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Acting on Impulse

by: taylorgibbs (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 005 Word Count: 12890
Rating: ADULT
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee
Category(ies): Angst/Drama
Pairing(s): Gibbs/Dinozzo/McGee
Episode(s): 6-14 Love & War
Summary: When Tony befriends McGee anonymously online, he sets into motion a chain of events that could destroy everything-his job, his relationship with Gibbs, and the trust between his team. A wild impulse could make or break him.

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Chapter Two

Gibbs walked into the club with Tony, glancing around casually. It was still a half hour before Tim’s arrival, but since the club was packed, they couldn’t be sure that he wasn't already there. Gibbs anchored an arm low around Tony's waist, keeping him close, letting his possessive nature out.

"Jethro?" Tony asked, turning and letting Gibbs see those expressive green eyes.


"Just not usually this touchy feely," Tony said with a shrug. "Wasn't really expecting it."

"Ya mind?" Gibbs asked, clear that he was challenging Tony. He quirked a brow when Tony didn't answer, pushing him past his normal boundaries.

"Nope." Whatever mental battle was going on in Tony's mind was gone now and he snuggled in for a brief second before breaking away. "But if we're too cuddly, it won't be real."

"Yeah, I know," Gibbs shot back, watching Tony. He could see how conflicted Tony was and to be honest, he was a little relived that he now knew what was going on. Tony had been distant for a long while now; this'd give Gibbs a little time to getting Tony back to basics and his attention where it belonged.

He settled at the bar, ordering beer for both of them. Tony looked damned good today and a part of Gibbs--a deeply hidden part he rarely allowed it have its head--was glad he was able to show Tony off. "Like the jacket," Gibbs remarked as their beers arrived, sipping his slowly.

Tony sipped his own, looking around. "What's the plan? We wait here until Tim arrives or what?"

"Too obvious."

"So what're we doing then?" Tony asked curiously.

"Give me five minutes after we see him. I'll pretend to be tipsy and bump into him. Trust me, I can make this work, Tony. Been undercover a lot of times."

"Ever as a bisexual guy?" Tony asked, leaning in close, hand brushing over Gibbs’s simple button down shirt.

"First time for everything, dontcha think, DiNozzo."

"Suppose so."

They both casually watched the door, studying the flow of people in and out of the club--mostly in at this time of night. Same sex couples mingled with young and older men and women. The feel wasn't rowdy "nightclub" as much as it was neighborhood bar that got a little wild on weekends. There was a dance floor, but people weren't using it heavily yet and this was more the mid and mingle time rather than the bump and grind time.

That would come later at night. Gibbs was aware. Even though he hadn’t been on the dating scene for a while, he remembered what it was like. He continued to watch the door, part of his attention on Tony and the rest on wondering how the hell he was gonna spin this. His feelings for Tony were pretty complex right now, a mixture of disappointment and relief that he knew what he was up against. He could fight this and he would win…but was he winning a guy who wanted to be with a younger guy or not?

Now that he knew, there was a chance he could fight it, and maybe he could keep his boy happy. Tony wasn't gonna go the way of the ex wives, splitting up in fits of fury because he'd screwed up and he didn't know when or how to fix it. This time he was gonna fight for it. This time was different. Tony was different.

"You okay?" he asked, letting his shoulder brush Tony's. The other man made a small satisfied noise and shifted his weight so that they were leaning against each other casually.

"Think so. Surprised you're not kicking my ass."

"Part of me wants to," Gibbs admitted. "Time for ass kicking will come later. Not having this screw up my team."

"Thanks, Boss." Tony's hand settled on Gibbs' thigh and he squeezed it gently. "I owe ya one."

"You owe me a hell of a lot more than one," Gibbs retorted, shifting Tony’s hand higher onto his upper thigh. He liked it there. It had been so damned long since he’d been out and around with someone he wanted to be affectionate with.

"Yeah, that too, Gibbs."

