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Continuing Education

by: tigerlady (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 001 Word Count: 3413
Rating: MATURE
Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Abby Sciuto, Timothy McGee
Category(ies): Unresolved Sexual Tension
Pairing(s): Abby/McGee, Abby/Tony
Summary: Their movie nights don't usually go like this. Set between Season 3 and 4.

Chapters: 1

Tony's finger hovered over the buzzer for a full three seconds before temptation yanked it away.

He leaned over the urn of black-petaled petunias, getting as close as he could to the leaded pane of glass to the right of the door. The glass was old, just like the rest of Abby's cute little bungalow, and it took a bit of squinting to make out anything inside. He couldn't see her anywhere, but he thought he spotted the tip of McGee's head poking over the back of her couch.

"What are you two up to?" he murmured to himself, imagination supplying him with plenty of visuals. It wasn't spying. Not really. He just needed as much intel on his team as he could get--especially if he wasn't going to have as much time for these little gatherings in the near future.

Abby stepped out of her kitchen. Tony leapt away from the window as she turned toward the door. He straightened his shirt and ran a hand over his hair, settling himself, and then rang the bell.

"Tony!" Abby flung herself at him as soon as the door was out of the way. Tony held the DVD up so it wouldn't dig into any sensitive places and braced his legs against her weight.

"Hey, Abs," he said, returning her hug the best that he could. Abby-hugs were always an adventure. "Couldn't stand to be away from me for three whole hours?"

"You wish!" She stuck her tongue out at him before she grinned and bounded back towards the kitchen.

"Somebody's been hitting the Red Bull already," McGee called. "Be careful, she might vibrate you to death."

"Now that sounds like fun." Tony closed the front door, then stepped into the living room. "So I take it you crazy kids started partying without me?"

"We've been rockin' the house down. Right Tim?" Abby called over the sound of the fridge door slamming.

"Oh, definitely. You just missed the band." McGee smiled up at Tony. He was sprawled out, casual in jeans and a faded T-shirt, looking about as relaxed as Tony'd ever seen him.

"Is that so?" Tony tossed the DVD onto Abby's coffin-cum-coffee table, then sat down on the opposite end of the couch. "I'm hurt. Having fun without me?"

"Heh." Abby laughed lightly. "So you're saying you want in on all of our fun, Tony?"

"Getting kinky on me, Abs?"

"Always," she purred, and pressed a cold bottle of beer against his neck.

"Hey!" He grabbed the bottle out of her hand. Glaring up at her, he rubbed away the condensation that had dripped onto his skin. "Is that any way to treat your boss?"

Abby bobbed her eyebrows. "Only the ones I like."

McGee cleared his throat. "So, Boss, what are we watching tonight?"

Tony opened his mouth, but stopped as he noticed the flush fading away from McGee's face and throat. Maybe Abby hadn't been completely joking a moment ago. Or at least McGee hadn't taken it as a joke. Interesting. Very interesting.

"Darby O'Gill and the Little People," Tony finally answered, tucking away the thought for later. "I chose it especially for you, Probie."

McGee picked up the case. "Disney? Tony, I'm not really a Disney kind of guy."

"Oh, but you so are," Tony said, snatching the case out of McGee's hands. "And this is a classic. How can you go wrong with Sean Connery?"

"League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," Abby rattled off immediately. "Entrapment. First Knight. Ooh, and The Avengers remake really kind of sucked. Do I need to go on?"

"No. No, you really don't."

"Oh, and Highlander 2 had Sean Connery," McGee had to add.

Abby nodded. "That's the Holy Grail of Suckitude."

"You can't go wrong with early Sean Connery," Tony growled out. "Anyway, that's not the point. This is a great movie. You'll love it."

"Okay, okay." Abby snapped her fingers at him. "Give it."

Tony handed over the disc, not without some trepidation, and Abby slid it into the player. She grabbed the remote and plopped down between him and McGee. He tried to grab the remote, but Abby was wily. And unafraid of fighting dirty. Tony withdrew from the fight in favor of keeping the family jewels intact.

She hit play, and Tony settled into the crook of the couch, ready to watch half of his team watch the movie. His favorite half of his team, if he was honest with himself. Not that he didn't care about Ziva a lot. He'd do anything for her, and Ducky, too. Even for Lee, as new and straight-laced as she was. That was part of being a team lead, he'd discovered.

