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Finding Out

by: wereleopard58 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 025 Word Count: 29872
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ensemble
Category(ies): Angst/Drama
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: Gibbs and DiNozzo are drugged can Gibbs forgive himself for not being stronger. The consequences of this lead Tony to leave NCIS and search out his family.

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Chapter Nine

Tony led Ducky and Abby to the surgery where Maddie was waiting for them. He always went in the back way. The ultra-sound was sitting there waiting for them. Tony knew that this was quite early for a normal pregnancy, but because he was a man this was so far from normal.

Maddie stood at the door waiting, a smile on her face.

"Hey Maddie, this is Abby." Tony introduced the two ladies.

"I've heard so much about you Abby. It's finally nice to meet you."

Abby grinned. "Well, I hope that I start hearing more about you since I don't know anything. We were busy talking about the little one."

"I am sure you will." She moved over to Ducky and gave him a hug. Then she did the same to Tony. "Come on this way, everything is set up."

They all followed her through, Abby bouncing as she did.

"This is so exciting." She muttered and then heard everyone laugh.

Maddie opened the door to a neutral coloured room.

Tony looked around and knew that this is one of the places he would be seeing a lot of. So far Maddie had done everything for him at home. That was now about to change.

"On the bed Tony." Maddie ordered.

Tony moved over and sat on the bed. Abby bent down grabbed his legs and helped him to lie down.

"Abby, I'm not an invalid." Tony said with a laugh.

"I know, but I just want to help." She said with a grin.

"I know." With that Tony laid back and lifted up his shirt. He rubbed his hand up and down over his flat stomach wondering when he would start to show.

Maddie came around and stood on the other side of the bed beside the ultrasound machine. She carefully with gloved hands places the gel substance on his stomach and laughs when he jumps.


"No, you're not, and you could have warned me it was going to be cold." Tony whined.

"Suck it up DiNozzo." Abby said with a grin.

Maddie placed the transducer over the gel and started to move it. They all turned to stare at the screen. Tony was transfixed at what was going on inside of him.

"Oh my." Ducky muttered.

"Well, uhhhh." Maddie whispered.

Tony and Abby looked at each other. "Is there something wrong?" He asked carefully.

Ducky turned and smiled at him. "No, my dear boy nothing is wrong. It seems as if." He turned to look at Maddie. "You tell him; after all you are his physician."

"Thank you Ducky." She smiled at the elderly man and then she turned her attention to her patient and friend. "Well Tony, you're having twins."

Abby squealed and then suddenly stopped at the whiteness of Tony's face.

"T.t. ." He stuttered.

Maddie gently touched his face. "Tony look at me." She waited until he faced her. "Are you ok? You're not feeling faint or anything?"

"Uhhh no," his eyes darted back to the screen. "Just shocked and only Gibbs being such an overachiever had to get me pregnant with twins." Tony joked, but they all could see that it hadn't wholly sunk in.

Maddie turned back to the screen and reached out with her hand pointing out the two babies. "Everything is looking normal Tony, considering you're a man." She laughed as did the others. Tony continued to stare at the screen at his children. "Tony, Tony." Maddie repeated. He finally glanced around at her. "I do need to talk about what we do next, do you want that to be in private?"

Tony looked at his two friends and smiled. "No, it can be done in front of them. They're my only support at the moment."

"Ok, I know you're only a month along, but I feel that it is crucial to check things as soon as we can. When you are nine weeks, I'll do a Chorionic villus sampling, obviously through the abdomen."

"Why what is it?" Tony asked.

"It is a test for genetic problems." Maddie held up her hand to stop Tony from talking. "I don't think there will be any, but because of the situation I would rather be cautious. Now I will tell you about the possible risks. There is a remarkably small chance of risk of miscarriage. Apart from a risk of miscarriage, there is a risk of infection and amniotic fluid leakage. There is also a mild risk of Limb Reduction Defects, with the risk being higher the earlier the procedure is carried out.

Tony stared at her not know what to think. "What is amniotic fluid leakage?"

"This is where amniotic fluid leak can develop into a condition known as oligohydramnios, which is low amniotic fluid level. If the resulting oligohydramnios is not treated and the amniotic fluid continues to leak it can result in the baby developing hypoplastic lung, which is under developed lungs."

"I.." Tony didn't know what to think.

"I think we honestly have to do this. Everything that is happening is different because you're male. I need to make sure that I do everything to find out what is going on with you. One thing good about our situation is that I will be following you closely, and I do see you on a daily basis. Now you do have five weeks to research, you can talk to Ducky and me, ask as many questions as you want. If we do go ahead with the CVS, we'd also be able to find out the sexes of your babies." Maddie reached out and held his hand.

"Take your time and think about it Anthony." Ducky's voice was soft, and it relaxed Tony a little.

"So, would you like a picture of the scan Tony?" Maddie asked, knowing how frightened and how much research he was going to do.

Tony grinned at her. "Yes, I would."

"Can I have one please?" Abby raised her hand and asked.

"What about you Ducky?" Maddie offered.

"If you don't mind, I would love one." Ducky smiled.

Tony knew that Abby and Ducky wanted to be a part of it as much as they could. They were doing their best to stand in for Gibbs. His heart ached as he thought of the older man. He wished he'd told him he loved him and had for years, but he couldn't say anything. Not with everything that had happened. Hell, he didn't know if Gibbs was even attracted to men.

"Not a problem, if you just all wait here." She pressed a button on the ultra sound machine and handed Tony some tissues so he could wipe his stomach. Maddie was so glad that the ultrasound looked normal. So far everything was fine with her friend. She still had to figure out how to organise the surgery in secret. Maddie would think of something she was not going to let Tony down or make him or his children part of a circus act that she knew would happen if the media found out about it.

Tony watched as Maddie left, his mind still reeling on everything that she said. Abby could see the fear in his eyes and hated the fact that she and Ducky had to leave soon. She reached over, hugged him and then squealed in his hear.

"We're having twins." She said excitedly.

Tony and Ducky both laughed at her.


Gibbs was dragged out of his dream. His bed sheet was on the floor, his naked body glistening with sweat. His heart was pounding. He took deep breaths as he tried to calm himself. He glanced down at his body, and his chest and stomach were splattered partly with dots and strands of opalescent white fluid, other parts had become clear and watery. The smell of chlorine reeked in the air.

Gibbs couldn't believe it he had a wet dream about Tony. He rubbed his hand across his face.



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