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2 Stories in 'U'
Title: Ulterior Motives *COMPLETE*
Author: Nix (Send Feedback)
Genres: Slash  Rating: ADULT  
Archived: 05-01-07  Chapters: 001 Word Count: 732
Categories: Crossover, First Time, PWP
Pairings: Tony/OMC  Characters: Other Male Character, Tony DiNozzo
Summary: Pure porn. Jim and Tony have an encounter in a hotel room. They both want something. Written for KellyGirl's NCIS Pornathon.

Title: Undercover Consequences *COMPLETE*
Author: Laura_trekkie (Send Feedback)
Genres: Slash  Rating: ADULT Warnings: Disturbing Imagery or Content 
Archived: 11-06-08  Chapters: 004 Word Count: 67167
Categories: Angst/Drama, First Time, Hurt/Comfort
Pairings: Gibbs/DiNozzo, Tony/OMC  Characters: Jethro Gibbs, Other Male Character, Tony DiNozzo
Summary: Gibbs and Tony go undercover to try to bring down a people-trafficking ring. Things go wrong and Tony is hurt, but Gibbs is there to help him through it.

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