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Stripped Bare

by: taylorgibbs (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 004 Word Count: 12833
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): Kink
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Abby Sciuto
Category(ies): PWP
Pairing(s): Gibbs/Abby
Summary: When Gibbs finds Abby drunk and half naked, mumbling something about suicide, he brings her into his home. He never expects that she'll take him on an erotic journey.

Author Notes: kinky. orgasm denial, control, exhibitionism, mentions of same/sex encounters, etc.

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Chapter One

The old neighborhood had gotten a bit louder since some college kids had moved in next door. They were nice enough to say hello to, but the music—stuff Abby would listen to—sometimes got on Gibbs’ nerves.

They’d left a note on his door the other day, complete with a pair of earplugs. They were having some kind of filming party, whatever that was. The music was at a normal volume for college kids and he’d watched a baseball game while working on his boat. At midnight, he vacuumed up the sawdust and grabbed a trash bag full of wood scraps. He was barefoot, in a T-shirt and cargo shorts, but who’d care. He was a middle-aged next door neighbor, they wouldn’t look twice at him even if he and they were outside at the same time.

Gibbs carried the bag outside and started toward the curb before freezing in place. A fire-engine red roadster was parked in his driveway and a barely-clad brunette was lying on the hood. “Abbs? What the hell are you doing here?” he asked, starting over toward her.

“It’s a fine night to be a Suicide Girl.” She started to sit up but collapsed back on the car, giggling.

What the hell? Suicide? “Abbs?” Gibbs rushed closer, reaching for her.

“Hands off her, old man!” Gibbs turned and someone—he couldn’t tell if it was a male or a female—stood in ready position on his front lawn, pointing a canister of something at his face.

“S’okay, Bertha. Just Gibbs. My Gibbs. My Gibbsy. His Abbs. Go ‘way, Bertha. I’m fine.” The woman’s eyes narrowed and she gave Gibbs a disgusted look, taking in his appearance.

“You whistle if you need me, Abby.”

“Will!” Abby saluted with the wrong hand and laughed, her voice low and sexy. The woman turned away and hurried toward the other house and Gibbs shook his head. This was getting stranger by the minute.

“Abby, come on, get up. Let’s get you inside the house.”

“Better for you inside,” she giggled.

When he helped her up, Gibbs became aware of the amount of flesh she was displaying. He immediately pulled his shirt off and tugged it over her head. It slipped off one shoulder, bearing all that creamy skin, and he swallowed hard. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Abby was in lingerie in his driveway, she was apparently in a bad way as well. She tottered on her stiletto heels and he lifted her into his arms. “Not gonna have you breaking an ankle here, Abbs.”

“Suicide, Abbs? What’s going on?”

“No, no, Gibbs, not suicide. Suicide Girls. It’s complicated. I don’t know how to explain it.” She sighed dramatically, and it was clear that she was searching for words, something Abby rarely had to do. “Kind of a burlesque meets Goth kind of thing. Pinup girls. You know pinups. Some of the girls I met invited me here.”

Gibbs let out a quiet sigh when Abby buried her head against his neck. She was so shaky that he scooped her up, carrying her toward the house.

“It’s all about celebrating womanhood, you know. Lots of skin, high shoes. I would wear these to work, but I’m pretty sure they would kill my feet. And I bet they’re not dress code. But aren’t they sexy?”

Abby kicked her feet up and Gibbs followed her gaze to her shoes. “Look, they’re brand new shoes, and I love them. I didn’t think I’d love these little strappy stiletto thingies, but it goes with the theme of the party. What are you doing at my party? Gibbs, are you a secret Suicide Girl, well, obviously you’re a boy. But if you are, that makes all sorts of sense. You’re missing some tattoos, but if you stick with me long enough we can take care of that. And you’re sure attracted to danger.”

Gibbs stifled a sigh. “Yeah, those shoes are sexy, Abbs. Why’re you showing so much skin? I’m not at the party. You’re in my driveway. See? My house.” He pointed. “And over there is your party house. Where ya wanna go, Abbs? You barely have any clothes on. Did you drive over here like this? What if you got a flat?”

He almost headslapped himself for asking that question. He was flustered and they both knew it. He never talked that much; was never this rattled under pressure. He had to rein it in and study this with a level head.

