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Back To School (Sequel to Undercover Cover-Up)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #3
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 21873
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): BDSM, Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Crossover, Established Relationship, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Crossover Shows: JAG
Summary: It's been a few weeks and Tony is starting to relax and get complacent, thinking he's seen the last of the house. Big mistake...

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Title: Back To School (sequel to Undercover Cover Up) NCIS/Jag x-over

Author: BuffyAngel68

Rating: FRAO

Pairings: A.J./Harm Gibbs/DiNozzo

Summary: It's been a few weeks and Tony is starting to relax and get complacent, thinking he's seen the last of the house. Big mistake...

Warnings: Graphic sex, kinks and toy play, four men involved, but mostly in previously established pairs.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these beautiful men, to my great and everlasting sorrow. I simply enjoy having them at my beck and call, submitting to my every whim and seriously kinky idea. I have made no money. I do this strictly for fun and feedback.



Cell phone against his ear, Gibbs scowled as he stepped into the elevator and punched the button that would take him from the parking garage back up to the third floor and his team.

"I'm trying, but he keeps backing out, A.J. What am I supposed to do?"

"If you don't know that by now..."

"Yeah, yeah. It's not that easy."

"His training's only begun, Jethro. If he's going to be a backup for Clay and I, he has a lot more to learn. You're the one at risk if you end up needing him and he has no idea what to do."

"I know..."

"Then get off your ass and be the Dom I know you are. Take control."

"God... I haven't even said the words yet. He doesn't understand what we... what *I * pulled him into."

The brief silence that greeted this confession was almost palpable to Gibbs, making him instantly aware that A.J wasn't happy. The words that followed were worse and Jethro shivered involuntarily as he stepped out of the elevator and off to the side so he'd be out of the way while he finished the conversation.

"You what?"

"Damn it, A.J..."

"No excuses, Jethro, and no more stalling. Take him to your place and bring him up to speed. Once that's done, call me and we'll set up a play-date at the house."

Gibbs swallowed hard.

"Play-dates can get pretty involved."

"This one will, for damn sure."

"Okayyy... I know I've been neglectful..."

"No joke. I realize it's the middle of the day, so it can wait 'till quitting time, but no longer. This is critical, Jethro. Be thorough and make yourself absolutely clear as to what's expected of him."

"Right... you're right. I've put this off too long already. Thanks for the kick in the ass."

"No problem. I'll be waiting on your call."

"Understood. Bye, A.J."

"Take care."

Shutting down his phone, Gibbs drew a deep breath and headed for the section of cubicles where Tony waited.

"Hey, boss. What's up? New case?" the young man greeted Gibbs as the older man approached.

"Not yet. That report finished?"


"Good. Soon as it is, send it to my computer then go take lunch."

"Okay. Thanks, boss."

"Gonna need your help again tonight, by the way."

Tony's gaze turned to Gibbs' face just for a moment, trying to gauge how serious the other man was, then flicked back to his own monitor. His response reflected what he thought he saw.

"Can't, boss. Big plans."

Knowing McGee and Ziva were both engaged on assignments in other parts of the building, Gibbs decided there was no better time to give Tony a taste of where he'd be going that evening. Rising he moved to stand by Tony's desk and waited until the other man looked up at him. He then wrapped one hand around Tony's bicep and spoke quietly, but with a tone of command he hoped the young man would respond to quickly, as he also knew he couldn't depend on his other agents staying away indefinitely.

"Close your eyes, Anthony."


A small shake of the head told Tony he'd made an error, which he swiftly, but reluctantly, corrected. "Jethro. Please don't... not here."

"Close your eyes. Do it now."

Sucking in a deep, surprised breath, Tony's head began to spin and he found himself doing exactly as Gibbs had ordered. "Good. I understand that you're scared about all this. You don't need to be. I'm here... and I'll always take care of you."

"We... we take care of each other..." Tony responded breathlessly.

"That's true, but there has to be structure... a hierarchy. It keeps things safe and under control and ensures noone gets hurt. It's time for you to start learning the rules."

"The... the house?"

"No... not yet. First you come to *my* house."

"Okay. I'll be there..."

"Thank you." Gibbs told him, releasing his grip and shifting his hand up to lightly brush the back of Tony's neck. The younger man's eyes instantly popped open.

"What the hell did you just do to me?"

"You'll see when you show up tonight." Gibbs told him as he headed back to his desk. "On second thought, you can finish that report after lunch. Go on."

"Uhhh... yeah. I think... that's a really good idea. I... I'll be back on time." Tony stuttered, standing and backing quickly away from his desk

"I know."



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