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Finding Out

by: wereleopard58 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 025 Word Count: 29872
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ensemble
Category(ies): Angst/Drama
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: Gibbs and DiNozzo are drugged can Gibbs forgive himself for not being stronger. The consequences of this lead Tony to leave NCIS and search out his family.

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Chapter Sixteen

Justin walked into the room and straight over to Gibbs and then smiled at him.

'So you're the father, the other father I mean.' Gibbs just stared at him, not saying a word. 'Well, I'll just…' Justin waved his hand around indicating that he would leave the older man alone. He made his way over to the gothic forensic scientist. This place that Tony use to work at was a strange place, with an odd assortment of people.

'Hi,' Abby smiled as soon as Justin walked to her side.

'Hi, I'm Justin. I'll be the surgeon when it comes time for the birth.' He held out his hand and waited for the other woman to take it.

Abby gripped hold of his hand and shook it hard.

'Hi, I'm Abby.' She chirped.

'At least you'll talk to me.' Justin muttered and watched as Abby frowned at him in confusion.

'What do you mean?' Abby wanted to know, it was obvious that she had missed something.

'He wouldn't even talk to me.' Justin nodded towards Gibbs.

'Oh, that's just Gibbs, it's nothing personal.' She chuckled.

'If you say so, I just wanted to know more about Tony. I met him briefly, and since I am going to be doing the caesarean, I just wanted to get to know a little more about him.'

'Oh really, well in that case it is great to meet you and Gibbs will unquestionably want to talk to you.'

'Why would that make a difference?' Justin queried.

'He'd want to make sure you're skilled enough. He's extremely protective of people he cares about, Tony, and I am probably at the top of a short list, with his father and closely followed by Ducky. There are others, but Gibbs doesn't let many people get that close to him.'

'Oh, I'll go over later and explain more about myself to him, so what can you tell me about Tony?'

'Why do you want to know about Tony?' Abby looked at him suspiciously, he certainly seemed to be focused on finding out about her friend.

'I think he's gorgeous and want to get to know him better.' Justin smiled at her, his green eyes twinkling mischievously.

'Tony isn't available, you do realise that don't you?' Abby glared at him, she didn't want him around if he were going to make any trouble.

'I know, but a man can dream can't he?' Justin chuckled and gave her a saucy wink.

'I guess so.' Abby forced a laugh. 'In some ways you're very much like Tony.'

'How's that?'

'He's a flirt, Tony just can't help himself and sometimes that is all people see. It took me a little while to warm up to him, but once you get to know the real him, it's a revelation.'

'A revelation?' Justin watched her with interest; he was getting to learn a lot more about him.

'He's smart, real smart. Tony has a cops mind; he can connect things out of nothing. If you need help or someone at your back, he'll be there. People think he goes out on all these dates, but he and Gibbs are so alike.' Abby explained as she turned and looked at Gibbs.

'In what way?' Justin inquired.

'Gibbs would stay at work until eleven at night, and then at midnight Tony would come in and work until around two….' Abby stopped talking as soon as Gibbs looked over at her. He looked so lost in her eyes. 'I have to... .' Abby waved at her silver-haired friend, smiled at Justin and headed to talk to the expectant father.

'Abby.' Gibbs smiled as soon as she walked into his arms.

'We will find Tony won't we Gibbs?' Abby said up into those steely blue eyes that she had learnt to trust.

'Of course we will Abby, him and the babies. They will all be found safe and sound.' Gibbs looked over to Justin; there was something about the man he didn't like. 'So what were you two talking about?' Gibbs asked as he nodded towards the attractive surgeon.

Abby turned to look at Justin and then turned back. 'We just talked about Tony. It seems that he likes him.' Abby watched as Gibbs' face hardened. 'He does know about you and Tony.' Abby started trying to save the situation. 'Actually is there a you and Tony?' The dark haired forensic scientist stared at him waiting to answer.

Just then, Simon walked into the room and walked over to where Gibbs and Abby was standing. Simon realised that Gibbs was not in a happy mood and let his gaze follow the other man's. Once, it finally landed on Justin, Simon couldn't help but chuckle. Gibbs turned to look at him.

'What are you laughing at?' Gibbs demanded to know.

'I just noticed the way you look at Justin, what did he say?'

'Nothing to me, Abby said he just seemed to be interested in Tony. Even though it he knows that Tony is not single, or won't be single.' Abby frowned at the situation that two of her dearest friends found themselves in.

'That's Justin all over.' Simon chuckled. 'He will flirt with a man that he is attracted to, even if the guy is seeing someone else. It doesn't stop him. He likes a challenge. It doesn't always work. He'll just find someone new. I am the perfect example; he made a play for me for a long time. Look at us now.'

Gibbs glared at Justin one more time and then turned back to Simon. 'Just make sure that he stays away from Tony, and not to ask any more personal questions about him. Tony is absolutely off-limits, unless it's to do with the children, and even then I would be happy if it were someone else.'

Simon shrugged his shoulders, 'I'm not sure we can find someone else we would trust. This is an extremely delicate situation, and no matter what you say about Justin, he is the best at what he does. I would trust him if I were in Tony's position. Well, I was once. Justin was going to do the surgery for me, but things happen. It was never meant to be, and you learn to live with it.'

'I don't have a lot of choice, do I? 'Gibbs muttered.

'It'll all be fine Gibbs, I know it will be. 'Abby said with a smile.


Tony forced his eyes open; he knew he'd been drugged. This was not the first time he had felt like this. He hoped that it wouldn't hurt his babies. It was weird for him now that he no longer had just him to think about. Tony grabbed the edge of the bed he'd been lying on and stood up. He took a look around; there were no windows and a single door.

'Please be unlocked.' Tony pleaded, deep down he knew there was no hope. He grabbed hold of the knob and twisted. It was locked, just as knew it would be. Tony hadn't been at work for a while; he didn't think he had made any new enemies. Tony didn't understand why anyone would want him. The only thing I changed, with him was being pregnant. But, it couldn't be that, could it? Tony had to find a way out, but he knew if he didn't Abby and Ducky would be looking for him.

'Oh God. 'He muttered. This meant that Ziva and McGee were going to have to be told.


The man sat down the comfy chair. He picked up the glass of wine that was sitting on the table next to him. He took a sip of it and then placed it down again, it was to his taste. He grabbed a remote control aimed it towards the TV in front of him and pressed the button. On a very large screen, Tony DiNozzo appeared in front of him.

'You and I are going to have some fun.' He picked up the wine again and drank as he watched the picture in front of him. He couldn't wait until they were together. Things changed, even after he had found out that Tony was expecting. It was still about revenge. It wasn't until he started to watch him and to learn more about him that things had changed. His revenge plan had changed. He and Tony were going to be together, there were going to raise a family. He would show Simon the mistake he had made when he left him. But, it had turned out the better, now he would have a family.

The man stood and walked across to the large screen and placed his hand on it. He gently stroked the image of Tony wishing it was the real thing.


Tony turned as the door opened. His mouth dropped when he realised who it was, the person who were taken him.

'Justin?' Tony asked with trepidation.


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