Gibbs' gaze sharpened and he stared at the doorway. "McGee just walked in. Track him with your eyes." Gibbs was sure he wouldn't lose sight of the man, but he wanted Tony's tracking skills to improve and the only way that would happen was with practice. Tony could be damned good if he practiced. "See him?" Gibbs asked, voice low and soft. Despite all the craziness of the night, he was finding himself relaxed, leaning in to Tony as if they'd done this for a long time instead of this being a purely snap decision on his part.

"Got him, Gibbs."

"Good." Gibbs ordered a bourbon and downed it quickly, then stood, winking at Tony. "Gotta go to the head. Be good boy," he slurred, shooting a wink Tony's way. He started to lurch, overcorrected, and lurched the other way before finally righting himself with an embarrassed laugh.

“Good one,” Tony said in a low and approving tone.

Nobody had been watching them that Gibbs was aware of--and he knew when they were being seen and observed--so it was pretty easy to dodge through the people, muttering sheepish apologies, until he banged full force into McGee. Both he and Tim crashed to the ground and Gibbs winced when his tailbone impacted with the hard floor.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” Gibbs had never expected that anger from mild mannered Tim, even the Tim who had gotten stronger and tougher in the past year.

"McGee?" Gibbs asked, trying for an expression of surprise and a little shock. He automatically glanced over his shoulder and then stood, pulling McGee to his feet and then wobbling a little. "What're you doing here?" Gibbs pitched his voice a little higher than normal, tightening it as well, working the stress and panic angle.

"Boss?" Tim asked, his mouth going a little slack. "I...I'm here. Um..yeah. I have...there's someone...I have a date. What about you?"

"Me too," Gibbs muttered, sending another "involuntary" glance over his shoulder.

"Yeah?" McGee asked, peering around Gibbs. "You and Tony brought dates all the way down here?"

This was going well; Tony weaving his way over, his expression tight and pale. Gibbs shot Tony a wink before focusing on McGee again.

"Not exactly," he said with a sigh, shifting from foot to foot.

"Why didn't you tell me you were so drunk?" Tony snapped when he got closer, his entire attention on Gibbs. "You okay, Jethro?"

"Fine," Gibbs bit out, making himself breathe loudly, as if panic was winning. Tony turned his attention to McGee. "Sorry, man. My guy gets....Oh hell! McGee?" Gibbs was impressed that Tony's voice had gone up an entire octave.

"Boss?" McGee asked, looking between him and Tony. "Tony?"

“Fuck!” Gibbs swore, wobbling a little.

“Tony? Boss?” McGee started again, his eyes still just as wide, his voice the highest pitched of them all.

“Outside. Help me get him outside, Tim. He’ll be okay. Just mixing bourbon and the other stuff again. He does that when we go out like this, freaks him out sometimes that we might out ourselves and look at what happened!” Tony’s voice had taken on an almost hysterical edge and Gibbs was very impressed.

Once they were outside, Gibbs leaned against the exterior of the building. “What, McGee? Ya got questions and I know you wanna ask ‘em. So shoot.”

“You…you and Tony?” McGee said in shock. “I…I mean you…and Tony?” It would have been humorous if it wasn’t his life McGee was so shocked about.

“Got a problem with that, Probie?” Tony snarled.

“I…you and Gibbs, Tony?” McGee asked, eyes wide as saucers. Gibbs closed his eyes, making sure his body language wasn’t as commanding as usual.

“Yeah, me and DiNozzo, McGee,” Gibbs said wearily. “Tony, fill him in, I’m…”

“Not sober,” Tony finished. “He gets on edge when we’re out, McGee. Yeah…we’re together. Have been for a couple of years now.”

“I never knew,” McGee said quietly. “You guys are good.” There was an appreciative note in his tone that made Gibbs smile.

“That bother you?” Gibbs asked.

“N-No,” McGee said, shaking his head.

“You like that?” Gibbs asked, his voice low and seductive now. He knew about McGee’s history, knew that there was at least one boyfriend in his past.

“I-I…” McGee wouldn’t meet his eyes, color staining his cheeks.

“It’s okay, Tim,” Gibbs said, a hand stroking through the back of McGee’s hair before he pulled back. “You’re not on the clock now. I’m not your boss.”

