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Captain Oblivious

by: taylorgibbs (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 008 Word Count: 11535
Rating: MATURE
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo
Category(ies): First Time, Friendship
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary: Tony becomes a redhead in the hopes that he'll snag Gibbs' eye.

Author Notes: Thanks to Anna for the beta and to Nikita for the discussion that had me resurrect this fic. And to kaylashay81 for the visual of a redheaded Tony.

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CO 1

Chapter One

“What the…”

Gibbs bit off a groan, sighing. Oh, this week was going great. It was a cold, miserable Thursday morning, his car had broken down and he’d probably ruined his clothes while trying to assess it, and now this, just after he’d changed into a pair of too-tight jeans.

Gibbs watched from the shadows as DiNozzo sauntered in as if he owned the place, dancing away to some music only he could hear. That was nothing different, but the hair? Now that was unexpected. Gibbs cocked his head to the side, studying it.

It was one of those pretty-boy hairstyles that he saw on the kids in Georgetown, Dupont, and Adams Morgan. The bottom part of the hair where it lay against Tony’s skull was a blend of blond and brownish streaks, but it was the tips that grabbed his attention. Every so often a little bit of blood red dye had been put on the last inch or so of hair.

Damn, he’d always loved redheads!

He stepped out of the shadows and coughed a couple of times and muttered a “morning”, grabbing his toiletries kit before retreating to the bathroom again. Once he was sure his appearance was ship shape, he was going for coffee. He was sure as hell going to need it today.

Tony walked in, smiling at all the ladies as he made his way through the office. His daily routine always started with flirting and paying his favorites a compliment or two. It made life easier when he had the right people on his side. He had been known to get special favors pushed through in hours when it took most people a week or longer. If you were Gibbs, it sometimes took twice that time. Even though the director did have a crush on him.

Today Tony knew he was the talk of NCIS. He received just as many compliments as he gave, everyone loving the new hairstyle. He was going to owe Abby twenty bucks, because she had been right when she finished the color. It looked good. Damn good. He’d already received two propositions from women he knew were happily married. He hated losing the bet, but it was worth it. It had taken extra time to figure out how he actually wanted to style it, but the reactions more than made up for how early he’d needed to wake up. And the best was yet to come. Gibbs hadn’t really reacted but Tony knew Gibbs’ eyes had been locked on him as he’d walked through the office.

Tony plunked a coffee down on Gibbs’ desk, grinning at Probie, who was calling him a suck up. “It’s not sucking up; it’s ensuring my future as Gibbs’ favorite. When you learn that, McGeek, you might actually have a shot at making it around here.”

“Abby is Gibbs’ favorite,” McGee shot back. “You’re sucking up. You know he goes for redheads. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to distract Gibbs. He’s in a bad mood already, Tony, so don’t taunt the tiger. Taunted tigers can maul their prey.”

Prey? Gibbs had slipped soundlessly out of the bathroom and arched an eyebrow, turning and walking on silent feet toward the younger men. “Who is taunting a tiger, McGee?” He casually eyed the tight ass of Tony’s jeans, threadbare where the curve disappeared into muscular thigh. Why he was being tortured Jethro didn’t know, but if the kid was wearing a white button-down that was loose at the throat under his lightweight spring jacket he knew someone had it out for him. His mouth ached for the coffee that was sitting on his desk but he wouldn’t reach for it yet.

Both men turned around, Tim averting his eyes but Tony giving him that damn smug assessing grin. “Who dipped your head in red paint, DiNozzo? I hope you didn’t pay for that.”

“Not yet, although I think I may have lost a bet over it. I’m going to end up owing Abby lunch and some cash by the end of the day.” Tony ruffled his newly colored hair and flicked a couple of the spikes. They wouldn’t move because of all the product he’d used that morning.

“What was the bet? If it was for you to look ridiculous, I think you won.” Damn DiNozzo, he had a white shirt on. Gibbs reached over to test the stiffness of the hair. “What stuff is in there? Superglue? Shellack? Military-grade epoxy?”

“I wouldn’t tell her you don’t like it, Boss. She worked hard to get the color and the cut right. She’s good; you might want to let her loose on your hair. Give it a more modern style than the one you’ve been wearing for the last twenty years. I’d trust her again, and she wouldn’t even have to win a bet this time to do it. She’s as good as my very expensive stylist.”

He snorted, trying to deflect attention. “DiNozzo, the day I let Abby loose on my hair is the day I shave my head. Permanently.”

Tony cocked his head, a small smile appearing. “Bet that’d look good on you too.”

Gibbs’ mouth went dry at that. He couldn’t imagine why Tony was flirting so much. The other man was a natural flirt but rarely this open with Gibbs. And it was confusing and bothering the hell out of him. Gibbs downed the coffee that had been on his desk in a few long gulps. Maybe if he had some caffeine in his system, this would start making sense.

