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Finding Out

by: wereleopard58 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 025 Word Count: 29872
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ensemble
Category(ies): Angst/Drama
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: Gibbs and DiNozzo are drugged can Gibbs forgive himself for not being stronger. The consequences of this lead Tony to leave NCIS and search out his family.

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I am taking challenges, I have some very interesting Hawaii Five-0 ones. If you have an idea for a story, or a pairing and that does include x-over's just let me know (hopefully I will have seen the other suggested show). You can PM me or find me on Facebook and twitter as wereleopard58. I do also have a Tibbs group of Facebook, come and join. It is a nice little group.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Tony pulled away from and took a couple of steps back. 'Never do that again Ziva. I am in love with Gibbs; I am having a family with him. You're an attractive women, but that is all that would have been there. Not even when you kept accusing me of being in love with you. I kept telling you the truth that I wasn't, you never did believe me. No one has ever come close to how I feel about him.'

'If we had become an item at the start, things might have been different. Yes?' Ziva asked hope in her eyes.

'No Ziva, I told you I loved Gibbs long before I ever met you. Any person at work I sleep with always understands that he comes first. If he called just to talk at 1am, I would go.'

'Who at work did you sleep with?' Ziva was sure this was someone she didn't know about because of his tone.


Abby and Gibbs look at each other. They can't carry on eavesdropping on the conversation. It was time they made themselves known. With a quick grin at each other, they walk out from their hiding place and over to Tony and Ziva.


Ziva ducked her head when she realised that Gibbs had heard the conversation, and knew that she had kissed Tony. That she had tried to win him over. Gibbs and Tony just stare at each other. Love is clearly written on their futures. Abby's giggles break the spell and she smirked at one of her best friends.


Tim has had enough, and even though Ducky had tried to stop him he heads outside. He stopped in the same place that Abby and Gibbs had. He just wanted to know that everything was ok. Tim didn't want to interrupt them if everything was fine.


Abby suddenly raised her hand, and Ziva stared at her in confusion.

'You asked who Tony slept with and that he told Gibbs came first.' Abby explained. 'That would be me. I understood, Gibbs came first for me too, in a non-romantic way, of course. I knew what Tony felt for him. I didn't want a serious relationship, and Tony is a hottie. We flirted like mad back in those days. Tony always got me, never made me feel different.'

'You slept with Abby?' Tim yelled in jealousy as he rushed across the grass. His hands were balled up into fists as they swung by his side. Tim went straight for Tony.

Before Gibbs could move, Abby had stepped forward and punched Tim. Tim hit the ground hard. His face was covered in hurt as he looked at Abby and rubbed his jaw.

'Why did you hit me?' Tim asked her.

'Well, firstly you were going to attack a pregnant man you idiot. Not only that we have just got him back from being kidnapped by a crazy man.' Abby shouted at him, as she waved her hand at Tony.

Tim lowered his eyes in embarrassment he had totally forgotten that in his jealousy. 'I'm sorry Tony.'

'It was before I had even had met you Timmy. We really did flirt a lot.' Abby smiled at the memory and how far they had come. 'We went out one night, got back and well you can guess. It was fantastic, but we realised that once we had slept together we made better best friends.' Abby walked over to Tony and hugged him.

Ziva couldn't believe she never knew about this, Tim obviously didn't. She turned and looked at Gibbs. There was no shock or jealousy on his face.

'You knew about this?' Ziva questioned him.

'Yes, I did. I told them it better not get in the way of work.' Gibbs explained. 'Actually after they did sleep together they worked much better, and there was a lot less flirting.'

Ziva was confused; everything she thought she understood had gone. She needed time to breathe and to get her focus back.

'I've got to go.' She muttered, turned away and walked off.

'I have to as well.' Tim quickly followed Ziva.

'Do you think they'll be ok?' Abby asked.

'I have no idea, but they don't have a choice.' Gibbs growled. 'There is nothing they can do. Tony is no longer an agent. If they can't accept us…' Gibbs shrugged his shoulders. 'I don't want to lose either of them, but Tony and our children are my priorities.'

'I know, and they are for me as well.' Abby watched as Tim disappeared around a corner.


Tim and Ziva went back to the yard. They didn't want to go home, or out where they had to think about what was going on. Work was exactly what they needed. They had both worked for about an hour before they decided to have a break, and stretch their legs. Ziva grabbed Tim and pushed him towards the area by the stairs.

'What is it?' Tim asked her.

'What do you really think about all of this?' Ziva asked. 'About Gibbs and Tony together and Tony being pregnant with his twins?' She wanted to know.


Vance's mouth dropped opened as he heard the conversation between the co-workers.


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