“I’ve got sensible shoes in the car, so if I got a flat I can change into them. Because everyone knows you can’t change a tire in stilettos. And it’s a party about enjoying sexual fantasies, really couldn’t show up wearing something I’d wear bowling with the sisters. Poodle skirts are retro but not kinky. So I wore this outfit. Do you think the sisters would like it? Maybe I could wear it when I bowl next time.”

What if she got a flat? What was he saying? He had a mostly naked Abby in his arms and he was talking about flat tires. What was wrong with him? The Jethro Gibbs of the past would have been planning his seduction of her instead of being her protector, especially as she cuddled against him so tightly.

“Why would you think I’m one of those people?” he asked finally.

“Cause look at you. You’re not wearing a shirt. There are a lot of shirtless guys at the party. None of them look as good as you do either. You just need a collar and a leash, and I could take you back in there and be the envy of all the other girls. Would you wear a collar for me? Maybe some leather pants, that would make the scene for me. They would have to be butter soft and really tight, so I can pet you and feel all those hard muscles under the leather. Oh, that would be really nice.”

Abby was forthright, but she never spoke like this and she was rattling Gibbs. Hell, she wasn’t even this open with DiNozzo and Gibbs knew they shared almost everything. He didn’t answer her until he had her inside and had collapsed with her on the couch in the den. He didn’t understand why he wasn’t letting her up yet, but he had a conscious decision to go with it for now.

“Collars and leashes are for dogs, not Marines.” And for submissives, but he wouldn’t go there. “Leather is for shoes, and wallets, and belts, and jackets. Not pants. Abbs, how much have you had to drink tonight? I gotta sober you up and get you into the guestroom so you can sleep it off. I get it, you were going to a…a sex party. Is it like a key party?”

She just blinked at him innocently and he felt like a dirty old man. “Key party, Abbs. Every guy throws his car keys in a bowl. Whatever lucky lady pulled out your key went home with you. They were big…before.” Yeah, probably before she was born.

“Anyway, most of those guys have more holes in ‘em than a Swiss cheese. And I’m not wearing a shirt because I put it on you. Abbs…don’t do that.”

Her hand was running over his chest now, fingertips scratching and pinching, snagging one of his nipples and flicking it back and forth, making him forget how to breathe.

“Abbs…” He looked around standing and grabbing a blanket and covering those long legs, attempting to put some sort of small barrier between them both. He wasn’t surprised when she tossed it off. He was embarrassingly hard and the cargo shorts and boxers hid nothing. And with her slumped on the couch like that, his hard-on was almost at mouth level. He slammed his eyes shut but the image of those painted lips and that mouth deep throating him rushed at him despite his best intentions. So many times he watched her sucking on her soda straws, lusting for her. And now temptation was right in front of him and her inhibitions were down.

He flopped down on the couch next to her, but that was a mistake. Her hand went like radar to his pants, her palm running over his cock head through his pants. His body jerked into her touch once, and he let out a ragged groan before common sense returned.

“Abby. What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Gibbs fought to keep his body under control, but it was hard. Damn hard. And she knew, was teasing his cock head like a pro. He wouldn’t push her hand away…not yet. It’d been too long since he’d had anything but his hand touching him, and hers…felt so damn good. Letting her do this took his stupidity to new heights, but he couldn’t make her stop. Yet.

Every instinct screamed at him to take the situation by the balls, pull his shorts down and see how she’d react, but she was drunk. And she was Abby. He couldn’t take advantage of her. But when her hand started teasing his cock, the scent of both of their arousals mingling, he was so damned tempted.

“Abbs, Abbs, you have to stop.”

“Don’t want to,” she said with a pout.

“Well, you have to,” he replied, putting a tone of command into his voice. She shivered and removed her hand from his cock, only to place it between her thighs, stroking there. She had on a small pleated skirt, and he could see the flash of red under it. Black skirt, red underwear? That kinda suited Abby. Gibbs knew he shouldn’t be looking, but there was no way he could wrench his gaze away.

The skirt was one of those schoolgirl things that she wore at the Yard, flashing all that skin, those long, long legs. He swallowed hard and tried not to follow the motions her hand was making. Stopping her from touching him was one thing, but he wasn’t gonna stop her from doing what she was gonna do to herself. He knew it was wrong to watch, knew he was taking advantage of her, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away.

