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Impressions and Sensations

by: wereleopard58 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 007 Word Count: 7312
Rating: TEEN
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ensemble
Category(ies): Angst/Drama
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: While in Mexico Gibbs spent some time out in the desert alone. He has come back to NCIS, but his senses are going crazy. He thinks he is going crazy. I will not be able to post the second story here as it is Hawaii Five-0 and the third will be an xover. The H50 story has now been completed

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Chapter Three

Tony frowned at him. He had never seen Gibbs like this before.

'What are you talking about? Why do you think you are going crazy?' No matter how nuts Gibbs drove him, he did love the older man and would do anything he could to help him. He just had to find out what the problem was and prayed it was something that could actually be dealt with. Tony truly hoped that when Gibbs said he was going crazy, he hoped he didn't mean it in the literal sense.

Gibbs pulled away and stood up, his hand rubbing at his forehead trying to put what he had been going through in words. He was glad that it was Tony he was talking to and not Ducky.

'Things have been happening to me; I've been hearing, seeing and smelling things I shouldn't be able to. I.' He stuttered to a stop. Tony stood up and wrapped his arms around Gibbs.

'It's ok, we'll get through this. Let's get some coffee, we'll sit down, and you can tell me everything. Then we can decide what to do.' Tony smiled at him and hoped it was more reassuring then he felt. They had to sort this out; otherwise he didn't want to imagine what it would keep continuing to do to Gibbs.

Gibbs nodded his head in agreement, as much as he could do as he was resting it on the younger man's shoulder. Tony knew this as he could feel the other man's hair rubbing against his neck.

Tony stood up and held out his hand to Gibbs, he smiled at the other man and waited for him to finally take hold it. Gibbs reached out and as soon as their hands were joined he was pulled to his feet.

'Thank you Tony, I never meant for you to feel I didn't care or respect you. That was the last thing I ever wanted. Everything has been so much lately, I just couldn't cope and now this. I'm scared that my mind is trying to find an escape away from this life. What if I am no longer me?' Gibbs turned to look at Tony, his blue eyes shining with unshed tears.

'I don't think it's that.' Tony said with a smile as they headed towards the stairs. 'You're not alone and together we can deal with anything, just like always.'

Gibbs eyes lowered as Tony walked in front of him down the staircase he stared at jeans that moulded perfectly to an ass. He was lost in his own world as Tony stood of the last step and turned to catch Gibbs ogling him. He couldn't help but laugh as Gibbs' face became slightly flushed.

'There are obviously some more things we have to talk about, and if we're on the same page there will be more than just talk happening.'

'I like the sound of that, but not until we find out what is going on with me. Tony the last thing I want is for you to be stuck with me if things take a turn for the worst.'

'Let's not talk about the worse-case scenario at the moment. Let's figure out what is going on with you, and then we can go from there.' Tony paused for a moment as they both sat on the sofa. Gibbs was sitting as close to him as he could be without actually sitting in his lap. Tony didn't think Gibbs was doing this on purpose, he was just a little lost at the moment and needed that physical contact. 'Are you sure you don't want me to call Ducky?'

'Not yet, not until we know more.' Gibbs didn't want anyone with a medical background looking at him, he trusted Ducky, but he couldn't deal with that at the moment.

Tony sat and listened to Gibbs about how it all started when he was in Mexico, out by himself for days. How he kept hearing birds that he couldn't initially see, how at times when he looked at something in the distance it seemed as if he were looking through a scope on a sniper rifle, how everything had suddenly zoomed in as if he were standing right in front of what he was looking at. He had stopped eating certain foods as it seemed off and he could pick out the different ingredients he recognised. His skin was sensitive to the touch. It had taken him ages to find a detergent he could use that wouldn't irritate him.

'I don't think you're crazy.' Tony replied when Gibbs had stopped talking.

'Why?' Gibbs demanded to know. It seemed as if Tony knew something about what is happening to me.

'I think we need to tell Abby.' Tony said suddenly.

'Why? Damn it Tony, if you know something just tell me already.' Gibbs growled at him. He didn't want to play a guessing game while he thought he was losing his mind.

'I remember Abby talking to me about some people who had heightened senses. She was fascinated by it. I don't remember all of the specifics, which is why you need to tell her. You can't ask her about someone hypothetically, it's Abby, and she knows you.'

'Ok, call her and tell her to get over here.' Gibbs whispered, he didn't want anyone else to know, but if Abby could help him. He watched as Tony pulled out his cell. 'Tony,' he waited for the younger man to turn and look at him, 'make sure she doesn't tell anyone else.'

Tony smiled and nodded at Gibbs as he pressed speed dial. He then waited for his favourite forensic scientist to answer her phone.

Abby burst through the doors and ran straight to Gibbs and into his arms as soon as she saw him.

'Gibbs, I've missed you. You're back.' She exclaimed happily.

'I missed you too Abs.' Gibbs hugged her tightly for a moment longer before releasing her.

'So, Tony said on the phone you needed my help. So, here I am to help.' Abby paused for a moment and frowned. 'Uhhh Gibbs, what do you need my help for?'

Gibbs turned and looked at Tony he was a little lost on how to explain this.

'Abs, you remember when you read that article on people with enhanced senses that had been found.'

'Yeah, it was mostly men and woman who had some kind of military background. Those that had spent a certain amount of time alone, they had it before when they were younger. Well, that is the theory as most of them don't remember. Why?'

'Can you find out as much you can without letting anyone know?' Tony asked.

Abby turned and glared at him. 'Of course I can and I'm also going to hit you hard if I have to ask why one more time.'

Tony turned to Gibbs and watched him nod in agreement. 'I think Gibbs has enhanced senses.'


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