony's lips tightened and he frowned mildly, but he wasn't one to jump the fence after he'd chosen which side to land on. Holding fiercely to his trust in Gibbs, Tony stepped inside, holding back a wince as Jethro closed and locked the door. Toeing out of his sneakers, the younger man placed them neatly side by side in an out of the way spot then stood staring down at them, his mind strangely blank on what came next. Even as he was battling to remember, a quiet word jolted his thoughts and got him functioning again. "Anthony."

Turning back toward the center of the room, Tony dropped to his knees, lowered his chin and slid his hands behind his back, locking his right hand around his left wrist. Jethro slowly walked a circle around his new submissive, pleased that the other man had remembered the adjustment A.J. made to his hand position the last time they spent the night at the House. As he completed his inspection, Jethro stopped, feet slightly apart, and extended his fingers to tip up Tony's chin. "Tonight isn't like the last two times, Anthony. Those nights were about healing. This is a training session. There's a lot you don't know... things you need to understand. It may not ever happen again, but if the time comes when I need help... the kind A.J. and Clay gave me... I need you to be ready to step in if they aren't available. This is also about showing you what you are... teaching you the duties, rights and responsibilities of a submissive, as well as my responsibility to you. I won't be able to get through everything tonight, but we'll make a start at least. With me so far?"

Tony nodded slowly, feeling the dizzy sensation begin an encore performance as he stared up into Gibbs' eyes. "Good. Anytime you walk through that door, shoes come off and you kneel, without hesitation. Remind me what the release signal is."

"A... a touch on the back of the neck... sir."

"That's right. Being released means you can stand, but beyond that you don't move. If I touch your neck a second time, you're free to do what you want. Otherwise, you'll receive instructions. I promise, nothing I ever tell you to do will be cruel, come out of anger or intentionally cause you harm. Do you accept this promise?"

"I accept."

"Thank you. Now I need a promise from you. Do you swear to always try, even if what I ask is unfamiliar and frightening, to believe that my priority is bringing you pleasure and seeing you grow and move beyond your own expectations, and to always trust in me, until the day I prove that I no longer deserve it?"

"I swear."

"And I accept." Gibbs told him as he reached out and released Tony. Unclasping his hands briefly, so his balance wouldn't be affected, the younger man flowed to his feet and waited patiently, as he'd been told to do. Gibbs' smile broadened. "A.J. was right, you do listen well. Go get undressed. You can use the bedroom or the bathroom this time."

"This time..." Tony questioned mildly.

"Shame doesn't exist here, Anthony. Your body is beautiful and you need to get used to showing it to me when I ask, without stalling and without being embarrassed."

"I... I understand."

"I hope so." Gibbs murmured in his ear. "I do love you, Anthony. All I want is the best for your body, mind and spirit. I know trust isn't easy for you, but that's a huge part of what this is all about. Trust me not to hurt you... trust me not to abandon you... and trust me not to betray you. No matter what."

"I'll do my best, sir... but it may take a while to get the concept to sink in."

"Understood. Go on, now."

A short while later, Tony returned to the living room, his expression clearly broadcasting how badly he wanted to cover himself. Harm's lesson on vulnerability still rang clearly in his head, however, so he kept his hands down as he approached and knelt once again. "Well done."

"Thank you, sir." Tony responded quietly as Gibbs dropped to his knees as well, reaching out to lay his palm against Tony's cheek.

"You're welcome. Close your eyes and listen very carefully. I'm going to ask you to repeat some words for me, Anthony. They're very important. You need to burn them into your memory. Understood?"


"Alright. Say this after me: Everything I was belongs to you."

"Everything I was belongs to you."

"All I am at this moment is yours."

"All I am at this moment... is yours."

"All I will ever be I pledge to you."

"All I will ever be I pledge to you."

"All three phrases together."

Tony recited the statements again and received a soft caress for his successful effort. "Excellent. Tell me what those words mean to you."

"No lies, no evasions, no holding anything back. I have to trust you enough to completely surrender."

"That's it... You can feel it, can't you? The need... the desire to give it all up, just for a while... to stop being the tough survivor all the time. Let me take it away, Anthony. Your mind and body are screaming to be free. Every cell, every atom wants this."

"I... I'm so lightheaded... I just... I want..."

"What? What do you want, Anthony?"

"I don't know..."

"Yes you do. If you can't put it into words, then express it physically. Show me..."

Gradually, Tony let his upper body fall forward until his head rested on Jethro's knees. At first he was so tense that, like a ball of tightly wound string with a grenade in the center, he feared he would explode and then unravel, but the more Jethro stroked his hair and ran both hands over his shoulders, the more deeply Tony felt himself relaxing. All his fear and anxiety dissolved and drained out of him and, finally, he drew a deep breath and released it in a content sigh against the fabric under his cheek. "Good... that's so good. My sweet Anthony..."

"I feel so safe with you... this is right. Why didn't I know?" Tony murmured.

"Some people need guidance, some don't. There's nothing wrong with being one who did."

"But... what made you think I was worth it? Doesn't this mean that... deep inside I'm weak?"

Gibbs lifted Tony back to an upright position and locked their gazes together.

"First rule, Anthony. Pay close attention. It takes a lot more strength and courage to lay your soul... your very being at someone's feet, than it does to be the one who receives that gift. You've been damaged so fundamentally... just the fact that you're still able to trust shows how strong you are. Get this straight. Never forget it. True submissives are not weak. *You*... are not weak."

"I understand."

"Good. Ready to continue?"

"Yes, sir."



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