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by: HarmonFreak1 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 018 Word Count: 34211
Rating: TEEN
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee, Ensemble
Category(ies): Angst/Drama, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Suspense
Pairing(s): - No Pairing -
Summary: When Tim is drugged and reduced to a toddler how will the gang react?
Will they be able to change him back or will he have to grow up all over
again? Papa Gibbs and Baby Timmy!

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Chapter 14

The next morning, Tony and Ziva walked into the lab to begin reviewing the security footage from Chadwick's.

"Hello Abby!"

"Hey Abs!"

Abby did not acknowledge either one of them and continued to stare blankly at the computer screen. Tony and Ziva exchanged puzzled looks while they waited for her to move. Abby spun around on the chair to face them before she began to speak.

She crossed her arms and scowled, "Timmy and Gibbs do not even want to be around me. What did I do to be treated like this? I have done everything both of them asked. It's not like I made fun of him, like you Tony."

When they left Gibbs' house the night before, Abby was silent the entire drive. Because she normally had commentary for every situation, Tony and Ziva were surprised when she didn't make a peep. Apparently, she had collected her thoughts overnight and could not contain them anymore.

Tony sighed, "Abby, why don't you understand that Tim's world has been turned upside down and the one person he feels most comfortable with right now, just happens to be Gibbs?"

Abby shook her head, "That's not true Tony, Tim let Ziva feed him a bottle plus you got to hold him while Gibbs checked the car seat. Every time I get near Tim, he starts shivering, his eyes get big and he tries to "melt" into Gibbs.

Tony ran his fingers through his hair, "Oh come on Abby, give the kid a break."

Tired of listening to Abby's whining, Ziva grabbed the security footage and started to leave.

"Ziva, where are you going? I thought we were going to watch that together." Abby called out nervously.

Ziva scoffed, took a deep breath, then turned to face her, "I do not understand why this is so difficult for you. Is it because for once you are not the center of attention? If that is the reason, then you seriously need to take a good look at yourself. We are a team, when you feel like acting like you are a part of it, then you can help us."

Tony stood in shock as he listened to Ziva. By the time she was done, Abby had tears in her eyes. He wanted to comfort her but also knew that if he did, Ziva's lecture would be pointless.

"You coming, Tony?" Ziva asked from the doorway.

Tony took one last look at Abby, then left to catch the elevator with Ziva. Abby turned back toward her desk, covered her face and began sobbing.

A streak of sunlight streamed through the window of the bedroom. Gibbs looked over at the clock but it was still early. He sighed then rolled over to watch the small sleeping figure lying next to him. The way the sunlight hit Tim's face at that moment made him look even younger than he did the day before. Gibbs carded his hand through Tim's baby soft hair and smiled. It had been a long time since he had taken care of a little one. He thought back to how Kelly would climb in bed with him and Shannon during the night if she had a bad dream or was not feeling well. Those were memories he cherished but also felt he was being given a second chance with Tim. A kick to the stomach returned him to the present time.

"Sorry" Tim smiled, as he attempted to scoot closer to Gibbs.

Gibbs grabbed him under the arms and began tickling. Tim rolled from side to side and began laughing uncontrollably as Gibbs moved from his arms to his feet. Hearing Tim's laughter, Gibbs couldn't help but laugh as well. Deciding to change it up a bit, he leaned down and started blowing raspberries on Tim's stomach. Between Gibbs' lips along with the whiskers on his face, Tim couldn't help it when he let out a high-pitched squeal. After a few minutes, Tim was laughing so much and having trouble catching his breath, Gibbs stopped. When their breathing had returned to normal, Gibbs got off the bed, flicked on the light and started to examine Tim's legs. They were still angry and red in color. He ran his fingertips over them, which caused Tim to pull away. "I'm sorry buddy but I need to take a good look." Gibbs soothed while he inspected them further. "I think we need to ask Ducky for some cream that is a little bit stronger."

Tim nodded and stuck his thumb in his mouth while Gibbs changed his diaper. When he was done, he picked Tim up and carried him downstairs.

"Doggy", Tim blurted out as Jethro bounded over to them and he reached down to pet him. Walking into the kitchen Gibbs started the coffee pot and deposited Tim in one of the kitchen chairs. He opened the back door to let Jethro outside then turned his attention back to Tim.

