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Impressions and Sensations

by: wereleopard58 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 007 Word Count: 7312
Rating: TEEN
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ensemble
Category(ies): Angst/Drama
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: While in Mexico Gibbs spent some time out in the desert alone. He has come back to NCIS, but his senses are going crazy. He thinks he is going crazy. I will not be able to post the second story here as it is Hawaii Five-0 and the third will be an xover. The H50 story has now been completed

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Chapter Four

Abby just stood there and stared at Gibbs, her mouth open.

'What?' She asked dumbly.

'I think Gibbs has enhanced senses.' Tony repeated with a chuckle. He remembered how she was eager to meet someone with these senses and now she could, and it was someone she actually knew.

'Abs can you help me?' Gibbs asked, and getting a little annoyed with the way she looked at him with awe.

'Sure, I can. What is it you want me to do first?' Abby asked, her mind finally catching up with what is going on.

'Well,' Tony started to speak as he looked at Gibbs and trying to determine what the older man was going to need. 'We need to verify that he, in fact, does have enhanced senses and if there is any way to control them. We'll also need to see if we can find out if anyone else has these and if there is an expert of some kind. I think that's about it for now. Can you think of anything else Gibbs?' Tony asked.

Gibbs shook his head; all he had been thinking about was trying to stop it. He was glad that Tony knew, one thing about his senior field agent, he had a quick thinking mind.

'Ok, I'll get started on it then.' Abby paused for a moment and then hugged Gibbs. 'I'm so glad that you're home.'

'Me too Abs, oh please don't tell anyone and can you make sure that no one can follow what you are doing on the computer either. I'd rather this not get out.' Gibbs shuddered at the idea of being stuck in a lab and being experimented on. What he genuinely wanted was this thing gone, but if that were not possible then controlling it was the next best thing as long as no one knew about it. He wanted his life back.

Tony waved goodbye to Abby and watched her rush of. He could see that she was eager to start. She had some information at home that she was going to read through first, and then go from there. He walked back into the house and saw Gibbs staring down at the dying embers in the fireplace.

'Gibbs?' Tony whispered he was afraid that Gibbs would turn around and tell him to go. This had been one of those few times that Gibbs had opened up to him and actually told him about his fears. He didn't want it to be the last time either.

'Thank you Tony.' Gibbs replied, almost shyly as he turned to look at the younger man.

'For what?' Tony asked genuinely confused.

'For doing all of this, especially after how I made you feel.' Gibbs walked over to him and placed a hand on his face. 'I never meant to make you feel like that. I trust you more than anyone else, in this whole world, you know that right?'

'I do now, thank you.' Tony grinned and his hazel eyes sparkled with pleasure.

'I was just thinking how we all have ideas of people and how we show ourselves to others. We hide so much. I remember when your father first came here, and I offered to show him around.'

Tony chuckled at the memory. 'I thought I was going to have a heart attack when you did that. Why did you?'

'I wanted to talk to the man that had always let you down. I told him that you hid under the jokes, but you were the best young agent I had ever worked with. That is still true today. You're a remarkable man Anthony DiNozzo. People only started to stick around after you joined my team.'

'I didn't think I had much of choice.' Tony replied and then smiled when he saw the confusion on Gibbs face. 'When I started training, I seemed to be of interest to people. Who was this cop from Baltimore? Why was he so remarkable, that the one and only Leroy Jethro Gibbs went out of his way to get him to NCIS? To smooth the way, there seemed no doubt that I was going to join your team. To be honest I would have been disappointed if I hadn't.'

'Yeah, I told Morrow that I wanted you for my team. As soon as we met in Baltimore, you got my thinking right away. You didn't take any of my crap, and as I said at the time, and it is a rule. You don't waste good. You have never done anything to change that, and you don't mind that I'm a bastard.'

'Gibbs, it creeped me out when you were nice. It's wrong, and should never happen.' Tony pretended to shudder at the thought of Gibbs being nice.

'I think, when we are like this you could start calling me Jethro, and I call you Tony. If I do have these enhanced senses, and I am going to need your help more than ever. Some things are going to change between us, maybe for the better.' Gibbs stared deeply into Tony's eyes.

'What would be those changes? Or don't you know yet,' Tony licked his lips; he hoped this was going where he thought it was.

'I, don't want to start anything now, because, well what if I am going insane I don't want you stuck with me.' Gibbs lowered his eyes, he had never felt this lost and so unsure of himself since the first time he talked to Shannon.

Tony reached out and placed a hand on Gibbs' face. 'Whether you are going nuts or not, isn't going to change the way I feel about you. I really, really hope that this is what we are talking about.'

'I definitely think that we are on the same page.' Gibbs replied softly as their heads moved closer and their lips touched in a gentle kiss.

The two men pulled back from each other and smiled. 'I'll crash on the couch tonight. With everything going on with your senses, I don't think it is a good idea for you to be alone.' Tony explained.

'Thanks and I think that is an excellent idea.' Gibbs frowned as his cell rang, 'No one knows that I'm back.' He shook his head as he looked at the name that appeared on the display and pressed the answer button and put it to his ear. 'Yes Jenny what can I do for you?'

Tony felt his stomach sink; he was getting on well with the director until he refused the undercover mission. He didn't think he could run the team and do a long term undercover assignment. Tony had too much on his plate. She said she understood, but he wasn't so sure. He watched as Gibbs answered whatever she asked in brief words. As soon as he put his cell in his pocket Tony jumped at the opportunity to find out what was going on. 'Well?'

'She wants me to go and meet her at a restaurant to talk about when I am coming back to work, what is going to happen to the team? To you?'

'Jethro, I want you back as team leader, we all work well together. I was keeping us going until you came back. So if she offers you the lead, I don't mind being demoted to your senior field agent.'

'I hoped you were going to say that...'

'So when do you have to go and meet her?'

'Now.' Gibbs sighed.

'Oh, do you want me to go home?'

'Uhhh you can if you want to?' Gibbs replied nervously.

'No, I don't want to butů.'Tony waved his hand around as he talked.

'I'd like it if you were here when I came back.'

'Ok then I'll be waiting for you.' Tony pressed his lips against Gibbs'; he was so glad that he could now do this.

Jenny was standing outside the restaurant waiting for Jethro. She was so glad he was back, a bit shocked that she hadn't told her he was coming back. The other thing she wasn't happy about was that he never contacted her when he got back here.

'Jenny.' Gibbs said as he walked over to her. 'Why didn't you wait in the restaurant?

'I just wanted to see you before we went in and were surrounded by people.' Jenny lowered her eyes and licked her lips. She looked back up at him, smiled coyly cupped his head in her hands and kissed him.


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