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Talented Hands

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 009 Word Count: 16653
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Angst/Drama, Crossover, First Time, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Tony/OMC
Crossover Shows: CSI
Summary: NCIS/ CSI crossover. After managing to continually avoid being the one to go to law enforcement conferences, Tony is forced into attending the latest one. In Las Vegas he runs into a like minded soul, in more ways than one.

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Talented Hands 7/?



Dinner had been spectacular and decadent, both men having indulged in the high-calorie foods they loved but rarely allowed themselves. Now Tony was playing with his dessert fork, Warrick was using his to scrape the last miniscule bits of chocolate and crumbs off his plate and neither one could look the other in the eye. They both knew significant stalling was going on, but the fact wasn't acknowledged until they finally caught each other's gazes and burst out laughing.

"I have no idea why I'm hesitating this way. I've wanted you since I first met you... I'm the last one who would've said whoa. Now..." Tony admitted, shaking his head.

"Yeah. It's been so long my body's screamin' at me to hurry the hell up..."

"... but you're scared?"

"Terrified. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate what you said last night... tryin' to make me believe it'll all be easy. I know it won't."

"Most of it will. I swear, I'll do my best to go slow and make you feel every ounce of pleasure you possibly can, but... God, I'm dying to get you alone, Warrick... get you stripped and laid out on a bed so I can taste every inch of your skin and drive you crazy for hours. Even with all the foreplay either of us can stand, though, you're right that the last step might be a little tough on you. You saw me at full mast last night..."

"I did."


"The only thought in my head was whether I could get my mouth around you the way you did me."

"Damn, I hope so, but I'll never press for that. I know my measurements."

Warrick's brows lifted slightly and he grinned.

"A braggart twice over."

"Bragging is like teasing."

"If you can back it up, it ain't. Point taken."

Tony smiled back, but it faded as he gazed at Warrick soberly.

"You still want this?"

"Yeah. Hell yeah, I want this, T. Pain an' all, I want you to make love to me."

"That's what it'll be, too... love. Not ships that pass, not sex, not bodies slamming into each other. I'm pretty sure I already love you, Warrick... but if we go upstairs, that's gonna seal it for me."

"I'm already sealed, not to mention signed and delivered. I wanna be with you, Tony, but I don't need it as proof of what I already know is real and true."

"Okay. Let me pay the check... and we'll go."

"Meet you by the elevators."


Once the pair made it to Tony's room, Warrick's confidence suddenly began to desert him. Tony was moving casually around the room, setting things up for a shower later on and shuffling various groups of papers around in preparation for the final set of seminars and lectures the following day. Warrick, however, could only focus on the bed and the spot where he'd knelt on the floor and initiated a powerful kiss, inhaling his own scent and savoring traces of himself on his lover's tongue.

He recalled being shocked at himself while driving home that night. Making moves wasn't his normal routine in the bedroom. He tended to be more passive and relaxed, allowing the pleasure to find and follow its own path, but something about sex with Tony was utterly beyond anything the Vegas native had ever experienced. This man had Warrick desiring things he wasn't even sure he could visualize, never mind articulate, and that frightened him.

In the depths of Warrick's mental meanderings, Tony stepped in front of him and touched his face gently, breaking his visual vapor-lock on the bed.

"How far away are you?"

"Hmmm? Oh. I'm not. I... I was remembering the kiss. I did taste myself... my come."


"I didn't hate it. I wanna... I wanna know you that way."

"You will. Once I really get flowing... I'll feed you some, okay? You can suck it off my fingers..."

Warrick's eyes slid half shut and he moaned quietly.

"Good Lord... who taught you to talk that way..." he responded, tilting his head to the side and giving Tony more of his throat to nuzzle and lick.


"You kiddin'? I wanna send 'em a thank you card..."

"Whoever it was... is in the past. I'm here with you right now... nobody else matters... and as far as I'm concerned... they'll never matter again. It's you today... tomorrow... and forever..." Tony vowed softly, nimble fingers working on one button after another until Warrick's shirt was hanging open.

"That sounds so good... sounds perfect... ohhhh... yeah, T... more... I'm really sensitive there..." Warrick murmured, one hand fluttering upward, but stopping just short of gripping the back of Tony's head and pressing the younger man's mouth more firmly against the nipple he was currently lavishing attention on. Seeing the aborted motion from the corner of his eye, Tony pulled away and spoke to capture Warrick's attention.

"Hey... I love knowing how I make you feel, Warrick. Please, don't ever censor yourself when we make love. Show me... do whatever you want. Even scratching and gentle biting are perfectly okay in the heat of the moment. Matter of fact, anything short of chaining me to the bed and using medieval torture devices is acceptable..."

"No thumbscrews, no whips. Got it..." Warrick chuckled, gazing in mild awe at the man who would soon become his lover. "Can we discuss the tying up thing, though? I promise not to use chains..."

