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Time To Move On

by: wereleopard58 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 12336
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ensemble
Category(ies): Alternate Universe
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: Gibbs comes back from Mexico to help Ziva, and eventually ends up staying. It doesn't take long before DiNozzo no longer feels a part of the team. When certain problems arise he has to decide whether he can stay as Gibbs SFA or is it time to move on. SLASH Tibbs pairing (I had a guest asking if it was slash, so thought I would just make things clear)

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Chapter Ten

Tony knocked on Gibbs door. It made him smile because of their relationship he had started locking it. He wanted to make sure people just couldn't walk in and interrupt them. The door opened Gibbs stood and smiled at him. That look always made Tony feel weak in the knees. It had been a month since they had their first date. Things had been going well.

'Glad you're here I thought you were going to have to cancel.' Gibbs grabbed Tony's hand and pulled him into the house.

'I am not going out drinking with them. I just want to be with you.' Tony sighed. It was difficult to learn with fairly new agents. They kept asking questions about everything and anything. He didn't mind that so much. The thing that really did bother him was that they sucked up to him. They tried to get him to put in a good word. Tony knew he wouldn't do that, he had no idea if they were any good. The other problem had been Pauline. Whenever he turned around, she smiled at him. She had asked him out. He had told that he was seeing someone, but that didn't seem to have any effect on her.

Gibbs pulled him down onto the couch, and into his arms. He smiled as Tony melted into his embrace. He hadn't had this in such a long time. In fact that last time things felt this comfortable was when he was with Shannon. He angled Tony's face so he could kiss his lips. They hadn't slept together yet, he wanted to take things slowly with Tony.

Tony twisted a little more, wrapped a hand around Gibbs' neck and melted into the kiss. He had never thought he could have this, to have Gibbs kiss him and to be in love with him. Tony loved the fact that they were taking it slow. He usually jumped into bed quite quickly with people. He wanted to show Gibbs that he was different, that this was also something special to him.

The two men pulled away from each other, and smiled. Gibbs moved his hand so he could gently stroke Tony's face.

'I love you Tony.' Gibbs whispered. He never wanted Tony to doubt his feelings. He had messed up with the younger so often over the years. It nearly drove him away. Gibbs was lucky that Tony was such a forgiving man.

'I love you too.' Tony blushed he always did when Gibbs said that to him. 'So how are things with the team?'

Gibbs glared at him. It seemed that now they were together, he found Stan's attempts at seduction funny. They actually were he had no idea what Gibbs found attractive.

'Stan asked 'the team' out for a meal again.' Gibbs explained. 'I refused, and explained that I had plans with you. Stan glared and stomped back to his desk. It's still your desk in my mind. It is still weird not seeing you there. If I get you like this instead then that is something I can get used to it.'

'Us, being like this is the only thing I would willingly give it up for.' Tony replied. 'Abby met for lunch, she said that Ziva and Tim are confused why you are with me.'

'Yeah, I see their looks when I call you.' Gibbs chuckled. 'I do think they now realise how much work you did.'

'Oh yeah, Abby told me about that as well. She has also told them to shut up about it. They made their bed; they have to lie in it. When they argued the point saying, it wasn't their choice. I left. She pointed out that before all of this if they had a choice they would have picked Burley.' Tony looked down at his hands.

Gibbs frowned, and entwined their fingers together. 'What is it?'

'I feel bad about Abby and Tim. They had an on and off thing for so long. I actually believed that they would have ended up together. Now, she can barely stand him when they aren't talking about work.'

'You're not to blame Tony. McGee is for his attitude. If it wasn't you, it would have been someone else, she cared about. She loves you. Why don't you talk to her about it? She will say the same thing.'

'Maybe I will. So what are the plans for tonight?'

'I thought we could go out for a meal.' Gibbs grinned. 'There is a pleasant bar, which has excellent food.'

Tony nodded. 'Sounds great, how do you know about this place? Is it your regular date place?'

Gibbs shook his head. 'No, it is a place that Fornell and I sometimes go for a drink. I've never taken anyone there.'

'Fornell is going to ask you about it?'

'And I'll tell him we're dating. He's an old friend. I am not going to lie to him, just like I am not going to hide you away.' Gibbs explained.

'Let's go then.' Tony stood up, and reached out a hand to help Gibbs up.


Stan and Ziva waited to be called into the Director's office.

'What do you think she wants?' Burley asked he knew that Sheppard didn't think much of him. It was another thing DiNozzo had ruined for him.

Ziva turned to look at him. 'I do not know we will find out soon enough.' She hoped it was not a mission. Ziva had enough working here with Burley. Everything seemed to talk longer to do. Burley always said it was because he was given more work.

The office door opened and there stood Jenny Sheppard. 'You two can come in now.'

The two agents followed her, and sat down in the chairs that she indicated today.

'How can we help you Ma'am?' Stan asked politely.

'I am going to LA next week. I want you two to come along as my security detail.' Jenny asked them.


Tony and Gibbs sat at a booth. They had their drinks, and ordered their food.

'This is a really nice place.' Tony looked around the quiet bar.

'Wait until you try the food.' Gibbs grinned.

'What are you two doing here?' Fornell asked as soon as he stood by their table.


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