Abby and McGee were something more, though. Friends. But more than any friends he'd had on the force before. More than even his frat buddies.

Abby laughed at something on screen, husky and low. Very sexy. Tony smiled. Yeah, there was probably a reason he was closer to Abby than he was to any of his guy friends. Of course, that didn't really explain how McGeek had gotten under his skin.

"Ow, Abby," McGee complained. "Watch your elbow."

"Well excuse me for encroaching on your territory," she groused, but then she shifted so she was lying with her head on McGee's lap. Which meant her bare feet snaked into Tony's own lap. Abby had long, elegant feet, like the rest of her. Unsurprisingly, her toenails were painted black. She wiggled her toes at him, and Tony obliged by starting to rub.

"Oh, yeah." She groaned enthusiastically. "Like that, only harder."

Tony swallowed hard and moved her feet a little further away from his groin. He looked up to find McGee with one arm casually wrapped around Abby's side, smirking at him knowingly. Tony was never sure when those two were just talk and when they were actually getting it on, but lately they were always in each other's space. Ever since Gibbs had left, actually.

Abby wiggled her feet again, a sulky mewl aimed his way. Tony got the picture and resumed the massage. He rubbed until Abby was a puddle of goo on the couch and his hands ached, and then he rubbed some more.

"Is she asleep?" McGee whispered halfway through the movie. "I didn't think it was possible after all that Red Bull."

"Not asleep," Abby mumbled, but she didn't sound that awake, either.

Tony squeezed her foot one last time and then shook out his hands. He rested them on her feet, but a few minutes later he found himself skimming his fingers under the hem of her pants, tracing seductively over the soft skin of her ankle. Tony snatched his hand away and stuffed it into the crack of the couch, where it couldn't get him into any trouble.

Cold metal greeted his fingers.

A little skilled wriggling was all he needed to get a good hold on the object. Tony pulled, and sure enough, a pair of handcuffs came free.

"Lose something, McGee?" He dangled them just outside of McGee's easy reach. "You know, Gibbs would have had your ass for misappropriation of federal property, but I'm going to go easier on you."

McGee smirked. "Those aren't my handcuffs, Tony."

"Handcuffs? Where?" Abby bolted upright and snatched the cuffs out of Tony's hand. "Oh, yay! You found them!"

"They were stuffed under the cushions," Tony said, watching as she spread open the bracelets.

"Oh, that's right." She glanced back at McGee, who was flushing again. "We got so caught up in things we forgot to dig them back out last time."

Tony opened his mouth, but there were too many comments to choose from. What came out was, "You know, I just don't get that."

Abby's eyebrows shot up. "Don't get what? Handcuffs specifically? Or being restrained during sex?"

"Uh." Tony licked his lips, feeling like he'd just snagged a trip wire. "All of it."

Abby did the little smile-and-head-bob combination that she did whenever she'd just uncovered the clue that would solve the case. "That's because you haven't been doing it right."

Then she snapped the cuffs around his wrists.

"Very funny. Now let me go."

She shook her head, still smiling. "Oh, no. Not until I show you a thing or two, DiNozzo."

"Abby." He grabbed at her hands, but she evaded him easily. He went for her pockets on the theory that she might have a key on her somewhere, but he couldn't get more than the tips of his fingers in the tight space. Abby giggled and batted at his hands, so he changed tactics, moving up to dig his fingers into the sensitive skin at her waist. Abby shrieked and leapt off the couch.

"You are not cooperating," she pouted.

"Well, no." Tony tried to stand, but having his hands bound threw him off. That was exactly why he didn't get the cuff thing. "Come on, Abs. We're missing the movie."

"The amazing thing about technology," she said, pausing the player, "is that we can always watch it later." She waved the remote at McGee in a commanding manner. "Tim, sit on him."

Abby stepped back, and McGee slid across the couch. Tony stared at him, not really believing he'd do what Abby'd ordered. He took a second too long for disbelief, because then McGee actually straddled his lap.

"Probie! What the hell do you think you're doing?" Tony shoved at McGee's chest, trying to push him off and to stand up at the same time, but he didn't have good leverage. Plus, his butt was kind of stuck in the cushions. Abby really needed a new couch.

"Just go with it, Tony." McGee settled his ass more firmly on Tony's legs, his thighs gripping the outside of Tony's thighs. The warmth of him bled through their jeans and into Tony's skin. "Don't you trust us?"


