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4 Stories in 'M'
Title: Matchmaker *COMPLETE*
Author: Ashleigh Anpilova (Send Feedback)
Genres: Het  Rating: CHILD  
Archived: 01-06-08  Chapters: 001 Word Count: 227
Categories: Established Relationship, Friendship, General
Characters: Abby Sciuto, Ducky Mallard, Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee
Summary: Gibbs comes across the New Year's Resolution Abby and McGee have both made.

Title: Memories Don't Leave *COMPLETE*
Author: Ashleigh Anpilova (Send Feedback)
Genres: Slash  Rating: TEEN Warnings: Character Death 
Archived: 01-27-07  Chapters: 001 Word Count: 1020
Categories: Angst/Drama, Friendship, General
Pairings: Gibbs/Ducky  Characters: Abby Sciuto, Ducky Mallard, Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee
Summary: Good or bad, Ducky remembers everything about his life with Jethro. An established relationship story.

Title: MIA : Dead Man Talking *COMPLETE*
Series: MIA #4
Author: Jibbs123 (Send Feedback)
Genres: Gen  Rating: YTEEN Warnings: Other (See Author's Note) 
Archived: 11-20-08  Chapters: 001 Word Count: 1245
Categories: Episode Related, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Pairings: Gibbs/Jen, Tony/Kate  Characters: Abby Sciuto, Caitlyn (Kate) Todd, Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee, Tony DiNozzo
Summary: The team is shattered after Chris Pacci's death, can one little fireplace and a lot of talking help them heal?

Title: My Son's Boyfriend *COMPLETE*
Author: Ashleigh Anpilova (Send Feedback)
Genres: Slash  Rating: MATURE  
Archived: 02-08-09  Chapters: 001
Categories: Action/Adventure, Angst/Drama, Established Relationship, Friendship, General, Mystery, Suspense
Pairings: Gibbs/Ducky  Characters: Abby Sciuto, Caitlyn (Kate) Todd, Ducky Mallard, Jethro Gibbs, Jimmy Palmer, Other Female Character, Other Male Character, Timothy McGee, Tobias Fornell, Tom Morrow, Tony DiNozzo
Summary: The true nature of the relationship between Gibbs and Ducky becomes widely known about when Mrs. Mallard turns up at the NCIS offices one morning demanding to see her 'son's boyfriend'. Upon talking to her, Gibbs learns that Ducky has apparently been kidnapped; a search of Ducky's Reston home confirms this. Despite the best efforts of him and his team, there appears to be no leads. And then Gibbs is sent a letter and the sharp eyes of McGee reveal more than the writer necessarily intended. It is then a race against time to see if Gibbs can find his lover before it is too late.

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