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Workin' For The Weekend (Follows Overcoming)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 015 Word Count: 14418
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Angst/Drama, Drabble, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: The week leading up to Cody's visit is a bit of a roller-coaster for Jethro and Tony, but once the other man arrives, it's all uphill...

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Workin' For... 9/?


Still holding his jeans together, Gibbs trailed Cody to the full bath upstairs and lingered in the doorway as his friend and fellow dom stripped the rest of the way and turned the water on in the shower. As he waited for it to get up to temperature, he glanced at the other man curiously.

"I know you wrote me about it back when it happened. Can't really remember exactly what it was he went through."

Gibbs laughed, but there was little, if any, humor in the sound and he turned his gaze down, buttoning his pants to help distract him. He didn't like remembering those few appalling days and actively hated the occasional reminder he still had to face.

"Pneumonic plague."

"God, that's right. He was deliberately dosed. All this time and you still worry like that?"

"His lungs are scarred... always will be. He's made an incredible comeback, but he can't ever stop being careful."

"So rule five must be about his health."

"No downplaying when he's hurt or sick. He has to find Ducky or me the second he knows for sure."

"Damn straight. Don't tell me one through four, by the way. Let him do it tomorrow. Proving he can rattle 'em off will give him a good ego boost."

"Tomorrow... you should know it won't be easy. His trust issues have issues."

"I'm up to the challenge. You coming in with me?"

"Thanks, anyway. I'll wait for him."

"Not like I blame you." Cody replied, lightly grinning. "I won't be long, promise."

Gibbs nodded and turned back to the hallway, intending to descend and check on Tony, but he saw his sub wearily moving up the stairs and moved to greet him with a gentle embrace.

"Hey. Proud of you, baby. You're getting stronger and stronger..."

"I feel it, too. I see it in your eyes every time..."

"His voice isn't in your head so much anymore, is it?"

"No... not so much. I don't know if I'll ever shut him up completely, though."

"We. *We'll* pull the plug on that noise together."

Tony pulled away a bit and offered Gibbs a wan smile.

"I'll take all the help I can get... right up to the last move in the game. I think I have to do that on my own or it won't feel like it's really over... you know?"

"I do. Okay. You got it, love. The final push to get him outta your life is all yours."

"Thank you." Tony responded, kissing his lover softly.

"Anywhere, anytime, anything you ask." The older man said, echoing Tony's earlier vow and making his young sub chuckle.

"I think I've heard that somewhere before..."

"Yeah, me too. Just as true now as it was then."

"I believe that with all my heart." Tony whispered in Gibbs' ear as they moved back into a warm, supportive hug.

A few minutes later, Cody emerged, clad only in a towel and a pair of slippers, and laughed as he moved past them to the stairs, headed to the ground floor guest room where his bags were stored.

"Don't you two ever quit? You'll run out of hormones an' have to start takin' shots."

"Shots?" Tony asked cautiously as Cody's steps faded.

"Testosterone. Trust me, neither one of us is gonna need that for a long time."

"Many more playmates and I might need it sooner than you think."

"In the shower, funny boy. Go on..."



Cody slid two heavily laden plates onto the table and savored the appreciative sighs and groans as he went back for his own breakfast. By the time he plopped into his seat, Gibbs and Tony were both fully engaged in their food, so their guest judiciously waited to speak until the others finally paused for a breath.

"I guess it's edible, hmmm?"

" *Incredible* is more like it!" Tony enthused. "I've never had scrambled eggs this good."

"Beat them with half and half instead of water or straight milk and add a touch of Gouda at the last minute. Not so amazing."

"Damning yourself with faint praise, bud. I couldn't cook like this an' you know it." Gibbs admonished lightly.

"Which is one of the reasons we're such good friends. I'm smart enough to never turn my back on someone who loves my cooking and won't try to steal the recipes."

The next half hour or so was essentially silent as all three men focused on their meals. Once they were finished, Gibbs considered offering to do the dishes, but the expression on Cody's face told him his fellow dom had a pretty clear-cut plan in mind, for the morning at least, and it only involved Tony. Smiling and releasing a slow, audible breath, Gibbs leaned back and quickly came up with a reason to take himself out of Cody's way for a few hours.

"Man... now I need to go burn that off. I think I'll head into work and hit the gym. Maybe treat myself to a walk around the lumber yard after."

Tony whirled around in his chair, eyes widening, falsely confident grin twisting his lips.
He was beyond desperate enough to beg Jethro to change his mind, but pride rose up and stopped that idea cold, leaving him with nothing to put in its place.

"Sir, if you... I mean..."

"Go back to the night you first came to me... the night we started this journey. 'Trust me not to hurt you'..."

"... 'not to abandon and not to betray'."

The urge to keep going, to express how deeply he regretted his brief loss of faith, was intense and powerful, but Tony skipped ahead in the conversation they'd had that night and used a stronger memory to overcome the yearning to apologize when there was no need. Slipping out of his chair, he knelt in front of Gibbs and laid his head on his dom's knees. "It takes strength and courage to lay my soul and everything I am at your feet. That I can still trust at all after how I've been hurt... proves I have both of those. True submissives are not weak. *I*... am not weak."

Moved to honor what Tony had just achieved, Gibbs once again stroked his sub's hair and petted his shoulders, as he'd done that night months ago, then kissed him lingeringly on the top of the head.

"No... no, you aren't. Not by a long-shot, baby."

Discreetly sniffing and swiping at his eyes, Cody approached the pair. Tony slowly lifted his head and looked up at the other dom, hesitating, breathing deeply. Then he held out his hands palm up, offering the relative stranger the chance to either help him stand or knock him over, surrendering himself to whichever choice Cody decided to make.

"My God..." Cody choked out before reaching down, gripping firmly and lifting Tony to his feet. "Please, can I kiss him, Jethro? It's the least he deserves, I know, but ..."


Gently grasping both sides of Tony's face, Cody pressed their lips together and held the kiss for several seconds. Tony was grinning shyly when they pulled apart at last.


"I think dishes can wait, don't you? I'm dyin' to see what other surprises you've got for me."

Tony nodded vigorously. "Good. Let's get to work, darlin'..."

As Cody and Tony moved into the living room, Gibbs rose, grabbed his jacket and quietly left the house.



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