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Acting on Impulse

by: taylorgibbs (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 005 Word Count: 12890
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee
Category(ies): Angst/Drama
Pairing(s): Gibbs/Dinozzo/McGee
Episode(s): 6-14 Love & War
Summary: When Tony befriends McGee anonymously online, he sets into motion a chain of events that could destroy everything-his job, his relationship with Gibbs, and the trust between his team. A wild impulse could make or break him.

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Chapter Three

When the knock sounded on the door, Gibbs gave Tony a look. DiNozzo still looked dazed, strangely vulnerable, but also more aroused than Gibbs had seen him in a long time. “Just stay there, Tony,” Gibbs said with a small chuckle.

Gibbs opened the door, nodding and smiling as McGee shuffled from foot to foot. “Ya coming in, McGee, or you standing here all night?” As soon as the door was closed, Gibbs made his move, pinning a surprised McGee against the wall. He let out a surprised squeak as Gibbs settled him against the wall next to Tony, his hands clenching McGee’s shirt.

“McGee,” Gibbs drawled, smirking at the look on Tim’s face. He pressed Tim hard against the wall, pinning him with his body. Tim started to squirm before he acquiesced and that only served to illustrate to Gibbs the differences between McGee and Tony.

Tony was still sagged against the wall, looking just fucked even though the fun hadn’t yet begun. McGee was a lot more tentative and timid, but his eyes burned with arousal too.

“G-Gibbs?” McGee said softly.

His voice shook and he struggled a little bit to be let up. It was so different from the way Tony and Gibbs interacted, a little like taming a wild animal for the very first time. Gibbs ran a hand over McGee's hair, soothing him much as he did Tony, but for very different reasons. These two men were very different animals and Gibbs needed to keep reminding himself of that.

"You're good, McGee. If that hard cock is any indication, you're damned good."

McGee blinked a couple of times, swallowing audibly. He was younger than Tony, but he didn't usually look this vulnerable, this innocent. He hadn’t for years now. This was the guy who had slept with Abby in her coffin, for God's sake!

Bolstered by that memory, Gibbs moved in for the kill, pressing his mouth assertively against McGee's and swallowing his surprised sound. Gibbs deepened and gentled the kiss, conveying with his body language that he owned this moment, letting McGee know that he was just a passenger for this ride. Tim opened up for him relatively quickly, nipping Gibbs' lip before welcoming his tongue inside.

Once Gibbs had established domination, he allowed his eyes to close, losing himself in the feel of the young body under him, softer and less muscled than Tony's but still feeling like a fit guy, all things considered. McGee was softer but no longer had the baby fat that had plagued him in the early years when Gibbs and Tony had first worked with him.

"That’s it, that's my boy," Gibbs encouraged, nodding to Tim.

"Wow," Tim breathed, the tips of his ears reddening.

"Liked that, huh?" Gibbs asked, the satisfied chuckle of a cocky man filling the room. He knew he was a good kisser. "Never had any complaints," Gibbs remarked casually and McGee managed a brave smile.

"Kiss Tony for me, McGee."

Gibbs hadn't expected to say that, hadn’t expected to want to see them kiss so soon, but when Tim turned his head and Tony reached up, stroking over his cheek, Gibbs stepped back, content to be an observer. Tony kissed McGee with a tenderness that was a complete counterpoint to the way he and Gibbs had clashed and it worked well for him. For them. His boys.

Gibbs swallowed hard, torn between arousal and tenderness. His boys! It was damned dangerous to think this way, especially given what had happened between Tony and McGee, what McGee had no idea Tony had done. That would have to be addressed at a later date. But not now, not tonight. Tonight was about Gibbs and the boys, exploring, learning, figuring things out together.

"Both of you kiss me," he whispered. Watching them kiss was great, but he wanted to feel connected with the both men as well. Tony turned first, finally pushing himself off the wall and pulling Gibbs close, his mouth opening. His eyes were hazy, his lips swollen, and Gibbs wanted Tony as badly as he'd ever wanted anyone in a hell of a lot of years.

Tony's mouth covered his first, his mouth opening, easily exploring Gibbs'. The gentle touch, tentative and at the same time so damned right, made Gibbs moan, and when Tim joined the party, Gibbs twisted, pressing his mouth against the younger man's. He pulled away, his own breathing uneven now, and ran a hand through each of the younger men's hair. "Bed. You first, Tony. Been waiting."