Tony laughed brightly, leaned in and dropped a brief, but heated kiss on Warrick's lips.

"That settles it... I'm definitely a bad influence on you. I need to get you to bed and shut your mind off before you come up with anymore depraved, indecent ideas."

"Hey, I like those ideas..."

"So do I, but making them real is *so* much fun. C'mon... come lay down with me..."

"Don't we need to... get undressed... or something?" Warrick asked as Tony tugged him toward the bed, kissing him over and over.

"We will... I said I'd take it slow, remember?" Tony reminded him as he gently pressed Warrick backwards into the softness of the mattress.

"Slow is good, T... just don't make me too crazy, okay? I really want you... want you touching me all over... suckin' on me like last night..."

Tony gave his shivering lover an intense, head-to-toe visual examination, then pulled back, stripping his clothes off with a casualness that made Warrick ache and moan under his breath. Once Tony was done, he moved around to the foot of the bed and calmly removed Warrick's shoes, jeans and briefs, leaving him in his socks and open shirt.

"I loved tasting you, I hope you believe that... but right now I need to know what you feel like... I need to know every single inch of you, Warrick Brown." Tony responded quietly as he crawled up the bed and laid his ear against his lover's chest. "Your heart's beating so fast... fear or excitement?"

"Some of both. I'm nervous, yeah... but it's in the background. I'm way more excited than scared."

"I know. I can feel how hard you are... can't wait to actually watch you come... watch you push your body up off the bed, desperate for something to thrust your hard cock into... and I'll come even harder, wishing that something was me..." Tony purred as he sat back and reached down, firmly gripping his lover's solid flesh. After taking a moment to savor the texture and heat, he began to stroke slowly up and down.

"Keep talkin' like that... and I'll be done... before we even get started... God, yes, that feels so good, T... just like that... mmmm, yeah... harder..."

"Not so fast, love. Be patient. I promised all the pleasure you could stand... that's what you get. You're so beautiful... what an incredible body."

"I work hard for it. You're not... so bad yourself... T, I'm beggin' you, just a little faster..."

"Easy... relax. We'll get there, okay? Just let go of the anxiety, forget about staying in control... feel, Warrick... nothing but sensation. This is about freedom and passion and ecstasy. Let go, baby... just let go... that's it... good..."

Once he saw the tension in Warrick's face easing, Tony sped up and firmed his strokes.

"T... hell, almost... can't hold off!"

"Then don't. It's okay... come for me, Warrick... so sweet... yeah..."

Just as Tony had predicted, Warrick arched away from the bed as his orgasm blasted through him. Shuddering and crying out, the CSI frantically gripped the sheets beneath his fingers as he gradually tumbled back down from the peak of rapture. As his lover began to recover and breathe more normally, Tony used both hands to gently massage some of the creamy fluid into Warrick's dark skin, persisting until the other man was able to open his eyes and meet the gaze of the man kneeling above him.

"Why? Why'd you let me..."

"You needed it... I wanted to see it. Does there have to be a better reason?"

"I guess not." Warrick conceded, grinning. "You're still hard, though..."

"I have really good control... and I'm not wasting my orgasm out here." Tony replied huskily. Leaning forward, he braced himself on his fists, kissed Warrick deeply and lingeringly then dropped lower to whisper into his ear. "When I come it'll be inside your tight, beautiful ass... I'm gonna move inside you so slow... you're gonna feel every inch of me, baby... in the same breath you'll beg me to thrust harder and scream for me to hold still so the feeling will last forever..."

"Yeah... yeah, T, I want that... make love to me, Tony... I need you so much..."

"Me too... want you so bad it hurts... but there's a bit of wish fulfillment to deal with first..."

Abruptly, Warrick's lust fogged brain slipped back into drive and he remembered asking to taste Tony's essence. For a moment, uncertainty reared its ugly head, but it was swiftly vanquished by another sensory flashback to their first kiss.

"Do it. Wanna taste your come, T... gimme, babe..."

Tony laughed and slid a hand between their bodies. When it reappeared, the fingers were dripping and shiny. He nudged them into Warrick's open mouth one a time, producing a few quiet moans as his lover avidly licked his hand clean.

"That... was one of the hottest things I have *ever* felt..."

"And you... put the chocolate pie I had tonight to shame."

Myriad come-backs ran through Tony's mind, but he sensed Warrick drifting into the serious mood he'd warned about at the amusement park, so he kept any further teasing to himself and reached into the night-stand drawer for the lubricant he'd stored there. "When the hell..." Warrick questioned.

"It's been in my luggage. When we split before dinner last night, I got it out and put it in reach. I had this crazy thought that maybe... maybe you were feeling the same way I was. Thank God my instincts didn't fail me this time..."

"They damn sure didn't. You got more protection in there too?"