Tim’s eyes widened even further, his nostrils flaring, the sharp scent of male arousal in the air. It wasn’t his and it wasn’t Tony’s, which Gibbs could scent a mile away. It had to be McGee.

“Does it bother you that Tony and I are together?”

“No, Boss,” Tim said, quickly—too quickly. “I don’t care who you guys date, you know that.”

Gibbs nodded, motioning over to Tony. “Get me some coffee, DiNozzo.” He gestured to the gas station across the street and Tony nodded, clearly trusting Gibbs to work this out without him.

Gibbs settled more comfortably against the wall, giving McGee a significant look. “Didn’t want him to get jealous. We’re possessive guys.” His eyes ran down Tim’s body, taking in the slightly larger than usual bulge at the crotch. “Can smell you’re interested, Tim. Feeling’s mutual.”

Gibbs wasn’t sure why he was doing this so easily, why he was pushing this well beyond three guys hanging out and drinking. His body was interested though, and his mind was quickly catching up.

“You…can?” McGee said quietly, his breathing speeding up when Gibbs leaned in, resting a hand on his chest just over his thudding heart. The nipple Gibbs could feel under the fabric hardened immediately and Gibbs scraped his palm over the fabric of the shirt, stimulating the flesh underneath. McGee made a small sound, his body pushing into Gibbs’ touch.

Gibbs nodded, eyes locking on McGee’s. The other man was getting a little skittish, biting his lip, eyes roaming around. “Boss, I have a date,” he said apologetically.

Gibbs nodded, letting out a theatrical sigh as Tony came back, handing him a coffee. “There’s a Days Inn a mile or so down the road. We’ll be there. Room will be in the name of Gus Bricker. You need anything, you stop by, McGee. No strings.”

“No strings,” McGee repeated with a nod. He hesitated, watching Gibbs, and Gibbs was sure he’d say more, but then he turned toward the door reluctantly. “If I didn’t have the date…”

“If it doesn’t go well, you get your ass to the hotel,” Gibbs replied. “Understand me?”

“I’ll think about it,” McGee promised, looking between Gibbs and Tony before he hurried back into the club.

“That was intense,” Tony commented and Gibbs nodded, fishing his keys out. “Drive, just in case he’s watching.”

When they were in the car, Tony turned to Gibbs. “We’re okay, right? And you’re sure…”

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Gibbs pulled Tony close, knowing DiNozzo needed the reassurance. “We’re okay, Tony. We’ll work the rest out later. Now get to that hotel. You have to make it up to me.”

“Gotcha, Boss.”

Gibbs sat in the car as Tony got the room and paid; calling him to tell him what room they were in. Gibbs locked up with his spare set of keys, snagging his travel bag from the trunk. At least he’d have his coffee in the morning. He had a feeling he’d need it. And the lube he had in there would be put to good use.

Gibbs was sure McGee would come to the hotel. It was all a matter of how long he waited to realize that the date was history. And in the meantime, he and Tony were going to have a hell of a lot of fun. They hadn’t had a hot and sexy encounter in weeks.

Gibbs ran a hand through his hair, the realization that he’d been driving Tony away for a while crashing down on him. Ever since the trip to Stillwater, they hadn’t been tuned in to each other, the sex becoming routine rather than their passionate clashes that often resulted in torn clothing or bedding.

That was all gonna end. They were in a hotel away from most everyone who knew them and Gibbs wanted Tony badly. He’d have to time it well, especially considering that McGee would join them, but he could work that out.

He grinned, knocking on the door, his plan settled and organized in his head.

Tony had been pacing when Gibbs knocked, the nerves fully hitting him now. Tony had managed to snag a room with a king-sized bed, non smoking. He knew that Gibbs was going to take him—probably hard. Tony had missed that. Yeah, they’d had sex—pretty damned good sex; even average stuff was above average with Gibbs driving it—but Tony missed the times they’d tear clothes and kiss each other so hard they’d bruise each other’s mouths. He missed the love bites and hoarse shouts of completion, waking up the next morning to find that the pillows were across the room and that the comforter had a new tear in it.

