Seek and Destroy

by: wereleopard58 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #3
Chapters: 001 Word Count: 1422
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ensemble
Category(ies): Crossover
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: This is the third story in my Sentinel and Guide series. The first story was 'Impressions and Sensations' it was NCIS, and the second story was 'Control and Discipline' which was a Hawaii Five-0 story SLASH

Author Notes: Here is the addy for the Hawaii Five-0 part of this story

Chapter 1

Title: Seek and Destroy

Pairing: McDanno/Tibbs

Rating: Adult

Spoilers: All of Hawaii Five-0, NCIS and The Sentinel

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Hawaii Five-0, NCIS or The sentinel

Summary: This is the third story in my Sentinel and Guide series. The first story was 'Impressions and Sensations' it was NCIS, and the second story was 'Control and Discipline' which was a Hawaii Five-0 story

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Chapter One


Danny inched open his eyes, and winced as the sun shone into them. His head pounded, and the sunshine didn't help.

'I hate Hawaii.' He muttered to himself, that was when he sat up and looked around at his surroundings. He was on a beach. The last thing he remembered was being asleep curled up next to Steve in a house, and in a bed. How the hell did he get out here? Where the hell was he? He braced his hands on the hot sand and pushed himself up. His knee screamed out at him for that particular move. 'This has to be his fault. If it's a sentinel and guide thing I'm going to handcuff us together, and it won't be for entertainment purposes. If I have to suffer, so does he.' With that Danny started to walk. He would feel much more comfortable once he knew where exactly he was, and that he was safe.


Steve stared down at his desk, and once again looked through all of the reports that were littered across it. He hoped and prayed that he had missed something, anything that would direct him in the direction of his missing guide. He and Danny had finally got together, they were sentinel and guide. Then, he had just vanished. What the hell happened? How did Steve not know anything about it until the next morning? That was the one thing that bothered him the most. How did he not know? What the hell happened to his senses; and his protective sentinel instincts?

Steve looked up as Kono walked past his office, and then watched as her face froze in shock, and she suddenly burst into tears. He was on his feet and out of the door in an instant to check up on her. He hoped that she was ok? They had all been through a lot. They were after all, ohana.

'Kono what's..?' Steve followed her gaze, and that was when he saw Danny. It was his Danny, his guide who had a whopping scowl on his handsome face. He had never been so happy to see that expression.

'Is this your fault?' Danny stormed towards him. 'I go to sleep in a bed and then wake up on a beach. ' That was when he realised he was being looked at in a funny way.

'Danny.' Steve whispered and pulled the shorter man into his arms and held him hard against his own body. 'Oh god, you're finally back.'

Danny was about to ask what the hell was going on when Kono was suddenly plastered to him at his back. That was when he knew something else had happened, something bad. 'Hey guys, do you mind telling me what's going on? You're starting to scare me now. Is Grace ok?'

'Danny, how long do you think you've been gone?' Steve asked as he managed to pull back and stare down at the shorter man.

'I was with you last night Steven, or did you forget?' Danny was worried where this was going.

'Danny, you've been gone a month. I woke up the next morning, and you had just vanished. I couldn't find you anywhere, and my senses weren't helping. I…' Steve's voice faded of as he fought the tears back.

Danny reached out and pulled him into his arms again and held him. 'It's ok, I'm here now. We'll figure it out.'

'We'd better get you to the hospital Danny to see if they drugged you or anything.' Kono was worried about what had happened to her friend over the last month. If he didn't remember anything, what could have been done to him?

'Uhhh, ok.' That was when he looked down at himself, to make sure everything seemed in place and then realised that he was fully clothed, and they weren't his. 'These aren't mine. I never noticed when I woke up. My only thought was to get back here.'

'I'll go to Steve's and grab some of your things.' Chin answered as he walked in and saw the three of them. As he spoke, he walked straight over to his friend and hugged him just as tight as the others had.

'Why is my stuff at Steve's?' Danny asked as Chin let him go.

'It's been a month, we tried to keep your apartment, but no one had seen you. We couldn't use it as a crime scene as you were in my house. You'll move in with me right?' Steve's voice was soft, and hopeful as he explained.


Danny collapsed on Steve's couch. They had taken his blood and tested his vitals. There were no apparent injuries on him. So they had let him go home, with Steve.

'I'm fine Steve.' Danny repeated for the hundredth time. He watched as Steve crossed his arms over his chest, and then sat down. His eyes were going from one window to the next, then to the doors, and then back again. 'You aren't going to sit and watch me night and day are you?'

'You vanished under my very nose Danny. My senses did nothing. I couldn't find you, don't you get it. I couldn't find you.' Steve started to get worked up.

Danny wrapped his arms around Steve and snuggled up to him. 'You can't watch me 24/7 babe. It will drive me nuts, and make you sick. We'll have to figure something else out.

'I can't lose you again.' Steve argued.

'You won't. Let's talk to Chin and Kono, and we'll figure something out, ok.' Danny pulled back and then watched and waited for Steve to nod before he pulled him into his arms.

'I thought you'd realised that what being a guide entailed and no longer wanted to be mine.' He covered Danny's mouth with his hand. 'When Grace and Rachel hadn't seen you, and couldn't get hold of you. That was when we realised something else was going on.'

'Steve, babe, you and I are in it for the long haul. We're a team, in whatever form that takes.'

'Ok Danny.' Steve smiled at his guide, and then pulled him into a passionate kiss. He tried to put everything he felt into it. To prove to Danny how he truly felt.


Washington DC, Navy Yard

Gibbs stared at the screen for a little longer. His eyes had started to hurt; he needed a five minute break. He decided to check on Abby, the two of them had put so much more time into trying to find Tony than anyone else. They had known him the longest. There was also this thing with them being sentinel and guide they both agreed it definitely wasn't the time to tell anyone else. They noticed the looks from all of their friends, they knew something was off, but they didn't know what.


Abby looked up as she heard the ding of the lift. She smiled as Gibbs walked over to her and gave her a hug.

'Hey Abs, any update on finding Tony?' Gibbs asked her, but he already knew the answer.

She looked at him sadly. 'Nope and I'm using my plenary abilities.'

Gibbs just stared at her. 'What?' He finally asked.

'I'm using my full abilities.' She pouted at him, when he smiled. 'Don't make fun of my word-a-day calendar. Tony brought it for me, and until we find him I am going to use each word every day.'

'Sounds like a good plan to me.' Gibbs kissed the top of her head, which was when his cell came to life. 'Yes, what? I'm on my way.'

'What's going on?' Abby asked as soon as he slipped his cell back into his pocket.

'That was Baltimore PD, they've got Tony.'


I also in this completed a challenge on the 1 million words LJ. It was the word of the day

Plenary (adjective, noun)
ple·na·ry [plee-nuh-ree, plen-uh-]

1. full; complete; entire; absolute; unqualified: plenary powers.
2. attended by all qualified members; fully constituted: a plenary session of Congress.

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