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Talented Hands

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 009 Word Count: 16653
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Angst/Drama, Crossover, First Time, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Tony/OMC
Crossover Shows: CSI
Summary: NCIS/ CSI crossover. After managing to continually avoid being the one to go to law enforcement conferences, Tony is forced into attending the latest one. In Las Vegas he runs into a like minded soul, in more ways than one.

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Talented Hands 2/?



Warrick gazed at Tony's plate, which was empty at last, and allowed an amused smile to curl his lips. They had switched gears on the way to Warrick's suggested breakfast place and he'd taken Tony to a buffet instead. His wallet was now grateful for that decision.

"You can only eat so much huh?"

"This? This was nothing. You should see it when I order pizza."

"Sounds like a lunch plan to me."

"Not dinner?"

"Nah. Your first night here we should go somewhere special. I'll figure it out while we're sufferin' through the meet-an-greets an' all that crap this morning."

"We?" Tony asked lightly, grinning at Warrick over his last sip of coffee.

"Yeah... we. Hey, I didn't mean to presume anything..."

"No, it's okay."

"I just thought... we kinda had a good vibe goin' in the lounge this morning an' I've never been one to turn my back on a potential friendship. I need all of 'em I can get."

"Me too. Definitely. So... what are we doing between now and the start of the conference?"

"We'll hit one'a my boss' favorite places first. Then I'll give you that 'off-the-beaten-path' tour I promised."

"Should I be scared?" Tony laughed, gathering his jacket and standing next to the table.

"If I wasn't with you, damn straight. Long as I got your back, you'll be fine."

"Okay. I can handle myself, though."

"Cops always think they can. Wait 'till I tell you about some of the cases we've seen. You'll be hidin' under the bed tonight 'stead of sleepin' in it." Warrick warned, laying out money for the check and a tip.

"I've got my own tales from the crypt, believe me."

"Later. We both need a little fun before all the boring shit ramps up."


"Keep your patience in check, bro... and unpack your sense of adventure."

As they strolled out into the warm, sunny morning, donning their sunglasses nearly in unison, Tony grinned and mumbled under his breath.

"Oh, boy..."


When they pulled up to the closed and locked gate, Tony wanted to ask the obvious question, but he was too intrigued not to give Warrick a chance to surprise him. Pulling the keys from the ignition, the darker man gazed over at Tony curiously.


"You said patience. Go on. I'm waiting to see what we're doing here."

Pulling out his cell phone, Warrick grinned and speed dialed a number.

"Yeah, CSI Brown. Can you come down and let me in? Thanks. Yeah, ten minutes. Great. Okay. Take it easy, man."

"That's it? All you have to do is ask?"

Warrick stepped out of the SUV and waited for Tony to follow suit. Staring up at the massive roller coaster that towered over the surrounding landscape, he smiled lightly.

"My boss comes down here to blow off steam when he's massively stressed... sometimes when he's not, too. He's friends with the management and the guy who works maintenance, so he set it up that any of us on his team could have access if we wanted it, long as we don't abuse the privilege."

"Whoa. Very cool."

"Coasters freak you out?"

"Me? No way. Ridden some of the best on the East coast, actually. I've read about Pharaoh 's Fever... wanted to ride it for a long time but I never got this far west."

"Yeah? It's an experience, lemme tell you."

"I bet it is."

As they waited for the man with the keys to show up, the pair talked and laughed, leaning against the front bumper of the SUV. When the gate was finally opened they climbed back in and drove just inside. The man followed, closing and locking the entrance again behind them.

"How many times you feel like goin' around, 'Rick?" he asked as the trio walked to the coaster.

"Twice oughta do it. Got a newbie to the Fever, here. Don't know if he could handle more than that." Warrick teased, shooting a sideways grin at Tony, who gave back as good as he received. Slipping his sunglasses off and stowing them in his jacket pocket, DiNozzo tossed a gleaming smile back at his new friend.