Most of all, he missed losing himself in his lover’s eyes. Gibbs hadn’t been tuned in for months now. Tony supposed he hadn’t either, not really since Jenny’s death and being afloat. That had shaken the both of them up and they clearly weren’t beyond that. But they would be tonight—Tony was sure of it. He would make it happen, reaffirm how much he needed and wanted Gibbs. Apologize the only way he knew Gibbs would accept it.

As it was, Gibbs hadn’t told him to be quiet when Tony had tried to apologize, but Tony’d had a feeling that would come if he kept at it.

When the knock at the door came, Tony rushed over, pulling it open, intending to pounce on Gibbs. He didn’t get that opportunity, Gibbs driving his way in and pinning Tony against the wall, kissing him almost too hard, almost brutally.

Tony groaned, melting against the other man and trusting him to keep Tony upright. There was something about Gibbs that had Tony eagerly submitting and understanding that he wasn’t the alpha in this relationship. The release of control with Gibbs gave Tony a freedom he wasn’t even sure he wanted until it happened the first time. Ever since then, he’d learned to crave it.

“That’s my boy,” Gibbs growled when they came up for air, smiling against Tony’s mouth. They were both hard now; Gibbs’ almost too warm body heat searing Tony. He pressed up into the older man, arching his back off the wall.

“Settle down, Tony. My pace tonight.” It always was, Gibbs was always in control and they both needed it that way.

There was a certain comfort in Tony and Gibbs taking their roles, especially Gibbs. Tony needed that comfort and stability in his life. It was only as Gibbs pinned him against the wall again, their faces so close that they were almost kissing, that Tony realized what had been missing from their relationship all these months. Gibbs hadn't been aggressive, assertive. Sure, he'd been in control and commanding; Gibbs couldn't avoid being that way and they both knew it. But the aggressive passion and need and desire. those had been missing. Gibbs had been passive; at least as passive as Gibbs could get and still be Gibbs, and Tony wanted more. He wanted fully alpha Gibbs taking what he needed.

"Fuck me," Tony said, knowing he was begging for it and not caring in the least.

"Gonna slide home inside you when I'm damned good and ready, Tony. You don't make the rules here." They both smiled when Gibbs said that and it was clear that Gibbs knew what had been missing as well.

"Promises,” Tony shot back, unable to stop being the wise ass.

"Damned right promises," Gibbs retorted, hands grasping Tony's coat and yanking his mouth close for another bruising kiss.

"The jacket, Boss,” Tony gasped out, tearing his mouth away from Gibbs'.

"Then take the damned thing off," Gibbs retorted, stepping away just far enough that Tony was able to do just that, peeling the designer suede jacket off and tossing it on a chair. "You look great in it, by the way. Just makes me want to fuck you all the more, all the harder. Is your ass ready for the pounding I'm gonna give you?"

"All these promises," Tony remarked, unable to stop grinning. "All talk and no action, Boss. I don't know about that. You ready to put your money where your mouth--oof!" Tony gasped for air in shock as Gibbs drove him against the wall almost hard enough to tear away the plaster. It didn't hurt and was just a shock to the system, but it completely turned Tony on and he groaned against his lover, wanting so much more. His dick was rock hard and aching, his jeans constricting pressure making him ache even more, his body throbbing, waves of arousal crashing over him.

"Come on, Gibbs. I need you," he whispered when Gibbs moved back again. Tony was aware that it was just a reprieve, that Gibbs was going to kiss him harder, that Gibbs wanted to master and own him completely. It was a comfortable place for Tony to be, being wanted, belonging, being desired and needed by someone as incredible and charismatic as Gibbs.

“Didn't ya get the memo, Tony? Ya got me. I'm here."

"Really here," Tony added, gulping when he said the words. He knew Gibbs would understand what he was saying and he was a little afraid of the response.

"Really here," Gibbs agreed, his voice warm and gentle. "For the first time in a while, think we're both here in the present, Tony. You ready to share me, to share what we've got with someone else so soon?"

