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Talented Hands

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 009 Word Count: 16653
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Angst/Drama, Crossover, First Time, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Tony/OMC
Crossover Shows: CSI
Summary: NCIS/ CSI crossover. After managing to continually avoid being the one to go to law enforcement conferences, Tony is forced into attending the latest one. In Las Vegas he runs into a like minded soul, in more ways than one.

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Talented Hands 4/?


Tony delighted in both forty-five minute sets Warrick played, as the selections varied somewhat from one set to the other and even the tunes he repeated were done in a different style or given a new flair. Once the final song was beginning to fade out and the whistles and applause had died away, Warrick turned to go, catching and returning Tony's broad grin just before he headed back to the large dressing room the management provided him, acknowledging that he was a reliable and popular entertainment draw for the hotel. Amy nudged Tony in the ribs gently, smiling at him.

"Well, wasn't I right?"

"He's amazing. It would have been nice if he'd mentioned that at some point today."

"He didn't tell you?"

"Not a word. I'm guessing he decided it would be fun to surprise me."

Amy maintained her smile, but it had become slightly wary.

"He's in trouble isn't he? I can see it in your eyes."

"No comment. Can I walk you to your car?"

"I appreciate the offer, but one of the security guards always goes with me. Thanks anyway."

"No problem. I'll stop at the desk and see you sometime tomorrow."

"Not if you're in jail." She teased.


"Don't kill Warrick, okay? Don't damage his hands either. The hotel depends on him to play at least a couple nights a week." Amy requested, laughing as she rose to her feet

"I promise, no damage... nothing he can't recover from by tomorrow, anyway."

"Good. Have a good rest of the night."

"Oh, I will. Night."

When Warrick emerged a few minutes later, showered and dressed in his street clothes again, he found the rest of the patrons gone and Tony still in his seat. The appreciative smile he recalled had now shifted into a grin that sent a cold shiver down Warrick's spine and caused a brief, tight knot to form in his gut.

"Put that lethal weapon away, DiNozzo, before I arrest you."

"Come again?"

"The Norman Bates ' Me? I wouldn't hurt a fly. ' smile. Dangerous and scary is *not* a good look on you."

"You saying you don't deserve it? ' I have a previous commitment.' is a long way from
' Not only do I play piano too, but I'm a virtuoso in jazz, blues *and* classical forms. ' I should be really mad at you."

"Nah, that's not me, man. I play... I'll admit I play well, but you'll never see me at Carnegie Hall or anything."

Tony rose and walked to where Warrick stood, confronting him almost nose to nose. Reaching out, he picked up the CSI's left hand and studied it, then did the same with the right before gazing intently into Brown's eyes once more.

"You've got a gift of God in here, Warrick. Why the hell would you hide that?"

"I would have told you, but I wasn't sure how you'd react... what you'd think. If people find out on their own, okay, but as a rule I don't bring it up. I'm not somebody who goes around beggin' for attention...

Releasing one of Warrick's hands, Tony lightly and slowly caressed the other man's brows with his index finger.

"With eyes like yours you shouldn't have to beg."

Warrick shook his head, pulled away and actually backed off a step

"Man... how do your friends deal with this multiple personality thing? One minute you're a little kid, next you're so open an' honest it rips my heart out... then you get this seduction thing goin' an' it's all I can do not to..."

"Not to what?"

"I don't know... God, I wish I did, but I just don't know..."

Using the grip he still maintained on Warrick's fingers, Tony tugged him back to where he'd been sitting during the show and gently pulled the other man down to sit beside him.

"I need to apologize to you."

"For what? You've been great..."

"No, I've been messing with your head practically since we met. The first time I flirted I could tell you weren't used to it... not coming from another guy, anyway. I should've backed off right there, but... I didn't and I'm sorry for that."

"Nothin' to be sorry for. Okay, so it took me a little while to understand what you were gettin' at. Once I caught up an' decided what I wanted to do about it, though... I think I did okay. I even got up the guts to give you some a'your own medicine at dinner tonight, didn't I?"

"Yeah... yeah, you did. I swear, when you threw out that comment about the pie... I was doing cheers and cartwheels in my head. I was so afraid I'd come on too strong and scared you away."

"Not a chance. Well, okay there was a small chance, right at the start. Guys just don't... do that with me, not even the ones you'd think would. It was a shock to realize you were... comin' on to me. Eventually, though... I figured out what you wanted."

"And what about you?" Tony asked, running the pad of his thumb up Warrick's jaw to his ear and gently stroking the lobe back and forth.

"I, uh... I want the same thing."

"Which is?"

