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Journey To The Past

by: wereleopard58 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 14398
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): Disturbing Imagery or Content, Violence, Other (See Author's Note)
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ensemble
Category(ies): Angst/Drama, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Pre-Slash, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: The team have to go to Philadelphia and meet up with some of those that DiNozzo used to work with. Things come to the for front of what really happened and but Tony into the cross-hairs. This now contains rape but it is not overly graphic

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Chapter Nine

Ducky sat behind Abby hoping that he could help her in some way. After he had found out what transpired to Tony, he wanted to go down there and help Jethro injury the ones that did this to his young friend. Abby had told him when he came to see how she was and had burst into tears and cried into his shoulder. All the words came out in a rush and he felt his heart break. With all the things said about Tony, this would be one thing that was never considered about him. What he had lived through. Anthony DiNozzo was accomplished at deflecting things away from private information about him by telling you lots of impersonal information. Well, what he would consider impersonal, like his conquests.

He had left Palmer and came to keep Abby company. As much as Palmer and Tony had become friends it was not his place to tell this story. He knew Abby would apologise as soon as she saw him. Ducky desperately hoped that they saw him again. He couldn't envision this office, this team deprived of that spark of life that was thoroughly Anthony DiNozzo.

"Ducky, look at this?" Abby yelled over her shoulder in excitement.

Ducky dashed to her side hoping that this was something that Gibbs could work on.


Vance had a file open on his desk, but he kept glancing across to the phone. The longer it took them to discover Tony, the less likelihood they would find him alive. It would break Gibbs and his team. Tony had been there so long, he was the ones that helped Gibbs teach them. Tony took over without a second thought and who would have your back no matter what stupid thing you were about to do. Gibbs and company had done many stupid things over the years.

He didn't want to find out how they would survive if there were no Tony DiNozzo. He had heard what it was like when they thought he had died in the car explosion. He had read all the reports on that. He saw first-hand how the team had lost the bit of magic when he had sent Tony to be Agent Afloat. But he was still alive. This was something else entirely. He was taken from their hands by the man they were trying to protect him from. Would they ever forgive themselves, would Gibbs? Everyone knew how he held onto guilt. Vance would hate to see the devastation that would be left in the wake if it did happen.

Vance took a deep breath and went back to his file. "Work as normal," he muttered to himself because Anthony DiNozzo would be back to be a thorn in his side once again. He really, truly hoped that was true.


McGee stood in the bathroom staring at his reflection. His eyes were red from crying while talking on the telephone with Abby. Tony was like the elder brother he never had. He had also shown him so much, taught him to be more confident and be able to answer back.

Walking into the bedroom, he sat down and stared at his phone. If Ziva was right about Gibbs and Tony, he would be happy for them. They had been a team for so long and they connected like no other. All he wanted was that phone call to say they knew where Tony was and to find him safe, unharmed and untouched.


Gibbs glared at the panicked police captain.

"I'll have your badge for this." Marks barked.

"You can do that after everyone finds out what you did." Gibbs snarled.

"I don't know what you are talking about."

Gibbs turned to Ziva. "Do you believe him?"

"I do not." She heard a knocking at the door. Their time was becoming limited.

"Marks, let me remind you shall I? You watched Tony come out of a club. You'd been following and watching him for a long time. But, he wasn't interested in you. So, Tony comes out of the club staggering a little, looks as if he's drunk. A man grabs him and takes him into the abandoned building. You slowly follow, watching and waiting. As you peek in you see him start to strip Tony down, talking to him. This is the point where you should have gone in and rescued him, but you didn't. So what happens to Tony, what happened to him back then and all his other victims is on your head. You waited and watched as Tony was raped." Gibbs voice was getting louder and louder. There was no way the men at the door couldn't hear him. "When he was done, you made a noise and he ran. So what did you do next? Did you call an ambulance? No, you went over undid your trousers and raped him yourself."

Marks gulped. "I did not rape him."

Gibbs grabbed Marks arm, taking hold of his wrist so his hand rest on the table. "Ziva." Gibbs nodded.

"Certainly." She walked over kept hold of his right hand middle finger and put her knife against it and pushed, so drops of blood appeared.

"Let me go." Marks shouted. "HELP!" He screeched at the door. The shadows of the men just stood there, waiting.

"I think they want to know what happened Captain Marks. Shall I tell them that everything I said was true? That Tony realised what had happened when he found two sets of handprints on his body. That he knew that this particular rapist worked alone, so someone else would have had to scare him away because Tony was alive."

"You're making this up." Marks stuttered.

"You see that finger that Ziva is about to cut off." Gibbs grinned at him. "Well on it is an extremely distinctive ring pattern around the band. I would say that was distinctive wouldn't you Ziva?"

She pressed the knife harder and heard Marks scream, Ziva smiled at him. It was cold and unforgiving. "Yes Gibbs, it is very distinctive."

"Well Tony found this particular pattern on his arm where you had gripped him. You weren't gentle. Why do you think Tony left? Of course, later you had your little talk with him, trying to help him out. Going to your friends in high places, well they won't help you now. Tell us everything you remember, everything you know about that night and that man." Gibbs squeezed Marks' wrist. "If you don't, well I'll let Ziva start and then when you least expect it. I'll come for you. It won't be now, but I'll make you wait and I can be an extremely patient man, remember that."

"It was all Tony's fault." Marks spluttered.

"What?" Ziva pushed her hand down and smile as he screamed.

"If only he'd given me a chance. We would have been so perfect together. If had said yes, then he would have remembered that night when we first made love." Marks smiled eerily blissful at that thought.

Gibbs and Ziva looked at each other in horror.

"You violated him. It was not making love." Ziva spat out she desperately wanted to end his miserable life now.

"You don't understand." Marks tried to explain.

"I. don't. care." Gibbs said slowly. "Tell me everything now or Ziva's going to move that knife and carve something else off."

Ziva released his hand and walked towards him smiling.


Tony watched as the masked man slowly slid off the silk robe he was wearing. A naked, muscular body appeared. He pulled at his wrists until they hurt. Kicking with his feet until the man had given him enough of a drug that he was unable to move his body but he was aware of everything.

"Anthony, I've never done this with someone who was awake. This day is so memorable; I thought it would be better. We have all the time in the world you and me. He grabbed the lube and condom that had been at the bottom of the bed.

Tony watched in horror as the man moved his way slowly on all fours onto the bed, throwing the lube and condom by Tony's waist. The man took hold of Tony's feet and slid his hand over them, up his calves, of his knee to Tony's muscular thighs. With a gentle touch, he moved his hands further up.

Inside Tony screamed and sobbed. Praying for anyone to save him or be able to end it all here.


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