Time To Move On

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Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 12336
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ensemble
Category(ies): Alternate Universe
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: Gibbs comes back from Mexico to help Ziva, and eventually ends up staying. It doesn't take long before DiNozzo no longer feels a part of the team. When certain problems arise he has to decide whether he can stay as Gibbs SFA or is it time to move on. SLASH Tibbs pairing (I had a guest asking if it was slash, so thought I would just make things clear)

Chapter 1

Title: Time To Move On

Author: Wereleopard58

Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo

Rating: FRAO

Spoilers: All of NCIS as I don't know if I am going to mix and match. It is AU when Gibbs comes back from Mexico. The Jeanne thing never happened DiNozzo did go undercover, but she had got back with her Metro boyfriend.

Warning: Slash

Summary: Gibbs comes back from Mexico to help Ziva, and eventually ends up staying. It doesn't take long before DiNozzo no longer feels a part of the team. When certain problems arise he has to decide whether he can stay as Gibbs SFA or is it time to move on.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with NCIS. I am just doing this for fun

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Chapter One

Tony sat at his desk and watched as once again Ziva was in early. She had never done that with him. Both she and Tim did what they had to and nothing else. He knew that he wasn't Gibbs, but he thought that they had a respectful relationship, and they would have given him the same kind of effort. He had tried to get McGee to do some of the SFA work, but McGee had told him that once they had a permanent team leader, then he would.

The day dragged on, and as it got later and later he heard the three of them laughing the lonelier he became.

'DiNozzo go and check this address.' Gibbs ordered.

'On it, boss.' Tony replied as he grabbed his gear and the little piece of paper. He ignored the smirks he got from McGee and Ziva as he left.


'Hey Gibbs.' Abby grinned as she walked onto the main floor and over to her surrogate father. She turned around and frowned. 'Where's Tony?'

'Don't worry Abby he's just checking something out.' Ziva said, just then the elevator opened, and a soaking wet Tony entered. Gibbs, McGee and Ziva laughed.

'Raining is it Tony?' McGee asked.

'The apartment is empty, it's been thoroughly cleaned. I asked around they had said that there was a woman living there, no one knew much about her. She left a couple of days ago.'

Just then the elevator opened again and out walked Stan Burley. Stan looked at Tony and laughed. Just then Tony looked up and saw Jenny Shepard. She made her way down the stairs.

'DiNozzo, head home.' She ordered.

Gibbs turned and glared at her. 'This is my team director.'

'Yes, it is. It is late, and Tony is dripping over the floor. He is going home.' She turned to look at Tony and smiled. 'Go home Tony.'

'Yes Jenny.' Tony replied with a thankful smile.

Gibbs turned and looked at the two of them suspiciously. He didn't like how friendly they were with each other.

'I'll head out with you.' Abby waited for him, and together they walked out.

'Anything else Director.' Gibbs' asked as he glared at her.

'Nothing else at the moment Agent Gibbs.' She replied as she turned and headed back up the stairs to her office.


Abby stood next to Tony in the elevator and looked at him.

'How are you doing Tony?' Her voice was soft and tender.

'I'm tired Abs. I was tired of hearing that I wasn't Gibbs that he wouldn't do something that way. Now, all I get is the smirks when Gibbs gives an order.' Tony took a deep breath, turned and smiled at her. 'I'm sorry Abby; I know how much you love Gibbs.'

Abby reached out and grabbed his arm. 'How we both love him you mean.'

'Abby please not now. I don't want you to feel in the middle of all this. You are close with all of them. I shouldn't tell you these things.'

Abby hit him hard on the arm. 'Yes, I love them all dearly. I am so glad that Gibbs is back, but I'm not blind to how they treat you. I haven't said anything because I promised, but I am here for you. You can always talk to me about anything. One good thing about Gibbs going was how much closer you, I and Jimmy have become. I wouldn't change that for the world. They're still happy he is back, I'm sure things will change and go back to how they use to be.' The Goth grinned at him.

'I'm not the same anymore Abs, they haven't noticed I've changed. They still make jokes about me. I haven't talked about many films, been nosey, that's just naming two.' Tony watched as the door opened and he started to walk Abby to her car. 'You're probably right, once things calm down everything will be ok.' They finally reached her bright red car. Just like the owner the vehicle stood out. He gave her a hug and slammed the car door once she was inside her car.


Tony sat in the waited for the specialist to come back. It didn't take long before the door opened and in walked Dr Brad Pitt.


'Where's DiNozzo?' Gibbs shouted as he turned and saw Burley sitting in his SFA's chair.

'He's running an errand for me.' Shepard announced as she walked down the stairs. 'Take Agent Burley to help you.'

Gibbs glared at her for a moment. 'Grab your gear.' He shouted.

Burley grinned as he looked at Gibbs. 'Just like old times.'

With one look at DiNozzo's desk, Gibbs headed towards the elevator followed by the others.

Shepard watched them leave, shook her head and turned to go back to her office.



Chapter Two

Tony made it into the office, and where he sat was still empty. They obviously were still out on a case. Tony hated the fact that Stan was with them. He was quiet, good, and by the book. Stan Burley was the complete opposite of him. He made his way up to see Jenny, and afterwards he would then go down and see Abby and Palmer.

'Hey Jenny.' Tony grinned as he walked into her office. He knew that she would want to know straight away how the appointment went.

'How did things go with Dr Pitt?' Jenny asked. She wanted to go and remind the rest of the team how scarred his lungs were when he was infected with y-pestis. Then, she was going to find out why they thought it was a brilliant idea to send him out in this kind of weather.

'I have strong antibiotics, he has taken urine and blood samples, and tomorrow morning I have a chest x-ray appointment.' Tony shrugged his shoulders.

'Ok, I told Gibbs that you were running an errand for me. I know you didn't want them to know about this, so I covered for you. I'll do the same for tomorrow. I do think that you should tell them. A lot has happened and what happened to your lungs happened a long time ago.'

'Thanks Jenny I do appreciate that, but I don't want them to believe that I'm a liability. With the antibiotics, I'll be fine.' Tony turned to head out of the office.

'Tony, you have to be careful, with how scarred your lungs catching anything could end up life threatening for you.' She reminded him.

'I know, and I promise. I am just going to go and see Abby and Jimmy and they will be watching me like hawks.' Tony grinned at her. 'Thank you for caring Jenny.'

Jenny smiled, as he left as soon as the door closed it vanished. Later she would talk to Abby and Jimmy to make sure that he did tell them. She was going to make sure that they all took care of him. Tony would do anything to make Gibbs happy, and she guessed that he loved the older man, just like she did a long time ago. Those feelings never entirely go away. She and the others just had to make sure that Tony didn't do anything stupid.


Tony and Abby were both heading back up to see if Gibbs and the team were back. The elevator opened, and the two friends walked out. Tony sighed as he saw Stan Burley at his desk.

'Tony was really insufferable when you weren't here Gibbs.' Ziva said.

Abby and Tony moved behind the wall so they couldn't be seen.

'He wasn't you Gibbs, no matter how he tried to be.' McGee added.