He wrenched himself off the couch and sat in the comfortable arm chair across from her, self-preservation winning out.

“Gibbbbbs,” she whined.

“Better view,” he replied, his voice thickening.

“Oh.” Hers had gone all sultry. With him off the couch, she had more room to maneuver, and she took advantage of that, splaying her legs open more comfortably, the buckles on her skirt clinking. “They were gonna take pictures of me doing this when I sobered up. But I wanted to do it for you, Gibbs. I wanted to rub my pussy for you.”

He gulped, not daring to answer. Her legs fell open more and she began to stroke the skin barely covered by the scrap of fabric. Her panties had darkened where her juices had moistened them and she drew her hand over the wet patch before bringing it to her mouth.

“I love how I taste, Gibbs.” Abby’s finger painted her lips with her juices before she sucked the finger inside her mouth, slurping on it noisily. Sucking on a straw or a piece of candy in her lab was one thing. This was something completely different. Gibbs’ cock throbbed urgently, his hands curling so that he didn’t allow himself to touch himself or her. Yet. He would...but not yet. To deny that he would was ignoring the inevitable truth. Something was gonna happen tonight.

“My pussy tastes so good. Different from Kate’s...and Ziva’s. More like Jenny’s.”

“You...” Gibbs began, the images slamming into his mind. Abby writhing with Kate, Abby and Ziva lapping at each other’s pussies. And haired all over, pink skin glistening with Abbs’ saliva and her own juices.

“Oh yeah. Kate and I discussed your...length. I mean length. She told me all about it, Gibbs...”

“She did?” Gibbs asked. It was fantasy, he and Kate had come close, once, but outside of a deep kiss on a stakeout, they hadn’t gone further.


“And what did Kate say, Abbs?”

“She told me that your hard cock felt so good against her and that she could have kissed you all night. She wanted to, you know. She wanted to go a lot further than you did.”

“Oh, I wanted…” Gibbs began before trailing off.

“She did too,” Abby said, looking serious. “And I thought you were kinda sexually turned on by Ziva.”

“Nope. You?” Gibbs asked. He wanted more information about Abby and Kate, but he didn’t dare ask. There’d be time for him to question Abbs on that front later.

“Yeah,” Abby said, a blush staining her cheeks. “There is this thing she does when...” She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. “Gibbs, she and Jenny do things to me that you couldn’t even imagine.”

“You, Jenny, and Ziva? Together?” he asked, his throat suddenly very dry.

“Oh yeah. The things...God, Gibbs. When the two of them go down on me, it is the most incredible thing ever. One tongue inside me, and one playing with my piercing and...”

“Your what?” he asked, taking a great deal of mental notes. She was also more sober, which made this all a great deal less creepy.

“My clit piercing, silly.” She spread her legs a little wider. “Wanna see?”

Gibbs nodded.

Abby parted her legs, skimming the underwear down. “You need to come closer to see,” she said, her voice in that low sultry tone that he loved and had missed.

Gibbs got up, moving closer, cursing himself for his stupidity. Abby was completely bare there except for a tiny bit of fluff right above her clit, as Gibbs would have assumed. Her skin was a rosy color, her body slick with her juices. Gibbs leaned in slightly, breathing her scent in. It was a little fruity, reminding him of the Caf-Pow that she loved so much. But the musk was undeniably and completely Abby.

“See the piercing?” she asked, her voice reedy. Gibbs nodded, eyes focusing on a little gold decoration at the very top of her pussy. It glinted in the light.

“Must have hurt like hell going in,” he said, his brain firing randomly. There was no way he could focus on this…and her… Not when her juices were spicing the air.

“I came twice,” she replied. “The pain was like nothing I ever experienced before. It was incredible, Gibbs. It...God.” She reached down, flicking the bit of jewelry and then moaned low in her throat. “I love it when someone tongues my clit and works it back and forth. You want to?”

Gibbs gulped, nodding. She was sober enough to be making her own mind up about this now, or at least she was playing a good game. He didn’t know right now and he wasn’t clear-headed enough to figure it out. Gibbs dropped to his knees, still leaning over her. She had his shirt on still and whatever that thing was that vaguely resembled a top, her skirt rucked up over her waistline.

“You want my mouth on your cunt, dontcha, Abbs?” He rarely used that word, but knew a lot of women got off on it. Abby was no exception, her hips bucking upward. “Betcha want my cock inside too.”