"Know you have," Tony grinned at him and Gibbs gave him a look. "What?" he asked, unable to stop smiling. "We gonna go all out? Might scare McGee, he seems kinda new to the whole thing."

"I'll be okay. Whatever you two do..."

Gibbs nodded. "Won't be like this a second time." If you want a second time, he added silently. "But it's been months since Tony and I..."

"He means we're getting back on track," Tony supplied, nodding at Tim. "So you can be a part of it, right Gibbs?" Gibbs could only nod, remembering his vow to let Tony take the lead here. He had to make good on it; it could establish so damned much.

"Okay, Probie. Here's how it'll go. Gibbs doesn't bottom for anyone, and he takes what he wants from me. Probably a good primer, so that you can decide how much you can take. Gibbs can be kinda intense, Tim." The way Tony was dispensing advice warmed Gibbs from deep inside and planted the seed even deeper that there was a possibility that this could work, the three of them together. If that was what everyone involved wanted.

"You want me on the sidelines?" Tim asked, a thread of doubt creeping into his voice. Gibbs shrugged when Tony looked at him, inviting Tony to answer.

"No. Probie, we just don't want you in a situation that gets too intense too fast for you. See Gibbs at his most alpha and then move in. Do what you want, there's just no way in hell Gibbs will bottom. Ever. So don't go there. I have and it wasn’t good."

And it had been a disaster. Tony'd taken Gibbs by surprise and Gibbs'd nearly broken his nose with a swift reaction that knocked both of them on their emotional asses. "Maybe some day," Gibbs supplied. "But not any time soon, Tony." Tony's eyes widened and he asked a question with them that Gibbs was only willing to answer with a shrug. Maybe some day he would. Nearly losing Tony had changed a lot of things in his head for him, and maybe some adjustments would need to be made. And if Tony topped McGee, it wouldn't be quite the same as an avowed bottom topping him, now would it. Gibbs shrugged again, sending a very clear "someday" signal Tony's way. He would consider it, as strange as that felt to him right now.

"Okay," Tony said after that silent communication had petered out. "Gibbs is gonna top me real aggressively. He isn't always like that. A lot of times he's really gentle. Not girly, but you know, gentle. Not romantic but..." Tony finished the thought with a shrug. "But tonight we both need it hard and fast and brutal. It's why I need you on the sidelines now, McGee. Neither of us want you hurt. You're not like us."

"You might be surprised," Tim supplied and Tony grinned.

"Maybe I would be, Probie. Who knows? The idea that you're like us in the first place kinda blows me away.” Tony swallowed hard. “Anyway, Probie. Gibbs is gonna take me hard. I like what he’s doing, so don’t freak. When we have the edge off, you come in and do what you need.”

“Got it,” Tim said softly, clenching and releasing his fists nervously. While both men were distracted, Gibbs grabbed Tony and drove him against the wall again, this time hard enough to shake some plaster loose. Tony groaned and bared his throat, completely into it. Gibbs grinned back at McGee, who was watching with his mouth wide open. "Gonna fuck you, Tony," Gibbs remarked conversationally, as if he hadn't just pinned Tony to the wall, as if he wasn't staring at Tony like he wanted to devour the other man.

"Please,” Tony whispered, his voice and body tremoring. "And then maybe McGee can play too.” The hopeful note was back in his voice and Gibbs nodded, offering that option to Tony. He had to remember that Tony was driving this and come to peace with it. That wasn't anything that Gibbs minded in truth, and it brought them to a completely different playing field. They clearly needed to mix things up in a big way and this would do it.

"Gonna fuck him, McGee," Gibbs remarked, winking at Tim. "You a top or a bottom, Timmy?" It was the first time he'd tried the endearment on the younger man and Gibbs quite liked the way it rolled off his tongue.


"Big surprise," Tony retorted, only shutting up as Gibbs bit down on his throat. Tony could only swallow convulsively, hanging on as Gibbs started relentlessly attacking one of his hottest zones. Gibbs bit and licked the skin slightly roughened by Tony's stubble and then worked his way to the back of Tony’s ear. DiNozzo was squirming and groaning now, the soft sounds and strong fingers clenching his shoulders urging Gibbs on. He wasn't gentle, knowing that Tony needed a little pain just as much as he needed to be marked and taken tonight. The sex was going to be cathartic for both of them.

