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by: onitboss (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 001 Word Count: 281
Rating: MATURE
Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David
Category(ies): Challenge
Pairing(s): Tony/Ziva
Summary: Ziva returns from a trip and is surprised at who comes to pick her up.

Chapters: 1

Her footsteps were light on the carpet that led out from the plane and into the terminal building itself. A slingback bag slung over her shoulder and her head down, she couldn't find one spot in particular to focus her gaze on. Thoughtlessly, but just as the trained agent she was, she methodically made it through baggage collection.

Dragging the bags behind her on the floor carelessly, Ziva stared ahead as she pushed the doors of the airport open. Blinking her eyes in surprise, she said nothing as the man took her bags from her hands. Even when she pulled back reluctantly, he insisted with just a leveled look of his eyes.

Blowing the breath of air out of her lungs she had held at the sight of him, she slipped into the driver's seat of the...Mustang convertible? Turning her head to look at her driver, she narrowed her eyes as he reached to turn the radio on, letting the music fill the air as the wind began whipping through her hair.

So much had happened over the past several months. The bumps, bruises, and scars seen, and unseen. In addition to the ones that he knew that still was there...that somehow only he was the one who had the strength and courage to get close enough to help her heal.

No one heard a single word you said.
They should have seen it in your eyes
What was going around your heart

She couldn't resist the smile that found its way to her lips as Runaway played and Tony's hand reached for hers subconsciously as they traveled down the Beltway. Finally relaxing in her seat, Ziva knew she was home.

Chapters: 1

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