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3 Stories in 'A'
Title: A Feeling Like That *WORK IN PROGRESS*
Author: WhiskeyTears (Send Feedback)
Genres: Het  Rating: MATURE  
Archived: 06-24-08  Chapters: 003 Word Count: 1883
Categories: Action/Adventure, Angst/Drama, Episode Related, Fluff, Humor, Mystery, Romance
Pairings: Tony/Ziva  Characters: Abby Sciuto, Ensemble, Timothy McGee, Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David
Summary: Takes place after the episode Under Covers 03.08. Tony starts thinking the whole under cover assignment wasn't too bad of a situation.

Title: A Time For Reflection *COMPLETE*
Author: Ashleigh Anpilova (Send Feedback)
Genres: Het  Rating: YTEEN Warnings: Character Death 
Archived: 02-07-09  Chapters: 001 Word Count: 1816
Categories: Angst/Drama, Established Relationship, Friendship, Future, General
Pairings: Tony/Ziva  Characters: Abby Sciuto, Jimmy Palmer, Other Male Character, Timothy McGee, Tobias Fornell, Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David
Summary: It's Christmas Eve 2020 and Abby is in a reflecting mood.

Title: A Week Without Ziva *COMPLETE*
Author: mamapranayama (Send Feedback)
Genres: Gen  Rating: TEEN  
Archived: 11-22-08  Chapters: 001
Categories: Episode Related
Pairings: Tony/Ziva  Characters: Timothy McGee, Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David
Summary: Ziva has gone to Isreal on vacation at the end of 'Nine Lives', leaving McGee behind to deal with Tony for a week.

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