“Oh, I’m gonna fuck you, Abbs. I’m gonna fuck you so hard and long and fast. Kate is right, I have a big cock.”

“I know. Jenny told me. She used to get me off to Gibbs fucking stories.”

“Yeah?” he said, amused and aroused by that idea.

“Yeah, Ziva would be lapping at my cunt and then Jenny would start talking about how you’d jack off for her, letting her watch you. And when you were done, you’d taste yourself. I want you to jack off like that for me. I want to watch you playing with your cock just for me. I never knew you were so kinky.”

“Kinky?” he asked, sensing that he knew where this was going.

“Mmm, yeah. She told me about how you fucked her right on stakeout, where you guys were watching the boat. And she told me about Russia and how you and G. were with her together. And how sometimes you did it in places where you might be discovered.”

“What else did she tell you?”

“Car sex, boat sex, loud wild sex while G. was watching, you want the complete list? She gave me the total rundown on your assets, Gibbs. And what an incredible fuck you are. We even went out and bought me a vibrator the same shape and size as you are. It’s called the Emperor, Gibbs. You can imagine what that does for me. Eight inches long and perfect thickness. When I use it, I imagine its you screwing me.”

She looked up at him. “Will you, Gibbs? Will you fuck me hard if I ask real nice?”

“Maybe,” he allowed, glancing from her pussy to her face and back again. He had to taste her, he wasn’t gonna play this game, dance this dance, any more. There was only so much torture he could take. Gibbs fumbled with the fastenings on her skirt, opening it and tugging it down her body. “Legs wide open, Abbs.”

“Don’t you want your shirt off?” She toyed with the shirt resting on her chest, so stretched out from years of use that it showed more than it hid, giving him glimpses of the thing she had on underneath.

“Not yet.” Her breasts would be a distraction and they both knew that. He parted her legs, placing them on his shoulders, blowing a moist stream of air over her swollen flesh. “My house, my rules, Abbs. You don’t come until I say so, got it?”

Her eyes widened, nostrils flaring. “Yes…”

“Good. Good girl.” He lowered his head, drowning in her scent. She was soaking wet with need, her juices coating her heavily and making her skin glisten and the piercing catch the light just right.

He moved in even closer, his nose brushing over her skin. She was so soft there. His mouth opened and fastened on her piercing, tugging it experimentally. Abby cried out, her hands burrowing into his hair, her body bucking right off the couch.

“Shhh. Relax. This is a marathon, not a sprint.” Gibbs fastened his mouth around her clit, sliding the hood up and down. The piercing moved with the hood and Gibbs realized that the entire organ hadn’t been pierced.

“Taste so good,” he said as the little bud of flesh poked out, his tongue working it over.

“Gibbs,” Abby hissed, hands in his hair.

He shifted, bringing a hand up and parting her folds, delving inside the wet cavern of her pussy with his index finger. She rippled around him, rocking on his finger slowly, her breathing getting harsher.

“That good?” he asked in little more than a whisper, taking the piercing between his teeth and tugging gently.

“Mmm! God, Gibbs.”

He worked her pussy and her clit, never focusing too much on one spot and varying his strokes. Her G-spot was easy to find and he tapped and rubbed it with the tip of his finger.

Soon she was squirming, moaning. “More, Gibbs. Just…more.”

“You sure you can handle more?” he asked, lifting his head.

“God yes!”

He moved over her body, nudging her nose with his before he kissed her deeply, his mouth commanding hers. The fact that she was tasting her own juices on his mouth was just that little bit more kinky.

Gibbs liked kink, and if Abby had spoken to Jenny at length, she knew a lot of his hidden hot buttons and spots. Anyway, from what she’d said, she liked the taste of pussy.

She opened under him without protest, emitting a soft sensual moan, her tongue stroking lightly over his. Gibbs cupped her skull, keeping the kiss light and playful, a little tender rather than fucking her with his mouth. She liked older men; she had to realize that men older than herself had a lot of patience and staying power. He wasn’t a wham, bam, thank you ma’am kinda guy, never had been even in his younger days.

“Abbs,” he said on a sigh, pulling back. Could he do this? Could he take that step right now? He’d already gone so far with her and it wasn’t exactly fair.

“Gibbs?” she asked, her expression turning vulnerable and closed.

