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Objects in the Mirror

by: tigerlady (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 001 Word Count: 1932
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Abby Sciuto, Timothy McGee
Category(ies): Episode Related, PWP
Pairing(s): Abby/McGee, Abby/Tony, Tony/McGee
Summary: Tony gets a proper send-off for his trip. Abby/Tony/McGee.

Author Notes: Takes place before 4.01 Shalom, but based on something in that ep.

Chapters: 1

Some days, being the boss really sucked.

Tony had pushed as hard as he could on the Seymour case, but they didn't track the guy down until four am Sunday morning. He'd booked the absolute latest flight he could take and still make it to the conference on time. But by the time he got the bastard squared away and the absolute minimum paperwork taken care of, he'd still had barely enough time to speed home, shower, and grab his bags.

It was hardly the happenin' send-off he'd been hoping for.

So he was already in a bad mood when he got to the curb in front of his complex and saw that his cab wasn't waiting for him, despite what the company had said. Which meant he was going to have to drive his own car. Which meant leaving his baby on its own in a lot for two whole weeks, and paying for the privilege. Yeah, they said they had security on those lots, but Anthony DiNozzo was not a stupid man.

"Hey, Tony! What are you waiting for?"

Tony spun around, and sure enough, there was Abby. She waving crazily, beckoning him over to Tim's car. The trunk popped open right before Tim climbed out of the driver's seat.

"What are you guys doing here?" Tony dropped his bags in the trunk and slammed the lid. "More importantly, what'd you do with my cab?"

Tim smiled smugly. "I have a federal badge and I'm not afraid to use it." With his arms crossed and the sunglasses perched on his nose, he almost managed to look dangerous. The longer hair helped, too.

"You're learning, McGee," Tony told him as he headed towards the front passenger side of the car. "Now if you would just work on the wardrobe, you might have a shot at cool."

"Oh, not there!" Abby grabbed Tony's sleeve and yanked hard, pulling him away from the door.

"Abs," he protested, but she was too busy manhandling him in the direction she wanted him to go to notice his wardrobe distress. He climbed into the backseat more out of self-defense than anything else. Abby followed him in, smiling devilishly as he straightened his shirt. "What?" he asked, suddenly suspicious.

"What, what?" she shot back immediately. Tim started the car, and as he pulled out, Abby lurched sideways into Tony's lap. After a few seconds of trying to help her out, Tony finally realized that detangling themselves was not Abby's intent. Once he stopped moving, she managed to climb onto his lap.

"Hi," he said, automatically holding onto her hips to keep her steady. Abby's head was pressed tight against the ceiling, but she didn't seem to mind. "Whatcha doin' up there, Abs?"

"Oh, Tony!" Her lip wobbled dangerously before she launched herself at him, throwing her arms around his neck in what seemed to be an attempt to choke him to death. "I'm going to miss you so much."

"I'm going to miss you, too," he croaked out. While he worked on loosening her grip, he thought about how true that was. Abby had always been special, but now that they had this little...thing going on, she was even more important to him. "I'll bring you a present, okay?"

Abby leaned back far enough for him to see her face, and to his relief, she wasn't crying. "Okay," she agreed with a little nod. "But it better be good."

"Cross my heart," he said while doing that very thing.

"Abby," Tim called from the front. "Traffic's light. We're making good time."

"Right," she said smartly, like she'd just been passed a secret code. She squirmed a bit, scrunching away from the ceiling, and gave Tony a long, deep kiss.

"Mmm," he said after she pulled away. "Yeah. Definitely going to miss you."

Abby crawled off his lap. Tony caught her by the shoulder when the car swayed, and she giggled. "Maybe I should have grabbed some Dramamine," she said. Then she knelt sideways in her seat and reached into his lap.

"Um. Abby." She already had his belt undone. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing, Mr. Special Agent?" She tugged his fly open. Tony couldn't help himself; he spread his legs and scooted forward to give her better access.

"It looks like--" He lost his words for a second when she pulled his cock out of his boxers. "It looks like you're about to perform a lewd act in public."

"You are a really smart guy, Tony," she said, and then went down on him.

God, it was good. He hadn't been hard at first, but the feel of her mouth around him was more than enough to get him going. She didn't pull away after he was erect, and Tony suddenly realized they were doing this without a condom. An extra thrill shot through him--a shot of adrenaline like getting knocked out the door of an airplane. He wasn't sure whether the thrill was joy or fear, but he liked it. Taking that step was something they'd never talked about, but Tony knew that they'd all been thinking about it.