"You just met me. You don't know what I can handle." he retorted, an undeniable challenge in his eyes. Warrick held Tony's gaze steadily, letting the other know he got the message, then moved with him up to the level where the coaster cars waited. As they slipped in side by side and secured the belts and safety bars, they didn't speak, anticipation and excitement rendering them both mute for the moment. Just before the ride jerked into motion, Warrick tried to say something, to acknowledge what he thought Tony might have been trying to get across, but he was suddenly unsure he'd read the young man right, so he swallowed his words and faced forward, giving himself over to the power and wild abandon of the ride ahead. As they whistled and shrieked down the first long descent, Warrick allowed his chin to tip back and his hands to fly into the air as he released a whoop of utter joy. Tony laughed, tilted his own face to the sky and surrendered as well, loosing his own gleeful cry into the bright, clear morning.

By the time the second run had finished and they were pulling into the small exit area, both men's throats were aching and their faces stinging from the wind, but neither cared. Warrick stood, maneuvered his long body out onto the platform and extended a hand to Tony. The other man took a minute to allow his system to settle a bit then accepted the assistance. His shaky knees failed him once in the process of getting back down to the ground, but Warrick supported him, chuckling, and they made it safely. While the manager shut down the ride and re-joined them, Tony paced back and forth a few steps, re-establishing his equilibrium, then the three men moved back toward the gate, DiNozzo floating more than walking.

"God... I forgot how incredible that could feel!" Tony shouted, spinning in place and moon-walking backwards. Watching him, Warrick felt a little high himself and he let it show. He envied Tony his easy enthusiasm, even in the face of what they both did for a living. Realizing that serious and stodgy was the last thing he wanted to become, he promised himself he would separate the two halves of his life more completely and try harder to find joy in his moments away from the lab.

"Yeah... it's too long since I've been here. I need to do this more often." Warrick agreed, echoing Tony's smile.

"Man... I feel like... champagne! Like bubbles are all shaken up inside me... and they're about to blow the top of my head off! Thanks so much, Warrick. This was exactly what I needed.... what I was hoping I'd experience before I left Vegas."

"We ain't done yet. Still got some stuff to show you before we get down to conference business for the day." Warrick reminded him as he unlocked the SUV and climbed in. Tony clambered into the passenger's seat and buckled in, goofy grin still beaming.

"Can't wait. I'm hoping the coaster was just the first wild ride you plan to take me on."

Warrick looked at him sharply, hearing another challenge and more than a hint of innuendo, but Tony was slipping his shades back into place and gazing excitedly out the windshield, so Warrick again wondered if it wasn't his imagination. Shaking his head, he started the engine and pulled slowly through the gate.

"I don't disappoint, my man. Hold on tight... you're about to get a different perspective on Vegas."



Tony and Warrick moved past the reception desk, leaning on each other and laughing. When Amy gave him a raised eyebrow, Tony addressed her concern.

"We're... we're not drunk, I swear. He just... he took me to a few of the weirder chapels on the strip... and I can't stop laughing. That got him started..."

"You're forgiven." She told them, smiling and handing each the individual information packets that would see them through the three days of the conference. "You should both hurry. Registration started half an hour ago. Meeting room 3 on the second floor."


The pair moved off toward the elevator, still occasionally giggling. While they waited, Tony pulled out his schedule and scanned it, then looked over to peruse Warrick's. "Nothing together today, damn it, except the opening meeting. We've got the seminar on insects and decomp tomorrow, though."

Warrick whistled softly and his grin widened. "What?"

"My boss is the featured speaker. I can't wait for you to meet him."

"Me either... hold it." Tony murmured, reading the paragraph on the seminar more closely. "Gil Grissom is your boss? Holy..."

"You know him?"

"I know *about* him. It must be amazing to get to work with such an incredible scientist and teacher. I mean... my boss is great, but if I could work under Dr. Grissom, just for a day..."

"We could arrange it, maybe. Talk to him after we're done tomorrow."

"Talk to him? Just walk up and... talk to him? You're serious."

Warrick laughed.

"Yeah, talk, like he was an actual human being." He teased as they stepped into the cab. "Tell you what. I'll introduce you."

"You'd do that? Man, you really are the best!"

"An' you really are good for my ego..."



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