"This... whatever it is."

"Whatever... that doesn't sound very exciting."

"Gimme a break, man, okay?" Warrick laughed brokenly. "I told you I've never d-done anything... with a guy. Tell me what to say... I'll say it."

"Uh-uh. This isn't about me. I want you very much... but you need to tell me what *you* want to happen."

"Anything... everything." Warrick pleaded softly, his dark eyes seeking an answer in Tony's gold-green ones. All he found was unshed tears glistening in the soft lights.

"Damn... I could really fall for you, Warrick Brown."

"God help me... I can't believe I'm sayin' this, but I don't think "could" is an option for me anymore." Warrick whispered, reaching out hesitantly to lay a hand over Tony's heart. "What the *hell* is goin' on here? I don't do this... I never have..."

"Me either."


"No. I know what you're thinking, but no worrying about the future right now, okay? We only have two more days together, so all that counts is what we do with that time. I'm willing to leave it where it is, or we can make love... or anything in between. I need to know what'll be easier on your heart when I'm all the way across the country again."

"As a wise man once said... what about you?"

"I'll deal. Somehow... I'll deal. Answer the question. What do you want, Warrick?"

"I'll take sweaty, messy sex for a thousand, Alex."

Tony threw back his head and laughed and just that easily the emotional tension was broken. The physical pressure on both of them, however, was something they'd been fighting since dinner and Tony wasn't waiting any longer to shatter that as well. Rising, he tugged Warrick up with him and strode to the back of the lounge, where the lighting was almost non-existent now that the show was over.

"Wait, what are you..."

"I'm taking the only option open to me at the moment. Sit." He ordered, turning one of the chairs away from its table so that it faced him instead. Warrick warily dropped into the seat, knowing what was coming, but terrified of what would happen if they got caught.

"And why is this the only option?"

"To tell you the truth, I'd rather take you upstairs and slam into your ass until we're both too tired to move, but you'd be standing instead of sitting all day tomorrow... and that could raise embarrassing questions."

"Damn... okay, but we could still take this somewhere less... public."

"We could. I guess I can wait through an elevator ride. C'mon..."

The minute or two it took to make it up to Tony's room was, in fact, almost unbearable for both men. By the time they were inside with the door shut behind them, Tony's self- control was hanging on by a thread, but he forced himself to be calm, knowing he had to go slowly.

Warrick breathed deeply, reminding himself that he'd experienced this before, even if it hadn't been with another man. Walking to the bed, he sat on the edge and reached for his zipper, but then hesitated.

"Do you wanna..."

"Yeah. If you don't mind, I'd love to." Tony replied as he dropped to his knees. His mouth was already watering at just the thought of what he was about to do, but he looked up, needing to ask a question. "Ummm... I have a way I usually do this. If it's okay with you..."

"Yeah. Yeah, go ahead."


Reaching back and extracting his wallet, Tony retrieved a condom then replaced the wallet in his pocket. "It's for me. Saves clean up."

"You mean... you can get off just from..."

"Usually. Hang on.... I'll be with you as soon as... there... God, that's better..."

Staring down, Warrick suddenly began to reconsider the wisdom of letting Tony make love to him.

"Good Lord..."

"It'll fit when the time comes, don't worry." Tony responded as he finally reached through the now wide-open zipper of Warrick's jeans and gently released his thick cock. "I'll go slow, stretch you out really well... when I slide in, you'll barely feel it. Until I start thrusting, of course... but by then, you'll have forgotten pain ever existed. I promise, once you adjust... having someone inside you is pure joy. A caring, patient lover... thinking only about your pleasure and what feels good to you... it doesn't get any better."

"Ahhh... Tony, please... do it."

"Do what?"

"Use your mouth! Please... lick me now! I need it..."

"Your wish, my command, beautiful..."

A moment later, wet heat surrounded Warrick's aching cock and he sighed. Tony grinned around the flesh sliding in and out of his lips and proceeded to slowly drive the other man crazy with need that grew and grew but was never fulfilled. Over and over, Tony licked and sucked, swirled and breathed, always grasping firmly in the vital spot at the absolute last minute and stalling Warrick's release. Finally, he deep-throated his new lover and allowed him to achieve orgasm, swallowing until every drop was consumed. Panting, Warrick slid off the bed to his knees, wrapped both hands behind Tony's head and kissed him deeply and passionately. Tony reached out, clutched the bedspread and groaned incoherently as he exploded into the condom.

"Hell..." Warrick breathed as they pulled apart at last.

"No... heaven." Tony murmured, kissing Warrick softly on the forehead.



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