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by: Gibbs_Teff (Send Feedback)

Series: - No Series - #1
Chapters: 006 Word Count: 21148
Rating: ADULT
Warning(s): Disturbing Imagery or Content, MPreg, Violence
Character(s): Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Ducky Mallard, Abby Sciuto, Ziva David, Timothy McGee, Leon Vance
Category(ies): Alternate Universe, Angst/Drama, Established Relationship, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo, Abby/McGee
Summary: Putting the final touches on what had been a rather simple and straight forward case, two members of 'Team Gibbs' find themselves mixed up in something unintentionally that could have life altering effects.

Author Notes: This story mentions both SLASH & HET relationships that might not originally be accepted by both parties, but wouldn't exactly be classified as rape. Also this is an Alternate Universe story meaning even though it follows mostly with cannon the characters change due to the fact that in this universe both men and women can get pregnant and is very natural for this to happen.

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Chapter 01

Rigged ::: Chapter 1

When it comes to criminal hide-outs the abandoned warehouse the one that Leroy Jethro Gibbs found himself wake up in wasn't anything out of the ordinary. There was your basic holes in the floor, sounds of dripping water and not much furniture covering the floor space. What he didn't like about said warehouse was the fact that he was here against his will, and not with his team, guns drawn arresting the people in charge of whatever criminal activity had been going on, but instead with a bitch of a headache and the goose-egg on his head to prove it. He figured if he thought hard enough he would remember how he got in this situation in the first place but the sound of a groan next to him shook him out of his thoughts and he turned to see his Senior Field Agent Anthony DiNozzo coming to a little ways away from him.

“DiNozzo you with me?” Gibbs asked in a rather gruff sounding whisper. He didn't know if whoever their captors were, were around and could hear him.

Tony groaned again and blinked his eyes open slowly. For a second he simply stared at the ceiling above him as he tried to keep the contents of his stomach in place. Once he was sure he wasn't going to heave the second he opened his mouth he whispered back to his boss. “Yeah Boss, I'm with you...even though I'm not sure where we are exactly.” His own voice was strained as he attempted to sit up and take in the scene around him. He too noticed the same things Gibbs had but also noticed something else.

“This isn't the same warehouse we originally came to Boss. That warehouse was by the docks, this one's closer to the city, I can hear traffic noise.” Tony pointed out after listening for a few minutes.

Sure enough, Tony was right, Gibbs could hear the sounds of honking horns and many moving vehicles, not sounds you would normally hear close to the docks or the marina. The harder he tried to figure out this new change of events the more his head would hurt. It was then he realized he hadn't asked the member of his team if he was injured. “DiNozzo, are you hurt?”

Tony was slightly taken back by the question but shook his head in the negative. “No Boss...I'm fine, just a little headache is all.”

“Right, well we need to figure out how to get out of here.” Gibbs stated as he looked around for something to pick the handcuffs that were currently attached to both of their hands as well as the concrete wall behind them.

“Boss I don't think that's such a good idea...” Tony started to say when he noticed that Gibbs was trying to get his foot to pull back a piece of metal that was close enough to them to possibly help.

Gibbs shot Tony a glare, “Do you have any better ideas?”

Tony shook once again shook his head, “ ideas that would work, I just know that messing with these handcuffs is not a good idea.” When he got another glare from the older man he sucked in a deep breath and continued. “Boss these handcuffs feel warm, not cool like most handcuffs feel even if they have been close to a warm body for a while.” Once again he got a glare. “I think they might be rigged to something on the other side of this wall and that if we tamper with them, we might trigger whatever it's rigged to and I don't feel THAT would be a good thing.”

“Rigged like an explosive?” Gibbs asked as he stopped messing with the metal piece, obviously not wanting to risk whatever it was that Tony was talking about.

Tony nodded, “Yeah something like that.”


Abby paced the floor of her lab as she anxiously waited for her computer to signal that there was a finger print match. The whole day felt like a blur of activity and she didn't see it slowing down soon. She had known something was wrong the second McGee came into her lab three hours ago with a grim look on his face and asked her to come with him to get prints off of Gibb's NCIS issued car. It was no secret that the two of them were seriously dating and had been for almost a year now. So far it hadn't effected their jobs in anyway so Gibbs and the Director just let it slide.

“Why would I need to get prints off of Gibbs' car?” She remembered asking as she followed McGee into the elevator and down one flight to the garage.

“Because Ziva and I found Gibb's car parked by the warehouse area at the docks, but no Gibbs or Tony.” McGee explained as he walked over to the blue Dodge sedan where Ziva was already working on taking finger prints and other things from the car.