“Ever been a top, Tim?” Gibbs asked conversationally as he started massaging Tony’s shoulder, strong and firm strokes through the expensive weave of his shirt.

“No, Gibbs. Never…not my personality.” Gibbs knew that, but he’d met his share of beta men who were actually switches.

“Have much experience with guys?” he asked, keeping things light and not too emotionally charged for either man. This was an intel gathering exercise and nothing more at the moment.

“Dated a couple. More than a dozen pickups, and before you ask, nothing in the last ten years. I’m clean, Gibbs. You know all of the stuff they test us for and I was never unsafe.”

Somehow Gibbs didn’t doubt that at all. McGee probably had brought his own dental dams for rimming.

“Good. Didn’t want to break in a virgin, did we, Tony?”

Tony shook his head, his eyes unfocused and dreamy now. He was starting to fall into what Gibbs thought of as his pre-sex zone. Tony was hyper aware and hyper sensitized, but he tended to go deep inside himself to wring every bit of pleasure out.

Gibbs began efficiently unbuttoning Tony's shirt, he wanted to tear this off his lover, but he was aware this it was an expensive one that Tony would miss, and the anticipation was good for both boys. He would get uncivilized at the underwear; no need to scare Tim right off the bat. "McGee, get your ass over here," Gibbs said in a tone of command. He wanted to explore some things of his own.

Tim snapped to attention as a military son would and moved forward so quickly he almost tripped over his own feet. "Boss?"

"Touch his chest, play with his nipples while I mark him really good."

Tim moved in, hands roaming over Tony's collarbone, brushing through his soft chest hair, fingers unexpectedly pinching Tony's nipples as Gibbs returned his attention to Tony's throat and collarbone. He sucked and licked, nipping, almost drawing blood at times as Tim worked his hands on Tony’s chest.

"Boss, God...Fuck me before I blow in my pants!"

Damn, Gibbs should have put a cock ring into the backpack. "Not permitted," he said, his voice low and controlled.

"Don't push, please," Tony begged, his head whipping from side to side, eyes wide. He knew what that tone of command in Gibbs’ voice meant. "Please...god please!”

“Done for now, Tim,” Gibbs ordered. He stepped back, looking at the bruises that marked Tony’s chest and the one low on his throat. Tony wouldn’t be wearing any open collared shirts to work any time soon, but the others would be covered from the prying eyes of Abby or Ziva.

Gibbs dropped to his knees, undoing Tony’s belt and the waist of his pants. Before he pulled the fly down, he looked up at Tony. “You come before I’m inside you, there’s gonna be hell to pay, Tony. Control yourself or I’ll ring you so hard you’ll forget all about fucking.”

Tony nodded, gasping for air, his legs twitching with the effort of standing still. Gibbs loved to push Tony like this, to make him wrestle control. It was something that served them well in and out of bed and Gibbs was sure it made Tony a more effective leader in the field.

“You hear me?” Gibbs asked in that same low voice of command. “Answer, DiNozzo.”

“Fuck,” Tim swore. It wasn’t something McGee did often and Gibbs arched a brow, turning his head to look at the other man. Tim’s hand was massaging his groin and Gibbs shook his head.

“McGee! Control yourself! Nobody touches until I give the order. Understand?”

McGee’s Adam’s apple bobbed wildly and he nodded, taking in panting breaths. “When I give an order, give me a verbal answer,” Gibbs said in a low voice. “UNDERSTAND?” He roared the last word, making both of the boys jump.

“I…yes, Boss!” McGee stood tall, his hand falling away now.

“DiNozzo?” Gibbs said in a whisper.

“Heard you loud and clear, Sir!”

“Good.” Gibbs cupped Tony’s hard-on through his pants, squeezing and then exerting a little pressure on his balls. This would be the prelude. Tony was so lust choked right now that he’d probably forgotten how rough and passionate it was gonna be.

“That nice, Tony? Tell McGee how good I am.”

“Oh God… McGee, he’s so good. So damned good. When he bottoms out inside me…”

Gibbs took complete advantage of Tony’s distraction and yanked his jeans down when Tony wasn’t paying attention, letting them settle around Tony’s ankles as he aggressively palmed Tony’s dick through his boxer-briefs. Tony was really turned on, the fabric damp from where he’d been leaking and Gibbs gripped him tight, hand moving over Tony and making him squeak before he settled into a low purr/growl mix.

“What then?” McGee asked in a strained whisper.

“It’s incredible,” Tony told McGee, both their voices stressed.