"I do... seems kind of a moot point after last night."

"Oh. Damn... we were both so jacked up, we didn't even think about... I'm so sorry, T."

"Not your fault. I should've been responsible for that. You are clear, aren't you?"

"I get checked every three months per Gris' orders. Last I knew... yeah, I'm okay."

"Gibbs has us on the same schedule. I was fine as of a month ago."

"Then why don't we go for it?"



"You don't know how I'm dying to say yes... but I can't. The condom's a lot smoother than my skin, Warrick. I can't take away all the pain, but this much I can do. I love you. Your first... *our* first time, let me make this as easy as possible for you, okay?"

"Okay. But someday..."

"Definitely. Someday." Tony agreed, running his hands over Warrick's abs and up his ribcage. "You alright with turning over?"

"I'm good with it. I don't have to see... I trust you." the other man replied, beaming a smile of reassurance up at Tony just before he flipped onto his stomach. Tony swallowed hard, unsure if he was worthy of the look or the man who'd graced him with it, but he forced the negative feelings aside and slid his hands up Warrick's back, bunching the shirt up around his neck so he could bend and place a soft kiss between his shoulder blades. Tony then sat back once more, dripping a small amount of lube onto his fingers and cautiously beginning to massage it into the crease of Warrick's ass.

"You're so strong... so incredibly brave... spread your legs just a little more... there, that's the way... I just know being in you will be like nothing else I've ever known... we're about to become part of each other..."

"Shared souls..." Warrick whispered, reaching up on either side to tightly grasp the pillow under his head.

"Yeah... shared souls is exactly what we are... here we go, babe. I'm not going in right away... just gonna touch..."

"Mmmm... good... feels so good... damn, I'm gettin' hard again... never happened so fast before..." Warrick groaned, instinctively pulling his knees slightly up under him as Tony continued to caress and stroke his entrance, gradually encouraging the guarding muscles to loosen and relax.

"You're opening up so beautifully... I wish you could see how hot you look. I'm going inside... just the tip of one finger. You can handle this... stay relaxed, babe..."

"Ohhh hell... how... how can it... feel so amazing..."

"That's nothing. Just wait 'till I get a little deeper... I'm gonna slide this finger in and out for a minute... just to start the real stretching. Good... you're doin' really well. Stay calm... that's right..."

"Wh-what's deeper? Show me, T... push in more... I can take it..."

"I know you can. Almost... there it is. Check this out, babe. Magic carpet... makes you fly right off the bed..."

Warrick gasped loudly and crowed with joy.

"Whoa! T, that's... ah, shit... I love it, but..."

"I know. I won't do it too much. Just a little FYI..."

"How about some FYM! As in..."

"I get that too, and I'll wash your mouth out with soap later. For now..."

Eventually, Tony managed to push three fingers into his lover, though the process was so careful and slow it required incredible patience of both men.

"T... for God's sake, if you don't get in me soon..."

"I hear you... this has been torture for me too, but I had to be sure I wouldn't do any damage. I promised... and I'll always keep my promises to you." Tony replied gruffly, running his palms up and down Warrick's back in an effort to calm him then pulling away to complete his own preparations. Rolling the condom down over his cock, Tony doused it liberally with lubricant and rested one quivering hand on the other man's hip.

"We're there, babe. Showtime... take a deep breath and let it out slow..."

Tony waited for Warrick to begin his exhale and, on that cue, guided the tip of his erection into the sheath that was waiting so eagerly for him. Shocked, despite all he'd been told, the man below him hissed and whimpered faintly.


"It's okay... stings a little... but I'll adjust... go on..."

"Not until you're ready."

"I am! Please, T, I'm not gonna break. I need you now!"

"Okay, okay... hang on and breathe..."

Closing his eyes, Tony began exerting steady forward pressure, driving himself into his lover's body bit by bit until he could go no deeper. Engulfed in sensation, the line between pleasure and pain a distant, hazy blur, Warrick shouted, sobbed and trembled. Tony waited as long as he possibly could before he finally surrendered to his body's demands and began to thrust. At first his movements were shallow and gentle, but as his orgasm drew closer, his control broke down. Barely able to hold himself up anymore, Warrick strained his neck back and screamed encouragement.

"God... oh God... T... I'm gonna... I'm comin'... comin' right now! Hurry up! Push harder, damn it... need more... need it faster!"

"Love you... love your heat and your strength... so perfect... coming, babe... coming inside you... can you feel it? Yeah, push back... that's it, be with me..."

Minutes later, Tony slowly collapsed onto his left side and Warrick fell with him. Soon a hand tangled itself in his and a soft kiss slid across the sweaty nape of his neck.


"I can't move, T... never mind walk all the way in there... or stand up long enough to wash..."

"Morning... shower in the morning..."

"Much better idea..."



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