Just remembering the next few minutes as Tim told her how they found Gibbs' car with broken windows and blood by the open passenger side door gave her the willies' and told her without a doubt something was totally hinky with what happened.

It was then the computer beeped and she paused her pacing and dashed to the computer. There on the screen was a picture of a rather mundane looking man, probably in his late twenties, by the name of Thomas Kenter.

She quickly glanced behind her as if expecting Gibbs to be there like he always was when she found some new piece of evidence. Sighing, she blinked back a set of tears as she dialed McGee's desk number. When he picked up she simply said, “I've got something,” before hanging up the phone and glaring at the computer. “If there is even ONE hair out of place on either of my friends you are going to be sorry.” she said to the man's picture on the screen.


“Thomas Kenter, formally Petty Officer Thomas Kenter, served one term in Iraq back in 2003, no known relatives in the DC area and the only proof that he himself lives in the area is a PO Box in Arlington.” Timothy McGee said as he looked at the large plasma screen TV between his and Tony's desks.

“From what I can tell so far he does not have a criminal record, but has some friends who made some pretty poor choices while he was in Iraq.” Ziva added and then continued after pausing to click to a screen she wanted to show on the plasma. A picture of a middle aged black man came on the screen. “He is known to be friends with Marcus Williams the leader of a semi well known drug ring in the DC area.”

McGee shook his head, “How does somebody become a leader of a 'semi well know drug ring'.”

Ziva gave McGee a pointed look and continued. “For the most part Williams' has been able to fly under the radar of metro police not giving off any major reasons for them to suspect anything is going on. They've had a few people mention the drug ring and Williams but no concrete evidence has been given.”

“What would these people want with Gibbs and Tony?” Abby asked from where she was sitting in McGee's chair playing sadly with a stuffed bear she had given him for Halloween a few weeks earlier.

“That we haven't been able to figure out.” McGee said with a sigh as he went back to his chair and stared at his computer screen.

“Well Gibbs and Tony had been going to the docks to talk with Patrick Gillman.” Ziva said with a nod. “Maybe this is still a connection to that. It is the only thing that would really make sense.”

McGee thought about that and pulled up the file they had actually closed the day before. It had been a pretty cut and dry case of a Seaman being drowned due to his involvement with Charles Gillman's fiance. It had been Charles' brother Patrick, who owned one of the fishing charter companies, that found prints that would prove his brother had been the one who murdered the Seaman.

When they had all arrived to work that morning Director Vance had informed them that they needed to get one final signature from Patrick Gillman before they could close the case and that was what the two agents had gone out to do.

“I don't know how they would be connected, I mean we caught the perp, everything was finished.” McGee said with a sigh. “Also what would a man who owns a fishing charter company want with a drug ring?”

“Maybe they don't, what if everybody was just in the wrong place at the wrong time?” Abby spoke up. “I mean what if Gibbs and Tony were waiting for Gillman outside his building when they witnessed a drug exchange between that Williams guy and Kenter? They could have thought our guys were there to mess up their drug deal instead of simply there being to get a signature from a past case.”

Ziva had to admit that sounded like a probable explanation but it didn't really help anything. “Okay if that is so, then we still do not have any way to find our missing agents.”

“Actually maybe we do,” McGee said as he gently pushed Abby out of his chair and sat down, typing away.


“It's been hours, Boss.” Tony said as he looked towards a window seeing that the sun was setting. “And we haven't even seen anybody since we've been here.”

Gibbs shifted on the hard cement floor, “We may not have seen anybody but I have a feeling they see us.” he said nodding to a small hole in the wall directly across from them about ten feet away.

Tony's eyes went wide, surprised he hadn't noticed this as well. “We're being video taped...”

“It appears that way,” Gibbs said. “Whoever we're messing with could give McGee and Abby a run for their money it seems with the rigged handcuffs and the video camera.”

“That doesn't make me feel any better,” Tony mumbled as he tried to get comfortable but it was almost impossible. He was afraid to move too much in fear that he would trigger whatever the handcuffs were hooked too. He was about to mention something else when the sound of a car door shutting and then footsteps could be heard coming in their direction. “I think they're back...or at least who hasn't been here the whole time.”

Gibbs made a shushing sound as he tried to listen for voices to help him understand who was holding them captive. He didn't have to listen for long though because a second later two men came walking into the room smirks on their faces.

“Look Thomas our guys are up,” One of the men said as he tossed his jacket onto the back of a folding chair that was in the middle of the room.