'Maybe I can come back and be your SFA boss, we worked well together.' Stan replied as he smiled at Gibbs.

'Tony only became our team leader because you left. You obviously only gave him the job because there was no one else. He didn't deserve to be our team leader anyway.' McGee explained and watched as Ziva and Stan agreed.

Abby and Tony quickly rushed to the stairs and snuck out. They someone how managed to do that without anyone noticing them.

Gibbs looked up and stared at them. He hadn't given Tony the job because he was convenient. What had happened while he was away?

Abby turned and looked at Tony; she then pulled him into a hug. 'They don't mean it Tony, it's just that Gibbs is back, and they want to get his attention. Using you seems to be the easiest way. They do care about you.'

Tony wrapped his arms around Abby. 'I sometimes wonder Abby. Do they? Is this job really worth the hassle?'

Abby knew after hearing those comments that there wasn't anything she could say.


Abby and Tony waited for a little bit and then walked back through the doors. Tony pasted on his biggest grin and held out his arm to Abby. She shook her head but took it anyway. They walked over to his desk and stared at Burley until he eventually moved.

'Did you complete the errand for the director DiNozzo?' Gibbs asked his voice full of suspicion.

'Special Agent DiNozzo, I need you to run another errand for me tomorrow morning.' Jenny said over the railing before turning and going back to her office.

'Is there something you want to tell me DiNozzo?' Gibbs asked.

'No boss, why?'

Gibbs turned and looked up to the place where Jenny had just been standing. 'Just wondering what happened while I was away?'

Tony sighed. 'Did you honestly think things would remain the same?' He was tired after spending all night coughing, and his chest hurt. He didn't want to use the inhaler he was given. That was because everyone would assume that he was asking for sympathy, and yes he had done that, but not now. Then of course those earlier comments were still on his mind. 'As much as everyone kept reminding me, I'm not you and did things my own way.' With that Tony sat at his desk and logged himself in.

McGee and Ziva looked at each other not sure what they should or could say.

Gibbs stood and walked over to Tony's desk. 'Tony, everything ok?'

'Why wouldn't it be?' Tony replied briefly.

Gibbs opened his mouth, but had no idea what to say.

Tony knew he was snapping at people, but even he could be pushed so far, and now Burley was back. The perfect senior field agent.

The day seemed to drag on, Tony was doing his own paperwork while with this new case, Burley was acting as the SFA.

The elevator opened and in walked Palmer, it was an update on some information Tony had asked for from an old case.

Tony's snappish mood was soon forgotten, and the others were laughing and joking again. Now, and then they would make little comments about how great Stan was. Gibbs just sat there and watched them, and then would turn his gaze onto Tony.

'Tony, we need this man interviewed we are all up to our necks at the moment. Could you go and talk to him?' Stan asked.

Palmer stopped and waited to see what Tony was going to say.

'When did you become my boss?' Tony asked. 'Do I look like I'm not busy?' He waved at his desk, and all the paperwork covering it.

'You're probably playing games.' McGee chuckled.

'Fine.' Tony went to log off.

'No, Tony you can't. Have you seen the torrential rain outside?' Palmer argued and glared at his friend.

'It is only rain Palmer, Tony will be fine?' Burley patted the young man's shoulder.

Palmer knocked the hand of his shoulder. 'Really, out of all of you Tony should be the one going out there. He's not the one with scarred lungs after getting Y-Pestis, oh wait a minute yes he is? Are you actually trying to kill him? Why don't you use a gun instead? That would be much quicker.'

Tony, Gibbs, McGee, Ziva and Stan all turned to look at Palmer with shocked expressions.



N/B Thank you all for reading, reviewing and favouriting. I am thrilled that everyone likes this story so much. I was concerned about how I have written some of the characters are written in a negative way. It is wonderful that a lot of you agreed with me about how crappily Tony was treated. This is the last chapter of moaning and the thoughts on Tony as a team leader. The next chapter will have some definite changes going on. Hope you all continue to enjoy. If any of you want to chat or challenge me with a story you can find me on twitter and I have a facebook page both under wereleopard58.

Chapter Three

'It's ok Palmer.' Tony smiled at his friend.

'No, it's not Tony. You were sent out yesterday and got soaking wet. We can all hear you coughing, and yet they still want you to go back out again.' Palmer turned and looked at the others. His eyes went to Gibbs. 'I thought you all cared about him, but the way you are treating him has been disgusting. You act as if he were a lousy team leader. Yet, the solve rate remained the same, even though Tim refused to do work of an SFA.' Palmer looked at McGee. 'Who else would do the work if you didn't? Ziva, you could barely make it in on time.'

'It wasn't like that boss?' Tim stuttered looking uncomfortable.

'No it wasn't.' Ziva repeated glaring at Palmer.

Gibbs phone went; he looked at his team shook his head and moved to pick up the phone.

'Gibbs, yeah we're on it. Let's go people, we have another body.' Gibbs looked at Tony. 'Burley knows this case Tony.'

'It's fine, I still have some paperwork to do.' Tony replied sadly. He watched as they all walked to the elevator laughing, all except Gibbs. When they were in the elevator Gibbs turned and just looked at DiNozzo.

'I'm sorry Tony, but I couldn't let them send you back out there. You were lucky I didn't tell them about your visit with Dr Pitt.' Jimmy looked down at his shoes.

'I appreciate that you were trying to help me. It's nice to know someone cares, or a few people care.' Tony smiled at him, and then got back to work.

Jimmy stared at his friend for a moment longer, sighed and headed back to the elevator. He would go and talk to Abby. They obviously needed to keep a closer eye on Tony.


Abby was thrilled when Tim left the forensics lab. If she heard one more time how Gibbs had taken him under his wing, and was training him she was going to strangle him. Tim seemed to think that maybe he would get promoted, and get Tony's position. He hadn't even thought about where Tony would be. She cared a lot about McGee, but he could be selfish. Just look at the books he wrote, he used them as characters, he never asked permission and never even offered any money to thank them. Tim was lucky that they all didn't take him to court and sue him for everything he had, and now this.

Abby heard the elevator bing, and she turned as Gibbs walked in.

'Hey Abs, what you got?' Gibbs handed over a caf-pow.

'Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs, your new golden boy McGee, he was wrong.' Abby pointed to her screen.

'He's not my golden boy Abs.' Gibbs sighed.

'What, you mean you've haven't been training him on cases since you came back? Which is Tony's job. So, you either want Tim as your new SFA, which is what he, thinks, or you don't trust Tony? Either way you've both been treating him like crap.'

Gibbs turned and glared at her. 'I thought you and McGee were close. I thought you would be delighted if he were promoted.'

'I do want Tim to do well, but not at the expense of Tony.' Abby crossed her arms over her chest and glared back.

'Abby, can we please get back to the case now.'

'Fine.' Abby replied abruptly and turned back to the screen.


'Thanks for looking at this for me Ducky. I'm just checking out some leads. You know how much I love these cold cases.'

'With cold cases Jethro would…..'

'Please don't, I have been told so many times that I am not Gibbs that Gibbs would have done something different, and I'm tired of it.' Just then Tony started to cough badly.