McGee's mouth twisted. "You should," he said, his eyes big, green, and way too open. Before Tony could say anything, tease or bluster or beg or apologize or threaten, McGee grabbed the links between Tony's wrists and lifted. Tony pulled down, but the metal bit into his wrists. Plus, McGee seemed a lot stronger than Tony remembered. If Tony didn't know better, he'd say that McGeek had been hitting the gym.

"Oh, nice! You guys look even better than I expected," Abby crowed from somewhere behind the couch. Tony couldn't really see her, not with his arms were stretched above his head and McGee stretched out on top of him, holding him in place. McGee's face was inches from his own, eyes still intent with something that Tony didn't want to know. He was vaguely aware of Abby moving behind him, but he was still surprised when she announced, "Okay, Timmy. You can back off now."

McGee moved off. Tony tried to lower his arms, but they were stuck. He strained his neck trying to look behind him, and he could just make out another bracelet fixed around the links of the first pair.

McGee smirked down at him. "Now those are my handcuffs."

Tony glared. "You two are so fired."

"Mmm," Abby hummed as she slid into his lap. Tony swallowed hard as she squirmed against him, pressing her breasts into his chest. She brushed his cheek with her own, close enough so that she could whisper in his ear. "If it really gets too much? Just say 'Gibbs'. But only if you mean it, okay?"

She pulled back, just enough so that Tony could see the sincerity in her eyes. He nodded, and she flashed him a blinding grin. Arousal flared through him as he realized that they really were going to play out whatever kinky game she had in mind. He wasn't averse to that, not at all. Even if he should be.

Abby leaned back, sitting on the very edge of his lap. "There are a lot of things about being restrained that add to the experience," she said like she was explaining one of her scientific processes. "First of all, you have to trust the person restraining you enough to hand over control of your well-being to them." She ran her hand down his chest, leaving it over his heart. "And you do trust Tim and me, don't you?"

"You know I do, Abs," he answered quietly, unable to hold anything back from her when she looked at him like that.

"See, McGee? I told you it'd be okay." She moved her hands out to Tony's lats, lightly kneading at the stretched muscles as she resumed her lecture. "Then there's the discomfort involved. Your body's expecting one thing, but it gets another. So when the pleasure finally hits, it really hits." She reached up and slipped a finger between his left wrist and the metal band. "Handcuffs are extra-kinky, because there's an added sense of being a bad, bad boy. Plus, with us, it's a perversion of what we are. Which is fun in small doses. Make sense?"

Tony's mouth was dry, so he simply nodded.

"Good." Abby bit her lip, staring at her hands as she fiddled with the buttons of his shirt. She looked like she was having an internal debate. Tony stayed still and quiet, not wanting to stop her, but afraid to urge her onwards.

"And there's wanting what you can't have," McGee added softly.

Abby nodded vigorously, looking back on track. "Yes, exactly. The tease. I bet you're a master of the tease, aren't you, Tony?"

"Oh, I'm sure I pale in comparison to you, Mistress."

"You have no idea," she said, leaning forward again so that her lips almost brushed his. Tony wanted to strain forward for the kiss, but he held himself back. The game could go both ways; he knew that much. They held the pose for long seconds, breath slowly increasing as the tension built--and then Abby slid off his lap.

"Watch and learn," she told him. Then she turned to McGee, who wasn't shy about pulling her into his arms. They started making out right in front of Tony. It wasn't for show--or rather, it wasn't just for show. He could hear them kiss more than he could see them: lips smacking together, making sucking noises as they parted again. Abby made an amused little hum, followed by a low groan, and then McGee sucked in a loud, surprised-sounding breath.

They didn't just kiss, either. McGee had his back to the arm rest with Abby straddling his lap, which gave Tony a good view of the way she was slowly grinding against him. McGee's hands were busy. He groped Abby's ass, then grabbed onto her hips and pushed her down onto him, making both of them grunt. Abby reached back, guiding one of Tim's hands to her back. Tony gloated a little inside, figuring the probie had crossed a line, until Tim slipped his hands under her T-shirt and started inching it upwards, slowly revealing Abby's pale skin and the black lines of her tattoo.

Tony really, really wished his hands were free. At least enough that he could adjust himself.