“I can’t,” he told her softly. “You’re not fully sober, Abbs.”

“Didn’t stop you from licking my pussy,” she pointed out.

“Yeah,” he agreed. He couldn’t argue with that logic. “Sleep it off. When you’re sober, we’ll talk.”

“Talking isn’t what I had in mind, Gibbs,” Abby replied. She was pouting now, but there was something in her eyes that indicated that she understood, that she wanted it when she was stone cold sober as well.

“What are you gonna do?” she asked, her eyes sliding down his body, looking at as much as she could see.

“Going to bed, Abbs. You’re in the spare room tonight. In the morning we’ll talk. Not gonna...” He stopped himself there, knowing he’d already gone pretty far. “Just get some sleep.” He’d be up before her, could get some fresh condoms from the store, pick her up some Caf-Pow and then they’d see what would happen.

“Can’t convince you to go with it?” Abby tried one last time. Gibbs shook his head, tapping her nose lightly.

“Don’t regret what happened here, but I’m not pushing any more until I have you sober. You’re getting there but you’re not there yet. I went too far already.”

“Like I complained,” Abby said with a giggle.

“Doesn’t make it right, Abbs. Get upstairs and get to bed. Remember, no climax until I give you permission.”

“Oh, God.”

“And I won’t either.”

“It’s okay if you do,” she offered.

“Yeah, I know,” Gibbs replied, smirking. “But I’m not gonna. Some things are worth more when you wait for ‘em. And I’m gonna wait this one out.”

“Lucky, lucky, you making all the rules,” Abby quipped.

“You don’t like it, I’ll drive ya home.” He gave her a challenging look, arching a brow.

“Oh, hell no,” Abby said. “Nope, I’m here to stay.” She kicked off her heels and Gibbs had to dodge to avoid the one that came careening in his direction.

“Abbs,” he warned. The shoe thunked heavily into the wall beside Gibbs and he winced. “Don’t destroy my house, Abbs. Or I’ll redden your bottom so fast it’ll make your head spin.”

“Do you understand me?” he asked, keeping his voice deceptively low. Abby ducked her head and nodded, and Gibbs breathed a sigh of relief. He’d been afraid that things were changing and spiraling out of control even further.

“Spare room, huh?” Abby asked and Gibbs nodded.

“For tonight, Abbs. Sleep through it, sober up, and we’ll talk in the morning.”

She bit her lip, clearly deep in thought, and Gibbs almost stepped closer before he reminded himself that he had to be the one in control here.

“Get upstairs, Abbs. Need help walking?”

She shook her head. Before Gibbs turned around, she pulled off his T-shirt, bearing the thin scrap of a top she’d arrived in, complete with artful cuts on the sides. Little flashes of her creamy breasts were peeping out and Gibbs had to swallow down his lust. She was temptation and he couldn’t break his willpower and control.

“Upstairs, Abby.”

“Just getting comfortable.” She shot him a wicked smile and pulled the top off.

Gibbs had sure as hell fantasized about Abby a lot, but he hadn’t imagined that her areolas would be such a light pink, or that her skin would be quite so creamy and pale. Her nipples were budded into tight little points that begged to be tweaked or licked.

“Just getting comfortable,” she repeated, a feral smile on her face. Abby knew exactly what she was doing to Gibbs. She stretched languidly, almost catlike and stood, wobbling a bit. “Guess I drank a little too much.”

“Ya gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, just follow me,” Abby said, drawing her lower lip into her mouth.

Gibbs followed her as she made her way to the stairs and into the spare room he always kept made up. He never knew if a Marine buddy might be in town and need a place to crash or if a team member would have a broken boiler, or be stalked, or any one of a million reasons that drew people to his house.

He pulled down the covers for her and went to his dresser, pulling out a T-shirt and boxers. The stuff in this room was older, but still serviceable. “Get dressed, Abbs.”

“You’re no fun.” She gave him a pout that didn’t have a chance of working and then shrugged, pulling the shirt over her head. She was still a little wobbly and slipped the shorts on only after she sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Comfortable now?” Gibbs asked, arching a brow.

“Mmm. Sure you don’t want to join me?” Sultry Abbs had given way to sleepy Abby, who was as appealing in her own way.

“Positive, Abbs. Get some sleep, you’re gonna have a long day tomorrow.”

“Promises, promises."

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