Ducky turned to look at him concern written clearly in his features. When Tony stopped the older man reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder. That was when they heard the elevator return.


'We're glad to have you back Gibbs, McGee, and I both agree that Tony should have been replaced by someone more experienced. It was obvious when you left you only gave the job to Tony until the director could find someone better. I tried to talk to her about it, but she never did listen to me.'

Gibbs turned to look at her. He hated the fact that they all had jumped to the conclusion that Tony was only picked because there was no one else. He opened his mouth to correct her, when the door to autopsy opened, and there was Tony.

'I'm sorry my boy.' Ducky whispered, now realising what young Mr Palmer had been trying to tell him.

'Thanks Ducky.' Tony grabbed the file from Ducky and walked passed them into the elevator. They watched as the doors closed and he disappeared from sight.

Ducky hated seeing that sad and lost look in Tony's eyes. 'Jethro..'

'Not now Duck, we have two more bodies. I'll deal with it and soon.'

'Very well.' Ducky turned and looked at Ziva who hid her face in embarrassment.


The elevator opened, and Tony walked out.

'There you are Agent DiNozzo; the Director Shepard would like to speak to you.' Cynthia smiled at him.

'Thank you Cynthia, I'll just put this on my desk, and I'll be right there.'

Cynthia nodded and walked away.


Jenny stood up as soon as the door opened, and Tony walked in.

'You wanted to see me Jenny.'

'Yes I did Tony, something has just come up.' She paused for a moment. 'I know you are having a few problems at the moment. You're job as team leader has been exemplary, no matter what anyone says. It's a team leader role; it's in Rota, Spain. I'd like to offer it to you.'



Chapter Four

Tony sat and thought about the offer as he waited to see Brad Pitt. It was great to think that someone thought that he had done an admirable job. He looked up as the nurse called his name.

He opened the door and grinned at Brad as he walked in. The smile quickly faded as he saw the look on his doctor's face.

'This is not good news then.' Tony replied flippantly.

'Tony, please sit down. There are things we need to talk about.'

Tony sat down and took a deep breath. 'Ok, tell me what's wrong.'

Brad opened the folder on his desk and pulled out the x-rays, and the results of the other tests that had been taken.

'It's not good news.'

Tony nodded and waited for the other man to continue.


Gibbs knew that Tony was doing another errand for the director. He didn't completely believe it. His gut was telling him that there was something wrong, and it had to do with Tony.

He watched as Stan walked in with Ziva and McGee laughing and joking with them. Gibbs knew that his two other agents didn't realise it at the moment. If they spent any time with Stan or any other senior agent, they would soon realise how talented Tony was. Gibbs knew that he had made a lot of mistakes, and a lot of them about Tony. He had to deal with the deaths of his wife and child again but on top of that find out that he had feelings for his male senior field agent. Just like most people when he felt as if he were backed into a corner he came out snarling. Unfortunately, that fear of the unknown was all aimed at one man. Tony.

He frowned as Stan walked over and sat at Tony's desk as if it were his own.

'What are you doing?' Gibbs growled. He may have been an idiot and Tony may never forgive him, but Stan was not his SFA, and pretending he is stopped now.

'Sitting down.' Stan stuttered as much as he wanted and was in love with Gibbs, the man still terrified him.

'That's Tony's desk. Sit there, he nodded to the desk across the divider and behind Ziva.'

'Tony is not here. I do not understand why he cannot sit there.' Ziva looked at Gibbs.

'Stan helped out, but Tony is my senior field agent.' Gibbs took a deep breath and looked around. It was early, and no one else was in, that was when the elevator dinged and out walked Abby and Palmer. 'I wasn't 100% and let things get out of control. I told this to Tony's father, and I am going to say it to you. Tony is the best young agent I have ever worked with, barring none. I knew it as soon as I met him at Baltimore. He is the only person I found, recommended and after training insisted that he join my team. He jokes around but still manages to do more work than you. You complained when he stopped joking as he made you look like idiots. He can't win with you two can he? I should have told him this. I should have stopped the way you kept disrespecting him. He is not your co-worker, he is your superior. If I had a choice and could pick one person to work with, it would be him.'

'I don't see what is so remarkable about him.' Ziva sniffed. 'It doesn't matter; you do work with him, as do we, unfortunately.'

Tim sat there not knowing what to say. He saw Abby walk in, and the way she glared Tim had no intention of saying anything against Tony.

'I think I've, we've pushed him too far. Call it a gut feeling.' Gibbs mumbled.

Abby rushed over and hugged Gibbs tightly. 'I'm glad you finally said something.' She whispered in his ear.

'Thanks Abs.' He hoped that one day Tony would forgive him.


Tony sat in his apartment and stared at nothing. He had called Jenny to let her know that there were things he needed to think about. That when he came in, he would tell her about everything that had happened. Then there was Abby and Palmer telling him what Gibbs has said. Tony didn't believe them until they showed him a copy of the security footage. It was thrilling to know that Gibbs felt that way about him as an agent. He still hadn't entirely forgiven him, but it was a start.

Tony stood up and grabbed his coat and rucksack. It was time to face the music and go and speak to Jenny.


Gibbs stood in an alleyway and glared at Stan.

'What's so important?' Gibbs growled.

'I know I was moved back to the yard because of a few problems I had as agent afloat. It's not an easy job. I don't even think DiNozzo could do it.' Stan spat out Tony's name.

Gibbs frowned he had no idea why Stan hated him so much; they had barely known each other. 'Tony's been an agent afloat on two ships. He did an outstanding job; I managed to get him back, eventually. The Captain of the Seahawk wanted him back.'

'Of course he did. I worked my ass off for you and you couldn't even get my name right. Him, he visits you, he eats with you. What is so….' Stan faded off for a moment and took a deep breath. 'I just wanted to say that it was crucial that I came back here. I think that we could work really well together. I've changed, and now I realise what I want and need.' With that he moved forward, he grabbed Gibbs and kissed him.


'So Tony what did Dr Pitt have to say? Have you made any decisions about Rota?' Jenny asked, even though she could see that something was wrong.

'I have to turn down Rota I'm afraid.'

Jenny looked at him with surprise. 'Is this something to do with what your doctor has told you?'

'With this cold, the blood tests, the x-rays.' Tony took a deep breath. 'My lungs are having trouble coping. I could be ok for five or so years, but after that I may need machines to help me. As much as I love being a field agent, I could never live with myself if Icouldn't keep up with my team and one of them were injured or killed because of it. I'm not my father, who is able to live in a world of fantasy. The next big thing. I don't want to move, the people I am closest to are here. I'd also rather stay as Brad is here and knows my history. I don't mean to give this as an ultimatum, but I need a transfer to a non-field agent position, here in Washington. If that is not possible then, I am going to have to hand in my resignation. I'm sorry Jenny.'



Chapter Five

Gibbs pushed Stan away, hard. 'What the fuck do you think you are doing?' He demanded.

'I'm in love with you. I know we can be good together. I think that I can be a terrific senior field agent for you. The best you ever had, and after hours as a couple, I think we could be out of this world.'