McGee got her shirt up as far as the arms of the cross, far enough that Tony could see that she wasn't wearing a bra, and then he let go. Fabric swished back down like a curtain at a peep show. Tony banged his head against the cushy backrest. It didn't help, not when they were grunting and gasping right in front of him. He closed his eyes, but he opened them again right away. As torturous as the show was, he didn't want to miss a bit of it.

Just when Tony thought he might get bored, that all the teasing was nothing more than a joke, McGee cupped the back of Abby's head in his hand and smoothly laid her on her back. McGee's hand and Abby's head wound up in Tony's lap. McGee let go of her head and grabbed onto Tony's thigh like he was using it for leverage.

"Okay, that's not exactly what I had in mind," Tony said, but they ignored him as they continued to make out. Tony tried to ignore how much his body liked the heat and pressure of McGee's hand after being starved for touch. Abby turned her head, smiling up at Tony as her cheek rested against his erection, and Tony couldn't think about anything at all.

"Pushing boundaries is a good thing," she assured him. Her head moved slightly with each word, brushing up against him just enough to let him know she was there. "Right, Tim?"

"Oh, definitely," McGee said. He moved his hand off of Tony's thigh at last and crouched back on his knees. He gathered Abby's wrists together in his right hand, then stretched them out over her head so she was as splayed out as Tony was. Except Tony didn't have breasts. Abby had really great breasts, and they were perfectly displayed in that position.

Tony really, really wanted his hands free.

McGee moved forward again, shoulder pressing hot into Tony's side as he lowered his mouth to Abby's breasts. She moaned and thrashed a little, giving Tony a more-than-voyeuristic thrill. McGee lifted his head, revealing the wet outline of Abby's stiff nipple under her shirt. He looked up at Tony under his lashes, a smug smile on his face that said for all of Tony's ragging about his geekitude, McGee was the one who'd scored.

"Let me up," Abby said, and McGee did. Abby straddled Tony's lap once again. This time, she wasn't teasing. Not with her crotch pressed against his groin, her hips rolling slow circles over his erection. Tony rocked up into her, and they gasped together. She dropped her face into his neck, breathing heavily.

"I think it's about time I lose these, don't you?" Tony rattled the cuffs overhead.

"Just a little bit longer," she whispered. Tony strained forward, trying to kiss her, but she turned her head, kissing McGee instead. They were right there, so close that he was almost a part of it.

And he wanted to be a part of it.

"Please," he said, and they turned to him, mouths wet and ready.

His phone rang.

They all froze. It rang again. Tony tried to reach for it without thinking, and nearly pulled his shoulder out of the socket. "Let me out!"

Abby hesitated.

"Gibbs, Gibbs," he shouted, frantically remembering the rules.

"Where's the key, Abby?" McGee asked.

"I don't know, I lost the one to my set," she said, and Tony's gut sank. "Oh, wait!"

She scrambled off the couch. McGee pitched forward and caught himself on Tony's shoulder.

"Get my phone," Tony barked, and McGee fumbled at Tony's belt. Tony grit his teeth through the fading remains of his arousal. McGee finally got the phone open and up to Tony's ear.

"Did I call at an inconvenient time, Agent DiNozzo?"

Tony winced. "No, not at all. Director."

McGee's eyes widened. The phone slipped in his hand, but he got it situated again before it caused a problem.

"Good. Because I have some new information that you need to hear. I'll expect you in MTAC in twenty minutes."

"Right," Tony said, and she hung up before he could add anything else. McGee stared at him, waiting, and Tony wondered what the hell he was supposed to do now.

"I found it!" Abby thundered in, waving the key, and just that quickly his hands were free. Tony shook out his hands, then snatched his phone from McGee.

"I have to go." He levered himself out of the couch less than gracefully. "Drop the movie off before tomorrow night, okay?"

"Should I come, too?" McGee asked.

Tony shook his head. "Team-lead stuff. Don't worry about it."

"Wait!" Abby raced over to him before he could get out the door. She wrung her hands as she stared up at him. "Tony..."

"Hey," he said, pulling her into his arms for a quick hug. He met McGee's eyes over her shoulder. "I'll see you guys Monday."

She nodded, and Tony got the hell out of there. Once he got behind the wheel of his car, he took a deep breath. Tonight had been a hell of a lot of fun, but fun was all it was. With this mission ahead of him, that was all it could be.
Tony started the car, and let the evening go.

Chapters: 1

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