Thomas looked a bit uneasy but was still smirking. “Yeah..they're up Bobby, but what we gunna do with um. I mean we can't let um go till Marcus comes and checks them out...know if they are clean or not.”

Bobby nodded in agreement, “True, but Marcus isn't due back for another twenty-four so we have to do something with these guys. We can't make this thing a waist after all.”

Tony looked to Gibbs trying to see if he could understand a word these guys were talking about. He personally had no idea who Thomas, Bobby and Marcus were but it was obvious that Marcus was the leader of whatever illegal thing these guys were up to.

“What is it you two want from us?” Gibbs asked in a calm yet forceful voice, looking right at their captors.

Bobby laughed shaking his head, “Well Leroy-Jethro Gibbs, we actually want nothing to do with you and your young companion, at least not originally. You see that was a bit of a misunderstanding, but now that we've got you we can't really let you go.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Tony exclaimed, not able to help himself. He couldn't believe it appeared that they were being held captive because of a misunderstanding and now wanted to keep them just for the heck of it. What in the world could these guys want from them if they weren't their intended targets?

Thomas rolled his eyes, “You really need to shut the fuck up, you guys think you're so great because you're Navy Cops, but you're not. I was in the Military and it sucks and had no life to come back to. My boyfriend left me for another guy so why the hell should Bobby and I let you guys have the things that I wasn't able to have, huh?”

“Are you planning on killing us?” Gibbs asked as he looked at the two men already having noticed that they didn't appear to have any weapons on them. Whatever had knocked him and Tony out must have been at the docks and didn't come with them. If they really wanted to kill them it was either the exploding handcuffs or being bashed over the head with the folding chair.

Tony watched their reaction and was pleased to notice they seemed shocked and unsure, it was obvious they didn't have a plan to kill them, but that didn't mean they couldn't come up with one. He had a feeling whatever it was they were going to do it had to be done with-in the next twenty four hours because he didn't think this Marcus guy would like that his minions messed up and brought two federal agents into the mix.

The next words that came out of Thomas' mouth seemed rather impulsive and without much thought behind it. “Torture,” he stated with a nod. It appeared even his words shocked his companion.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Bobby exclaimed in a hushed whisper, looking at Thomas like he had completely lost his mind. “We cuffed them so they wouldn't get away while we did our thing, we're gunna keep them here until Marcus tells us what to do. It's obvious these guys don't know anything about anything.”

Thomas shrugged, “We've got um cuffed to explosives which gives us leverage and a way to get at the fucking military. I know you hated it as much as I did Bobby so why not use what we've got. We can even let um go before Marcus comes 'cause now that I think about it I don't know if I want Marcus to know we messed up. Maybe if we like torture them or some shit and then take them back where they came from they'll never know and everything is good.”

Bobby still didn't seem so sure, but Gibbs didn't care much for the look that was crossing his face. It was obvious that something was going to be done and it had to do with the rigged handcuffs.


“So Marcus Williams has been known to hang out in quite a few places over the greater Virginia area. My contacts say that they've done investigations in Arlington, Norfolk and here in downtown DC. The last investigation being around Georgetown.” McGee said as he once again clicked facts and pictures on the plasma. “I figure we should stick to the DC area since it's been said that the drug activity they have said he's to be a part of stays in one general area for up to three months at a time. The last investigation was finished only five weeks ago.”

“What kind of buildings are we looking at?” Abby questioned as she got a map of the greater DC area up on McGee's computer without closing out the searches he had already bee doing. She was hoping to help them by starting to compile a search radius.

“Rather upscale warehouses that seem to have some type of renovation being done on them on the inside but appear well kept on the outside.” McGe said as he pointed to the last location Marcus Williams was working in. “Williams has been working under the cover of a renovation specialist, hence why these types of buildings.”

Abby clicked away at the keyboard until she let out a shriek of excitement. “I think I found something guys it's a warehouse on Lower Bethesda Street.” she said as she put the map on the screen. “The building was recently owned by a Richard York but recently sold it to a renovation company, it doesn't say which one.”

Ziva was the first to have her gun and badge ready to go but McGee wasn't far behind.

“Be careful guys!” Abby called to the duo as they ran to the elevator.


Gibbs and Tony were once again alone, but didn't feel any more at ease. They were both convinced that they were being held captive by a couple of military hating drug dealers that were going to use a mistake on their part to fulfill a grudge they had on the United State's Government.

What confused both men the most though was the fact that before the duo left they had taken Tony out of the handcuffs, but instead chained his left leg to a peg in the floor. It had been a successful way to keep Tony in the room and it was pretty safe to say that at this point he wasn't about to try and un-cuff Gibbs without knowing exactly what and how the cuffs were set to explode.