'You're kidding me, aren't you?' Gibbs replied hoping that Stan would say that it was a joke.

Stan moved forward to try and kiss him again. Gibbs put out his hand and stopped the younger man from getting any closer.

'Gibbs,' Stan paused for a moment. He took a deep breath to calm himself down. He needed to get what he was feeling across, to let him know how much he did love him. 'Jethro, I love you. I want to spend my life with you. I can be better than Tony.'

'Stan, I don't love you. I have never, ever thought about you in that way and I never will.' Gibbs lowered his hand. 'You and Tony are two different kinds of men. In Baltimore as soon as I had met him, I knew he was a excellent detective. He argued with me, joked around, and he made me smile. You never had the balls to stand up to me. If I am doing something stupid, Tony will pull me up on it.' He raised his hand to rub his eyes. Gibbs could feel the headache that had started to get worse. Deep down he knew that Stan was not quite ready give up. This case was going to be a nightmare. All he wanted was Tony to be back and watching his six.

'I'm going to prove to you that I can stand up to you. I am going to show you that I am the man you need in your personal life, as well as work one. Jethro can't you see that we could be magic together.' Stan begged.

Gibbs moved away from the wall and headed back to the street. 'You call me Gibbs, or boss, not Jethro. We don't have that kind of relationship, and we won't. No matter what you feel.' When Stan talked about magic Tony's smiling face, and laughing green eyes appeared in his thoughts. He and Stan would be nothing at all; he and Tony would be magic together. They would fight and argue. Tony would never back down if something were important enough. Tony was the person that fit in his work life, as well as his personal one. The thing was, would Gibbs ever have the balls to tell him, and would Tony ever forgive him to give them a chance.

Stan watched as Gibbs walked away. He would show Gibbs what he was talking about. He would stand up to the other man, he would become irreplaceable. All he had to do was somehow become Gibbs senior field agent permanently.


Jenny just stared at Tony for a moment. Her mind blank.

'I'm sorry Tony.' She paused. 'I obviously can't guarantee that at the moment. I would need to look into things.'

Tony smiled at her. 'I know nothing can be decided now. I had to tell you and to be honest with you.'

'How much time did Dr Pitt say you would need off?' Jenny asked and grinned as Tony chuckled.

'I had hoped you wouldn't ask, and that with everything else I told you it would just slip your mind.' The smile fell from his face. 'At the moment he says a minimum of a week, he is thinking more of two. Depending on how I react to the antibiotics, it could be more.'

'Ok, I'll sign you off for one at the moment, with the possibility of two. I will look to see if we have any positions available that would work for you.' Jenny stopped talking and looked at him. 'What about Gibbs?'

'What about him?' Tony muttered.

'You are going to tell him personally aren't you?' Jenny wanted to know.

'He doesn't care. He finally as the team he wants.' Tony growled.

'You don't genuinely think that, do you? I have heard him tell people that you are the best young agent his has ever worked with. If he didn't think that, he would have gotten rid of you years ago. Look how things were before you arrived. The probationary agents only lasted a month at the most.' Jenny wasn't sure if she should broach the other subject or not, she bit at her lip. 'Are you sure that this anger is not because of how you feel about him?' This was one area she knew how Tony felt.

Tony's eyes widened in surprise. 'I don't know what you mean.' He stammered.

'Tony, you're in love with him. I know what it's like to love him, bastard and all. I never had a chance really, I would never be Shannon. I then chose my career and left him. I said to him, when I became the director of NCIS all we had was a personal relationship. That didn't work so well. I was jealous of the women he dated. Like Colonel Mann.'

'You're still in love with him.' Tony stated amazed that he had never noticed that before.

'I think I always will be. Just like a lot of women he has dated, he's my Shannon. No one will ever measure up to him.' Jenny smiled a little sadly. No matter how much she loved him; there would never be anything between them. All she wanted now was for him to find someone. Jenny would like to see him with that person before she died. The more she thought about it, and going over all those times she watched them interact. How they spoke about each other, she was sure that Tony and Gibbs would be perfect for each other. If only Gibbs got his head out of his ass, apologised and told Tony how he felt.

'I…..' Tony stopped not knowing what to say.

'He's my friend; I want him to be happy. I know that it's not going to be with me.' She watched as Tony's eyes narrowed as he stared at her. It was obvious now that his gut was telling him something was wrong.

'Jenny what's going on?' He asked.

'Nothing, I'll let you know if we have anything else to offer you, job wise.'

Tony nodded and smiled at her knowing that the conversation was finished, and he wasn't going to get the answers he wanted.

'Ok, thank you Jenny for everything.'

Jenny smiled at him. 'You're welcome. Let's go down and give Gibbs the news. Would you prefer it I did it privately?'

'Nah, tell them all in one go.'


Gibbs stormed back into the office, Stan close on his heels. As soon as McGee and Ziva see his face, they quickly both stare intently at their monitors. He turned and saw that Tony's desk was empty. Tony always managed to direct the Gibbs anger at himself, and then made a joke. He missed it.

'Agents Gibbs can I have a word.' Jenny called out as she walked down the stairs with Tony.

Gibbs eyes narrowed in suspicion as he stared at the two of them. He had a feeling, a bad feeling that it was going to be something he would not like.

'Yes, of course Director.' He replied sarcastically.

Jenny roller her eyes, she knew that this was not going to go well.

'Agent DiNozzo has been signed off sick for at least a week.'

'Are you ok Tony?' Gibbs asked as he turned to his SFA.

Tony turned to look at Jenny, and then back at Gibbs. 'I'm fine, well I will be.'

'Is that at all Director?'

'No, as off today Agent Burley is your senior field agent.

Gibbs turned his gaze to Tony. 'You mean until Tony comes back, right?'

Ziva and McGee look at each shock, and confusion cover their faces.

'No, as of now Tony is no longer your senior field agent. He is no longer on your team.'



Chapter Six

'What the hell do you mean DiNozzo is not my senior field agent, of course he is.' Gibbs shouted, and then glared at Jenny. He was angry that she was interfering with his team, and taking away his SFA. He would rather have given up McGee or Ziva, it would have been difficult, but he would have coped with Tony's help.

Who would help me cope with Tony being gone?

Ziva and McGee couldn't believe what they heard, and the smiled as Stan walked over, he had arrived just in time to have heard everything. He turned and looked at Gibbs; this was more than he could have hoped for.

Gibbs could see the happiness in Burley's face. This was the last thing he needed, was to have a SFA who had feelings for him, and which he did not return. Could he tell Jenny the reasons why if he said that he didn't want Stan as his SFA?

'Agent Gibbs.' Jenny's voice was full of warning, about making a scene now in front of everybody.

Gibbs turned away from his former lover and looked at Tony, who had as of yet not said anything.

'Tony, what can I do to make you stay? You're my SFA, the only one I want.' Gibbs needed to make sure that Tony understood what he was to the older man.

'Thank you Gibbs, it's good to know. I love being your SFA if I didn't I wouldn't have stayed for as long as I did. There are reasons…' Tony stopped talking; he wasn't going to give any additional information.