"We have a big day today. Vance is coming over and we have some errands to run."

Tim whimpered and pulled on his diaper.

"Don't worry silly, we will put some clothes on you after breakfast. Nobody is going to see you like this." Gibbs reassured him while he tied a bib around his neck. He got the milk out of the fridge and poured some in a bottle. Since the change had taken place, Tim was having trouble with his hand eye coordination. He couldn't walk but Gibbs did want to see if he could hold the bottle. He walked over, knelt down in front of Tim and handed him the bottle, "Let's see if you can feed yourself." Tim took the bottle between both hands and attempted to bring it up to his lips. His hands shook and milk began to leak out of the nipple. Tim finally got the bottle near his lips but was having a hard time getting it in his mouth. Frustrated and disappointed, he dropped the bottle on the floor. Gibbs sighed, picked it up and went to wash it off. Tim wouldn't look him in the eye when he returned to the table so Gibbs lifted his chin and attempted to console him.

"It's ok Tim, we'll work on it. You almost had it. So what do you want for breakfast? Oatmeal and yogurt?"

Tim nodded while Gibbs went over and started preparing breakfast. As they were waiting for the oatmeal to cook, Gibbs let Jethro in and gave him breakfast. A few minutes later, Gibbs pulled the oatmeal off the stove and dished up bowls for Tim and himself. Pouring a cup of coffee, he took a seat close to Tim and began feeding him. Gibbs was surprised when Tim inhaled the oatmeal and wanted to start on the yogurt. "I guess I need to feed you more kiddo. But you need to let me know when you are hungry too." Tim just nodded, opened his mouth and waited for Gibbs to feed him the yogurt. Once he finished the yogurt, Gibbs put the dishes in the sink and heated up a bottle. He picked Tim up and carried him into the living room. He sat on the couch, laid Tim in his arms and held the bottle up to his lips. He switched on the television for background noise but his attention was focused on his little boy.

"Back it up." Tony told Ziva as they scanned through the second security tape from Chadwick's.

Rewinding the tape to just a minute earlier, Ziva replied, "What, what is it? Do you see something?"

Tony cocked his head while he looked at the plasma, "Does that woman sitting on the end of the bar look familiar to you?"

Ziva zoomed in on the women in question and squinted "I am not sure Tony, who do you think it might be?"

"She looks a little like Grey, don't you think?

"It is hard to tell Tony, it is very dark."

"Well, print that off and check into Grey's background to see if she has any sisters or cousins. We can take that over to Gibbs' house later to see if Tim recognizes her from last night."

Tim finished the bottle and burped. He blushed as Gibbs sat him up and patted him on the back. "Got a little gas, huh?" Gibbs laughed as Tim blushed redder then he believed possible. "Let's get upstairs and get dressed before someone unexpectedly shows up here and we're not ready."

Jethro followed them upstairs and watched as Gibbs picked out a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. "Hopefully these sweatpants will be comfortable enough to wear while your legs are still bothering you." He laid Tim down on the bed and checked his diaper. Since it was dry he spread on a new layer of cream for the chaffing then slipped a onesie on over his head. Snapping the buttons at the crotch he made sure the cream was rubbed in before he slid the sweatpants over Tim's hips. Slipping the sweatshirt over the little guy's head, Gibbs turned to Jethro who was watching intently from the floor. "Keep an eye on him while I go into the bathroom to clean up." The dog cocked his head to one side and gave a small bark. Gibbs rubbed Tim's stomach for reassurance and slipped off to the bathroom. He kept the bathroom door open and every once in awhile he peeked out to check on them. He smiled when the final time he checked on the pair, Tim was sucking on his thumb and was positioned with his head on Jethro's stomach. Gibbs watched as Tim ran his other hand gently through the dog's fur. Jethro closed his eyes, enjoying the attention from him.

Gibbs finished up in the bathroom, then grabbed a pair of socks and Converse for Tim. As he finished with the socks and shoes, there was a knock on the door. Tim immediately removed the thumb from his mouth and tried to sit up. Frustrated that he couldn't sit all the way up he lifted his arms and reached for Gibbs.