“You wanna be fucked, boy?” Gibbs asked in a low near snarl. That was the only hint Tony got that things were changing. Gibbs stood abruptly and manhandled Tony onto the bed, throwing off shoes, yanking jeans off and standing over the surprised and very aroused man.

“Answer me, boy! You want me to fuck you?”

“God yes! Fuck me, Gibbs.”

Gibbs didn’t answer, just smirked, his hands gripping Tony’s underwear firmly. With one hard tug, he started a rip in the fabric, but he wanted to get the boys even further on edge so he grabbed his pocket knife and flicked it open, winking first at McGee and then at Tony. “Stay real still, boy,” he said as he cut away the underwear and Tony’s cock came into view, shiny and streaked with pre-cum.

“McGee, my pack. Front pocket. Lube. Stretch him and be quick about it.” Tony’s eyes widened and he nodded in approval, his entire body shaking.

Gibbs stood back as McGee coated his fingers and came closer to Tony, who obediently spread his legs, hard cock lying against his stomach. “Prep him easy, McGee, because I’m gonna fuck him hard. Don’t need to make him feel the burn and distract him when I’m gonna give it to him good.”

McGee nodded, spreading Tony’s legs gently and applying the goo. Gibbs stripped off quickly as he observed, Tony’s initial gasp giving way to happy groans as he completely gave in and rode McGee’s finger.

“Can I?” McGee asked, motioning to Tony’s cock, and Gibbs nodded.McGee ringed Tony’s cock loosely in his free hand, stroking and pulling on Tony’s hard flesh. When Gibbs had removed and placed his clothes in a very neat pile, he came up silently behind Tim, unbuttoning his shirt. Tim gasped but after an initial jerk, he settled against Gibbs’ chest, head resting against his shoulder. “That’s my boy,” Gibbs whispered approvingly.

He brushed his hands through Tim’s hair, then ran hands over the other man’s chest. Tim wasn’t as muscular or hairy as either of them and Gibbs liked the contrast. He brushed a kiss over Tim’s shoulder, letting the shirt gape open as he went to work on the pants. “Doing really good, Tim. Really good. Stretch him wide. My cock is big, thick.”

“Duh,” Tony said, chuckling. “Nobody would ever expect you to have a four inch pencil dick.”

Gibbs didn’t comment at that but he knew he was smirking. He tugged down Tim’s pants and underwear in one motion and Tim kicked off his loafers, still concentrating on stretching and readying Tony’s ass.

Now that they were all naked, Gibbs pressed against McGee’s back, stroking him slowly. From what he could feel, McGee was a little longer than average with a nice shaped and defined head.

“He’s done, Tim,” Gibbs said into the other man’s ear, his hard cock resting comfortably between McGee’s ass cheeks. Neither of them were actively pushing for more with each other right now, but Gibbs could feel the need inside him burning. He was going to have Tim as well; he just hoped Tony was ready for that.

Gibbs released his hold and Tim moved away, standing nearby but not too close. Gibbs didn’t dare tell Tony to suck McGee. The power fucking he intended to give Tony could result in a hell of an accident for poor McGee.

“You can jack off, Tim,” Gibbs offered, patting the bed. “You’re gonna need to jack off.” He knew he sounded very smug and cocky, but one thing he was sure of was this. He was damned good at sex…and Tony would be whining for it harder and faster.

Gibbs loomed over Tony, looking down at him. Tony’s legs were splayed wide and he had four pillows under his head and upper back. He knew this was gonna be intense and he welcomed it.

“Get loud, DiNozzo,” Gibbs urged, lining up and teasing Tony’s ass with the tip of his dick.

“No protection?” Tim asked and Gibbs had to bite back a return. McGee was the new one here, Gibbs didn’t have to push him away. McGee had no way of knowing that Gibbs did not do condoms. Not with Tony and not with McGee.

"Don’t need condoms, Probie," Tony offered. "We’re clean and neither of us has..." he trailed off but Gibbs nodded, settling his knees more firmly on the bed. The added traction would serve him well. "Gibbs and I have been exclusive for a couple of years. Not...that we planned it that way or anything. It just kinda happened and we're safe, Tim. You're safe with us."

It was nice having Tony reassure McGee like that, it felt right in a way Gibbs hadn't expected and he nodded, looking down at Tony and winking.