'Tony.' Gibbs indicated towards the elevator. Tony nodded and followed him ignoring the questions that the others were asking the director.

As soon as Gibbs could stop the elevator he did, and turned to look at Tony.

'Gibbs.' Tony started to talk, but stopped as soon as raised his hand.

'Tony, I know I've let you down, and I should have stopped a lot of things that were going on. What do you need me to do so you'll stay on as my SFA?' Gibbs asked.

Tony couldn't help feel proud, and honoured that he meant so much to the older man. 'What If I said I wanted Ziva and McGee gone from the team, what would you do then?' Tony blurted out, needing to find out if this were just a trick to get him to do what Gibbs wanted.

Gibbs had already thought about this, so he wasted no time in answering. 'I wouldn't like it, but I would do it. After they are part of the problem, aren't they?' Gibbs stopped and looked at Tony. He licked his lips as he stared into a pair of gorgeous green eyes, which sometimes kept him up at night. 'Is that what you are asking me to do?'

Tony shook his head. 'No, I'm not asking you do that. We all have to take some of the blame. I could have written them up, changed the way I acted. I could have even tried to get them transferred off. Gibbs, it's….' Tony stuttered to a stop.

'Would it easier to talk if we were somewhere more private, where we would have more time to talk?' Gibbs waited for Tony to nod in agreement. 'Ok tonight, at my place. I'll cook and even lock the door, so no one can just walk in.'

'That would be great, but Gibbs you have to understand that there are reasons why I can't be your SFA, and they are not going to change. You need to accept that fact now.' Tony explained a little sadly, he was going to miss working for this grumpy ex-marine. 'You'll understand more tonight. I just needed to tell you that so you wouldn't start on the director. It didn't have anything to do with her, it was my decision.'

Gibbs growled he hated the fact that there was nothing he could say or do to keep Tony with him. He genuinely did hope that after they talked he was going to understand better.

'Fine.' Gibbs muttered and flicked the switch to activate the elevator up again.

The doors opened to find Jenny, Stan, McGee and Ziva who just stood and stared at them.

'Is everything ok?' Jenny asked her gaze stayed on Tony.

Tony just shrugged his shoulders; they were ok at the moment. 'I'll see you tonight.' He looked at Gibbs, waited for the older man to nod before he pressed the button for the elevator to open again.

'If none of you have any work to do, I can find some for you. I can guarantee you won't like it.' He smirked at Stan, Ziva, and McGee rushed back to their desks.

'Is everything ok?' Jenny repeated herself as she moved closer to Gibbs.

'I don't know. Tony said he would explain things tonight at my place.' Gibbs hadn't decided what he was going to do about Stan. He may ask Tony and get some advice dependent on how the rest of the talk went.

'He does have his reasons Jethro, and they are legitimate ones.'

'Yeah, that is what he said. I guess I'll find out tonight. Hopefully nothing will come up.' Gibbs smiled at her and headed towards his own desk.


The day had passed slowly. No new information had come up on the case that could actually help them. Gibbs sat there and watched as his team kept glancing over at him, and Tony's now empty desk, and he knew they wanted to ask about what was going on. He had made it clear that he was not going to discuss the topic at all with them. It was difficult when Abby and Palmer had come up and boxed it all up for him, and then were going to take it over to Tony's place.

Gibbs glanced down at his watch again. He was going over in his head what he needed to do. He still had some things that he needed to pick up if he and Tony were actually going to be able to eat something.


Jenny came out of her office, and walked to the mezzanine, and she stared down into the bullpen. She was doing her best to make sure that Gibbs could leave at a decent time. If something broke with the case though all bets were off, and they would have to stay. So far nothing important had come in. When he and Tony talked she hoped that how they felt about each other would come up. That way they could finally do something about it. They could be something remarkable together, she was sure of that. They already were as friends, but there was so much more just waiting for them to take that next step.

Gibbs glanced up at her and raised an eyebrow. It felt good to be able to read him sometimes. She just smiled and nodded, letting him know that he could leave. She continued to watch as he barked out orders to his team, grabbed his stuff and left. Jenny frowned as she watched Stan gazing after him. She would need to speak to Gibbs about that.

As soon as the elevators closed on him, she turned and went back to her office. Even though deep down her knew nothing would ever happen between, there had always been a possibility. When Gibbs had left to get things ready for Tony to arrive, she knew that if they sorted out things between them. There wasn't even going to be that distant maybe anymore. Her slim chance of being with him would become no chance in hell.


Tony grabbed the beer from the passenger seat and climbed out of his car. He slammed the door closed, and fiddled with his keys. He felt so nervous as if this were a date. He turned and pushed a button which locked his vehicle and walked towards Gibbs front door. Tony didn't know whether to knock or walk straight in. He'd never had this problem before.

'Get the hell in here DiNozzo.' Gibbs shouted from inside.

Tony couldn't help, but smile, as he walked in. 'Hey.' He showed Gibbs the six-pack of beer he had in his hand.

Gibbs let his gaze roam over the younger man. There had always been something about DiNozzo that drew him in.

'It's nearly ready.' Gibbs smiled as he checked the steak that was still cooking on the open fire.

Tony sat down on the end of the couch, placed the beers on the floor and watched Gibbs. Something had changed between them, he didn't know what or when. There was now a sexual tension in the air, more than there had ever been before. Tony hoped that this meant what he hoped it meant.

Tony watched as Gibbs placed the steak on his plate, before cutting it in half, and pushed one half onto Tony's plate. Tony opened a couple of beers and passed one over, he then pulled his own knife, and with the fork that was already on the plate and started to eat.

'Tasty as always.' Tony mumbled through a mouthful of steak that just melted in his mouth.

Gibbs grinned at him. 'Glad you are enjoying it.' He paused for a moment and put the plate onto the table. 'I was going to wait, but what's going on Tony? Why can't you carry on as my SFA?'

Tony finished his mouthful; he placed his plate on the table and turned to look at Gibbs. 'It's my health, after getting drenched in the rain, I got a little cold. The problem is because of my scarred lungs, so I have to be extra careful.'

Gibbs lowered his head, if only he had stopped them sending Tony in the rain all of this could have been avoided. 'I'm sorry Tony.'

Tony reached up and smacked Gibbs on the back of the head. 'If it wasn't this time, it was going to happen at some point. It does rain a lot. I wasn't sent out on any errands by the director, I went to see Brad.'

'So what did he say?'

'I could be ok for years, but if I tax my lungs it could be dangerous.' Tony took a deep breath. 'Gibbs I don't want to be with any of you and my lungs give up. I could end up leaving any of you without back up. If anything happened to any of you and I wasn't there. I couldn't live with it. I can't risk anyone's life.'

Gibbs smiled at him. People assumed Tony was selfish, but here he was thinking of others and not himself. 'That's why Palmer got so upset? He had every right to as well. I'm glad that he had your back when I didn't.'

