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by: HarmonFreak1 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 018 Word Count: 34211
Rating: TEEN
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee, Ensemble
Category(ies): Angst/Drama, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Suspense
Pairing(s): - No Pairing -
Summary: When Tim is drugged and reduced to a toddler how will the gang react?
Will they be able to change him back or will he have to grow up all over
again? Papa Gibbs and Baby Timmy!

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Chapter 6

Gibbs had just finished running a comb through Tim's hair when there was a soft knock on the door. Tim's eyes became as big as saucers and his gaze, which had been fixed on the floor while Gibbs ministered to him, slowly moved upward to meet Gibbs' eyes.

"Tim, it's only Ducky. I called him to come, check you over and bring some supplies. The team doesn't know what happened and they won't until we decide it's the right time."

McGee nodded as Gibbs picked him up and carried him out to the living room. He sat him down on the couch and walked over to the front door. While unlocking it, he glanced over his shoulder one more time to reassure Tim, and then opened the door allowing Ducky to step inside.

"Hey Duck, thanks for coming." Gibbs welcomed him and removed the bags from his hands; dropping them on a nearby table.

"You are very welcome, now where is young Timothy?"

Gibbs turned around and flicked his head toward the couch where Tim was currently sitting with his eyes glued shut. Ducky gave Gibbs a worried look and then turned his attention back to the couch.

"He's quite embarrassed, Ducky." Gibbs whispered in his ear.

Ducky gave a nod and approached Tim on the couch.

Opening his eyes when he heard the footsteps approaching, Tim immediately cast them downwards, back toward the floor. Ducky set his medical bag on the table and sat down on the couch.

"Timothy, I am your doctor and I promise that you have nothing to be embarrassed about. This isn't your fault and I just want to check and make sure that you're alright."

Tim nodded and because he was anything but polite, lifted his head to meet Ducky's eyes.

"That a boy!" Ducky said grabbing the stethoscope out of his bag and warming the chest piece on his hand. Once satisfied that it was warm enough he stuck the earpiece in his ears and held the chest piece to Tim's chest. He listened for several minutes to his chest and back and once he was satisfied, put the stethoscope back in his bag. As he next pulled out a thermometer, he heard Tim gasp and begin shaking his head.

"What's wrong?" Gibbs asked as he moved toward the couch and lifted Tim up to sit on his lap, rubbing his hand up and down Tim's back.

"No, no!" Tim whispered still shaking his head.

"Ahh..." It took a moment but Ducky suddenly realized why Tim did not want his temperature taken.

"I do believe Timothy is concerned that I'm going to take his temperature rectally, Jethro. I promise young man, I plan on taking it under your arm."

Tim blushed and nodded again while Ducky stuck the thermometer under his right armpit. After a minute, Ducky removed the thermometer and declared a normal temperature. He then opened Tim's mouth, checked his teeth and gums, and then pulled out his otoscope to check his ears.

"So Duck, what's the verdict?"

"Well, physically I can't find anything wrong. After examining him, I believe that he is around 12 months old as you estimated. His heart and temperature are normal. It looks like he has some teeth but not yet all of them. It would be best if he ate soft foods for right now. As far as the accidents he has had, it seems as though his bladder muscles are weak and those usual develop strength with age.

"I had him try to walk earlier, Duck; he was wobbly and couldn't even stand. Is that normal for a child his age?" he said kissing the top of Tim's head.

Ducky smiled, realizing that Gibbs had already fallen into a paternal role. "It depends, Jethro, sometimes toddlers are walking at a year but many times they're not. I would give him a few days to let him become accustomed to his new body and see how he does after that. In a few days time he could be walking, we all know Timothy doesn't like to fail, so it wouldn't surprise me if he kept working on it until he could."

"What about his mental capacity, Duck?"

"Well I'm not sure, have you asked him what he can understand?"

"No, not yet, but he did recognize me and when I speak to him, he acts like he understands. And all of Grey's victims said that even though they were transformed they still had their wits about them."