It was ten minutes later before they heard Thomas' voice broadcasting through the room, showing them that not only were they being video taped, but their captors had a way to contact them from wherever they were set up to view the footage.

“Who here likes sex?” Thomas asked obvious delight in his voice.

Gibbs wasn't sure where this line of questioning was going, but he didn't like it. “Thomas, if you let both of us go now, we won't say anything. But the longer you keep us the more at risk you are to getting caught when our people come to get us out of here.”

Bobby laughed, “You think you're going to be found? You're miles away from where you originally were.”

Thomas didn't care for this part of the conversation and went back to what he asked before. “I bet both of you like sex. You're two grown healthy men, I bet the young one there even still has wet dreams and morning wood.” he laughed.

Tony had no problem talking about his sex life, but with Gibb's in the room and such personal questions flying around he found himself shifting uncomfortably out of embarrassment.

“Ohh...I bet he even gets hard thinking about you, Leroy,” Thomas continued obviously enjoying the reaction he was getting out of Tony. “I bet he's hard right now.”

“Shut up!” Tony exclaimed not able to hold back anymore. That was his own personal business, something he didn't want anybody to know and especially not the man who was cuffed to the wall next to him.

Gibbs turned and gave a pointed look to Tony to get him to stop, he knew the way the younger man was acting was only baiting their captors who he was beginning to tell had an obsession with them and sex.

Bobby busted up laughing at Tony's reaction, “Ohh Tom I think you may actually have a point now. Special Agent DiNozzo really does have a thing for Special Agent Gibbs, what do you think we should do about that?”

Tony let out a soft whimper as he heard whispering but wasn't able to make out what was being said. He could handle being cuffed too a wall by rigged handcuffs but this personal turn was wearing him down. He didn't want to think about Gibbs in a sexual nature because no matter what setting he was in his body was known to respond. He had, had a crush on his boss since he had come to work for him over half a decade ago. It always seemed he had done a great job of hiding it, but now he wasn't so sure. If these total strangers could see something then how could his best friends and teammates not notice the way he felt about the silver haired man?

“I think we should help him out Bob, give him the chance to fulfill his fantasies in an environment he can't stop, can't back out and run away like the bumbling idiot he seems to be.” Thomas said.

“You guys can't make me do shit!” Tony yelled before he was able to stop himself. The look he got from Gibbs though told him he had made the wrong choice.

“You seem to forget that you're the one chained to the floor and the source of your wet dreams and tented chinos is rigged to explode at any moment.” Bobby pointed out with a laugh. “Oh did we not mention that part? The handcuffs go both ways, if you try to get out of them they'll explode, but we also have control over them. At any point we feel you aren't doing what we need you to be doing, we can end things. We're nice and safe but you two would be history.”

Tony fought down the bile he felt rising in his throat and looked over at his Boss, the man he did indeed have feelings for. He was hoping to see some sort of feelings in the older man's eyes but he saw nothing. The bright blue was a mask like always and showed no sign the was scared, pissed or turned on by what was happening.

“Show us Agent us what it is you want to do to Leroy Jethro Gibbs.” Bobby said in a voice that sounded a few octaves lower then it had a moment ago. “If you want to leave and not in a body bag or in a million little pieces then I suggest you do what we say.”

'McGee, Ziva, Abby where are you guys?' Tony screamed inside his head as he tried to figure out what he was going to do. He knew Thomas or Bobby weren't mind readers, they didn't know what his fantasies were, he could probably get away with simply kissing Gibbs, or something else fairly safe, but then he realized how easily his face showed emotions when it came to Leroy Jethro Gibbs. What he wanted to do with...Gibbs went way beyond kissing. He wanted to touch him all over and feel the other man's hands on his bare skin. He wanted to know what Gibbs felt like hard against him and wanted to know how Gibbs felt inside not to mention inside him. 'Jesus!' he screamed in his head again. Just the thoughts were turning him on and that made him beyond embarrassed. Here Gibbs was without one single emotion on his face and he was blushing like a school boy.


Tony looked up quickly when he heard Gibbs say his name. He was only a little shocked to see the acknowledgement on Gibb's face. There wasn't much else but he knew that look, it meant he was ready to do whatever it took to get the job done. Gibbs was known to be unorthodox with the ways he worked and often did whatever he needed to to catch the person behind whatever crime they were investigating.

“I'm sorry,” Tony whispered before he moved so he was straddling Gibbs and pressed a hungry kiss to his lips.

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