'Yeah, when you left Ziva, McGee and Ducky wanted you back so much that they didn't give me a chance. Abby started off the same way, she loves you so much. Then she started to notice how McGee was acting, and she realised she had been the same way. Things started to change after that, Palmer, Abby and I started to spend a lot of time together.'

'Why didn't Jenny do something?' Gibbs demanded she was the one running the agency.

'Tim did his job, there was nothing she could do there, and Ziva, well Jenny has to keep Mossad happy.'

'I'm sorry Tony. I shouldn't have left the way I did. I had just lost my girls all over again.' Gibbs stared down at his hands. 'I uhhhh well since I have been back, things have changed, well a lot is going on. I think I need to talk to someone, maybe we could talk about it later?' Gibbs asked a little hopefully as he looked at Tony.

Tony had never seen Gibbs look at him like that before. It just made him even sexier. 'I don't mind, we can talk about what you want, whenever you want. It'll be when you are ready.'

Gibbs reached out and took hold of Tony's hand. 'Thank you for telling me about your health. I wish things could be different, and you would still be my SFA, but I do understand where you are coming from.'

'It would take a lot for me to leave you, without fighting for us first.' Tony blushed when he realised what he had admitted.

'Us?' Gibbs questioned.



Chapter Seven

Tony paled suddenly as he stared at Gibbs. That wasn't something he meant to say. He was never going to tell the older man how much he loved him. Damn his big mouth.

'Uh yes us, as team friends, you know.' Tony tried to cover up his mistake.

'Tony, please be honest with me.' Gibbs begged as he squeezed Tony's hand.

Tony stared into Gibbs' blue eyes. He had never seen such emotion in the older man's face before, well it had never been aimed at him before.

'I uhhhh. I could possibly have feelings for you.' Tony looked down at their hands afraid of mistaking what Gibbs meant and be kicked out. He never wanted to lose the friendship they had. That was one of the things that he' hated it seemed that they had grown further and further apart.

Gibbs couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face. Tony had feelings for him. He hoped that they could work something out. If he couldn't have the younger man on his team than being with him in his personal time would be fantastic.

'Well I could possibly have feelings for you.' Gibbs replied feeling a little shy and just like a teenager again.

Tony's head shot up, his hazel eyes widening in surprise. 'You do?'

Gibbs couldn't help but laugh. Yes, I do.'

'So what do we do now?' Tony asked. This was Gibbs, how did you go about dating him?

'We take it one day at a time. We talk on the phone, go out for meals, meet for lunch. Get to know each other.' Gibbs grinned.

'Ok, I can do that.' Tony agreed immediately.

Gibbs gave Tony a gentle kiss on the lips; he smiled as he pulled back. 'No, we can do that.'

Tony smiled incandescently at him. 'Yes, we can do that.'


Gibbs walked into the bullpen with a smile on his face. He and Tony had spent all evening just talking and stealing kisses from each other. They both knew about each other's pasts, and Tony knew how much of a bastard he could be.

Stan, Ziva and Tim all looked confused, as they watched him head up to see the director.

'I thought he was with Tony last night, and would find out why Tony was leaving?' McGee asked.

Stan didn't like this one bit; he hated the fact that it could have been Tony that put that smile on Gibbs' face. That didn't matter he was still going to prove to Jethro that they could be perfect together. There was no doubt in his mind. It was just going to take him a little more time to do it.


'Good morning Jethro, Tony did explain his reasons to you didn't he?' Jenny asked as soon as the older man walked into her office.

'Yeah he did. I still hate it, but his health is more important.' Gibbs paused for a moment, 'Have you found him anything?'

'When I do find anything for Tony, Tony will be the first person I tell.' Jenny paused and just stared at him for a moment. 'I guess it is a good thing he is no longer in your team.'

Gibbs stared at her in confusion. 'What do you mean?'

'You and Tony, I assume you talked more than just about his health.' Jenny chuckled at the slight blush that tinged his skin. 'I'm glad. I know I have not always been fair. I do want you to be happy Jethro. You know that I always wished we could have been more, but seeing you and Tony. Well, I think you will be phenomenal.' The smiled left her face. 'Be wary of Stan, he hasn't given up on you.'

'How do you know that?' Gibbs asked, even though he had been thinking the same thing.

'It's you Gibbs. I can't think of anyone that has ever fallen out of love with you. Usually hate is added, but the love is always there. I know.' Jenny smiled sadly.

'Jen, what's going on with you?' Gibbs asked. He had never seen her act this way. His gut told him something was wrong, and it was something he was going to hate.

'Nothing Jethro, I've just been thinking about things.'

'Ok' Gibbs turned and walked away but stopped at the door. 'If you need to talk, I am your friend.'

'Thank you, that is good to know.' Jen smiled again until the door closed behind him. She glanced down at the paper in her hand. 'I wish I could tell you.'


Tony grinned as the elevator door opened. He felt as if he were walking on air. When he woke up this morning he had thought he'd dreamt it all, but there had been a text message on his cell from Gibbs. He didn't know what surprised him more the cute I miss you already message, or the fact that Gibbs did know how to actually text. The smile from his face vanished as soon as he saw Gibbs' team and no Gibbs.

'Agent Burley, McGee, David.' Tony replied politely.

'Why are you calling us Agent's, Tony?' Ziva asked.

'That is Agent DiNozzo to you. I let you call me Tony as we were team-mates; I had thought once upon a time we were friends. I was clearly wrong about that. I don't want there to be any misunderstanding we are only work colleagues.'

Gibbs walked down the stairs and smiled as soon as he saw Tony. The worry about Jen left his mind for now. As much as he hated hearing it what Tony was saying was true. They had not actually acted very friendly to him in any way shape or form.

'Tony.' Gibbs spoke before anyone else could say anything.

Tony turned and couldn't help the smile that lit up his face. 'Jethro, I'm meeting the director now. Would you like to meet for lunch if you have no case?'

'That sounds great. I will let you know if there are any problems.'

Tony headed up the stairs and turned. 'Just let me know the time, and where you want to meet, and I'll be there.'

'Will do.' Gibbs replied as he watched Tony's ass as he went up the stairs.

'Gibbs?' Stan placed his hand on Gibbs' shoulders.

Gibbs turned and glared at the offending hand. Stan moved it quickly.

'Do we have any news?' Gibbs growled and watched as they all scurried off to their desks.


'So fantastic news about you and Jethro then?' Jenny chuckled.

'He told you?' Tony gave her a surprised look.

'No, he didn't. I could tell by the look on his face. If his hadn't given it away yours does.' She saw the panicked look on the younger man's face. 'Don't worry, I know because I know you both, and I know how you feel.'

'I don't think it will be a secret for long. We're meeting for lunch. It was obvious it wasn't a work thing.' Tony laughed.

'It doesn't matter as long as you too are happy, and you no longer work under him.'

'Talking of work, I guess you called me here as you have news?' Tony asked.

'Yes, well I want you to be an intelligence specialist, but for that we need to bring up your computer skills.'

'Please tell me you aren't going to get McGee to train me. I've already spoke to them and told them to call me Agent DiNozzo as we weren't working in the same team and we aren't friends.'