Tony groaned with pure pleasure as Abby pushed for a little more depth. He looked away from her dark head bobbing in his lap, and met Tim's eyes in the rearview mirror.

"How's it going, McGee?" he asked, voice tight because Abby was damn good with her mouth.

"Could be better." Tim looked back to the road, which was just fine with Tony. He really didn't want to get in an accident right at the moment. "It's a little hard to concentrate right now."

"Heh." Tony closed his eyes, reveling in the feel of Abby's magic. He ran a hand across her head, tugging one of her pigtails away from her face. "How'd she talk you into this, anyway?"

"We played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who got to be in the back seat."

And Jesus, that was not the answer Tony was expecting. He thrust a little in Abby's mouth as the thought perked up his lizard brain. He stopped immediately and rubbed her neck in apology. It was just--they'd done a lot of things together, but Tim had never blown him. Tony'd imagined it, though. Tim's fine hair under Tony's fingers, Tim's warm mouth moving over Tony's cock. Tim's brains and perfectionism fighting to make up for his inexperience.

When Tony finally opened his eyes, Tim looked back at him from the mirror with a smile that was a little bit smug and a whole lot evil. Abby pulled away from Tony's cock, drawing his attention back down to her. She had an evil smile of her own.

"I might have cheated to win," she said, her voice extra-gravelly. "I thought it'd be good to give you something to come home to."

"Abs," he protested--because he wanted her just as much as he wanted Tim. Because he wanted to come home to both of them. He wasn't sure he could get that across to her without words, though, and he thought he might be allergic to those particular phrases. "I like it when you're devious," he said instead, rubbing his thumb across her cheek.

Her grin softened into a sweet smile.

"Ten minutes," Tim called.

"Ooh, right!" Abby started to bend down again, but stopped just as the ends of her hair brushed across the head of his cock. Tony squirmed, hoping she'd take the hint. "We need to speed this up. Talk dirty, McGee!"

"Um," Tim said, sounding completely flustered. Tony laughed and groaned at the same time, a really weird sensation that was outweighed by the warm wetness of Abby's mouth.

"Does it feel good?" Tim's ears were pink. "Is she, uh, doing that thing with her tongue?"

"Oh, yeah." Tony sighed, because Abby seemed to take Tim's words as instruction. "Yeah, right now."

Tim cleared his throat. Tony could imagine him reaching to loosen his tie, even though he hadn't been wearing one. "I really like that," Tim said. "You, you're both really good at that."

"Yeah?" Tony grinned and let his head loll back against the seat. Abby was sliding up and down now, building a fast rhythm. It was getting hard to think, much less talk. "Go on."

"Ah, yeah." Then Tim was quiet long enough that Tony thought he'd chickened out. But then he said, "When you use a finger, that's really, really good. Do you like that too, Tony?"

"Unnnnn," Tony agreed. He flailed out, one hand landing on Abby's shoulder, the other clutching the headrest behind Tim.

"She probably can't do that right now. What with your pants in the way." Tim reached back and gripped Tony's fingers. Tony squeezed back. "But when you come home, that's how I'm going to do it."

Abby got a hand down Tony's pants far enough to cradle his balls. Between that and Tim's dirty mouth, Tony didn't stand a chance. He came hard. Abby swallowing every bit of it was really hot icing on top of the cake. Cherry on the sundae. Really damn hot, whatever it was, and he didn't want it to end.

Abby licked him clean, then tucked him back in his pants and zipped him up. "There. Not a hair out of place," she declared with a grin. "I'm good."

"You certainly are." He pulled her up for a quick kiss. She rubbed her thumb over his lips when they parted, cleaning her lipstick away.

"We're here," Tim announced.

Tony was surprised; it hadn't felt like they'd been on the road long enough. Abby silently cuddled against his side while Tim navigated to the drop-off zone. Tony took advantage of those last few minutes to get his brain back on track.

Tim slowed down and put the car in park. Their eyes met again in the mirror.

"I'll keep things in order until you get back," Tim promised.

"I know you will." Tony smiled; Tim had no clue how much Tony really did believe that. He wouldn't ever say so, though. A little doubt was a good thing. Kept Tim on his toes. "If you don't, I'll kick your ass."

Tim smiled. "Whatever you say, Boss."

Tony squeezed Tim's shoulder, letting his fingers trail over Tim's neck when he pulled away. Then he kissed Abby's forehead one more time. She let go of him reluctantly, and he climbed out of the car.

"Have a safe flight," she called while he was grabbing his bags out of the trunk.

Tony waved back. He watched until they were out of sight, and then headed to check in.

Some days, his life really didn't suck at all.

Chapters: 1

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