"Finally," Tony said, comically exasperated by everything. Gibbs took advantage of that momentary lapse of attention to drive himself home in one thrust that took Tony's breath away. When he was completely embedded inside his lover, he brushed Tony's hair back, waiting for the signal that Tony was ready for more. When DiNozzo nodded less than a minute later, Gibbs was ready for it. Without preamble or announcement, he began fucking Tony in long hard strokes, driving him completely off the bed with the force of his thrusts and his weight.

"Fuck! I've missed this!" Tony managed, closing his eyes and hanging on for the ride. He seemed to have forgotten what he usually did with his hands, first trying to hang on to a headboard that didn't offer good handholding options and then scrabbling over the sheets. He finally clutched Gibbs' forearms, digging in and causing his own pain with the vice-like grip. Gibbs didn't mind; in fact, he welcomed the pain. It was turning him on as much as it was turning Tony on.

He drove harder and faster, pushing Tony almost to the absolute limit right off the bat, keeping DiNozzo hovered on the edge. "Tim,” Gibbs gasped out after ten minutes pounding Tony's ass. "Play with his nipples, work him over hard. This isn't a soft and gentle time."

McGee moved closer, his own cock painfully hard and reddened, and began running his hands over Tony's chest, finding his nipples and scraping them with his fingertips, then pinching the flesh.
"God, YES!"

"Like that, Tony?" McGee asked, something wicked in his tone. Gibbs approved and adjusted his angle, each stroke now jolting Tony’s prostate, the sounds of Tony’s satisfied whimpers filling the room, the harshness of their breathing the only other sound Gibbs could hear.

“Please, Gibbs…Please!”

Gibbs nodded, giving Tony the signal that he could take himself in hand. Tim’s hands ran over and around Tony’s navel. “Jack off too, McGee,” Gibbs said in a tense voice. He was rushing closer to the edge and he didn’t want to go over it alone.

“Both of you...Get there,” Tony begged. His eyes were wide open now and his head was twisting from side to side. “Fuck me, fuck me! Harder.”

There was no way Gibbs dared thrust more forcefully, but he twisted just that little amount necessary to get Tony’s prostate more firmly and started drilling him. They were a sweaty and soaked mess, but Gibbs didn’t care. The entire world had narrowed to these two men and the pleasure they were wringing out ofr Gibbs.

Tony managed to wrap a hand around Tim, stroking him frantically, batting the younger man’s hand away. “Let me,” he said in a guttural growl. McGee looked at Gibbs for approval first and when Gibbs nodded, McGee moved even closer.

“Kiss him,” Gibbs urged, needing the two men to feel as connected to each other as he felt to them.

Gibbs was so damn close and he slowed his thrusts, wanting to wait it out until the two other men were there. He heard McGee’s choked groan and knew that Tim had fallen over the edge first. Tony’s hand was twisting on McGee’s cock and it seemed that he’d forgotten to stroke himself so Gibbs started jacking Tony in a very tight fist, knowing just what it took to make it happen fast.

Sure enough, Tony started making little cries that McGee’s mouth absorbed and that was all it took. White lightning obscured Gibbs’ field of vision, running up and down his spine before lodging in his core and exploding in long spurts of come. He was vaguely aware that he was making primal animal sounds, but Gibbs couldn’t figure it all out. He withdrew, rolling onto the bed in a single motion that was more survival than grace and just lay there trying draw air in, nerve centers firing off randomly in what could only be described as another orgasm without the ejaculation.

“Fuck,” Gibbs gasped, riding his way through it, hips wanting to pump, soul needing to possess. He made a small sound when Tony moved closer, stroking a hand over his chest. Gibbs was so over sensitized that the gentle touch almost hurt, but he arched into it anyway.

“You okay?” Tony asked, his voice raspy, his own chest heaving.

“Think so,” Gibbs admitted, looking over at McGee. The other man had gotten off the bed and seemed to be looking for something. Gibbs’ clouded mind tried to put together the pieces, but it didn’t make sense until Tim stumbled out of the bathroom with a moist towel in his hand.

McGee cleaned them all off and started to walk away, but Gibbs grabbed his arm and pulled him down, wrapping an arm around him. As usual, Tony snuggled close, Gibbs’ own personal puppy.

“That was great,” Gibbs managed, tightening his arms around the boys. He wanted to say a lot more and be a hell of a lot more witty, but exhaustion and the aftermath of great sex pulled him down and he could barely manage a “g’nite” before he started snoring.

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