Jenny laughed. 'No, what I want you to do is take two courses a week. That is all they are doing. The rest of the time I want to give you cold cases, and hand you some promising recruits, so they get a bit more experience with how things work here, and the paperwork. Hopefully some of your investigative expertise will rub off on them.'



Chapter Eight

'I think that sounds a fantastic idea.' Tony smiled at her. 'Thank you for keeping me here.'

'Tony, if you left we would be the ones to miss out. You have many years of experience here at NCIS. Then of course the different police departments you worked in. I wouldn't like to see any other organisation take advantage of that, apart from us.'

'Well, I hope I manage to live up to your expectations?' Tony grinned at her.

'You already have. You are signed off until we get the courses sorted out for you. Cynthia will call you and let you know. When you finish with the first one come back here and see me. We then can discuss if you are happy with it all.' Jenny stood up and shook Jenny's hand. 'Congratulations on your promotion Agent DiNozzo. Let's go and tell Gibbs and his team the good news.'

'That definitely sounds like a good idea.' Tony chuckled as they headed out of the office.


Gibbs could feel eyes on him, so he looked up. Coming down the stairs was Tony and Jenny, a present and an ex. He smiled as he caught Tony's eyes. As much as he wanted him still to be working here, it didn't matter. They would make time for each other. Tony was worth the effort.

'Agent Gibbs, I thought I would come down, and you and Tony's former team-mates could celebrate the fantastic news.'

Just as Jenny was going to explain the elevator doors opened and in walked Ducky, Abby and Palmer. It was obvious that Cynthia had been on the phone to them.

'Director.' Ducky nodded his head towards her, and then he smiled at Tony.

'I'm glad that you are all here, I am sure Tony is as well so you can share in his happy news.'

'What news is that director?' Abby asked, bouncing on her the balls of her feet.

'Tony has been given a promoted to an 'Intelligence Specialist'. He will be starting this position, which will be based here after he has completed his courses. Tony will also be teaching some of our more promising recruit's investigation techniques. They will be going through cold cases. It will also teach them the paperwork, so once they are assigned they can jump straight in with whatever team they end up working with.'

'Yay Tony.' Abby jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly.

'Are you sure?' Tim asked.

Jenny turned and glared at him. 'Agent McGee, you may have excellent skills when it comes to computers. If you look at the other classes at Fletc, Agent DiNozzo was far above you. He has more experience in investigating, in dealing with people, and of course, the paperwork. I don't where this attitude has come from, but I don't like it. You treat everyone you work with respect, even if you don't like them. I will talk to you soon Tony.' She looked at Gibbs and nodded.

McGee's head was down as he stared at his shoes. Ziva stood by him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

'Congratulations, I was right all those years ago.' Gibbs grinned at Tony. 'I told you I didn't waste good, and you have never, ever let me down.'

'We have to go. Come down and see me soon.' Abby hugged him once more.

'You deserved it Tony.' Palmer grins and then pats him on the shoulder.

'Congratulations my dear boy, I always knew that we would see marvellous things from you.' Ducky told him.

Tony blushed at the compliment, and he couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

'Why do you say that?' Ziva asked.

'Well, our dear Anthony here. He is the only person that Jethro found, recommended and insisted that he join his team.' Ducky explained.

'What about us?' Tim asked angrily.

Stan stood and watched things quietly. He remembered the conversation that he had with Tony. How long did it take Gibbs to know his name, and with Tony he had always known it. What was so remarkable about DiNozzo?

'Well, I felt that I needed to do something for Kate. I mean it was our fault she was in trouble. If it wasn't for Tony, McGee you wouldn't be here. I couldn't stand how terrified you were of me, and the stuttering. Tony thought there was something about you. He felt you would do well. I trust him, so here you are. Ziva, you were not my choice and then I felt obligated. I thought that we all respected each other. I was wrong on that count. I have told you before; Tony is the best young agent I have EVER worked with. He has earned your respect. The fact that you think you are better, well that kind of attitude doesn't work here. It better stop. If I see any more of it, you will be booted of my team so fast it will make your head spin.'

'Yes boss.' Tim whispered. He had no idea Tony was the reason he was at the MCRT. He had always thought it was his skills.

Tony watched as Ducky, Palmer and Abby had finally moved over to the elevator. He waved at them one more time before they vanished behind the closing doors.

'Get back to work.' Gibbs ordered.

'Still on for lunch?' Tony whispered turned away from the team.

'Do you want to grab some food and wait for me at my place?' Gibbs asked.

'Sounds good to me, I'll see you there.' Tony replied. He winked at Gibbs and headed towards the elevator.

'DiNozzo.' Gibbs called out; he waited until Tony turned to look at him. 'You deserved the promotion. You deserved your own team a few years after you were on mine. I was selfish, I wanted the best, and that was you.'

'I'm glad you did. I learnt a lot from you, Boss.' Tony winked at him.

Gibbs grinned and shook his head as he walked towards his desk. Stan glared at DiNozzo's back. He just couldn't get rid of that man. It also seemed that the two men were closer now that they weren't working with each other. This is something that had to be stopped. There had to be something that he could do.



Chapter Nine

Tony sat in the classroom ready to start his first lesson on the computer systems. After military and boarding school, university, the police academy and FLETC he thought his time in classroom learning would have been finished. He was wrong. He couldn't keep his mind on what he was going to learn. His mind kept going back to all the dates he had with Jethro.

Anthony DiNozzo Jr was dating Leroy Jethro Gibbs, which even sounded weird in his head. They had met at lunchtimes, and gone out for dinner. After each time, it was just a gentle kiss, nothing heavy. Jethro had explained that he wanted to prove to Tony that it meant something that they meant something. This was what he had only ever done with Shannon, when they first started to see each other. Some of his older friends would call it courting. He had to stop himself from chuckling at the thoughts in his mind.

Tony then looked around the room this was the last place he had ever thought he would be. At least he would eventually be investigating. In a weird way, he was also looking forward to teaching the new recruits. It was something he had enjoyed doing with Kate, Tim and Ziva. No matter what they thought of him, or whether they ever agreed he did, it was something that he had done; Tony DiNozzo had helped to train them.

Suddenly a voice interrupted his thoughts, and he turned to look at who had spoken to him.

'Hi, I'm Pauline.' A blonde curvy woman smiled flirtily at him.

'Hey, I'm Tony.' He smiled at her politely he hoped that he conveyed that he wasn't interested in her. Tony finally had the man he loved, and he wasn't going to do anything to jeopardise that.

Before she could say anything else, the teacher came in and started the session.


Tony rubbed his forehead as he headed towards the café down the road. He had been asked by his classmates so they could get to know each other. He didn't want to go, but alienating the people he was studying with on day one was not a good thing. In his rucksack, he had a folder of hand-outs on 'how to use' the different aspects of the computer system. There were ten students of them in the group. From what he made out from the random statements he had overheard was that they were all trying for positions. For them, it depended on how this and other classes went. Tony was the only one who knew he had the job. He genuinely hoped that the others didn't take it badly. It wouldn't take much for them to find out about him.

