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Journey To The Past

by: wereleopard58 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 010 Word Count: 14398
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): Disturbing Imagery or Content, Violence, Other (See Author's Note)
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ensemble
Category(ies): Angst/Drama, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Pre-Slash, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: The team have to go to Philadelphia and meet up with some of those that DiNozzo used to work with. Things come to the for front of what really happened and but Tony into the cross-hairs. This now contains rape but it is not overly graphic

Author Notes: N/B I think we can all kind of see where this is going. I am not putting a warning on it yet in case it gets changes. As I said I don't plan and have no idea where the stories go. I let them flow and see what happens. I am sorry if this does make some of you want to stop reading, but I believe that the amount of fear that I have portrayed Tony having means it has to be something very serious otherwise it would be a cop out. I hope you all continue to read and enjoy this story (that sounds weird considering what it might be about but you get my drift).

Lucky for you my pain has been keeping me up, so you get more chapters. Hopefully it will get back to its normal level so I can actually get some sleep. LOL.

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Chapter Four

Gibbs flung back the covers on his bed and rushed to Tony's side.

"Tony," Gibbs reached hold of his shoulders trying to wake.

The tears fell from Tony's eyes as he struggled with the nightmares that overwhelmed him.


Gibbs shook him again hoping to wake him up from whatever hell induced nightmare he was in. Suddenly his eyes shot open, he scrambled back full of fear.

"Tony." Gibbs said softly as he reached out.

Tony moved back again and again trying to escape, when eventually there was no bed left, and he went crashing to the floor.

Gibbs waited for a moment, and when Tony never appeared he walked around and there he saw an image that broke his heart. That wanted to make him go out and secure justice for Tony, for making him that scared. Justice like he found for his wife and daughter. He wanted to reach down and pull Tony into his arms, but he knew that would make things worse. He felt at a loss in what to do, he hated feeling helpless. Sitting back and waiting was not in his nature especially when it concerned people he cares about. Looking into to Tony's eyes he knew that the young man wasn't in the hotel room with him. His mind was still in whatever hell he had been hiding from for all these years.


Tony took some deep breaths, he was still there. Stuck. He knew this was a dream, a nightmare but no matter what he couldn't escape. He heard Gibbs voice calling for him, but he couldn't find him. Tony knew if he could find Gibbs he would be safe. Boss wouldn't let anything happen to him. The shadows started to come at him again. He knew what was, who it was. They never left him alone. Deep in his mind it was always with him.

He couldn't do this not now.

"Gibbs." He shouted out. Praying that this time he could be saved.


Gibbs heard Tony call his name in panic. He rushed around and pulled the younger man into his arms. He was still afraid that he might make things worse, but Tony called for him and no matter what Gibbs was there for him. He had to let Tony know, to help bring him back.

"I've got you Tony. You're safe with me." Gibbs whispered over and over again. Brushing his lips against Tony's hair as he stroked his back. Rocking him gently trying to soothe him.


Tony heard Gibbs' voice. He felt surrounded in warmth and light. It was chasing the shadows away. There was something more powerful than his fear of them; it was his belief in Gibbs. It may not ever work again, but it did now. Tony felt himself fall back to his body, and he felt warm for the first time since this happened.

Opening his eyes, he stared deep into Gibbs' stunning blue ones. Looking around, he realised they were on the floor of the hotel room. His face becoming red with embarrassment as he struggled to move away.

"Tony, you're not going anywhere." Gibbs said holding him tightly continuing the rocking motion.


Gibbs had no idea how long they sat there for but he waited until he finally felt Tony relax into his arms. He had no idea what had happened, but he guessed that it was one of the reasons that he escaped into sex.

"How are you doing?" Gibbs asked.

Tony pulled back and looked up at him. "Better, but I still…."

"You know when I see that case file, and I will get it that you can't hide behind that excuse." Gibbs hated to move away, he loved how Tony felt in his arms. He stood up and reached out a hand, Tony took hold of it and was pulled to his feet.

"Gibbs I…." Tony stopped for a moment not knowing what to say. "Thank you." He finally said quietly.

"For what?"

"It was your voice that helped pull me out. I knew that you would help me that you would be there."

"Does it help having me close then?"

Tony nodded. "It makes me feel safer." He felt so weak admitting it, but he couldn't help it.

Gibbs smiled, but as soon as he looked over at the clock he groaned it was two in the morning. "We can get a couple of more hours sleep. I think we're going to need it." He watched as Tony went to climb back into his bed. "What do you think you're doing DiNozzo?"

Tony turned to look at him confused. "Going to bed." He said simply.

"Get in here. If you think I am going to keep getting out if you have a nightmare, you'd be wrong. It'll be much easier if you're next to me." What Gibbs didn't show was that he would feel better too. While they were here, Tony was not going to be out of his sight. A thought suddenly occurred to him. "Unless it would make things worse?"

Tony smiled openly and honestly. "No, it wouldn't make things worse, it might help."

Tony knew that if he were lucky it would help tonight, but nothing worked in the long run. It had been something that he had hidden in the depths of his mind for so long, and because of this damn case it was trying to get free.


Finally, the morning came, with no major nightmares. If Tony even seemed to have one starting, Gibbs had woken up and soothed him back to sleep. By the time dawn had come Gibbs was doing the soothing automatically in his sleep. It had been like that they had spent every night together for years.

Tony awoke to see Gibbs looking down at him. He was grateful to the older man but also embarrassed at how weak he must have come across. That was one thing he never wanted to show Gibbs, the man he admired more than anyone else. Also, the man he had a crush on. How stupid was that.

"I need to call Vance and see if I can get that file." Gibbs felt Tony stiffen, and no matter how hated the idea of putting Tony through his fears, there was no other choice. There was someone out there who needed to be stopped, and they were the ones to do it.

"I'll go and have a shower." Tony quickly climbed out of bed, grabbing his stuff he rushed into the bathroom.

Gibbs shook his head, got out of bed himself and grabbed his phone. He only hoped it was possible to keep Tony out of this as much as he could do.


Gibbs sat holding the phone in his hand as the bathroom door opened and Tony came out smiling. That gorgeous smile that Gibbs loved quickly fell away.

"You're getting that file aren't you?" Tony whispered wishing he was anywhere but here.


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