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Workin' For The Weekend (Follows Overcoming)

by: BuffyAngel68 (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 015 Word Count: 14418
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, Other Male Character
Category(ies): Angst/Drama, Drabble, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: The week leading up to Cody's visit is a bit of a roller-coaster for Jethro and Tony, but once the other man arrives, it's all uphill...

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Workin’ For the Weekend 15/?



The trio walked into the house together, Cody and Jethro moving to immediately hang up their jackets and Tony following his usual routine. Cody shot a brief look at his friend and once more received silent permission to be the one who released Tony. The younger man slipped out of his coat as well and returned to stand before the two doms. His focus, however, was completely for Jethro.

“What’s the plan for tonight, sir?”

“One last session. Go get out of your good clothes and into something ratty and comfortable, okay?”

Tony smirked faintly and the other man amended his wording. “Yeah, ratty doesn’t mean more holes than a tree full of woodpeckers. Just so you don’t mind getting it dirty.”

“Intentionally… or just in case?”

“As in ‘we don’t mean to, but you never know.’ Now go on.”

Tony moved quickly up the stairs, Cody grinning lightly as he watched him disappear then turning the look on Jethro.

“You may not mean to, but don’t speak for me, bud. Seeing him deep in an orgasm, so free and unguarded… it just does my heart and soul too much good. If the opportunity comes *up*, so to speak, I might not be able to resist.”

“You damn well better, at least until we know whether your theory pans out. Any fooling around before that would just be a distraction.”

“You’re right, I know.” Cody reluctantly agreed, gazing longingly up the steps. “He’s just so remarkable… ”

Cody suppressed a shudder, left his sentence unfinished and turned away. Jethro gripped the back of his neck gently for a few seconds as he spoke what he hoped was reassurance.

“I know, but you’ll find somebody, Cody. It’s just gonna take a while. Losing Russ is still too raw. He’s too close, too much with you… so tight sometimes you feel like you can’t breathe without smelling and tasting him. One a’these days, though, you’ll come home and realize it’s not that way anymore. Then the person you’ve been fightin’ off, the one you’re determined not to love… their face’ll pop into your head and you’ll know. That’ll be your sign that Russ approves of whoever it is and he’s lettin’ you go.”

Slowly Cody turned back and stared at his fellow dom in astonishment.

“Since when are you capable of saying that many words at once, Jethro?”

“Three guesses, first two don’t count.” Gibbs replied, drawing a barely audible laugh from Cody.

“Second question; are there any synonyms for ‘amazing’ I haven’t used yet?”

“Probably, but I’ve about reached my limit on words for the night.”

“How’d it happen?”

“He thinks the more I talk to him when I’m tied into knots inside, the less I’ll need purge sessions. Little by little…I’m startin’ to believe he might just be right.”

Following that revelation, both men fell silent momentarily as Tony, clad in faded green sweatpants and a rock concert tee from a now illegible band, bounded down the stairs to rejoin them. His excitement instantly transformed the somber mood.

“Okay, Sir? I only found one or two holes and you can barely see them.” Tony teased lightly.

Jethro grinned and dropped a kiss on his cheek.

“I like you better in nothing but skin… but this’ll do fine.”

“Keep that up and it’s gonna turn into that kind of night whether you mean it to or not.” Tony snarked.

“Yeah, yeah. Just you wait ‘till Cody goes to sleep. You and I… will play ‘Quaker Meeting’ grown-up style.”

Tony swiftly ran the childhood rhyme through his mind and his eyes widened, accompanied by a wicked grin.

“Seriously? But what’s the…”

“Later. C’mon…” he encouraged, tugging his sub toward the spot where Cody had set up the cushions one final time. Once all three were seated, Cody began the second attempt at helping Tony to fall, hoping against hope that his earlier idea would be proven right.

“Okay. Remember the visual we used before?”

“Yes, sir. Floating in warm water, bright sun countering the cooler breeze… and I’m turning in a clockwise circle.”

“Very good. The turn is slow… you’re relaxed… peaceful…” he reminded Tony, once again grasping his wrist gently. “First rotation…”

“… I sink deeper into headspace. The second… a little deeper. Sir, I… it’s still not…”

“Hang in there. Just one more circle. You’re safe… only a few feet from the beach. Relax, Anthony. Let calm wash over you… warm, just like the water.”

The limb he was holding began to tremble and Cody knew they had to move soon or their work would be for nothing. He shot an intent glance at Jethro, who slid his hand into place and took over the session as Cody pulled back.

“Anthony. Pay attention.”

“Y-yes, sir. Please… I’m afraid. I can’t do this…”

“You can, Anthony. You can because I give you permission. You have my permission to let go and fall.”

Abruptly, the image in Tony’s head shifted radically. He was turning faster and faster and being drawn farther under the surface with every spin, but the terror had evaporated. In moments he saw himself, not drowning or struggling to breathe, to escape, but standing in a dim, silent space with Jethro by his side. “Anthony?”

“Sir.” Tony responded very softly, his tone utterly serene and composed, with the barest hint of anticipation. Both Cody and Jethro finally drew and released the deep breaths they hadn’t dared to for several minutes.

“Where are you right now?”

“Our world. Nobody else allowed. Just us.”

“What do you see? What’s around you?”

“Not enough light. Don’t need it. I feel you here, that’s what matters. You’re all I need.”

Jethro shoved down the sudden assault of emotion Tony’s words caused and forced himself to focus, to finish and bring his sub back. As he slid his hand up to Tony’s bicep, he could feel the change happen physically. The younger man was still down, but now more alert and aware of the outside world.

“Reach up and find the water, Anthony. Reach… swim back up. I’m waiting for you.”

A few minutes later, Tony began to blink then turned to gaze at Jethro, incredulous.

“Sir… Jethro. I did it. Sir, I did it!”

“You sure as hell did, baby. You sure as hell did…” Jethro choked out as Tony lay down and rested his head in his dom’s lap. Jethro petted and praised his precious sub, distantly noticing that Cody was doing the same for him.



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