He opened the door of the café and looked around. A few hands shot up and waved at him. Tony smiled, walked over and sat down.

'How did you find the first day?' Simon asked.

'Not bad, she's a good teacher though.' Tony answered, and watched as the others nodded at him.

'I've got hand to hand after this break, what do you all have?' Michael wanted to know.

Tony watched the answers around the table until it reached him. He thought it was better to be truthful; otherwise they would be wary of why he was there.

'I don't have any other classes just the computer one.' Tony answered and watched as they all stared at him. He tried not to smile, and wondered who would be the first one to get the courage up to ask. It didn't take long.

'Why?' Simon asked as he glared at him.

'I've already been offered the job; I just need to brush up on some systems and the others that I will use.'

'Why do you have the job?' Pauline asked with a frown on her pretty face.

'I had to leave my job as a senior field agent due to health reasons. With my experience, they wanted to keep me at NCIS.'

'You're an SFA?' Michael asked with interest.

Tony watched all the others look at him with the same looks. 'Yes, I was.'

'Where did you work?' Simon asked.

This is where the problems could arise, most people had heard of Gibbs. He also knew that he had a reputation especially as a ladies man. Tony knew he could have lied, but if they were like him they were going to check up anyway.

'I worked at the Navy yard, I was SFA for MCRT.' He just sat there and waited.

'You're Tony DiNozzo; I thought I recognised your face. You worked for Gibbs for years. Is he truly such a bastard?' Michael asked.

'Gibbs is the best at what he does. He wants to make you the best agent you can. Yes, he's tough, but he made me the agent I am. Gibbs is someone who uses your strengths, but he also makes you work on your weaknesses.' Tony grinned as he remembered his cap and Kate's PDA. He still missed her, someone he had become to love as a sister. Tony glanced down at his watch. He really wasn't in the mood to talk about being an SFA. It still was difficult to think that he would never be a field agent again. That he wouldn't be out there watching Gibbs' six. He drank the last of the coffee that had been waiting for him when he arrived. 'I have to go the Director wants to see me.' Tony watched the interest turn to awe. He stood up and left. He never turned back to see what the others were doing. He knew that they would try to assault him with questions, but with the training he had with new recruits Tony hoped that he wouldn't see much of them outside the class.

Pauline sat and watched as he left. She had thought he was attractive as soon as she had seen him. Now, knowing who he was and what reputation he had Pauline wanted him even more.



Chapter Ten

Tony knocked on Gibbs door. It made him smile because of their relationship he had started locking it. He wanted to make sure people just couldn't walk in and interrupt them. The door opened Gibbs stood and smiled at him. That look always made Tony feel weak in the knees. It had been a month since they had their first date. Things had been going well.

'Glad you're here I thought you were going to have to cancel.' Gibbs grabbed Tony's hand and pulled him into the house.

'I am not going out drinking with them. I just want to be with you.' Tony sighed. It was difficult to learn with fairly new agents. They kept asking questions about everything and anything. He didn't mind that so much. The thing that really did bother him was that they sucked up to him. They tried to get him to put in a good word. Tony knew he wouldn't do that, he had no idea if they were any good. The other problem had been Pauline. Whenever he turned around, she smiled at him. She had asked him out. He had told that he was seeing someone, but that didn't seem to have any effect on her.

Gibbs pulled him down onto the couch, and into his arms. He smiled as Tony melted into his embrace. He hadn't had this in such a long time. In fact that last time things felt this comfortable was when he was with Shannon. He angled Tony's face so he could kiss his lips. They hadn't slept together yet, he wanted to take things slowly with Tony.

Tony twisted a little more, wrapped a hand around Gibbs' neck and melted into the kiss. He had never thought he could have this, to have Gibbs kiss him and to be in love with him. Tony loved the fact that they were taking it slow. He usually jumped into bed quite quickly with people. He wanted to show Gibbs that he was different, that this was also something special to him.

The two men pulled away from each other, and smiled. Gibbs moved his hand so he could gently stroke Tony's face.

'I love you Tony.' Gibbs whispered. He never wanted Tony to doubt his feelings. He had messed up with the younger so often over the years. It nearly drove him away. Gibbs was lucky that Tony was such a forgiving man.

'I love you too.' Tony blushed he always did when Gibbs said that to him. 'So how are things with the team?'

Gibbs glared at him. It seemed that now they were together, he found Stan's attempts at seduction funny. They actually were he had no idea what Gibbs found attractive.

'Stan asked 'the team' out for a meal again.' Gibbs explained. 'I refused, and explained that I had plans with you. Stan glared and stomped back to his desk. It's still your desk in my mind. It is still weird not seeing you there. If I get you like this instead then that is something I can get used to it.'

'Us, being like this is the only thing I would willingly give it up for.' Tony replied. 'Abby met for lunch, she said that Ziva and Tim are confused why you are with me.'

'Yeah, I see their looks when I call you.' Gibbs chuckled. 'I do think they now realise how much work you did.'

'Oh yeah, Abby told me about that as well. She has also told them to shut up about it. They made their bed; they have to lie in it. When they argued the point saying, it wasn't their choice. I left. She pointed out that before all of this if they had a choice they would have picked Burley.' Tony looked down at his hands.

Gibbs frowned, and entwined their fingers together. 'What is it?'

'I feel bad about Abby and Tim. They had an on and off thing for so long. I actually believed that they would have ended up together. Now, she can barely stand him when they aren't talking about work.'

'You're not to blame Tony. McGee is for his attitude. If it wasn't you, it would have been someone else, she cared about. She loves you. Why don't you talk to her about it? She will say the same thing.'

'Maybe I will. So what are the plans for tonight?'

'I thought we could go out for a meal.' Gibbs grinned. 'There is a pleasant bar, which has excellent food.'

Tony nodded. 'Sounds great, how do you know about this place? Is it your regular date place?'

Gibbs shook his head. 'No, it is a place that Fornell and I sometimes go for a drink. I've never taken anyone there.'

'Fornell is going to ask you about it?'

'And I'll tell him we're dating. He's an old friend. I am not going to lie to him, just like I am not going to hide you away.' Gibbs explained.

'Let's go then.' Tony stood up, and reached out a hand to help Gibbs up.


Stan and Ziva waited to be called into the Director's office.

'What do you think she wants?' Burley asked he knew that Sheppard didn't think much of him. It was another thing DiNozzo had ruined for him.

Ziva turned to look at him. 'I do not know we will find out soon enough.' She hoped it was not a mission. Ziva had enough working here with Burley. Everything seemed to talk longer to do. Burley always said it was because he was given more work.

The office door opened and there stood Jenny Sheppard. 'You two can come in now.'

The two agents followed her, and sat down in the chairs that she indicated today.

'How can we help you Ma'am?' Stan asked politely.

'I am going to LA next week. I want you two to come along as my security detail.' Jenny asked them.


Tony and Gibbs sat at a booth. They had their drinks, and ordered their food.

'This is a really nice place.' Tony looked around the quiet bar.

'Wait until you try the food.' Gibbs grinned.

'What are you two doing here?' Fornell asked as soon as he stood by their table.


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