"Timothy, can you understand what we are saying?"

"Yes, all." Tim replied, shivering as he leaned back against Gibbs trying to gather warmth from the older man.

"Well there's our answer, Jethro. It seems he is having a bit of a problem expressing himself but understood what I said, so that's good. We should probably get him dressed before he catches cold."

Gibbs nodded "Do you think you could fetch the bags off the table over there?"

Ducky packed up his medical instruments and walked over to retrieve the supplies off the table.

Walking back to the couch he started to unload the bags to show Tim and Gibbs what he bought. "I picked up a few pairs of jeans and a couple of sweaters which should be much warmer than a towel. I also picked up other necessities such as socks, a pack of onesies and a pair of shoes. A new winter coat, hat and mittens are essential, as it's much too cold out there for him not to have the proper outerwear. There's a package of diapers, wipes and powder. A couple jars of baby food and a gallon of milk. He probably will be able to eat adult food as long as it's not too hard and cut up in small bites. A few bibs, bottles and some sippy cups round out the purchases."

Deciding that it would be best for Tim to choose he asked, "Who would you rather have change you? Me or Ducky?"

Tim thought about it for a minute and since Gibbs had given him a bath earlier, he decided he would be less embarrassed with him. He turned to face Gibbs and whispered "you" so quietly that if the two men weren't paying attention, they would have missed it.

Nodding, Gibbs stood up, moved Tim to one shoulder, grabbed a few of the bags, taking them to the bedroom. He laid Tim on the bed and started rummaging through them. Pulling out a diaper and powder, Gibbs knew this would be the toughest thing for Tim to accept and he was right. As soon as he saw the diaper he tried as hard as he could to scoot away but didn't make it far before Gibbs put his hand on Tim's chest.

"Listen buddy, I know this is hard but we don't have any other options at this point. If you get to a point where you can hold it then we'll talk about getting rid of the diapers."

Tim suddenly found himself overwhelmed by the entire situation and the need to wear diapers was the icing on the cake. He had done so well throughout the entire morning keeping his emotions in check but couldn't contain them any longer. The tears began falling and no matter how hard he tried to stop them, he couldn't.

Gibbs sighed as he sat down on the bed and scooped Tim up in his arms. He immediately buried his face in the crook of Gibbs' neck and continued sobbing.

"'s going to be ok," he said to him as he slowly rocked back and forth in an effort to console him.

After a few minutes of rocking, Gibbs was finally able to get him to settle down enough to feel comfortable, laying him down again. Before Tim could even think about what was happening, Gibbs had diapered and dressed him.

"I bet you're hungry," he asked carrying Tim to the kitchen to see what Ducky had brought for food.

"Ahh, Jethro, I figured young Timothy would be hungry so I took the liberty of warming up a bottle while you two were back in the bedroom."

Tears started to form in Tim's eyes and Gibbs bounced him in his arms a few times trying to soothe him.

"Remember, Tim, this is all just temporary, once we figure out what you can handle we'll go from there. But for right now you're going to use the bottle."

The small bit of hope that Gibbs gave Tim seemed to pacify him so the older man walked to the couch, sat down and arranged Tim so that he was lying with his head cradled in the crook of his arm. Once settled, Tim blushed as Gibbs put the bottle to his mouth while he waited for Tim to start sucking on it. By this time, Tim was so hungry that once he discovered a rhythm, he didn't seem to care what he was drinking from.

Ducky watched the two from the kitchen and couldn't help smiling when he realized what a natural Gibbs was. Half way through the bottle, the combination of warm milk and a warm thumb gently brushing over his forehead pulled Tim into a deep sleep.

With Tim resting, Ducky was finally able to ask the question he had been wondering about since he arrived.

"Jethro, when do you plan on telling the rest of the team? You can't keep this from them forever and I think the sooner they know, the better."

Gibbs thought about it for a moment and then replied "You're right Duck; I'll wait until Tim wakes up and talk with him about it. He should have a say."

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