"That's probably Vance, are you ready for this?"

Tim shook his head but knew it was a lost cause.

Gibbs picked him up, slung him over one shoulder and rubbed his hand up and down Tim's back. "Don't worry, I will take care of everything." Tim buried his face in the crook of Gibbs' neck and whined as he was carried downstairs.

Gibbs opened the door and greeted Vance, "Good morning, Leon."

"Gibbs...Agent McGee" Vance replied, stepping inside.

Tim kept his face buried against Gibbs neck and refused to look at the director.

Vance looked worried as Gibbs ushered him into the kitchen. "Can I get you a cup of coffee, Leon?" he asked while refilling his cup from earlier.

Vance sat down at the kitchen table, his eyes glued to the baby in Gibbs' arms. "That would be nice, thanks."

Gibbs nodded, he sat the cups on the table and took a seat across from Vance. He attempted to release the death grip that Tim currently had around his neck but he wouldn't budge. Gibbs whispered in Tim's ear and rubbed small circles on his back. Vance watched in amazement as he saw the paternal side ooze from Gibbs. Whatever he said to Tim seemed to relax him and he slowly loosened his grip. Gibbs lifted him so that he was now sitting in his lap facing the director.

Vance took a sip of his coffee and choked when Tim turned to face him. He pictured what Tim might look like but never imagined he would look so much like the adult version of McGee. "Wow, sorry I just wasn't expecting you to look so much, well, like you, Agent McGee."

Tim cast his eyes on the floor but remained quiet. Gibbs wrapped his arms around Tim's shoulders and gave a reassuring squeeze.

"When Gibbs told me about this yesterday, I thought there was no way this was possible. I had to see for myself. I want to let you both know that the agency will pay for whatever expenses are needed to keep you comfortable, Agent McGee."

Tim lifted his head, "tank you," he said before covering his face with his hands.

"Tim is a little embarrassed, Leon, don't take it personal."

Vance shook his head, "No worries, if you need a babysitter, I'm sure my daughter would be happy to do it." He finished his coffee, stood up from the table and grabbed his coat. "I have a meeting at 09 hundred so I need to get going, but I want to reassure you both that we are going to find an antidote and catch whoever did this to you."

"The rest of the team is supposed to be combing through the security footage this morning. I'll keep you updated."

Tim nodded as Gibbs stood up and followed Vance to the front door. "I expect full confidentiality on this, Leon. It's better for Tim's safety as well."

"Of course! As I said earlier, just bill the items you buy to the agency. Take good care of him, Gibbs." Vance then reached up and ruffled Tim's hair, "Cute baby," he said before turning to leave.

After Vance was gone, Gibbs felt all the tension leave Tim's body and he slumped forward. He rested his head on Gibbs' shoulder and tried to control his breathing.

"Shh...shh Tim it's all over, you did very good. It will only get easier from here on out. How about you say we get out of this house for a little while and run some errands. We can buy a lot more supplies now that NCIS is going to pay for them."

"Kay" Tim said as he pulled away from Gibbs and stuck his thumb in his mouth. Tim squirmed when Gibbs paternally slipped his hand in Tim's pants to check the wetness of his diaper before they left. Satisfied that it would hold up for awhile longer he bundled them up and began to leave the house. They were half way out to the driveway when Gibbs remembered that he didn't have the diaper bag that Abby got for him. He quickly went back upstairs, filled the bag with a few diapers and wipes then went out to the kitchen and filled a bottle full of milk before announcing he was ready to go. With Tim safely ensconced in his arms he walked out to the car, buckled Tim in the car seat and started the car. He noticed that Tim was shivering and made a mental note to pick up a thick blanket he could keep in the car for him.

Gibbs met Tim's eyes in the rear-view mirror, "You ready, sweetie?" He cursed at himself when he realized the words that came out of his mouth.

Tim blushed and gave him an odd look; he nodded as his little teeth chattered.

Trying to suppress a smile, Gibbs was glad that Tim wasn't upset that he called him sweetie. "I should have warmed up the car before I brought you out here. Like I said, learning experience for both of us. I cranked the heat so it'll warm up when we get going."

And with that, they were off to do some shopping and be home in time for Tim's nap.

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