Tony hadn't considered that question and he swallowed hard, knowing that he held the keys to the success or failure of this before it even started. It was an awesome responsibility and one he didn't really want, but one he knew Gibbs had given to him because he could handle it.

"Yeah, with McGee...I'm ready. Boss, I'm ready."

"Know I might fuck him too. Hell, he might end up topping you. You ready for that?”

Tony hadn't considered McGee might be more dominant in bed than him. He didn't know if he could bottom for McGee, not completely, and sure as hell not with the level of trust he bottomed for Gibbs. Tony worked his lower lip between his teeth, giving it some thought.

"Okay, Tony. We'll go slow. Tackle that when and if it comes to it. You tell me what you want and what you need, okay? Don't get nervous, okay?"

The way Gibbs assured him made Tony glow inside and he smiled and ducked his head, nodding, very aware that Gibbs was giving him a gift in allowing him to call the shots. It wasn't something Gibbs handed over easily and the fact that he was to Tony made him relax into this role and accept whatever came of it.

"You’re number one, remember that, DiNozzo. Nothing changes here. If we bring McGee in for the night, you're still number one to me. I'm not rejecting you." It wasn't like Gibbs to reassure him like that, and Tony started relaxing, really relaxing, into this.

"Can't believe I'm telling you this, but shut up and kiss me."

A secretive little smirk touched Gibbs' lips as he opened his mouth, kissing Tony deeply and possessing him completely. Tony used to think that it was only in movies that the hero's legs got weak when he was kissed, but with Gibbs at his most predator and Alpha male best, Tony felt as if he might collapse without the strength and power of Gibbs' body holding him up.

He groaned, deepening the kiss as Gibbs' hand fisted in his hair. It hurt a little but it was the kind of pain that made Tony growl and groan, arching against his guy for more.

"Fuck me, Gibbs. What're you waiting for?" Tony was thrusting and driving his hard cock against Gibbs’ and he knew it had to be uncomfortable for Gibbs being so hard.

“Don’t you want me to take you with an audience watching, maybe those softer hands petting you too. You like being watched, you’re the ultimate exhibitionist and we both know it, DiNozzo. McGee’ll be here any minute now. You want to start the show before he arrives?”

When Gibbs said that, Tony groaned low, arching his back and driving his body against Gibbs’. The older man knew how much being watched turned him on.

Gibbs could tell what this was doing to Tony, damn him. He leaned in close, his body weight as much of a domination technique as his voice and those eyes pinning Tony to the wall were. "Think McGee will suck you or hand job you when you come, Tony. Tell me how you want it to shake down."

"Don't know," Tony gasped out. It was just too much; he couldn't even imagine how he wanted it to happen. It was enough that he wanted it, that Gibbs wanted it. Hell, that McGee wanted it too from what Tony had seen.

"Don’t want to wait any more, Gibbs," Tony whined.
"Shh," Gibbs said, stroking his hair. Tony had an image of Gibbs' horse trader ancestors gentling their horses before putting them on the rides of their lives. Just like an animal, Tony leaned in to the touch, nudging Gibbs' hand and making the older man chuckle. Gibbs opened his mouth but before he could say something, the phone rang, breaking the mood.

Gibbs strode over, answering it, and Tony propped himself against the wall, watching as Gibbs told McGee what room they were in.

"Said he was pretty sure he'd been stood up," Gibbs remarked as he hung up the phone. "But I'm betting that he couldn't help his hard-on, and didn't want to jack off when he could have us."

"Condoms?" Tony asked, his mind much slower than Gibbs' right now.

"In my bag if we need 'em. I have lube there too, Tony. And coffee." And in Gibbs' mind, the coffee might be the least expendable of all those items.

Tony closed his eyes, trying to breathe normally and waited to see what would happen when McGee came in.

Now that Gibbs had kissed Tony senseless, he was determined to bring McGee in and quickly, before common sense overrode McGee's lust. Tim was a thinker, so Gibbs had to work efficiently or Tim might start questioning and talking himself out of things.

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