“Oh my God, Tony. You look soooo good!” Abby came tearing into the squad room, eyeing Tony from all sides, hands on hips, nodding and grinning. “I’m a genius, aren’t I, Gibbs?”

“Mmm,” Gibbs muttered. He took a long time to fold his soiled and dirty pants. “There a reason why you’re so late, DiNozzo?”

“Traffic, Boss.” Tony didn’t sound contrite at all. Traffic had been terrible—Gibbs knew it—but he suspected that the reason had more to do with the spikes and hair style.

“Well then, you can stay late tonight to make up. Paperwork. Filing.” Gibbs gave Tony a feral grin, silently impressed when Tony didn’t look away.

“Okay, Boss. Whatever you say.”

Gibbs shook his head and walked away. He needed another coffee already. He’d need to mainline the stuff to get through today.

Tony pouted when Gibbs stepped away before he looked at Abby. “Anything?”

“Nope, just cranky Gibbs. Give it time. You remember - he’s Captain Oblivious. He’ll take notice, Tony, just in his own time. Phase Two is ready, right?”

Tony smiled briefly, leaning in close. “And Phase Three, Abbs. Scheduled maintenance on my place happens in a week.”

“Phase Two?” Tim butted in, eyes wide. “Oh no. You did not do this to get Gibbs’ attention, did you?”

Tony shrugged. McGee knew all about his interest in Gibbs. Hell, he, Tony, and Abby had been drinking partners since Kate’s death.

“Tony, he’s not…” McGee searched for the word. “Interested.”

Tony leaned over McGee’s desk. “You the expert on Gibbs now, Probie?”

“Tim…” Abby rested a hand on each of their shoulders and Tony leaned into the touch. “This is just an experiment. What Gibbs is or what he isn’t…” She shrugged. “But we’re gonna support Tony as he gives it a try. And if I was right and I win, drinks are on me this weekend.”

She smirked at Tony. “If nothing happens today, tomorrow is Friday. I happen to know that Gibbs and Fornell always go to the same bar on their anniversary. Who marries two different men on the same day anyway? She was beyond twisted, Tony.”

“Did you ever meet her?” Tony asked. He’d never met any of the ex-wives and outside of them being redheads, and, he suspected, cold-as-ice bitches, he had no idea what they might be like.

“Diane? Yeah, once. At Ducky’s fiftieth birthday party. She was awful, Tony. She sipped her wine and gave us dirty looks, as if all of us were beneath her. Gibbs was so stressed when he was around her. It was miserable.” She punched his arm lightly. “At least you got here during the Stephanie days, when he only brooded.”

“So what is the plan?” McGee interrupted, looking from Tony to Abby and then back again. At least Ziva wasn’t here to razz Tony about the hair and maybe by the time she got back from Tel Aviv, he’d have some resolution with Gibbs. Not that McGee was ready to have hope. Gibbs was Mr. Marine hetero.

“Phase One,” Abby said, her eyes sparkling. “Tony gets Gibbs’ attention. Red hair and tight jeans are the first steps. Take off the jacket and unbutton another button on that shirt, Tony. Gibbs is a simple guy. Worn jeans and a white button down will catch his eye. Then the flirts with Gibbs, all day. Maybe he rattles him, maybe he doesn’t but Gibbs will take notice.”

“He already did,” Tony shot back, beaming. “Commented on the hair, even touched it.”

“Oh my God, no way. McGee?”

“Saw it myself,” Tim replied, a little smirk on his face. “PhaseTwo?”

“Tony goes to The Chart House in Alexandria. Gibbs and Fornell spend their anniversary there every year.”

“Their what? Explain more.” McGee demanded.

“Anniversary. Diane married Gibbs and Fornell on the same day like seven years apart. On their shared anniversary, they go have dinner and drinks at The Chart House. It is right on the water down in Old Towne. Anyway, Tony is going to show up there in going out clothes, not clubbing clothes, but going out clothes.” She glanced over at Tony. “No leather. Not yet.”

Tony shook his head but smiled. “If that doesn’t work, I have to stay with Gibbs and Abby and I go clubbing.”

“Leather time!” Abby added with a laugh.

“Phase Four?”

“He’s human, he won’t need that but if so, we will so have a planning session,” Abby said with a smirk. “Uh oh, Gibbs incoming. Look busy!”

As Tony went to his desk and started shuffling paperwork, he watched Gibbs approach. The man’s eyes locked on Tony’s and never looked away. Oh yeah, Gibbs was hooked. Now it was just a matter of getting beyond his barriers. Tony couldn’t wait for the challenge.

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